[PDF] H.I.V.E. Higher Institute of Villainous Education | by ↠ Mark Walden

  • Title: H.I.V.E. Higher Institute of Villainous Education
  • Author: Mark Walden
  • ISBN: 9781416935711
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Hardcover

  • [PDF] H.I.V.E. Higher Institute of Villainous Education | by ↠ Mark Walden - H.I.V.E. Higher Institute of Villainous Education, H I V E Higher Institute of Villainous Education HIGHER INSTITUTE OF VILLAINOUS EDUCATIONOtto Malpense may only be thirteen years old but so far he has managed to run the orphanage where he lives and he has come up with a plan clever enough to tri
    Mark Walden
    I am the world s laziest man.No really Not just a bit slack, really, truly, breathtakingly lazy.Which is why it s taken me so long to get off my big, lazy rear end and get myself properly on line.I m the author of the HIVE series of books which I hope that some of the people who stumble across this might have read and enjoyed Or read and hated I am fortunate enough to live with the two most beautiful women on earth And yes of course I m hoping they ll read that and forgive me for any one of the incredibly stupid things I ll do this month.I have yet to hold down anything even vaguely approximating a proper job.I did help make video games a while ago but that was not the best environment for someone as lazy as me.


    Jennifer Wardrip
    Reviewed by Jeremey for TeensReadTooWelcome to Hogwarts for bad guys, minus the magic H.I.V.E is a school set on a deserted island where brilliant young adults who have come from criminal families or have taken part in criminal projects are taught to become the worst that they can be Otto Malpense remembers nothing about how he came to be on the H.I.V.E island, and neither does him Asian friend, Wing The H.I.V.E staff explains to the young criminals that their parents agreed to let them join the [...]

    Well rant time, I guess.First of all, I was going to finish this book because, after all, it is better to rant when you ve read the whole thing and I don t like not finishing a book But it s missing 30 pages O.o It jumps from 154 to 187 or something like that And it s not like someone ripped them out, you would be able to notice that They were never there Did anyone else have this problem cause it s weeeeiiiird The editor publisher author someone should have caught that Majorly should have caugh [...]

    Shanshad Whelan
    I admit it I m picky I m particularly picky when it comes to depictions of villains and superheroes And the books on villainy tend to leave me sorely disappointed when they don t work.The Hogwarts only Evil or Hall of Doom for the school set is a nice idea, and in fact it s perfectly fine I ve no problem with the school, or the idea of one But I read for character, and I just found myself dealing with a bunch of stereotypes and people that all think in the same tone and same vocabulary Maybe it [...]

    CLICHESSO MANY CLICHESIt s not even funny.We ve gotThe Hogwarts of evil people.The fat kid who eats ALL THE TIME The smart Asian The bratty fashion obsessed blonde American however, this does change I do have to give the author credit for that Our not NEARLY as cool as Neville Longbottom who has to live up to his parents lives The nice girl who we ALL know is going to end up with our protagonistThe mysterious guy whose motives are not known but the majority of us know he s going to be related to [...]

    I read this because it was a Reader s Also Like for Anthony Horowitz s excellent Alex Rider series While perhaps written for the same audience, I found it lacking The premise of kids being snatched to be taught how to become master criminals was decent and the previous accomplishments of the students was probably the highlight of the book however, now at the school, they seem to become incompetent bumblers despite their prodigious skills constantly out maneuvered by their foes Otto, Wing, Laura [...]

    While I don t think it was bad by any means I think this is of an introductory book to the series, feeling short and lacking in details, even with the potential huge H.I.V.E world and characters I can only Imagine that the next books on the series will have background and development, so I think it will be safe to give the next one a try before having an opinion on the series.

    H.I.V.EI have read the book called H.I.V.E and wow, if you can put a little bit of everything into a book this is it It has action suspense, comedy, drama This book is now my favorite series other then Eragon The main character is Otto, but some other ones are Wing Fanchu, Laura, Shelby, and Nigel Darkdoom They have all been brought to the H.I.V.E They don t know why, except for the fact that they are some of the most talented criminals the world hasn t seen.It all started when the Prime Ministe [...]

