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  • Title: The Wall
  • Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
  • ISBN: 9781843914006
  • Page: 207
  • Format: None

  • [PDF] Read ☆ The Wall : by Jean-Paul Sartre - The Wall, The Wall The Wall the lead story in this collection introduces three political prisoners on the night prior to their execution Through the gaze of an impartial doctor seemingly there for the men s solace th
    Jean-Paul Sartre
    Jean Paul Charles Aymard Sartre, normally known simply as Jean Paul Sartre, was a French existentialist philosopher and pioneer, dramatist and screenwriter, novelist and critic He was a leading figure in 20th century French philosophy.He declined the award of the 1964 Nobel Prize in Literature for his work which, rich in ideas and filled with the spirit of freedom and the quest for truth, has exerted a far reaching influence on our age In the years around the time of his death, however, existentialism declined in French philosophy and was overtaken by structuralism, represented by Levi Strauss and, one of Sartre s detractors, Michel Foucault.

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    Glenn Russell
    I wanted my own words But the ones I use have been dragged through I don t know how many consciences Jean Paul Sartre, The Wall My focus is on one of the book s title piece The Wall This existentialist story has the feel of a film shot in stark black and white the prose is as hard boiled as it gets and is told in first person The opening scene takes place in a large bare room with white walls where the narrator, Pablo Ibbieta, a man we can visualize with a thin, chiseled face, slick back hair an [...]

    You gotta love Sartre s sexy objectification of women I totally think Sartre was an ass man Exempli gratia Her tail is small, yes, a lot smaller than mine, but you can see of it It s all around, under her thin back, it fills the skirt, you d think it was poured in, and besides it jiggles Hell is other people other people who can t appreciate a nice jiggling booty If Sartre was alive today, I m sure he d give that comment a high five or whatever the French existensialist equivalent of that is ma [...]

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    Nickolas the Kid
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    Ahmad Sharabiani
    Le Mur The wall, Jean Paul SartreA collection of short stories published in 1939 containing the eponymous story The Wall is considered one of the author s greatest existentialist works of fiction Contents The Wall , The Room , Erostratus , Intimacy , The Childhood of a Leader 1974 1324 1351 131 1349 350 320 1382 320 9643462145.



    Khashayar Mohammadi
    If I had to pick a single common theme in the five short stories compiled in this book it would have to be self actualization Of course Sartre s self actualization not only differs from the eastern Atman and Buddhi, it damn near opposes them Each short story portrays the protagonist s confrontation with the utter absurdity of life and each protagonist refuses the prepackaged gift wrapped souls that they ve been handed through choosing a divergent path of their own Some through wreaking havoc, so [...]

    hossein sharifi

    Pamela W
    Oh you know those whacky existentialists just a typical beach read, really Early chick lit Love the stories, they are colorful and fairly realistic in the way they depict the ridiculous, repetitive or futile behaviors people exhibit other peeps, not me, of course I m guessing that Sartre must have been hella good times at cocktail parties Wonder who would have won in a death match between Jean Paul, Al Camus and lil Freddie Nietzsche I m betting Nietzsche, he was uber efficient.

    mai ahmd
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    ميقات الراجحي

    Gray Side

    , , , , , , I exist, he thought, because I have the right to exist A collection of independent stories, each with a different orientation, with a particular view, but with a common denominator loneliness, the need of existence, of belonging.

    Luís C.
    The Wall is a collection of five novels The first probably the best gives its title to the collection The Wall is impeccable and typing text of about thirty pages, which reports on human reactions to extreme situations of existence.The plot is set in the Spanish Civil War of 1936, between Republicans and nationalists Three Republicans were captured by Franco s troops After a botched interrogation, we lock them in the basement of a hospital A commander comes communicate their sentence they will b [...]

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    Okla Elliott
    Each of the pieces in this collection of short fiction has much to recommend it, but the final novella Childhood of a Leader stands out as one of finest novellas I ve ever read Even though the title story The Wall is considerably famous, Childhood of a Leader is ambitious and groundbreaking Written in the 1930s, this piece explores gender, class, sexuality, homo eroticism, antisemitism, social constructedness, and several key philosophical issues though it does all this in a prose that at onc [...]

    Kamrani Adnan
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    Aya آية

    Hà NguyệtLinh
    Such a philosopher of existentialism, I was thrown into an existential crisis after screwing the short story The wall from the namesake book what I got from it is that We are not allowed to be clean, whether dead or alive.


    Damp hands creeping all over my body that would be the sensation accompanying me during the read of The Wall by Sartre In fiction, I don t mind an atmosphere that is oppressive, helpless, absurd or anxious, as is the case in this short story collection The curious side of me is often than not bewitched by the subject of human unhappiness Unhappiness that stems from a realization, that our own existence has a pettiness to it Even so, these stories weren t able to truly fascinate me on a deeper l [...]

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    Mohsen Mohamadi

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    Tariq Alferis
    Wow This book is just something else ,Just read it, amazing book That s how you express emotions


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      207 Jean-Paul Sartre
    The Wall