    Welcome to Hogwarts for bad guys, minus the magic H.I.V.E is a school set on a deserted island where brilliant young adults who have come from criminal families or have taken part in criminal projects are taught to become the worst that they can be Otto Malpense remembers nothing about how he came to be on the H.I.V.E island, and neither does him Asian friend, Wing The H.I.V.E staff explains to the young criminals that their parents agreed to let them join the school and that they are under the [...]

    Otto is less than happy to be removed from his life, and taken to enrol in a school for evil genius children With his friends Wing, Laura and Shelby, they decide that escape is the only option but the staff are determined that nobody leaves the island Can Otto and his friends outwit the school and get away I really enjoyed this book Otto was selected for the school after he was able to force the Prime Mininster to insult the people of Britain in a speech and moon at startled journalists He is sm [...]

    This book was everything I wanted and Do you ever find yourself rooting for the villain I know I sure do I didn t even have to read a synopsis, by title alone I knew H.I.V.E was my sort of book I love reading about the Mafia and gangsters I love bad boys.But of course, being me I tore through the book in several hours, hungry for I was surprised to read that this is a debut novel The plot, characters, setting and world building we re all done remarkably well I can t think of a single bad bad t [...]

    On an island in the middle of nowhere, there is a school But not just any school, it s a school for villains Named H.I.V.E for Higher Institute for Villainous Education, H.I.V.E recruits only the best and the brightest of students to become criminal masterminds Each person has a special talent that could potentially be used for criminal deeds and H.I.V.E aims to foster that potential The story follows an orphaned, white haired young boy with the name of Otto Malpnese He is a genius and caught th [...]

    Have you ever felt like your schoolwork is killing you Well, Otto Malpense has been kidnapped and imprisoned in a school that might literally be the death of him The story begins as Otto wakes to find himself strapped into a helicopter flying over an ocean Upon landing he is introduced to the strange island world of H.I.V.E the Higher Institute of Villainous Education, an exclusive school for turning out world class villains There is no communication with the outside world There seems to be only [...]

    Vanessa Montês
    A melhor decis o do autor neste livro foi escrev lo do ponto de vista de Otto O ponto de vista de um futuro supervil o acaba por tornar a leitura muito mais ir nica e divertida, e este foi um dos grandes pontos positivos Admito que n o esperava pelo final deste livro, embora o restante seja um tanto ou quanto previs vel Mas o que prende neste livro n o propriamente a hist ria, mas a forma como as personagem vivem a hist ria Elas s o a vida de toda a narrativa e gra as a elas que n o conseguimos [...]

    It was AMAZING This book is one of the best books i have read in a while I am very hooked and am committed to reading the whole series This book is if Harry Potter met James Bond It is action backed with cool technology Already started to devour book 2.

    The Higher Institute of Villainous Education hereafter referred to as H.I.V.E is the first book in a series about four students adventures at this unique school.H.I.V.E is basically a weird combination of Disney s The Descendants and James Bond For those of you who haven t seen the movie, The Descendants is about four children of Disney villains It plays around with the idea of morally grey characters, the choice between being good or evil and was a nice twist on the expectant parent cliche Alth [...]

    Welcome to H.I.V.E a top secret boarding school for evil child geniuses.The concept was interesting enough, even though similar things have been done before Reading a book from the perspective of the villian s is different, because you end up liking them despite the bad things they may have done But the Special kid goes to a school for other special kids and becomes the best of them all trope is a little overused I think I would have appreciated it if I was younger.The characters, while enterta [...]

    This book was two stars until the ending, which is actually quite decent, even for a cliffhanger Otherwise, the book was kind of forgettable I think that a lot of people will actually like this concept quite a bit, and probably like the characters as well, but I was not one of those people I think what got me was that the world building seemed incomplete Or vague, maybe about as vague as the location of a certain island volcano I never got a very good sense of H.I.V.E or any of the people involv [...]

    Hogwarts untuk penjahat tapi tanpa sihir Plot dan karakter di HIVE seri pertama oke Meski tagline nya seperti di Hogwarts, dengan segala fasilitas dan kemampuan para muridnya, mengingatkan saya pada film Spy Kids Bagian mendekati terakhir saat warga HIVE melawan tanaman bermutasi Nigel terbilang seru dan mendebarkan.

    Sasha Khalid
    I had such high hopes for this one especially after reading king of bad But this one turned out so dull and boring, i had to force myself into finishing it.

    This could ve been a great MG YA series, like 39 Clues, but the whole concept and potential was drowned in cliches and lack of character development Basically, every character had a specific set of skills XD which the MC could use, and nothing Otto, of corse, being the perfect orphan hero to be had all of those skills and Now here is some eye rolling material found in the book Russian spy named Raven, mysterious dangerous dude called Number One, professor who s literally in a cat s body, a vil [...]

    Clayton Schulenburg
    I really enjoyed this book It was fast paced and full of amazing ideas that the author had I recommend this for anyone who wants a fast exciting read.

    Heather Eames
    I got through this book fairly quickly, and although I did enjoy it, I don t think I m invested enough to read the other books in the series Good as a one off read, and fairly easy to follow.

    Vishal Mehta
    Well, its not Artemis Fowl but fun anyways.

    GRRRRR CLIFFHANGER ENDINGS SHOULD BE FORBIDDEN PHGKSDHGAHKGHKAHGAKAGHHHHHHHHH.Anyways The book Right.So, H.I.V.E is the debut novel from the author, Mr Mark Walden The premise a school for villains in the making is a nice one, and is the whole reason I wanted to read the book Now, this book sure isn t flawless Not like any book is flawless, anyway But it was a fun read, and I did enjoy it.Alright Here s the actual scoop For one, I didn t get the idea of why Otto, Wing, Laura, and Shelby wanted t [...]

    It s always unpleasant to think, Am I too old for this book To be honest, even if a book isn t meant for a certain age group, gender, whatever, its enjoyability should overpower that But no, H.I.V.E is not one of those books not at all I suppose it s geared towards kids around middle school Funny that this genre was made for me just a few years ago now, YA is supposedly suitable , but I never really read books like this Why It was so trope y, boring, simplistic, as though children can only unde [...]

    Higher Institute of Villainous Education H.I.V.E is a great book The main character is Otto, an intelligent boy from a run down orphanage Otto never really had any friends because he was different than most of the other kids in the orphanage, but when he is transported to H.I.V.E, a secret school for kids used to train them into the greatest super villains, he meets Wing The two soon become great friends and they both immediately hate H.I.V.E The two soon put together a team to make a plan to fl [...]

    Pranta Ghosh Dastider
    Ok, lets talk about this I have started to read the book last month when I bought two books from the series And I thought I would check out the first book since it s rated so high And for the first 40% of the book I roam around to find absolutely no reason to say it a 4 out of 5 rated book Ok lets say for first 30 35% it was alright a decent 3.5 rating to be exact The characters were interesting the story was developing, many things were common in an alternate version but I didn t hate it I like [...]

    HAMBAR Harapanku tinggi ketika baca sinopsisnya, idenya unik dan aku suka Tapi ceritanya Tidak se elegan idenya Aku tahu kalau ini buat Young Adult, tapi tetap saja elemen penting novel terlewatkan Karakternya kurang dalam dan terlalu menggampangkan Bagaimana mungkin anak genius seperti itu nggak ada kelainan psikologis seperti superior, atau minimal, perfeksionis Teknologinya umum banget tapi dibuat seakan rumit Yeah, I know that what its like Seperti membayangkan cara kerja teknologi modern ya [...]

    The first book in a YA series that smells a lot like Harry Potter, but isn t quite as good as the Percy Jackson books It s also a somewhat predictable book, albeit predictable in enjoyable ways Neither the characters nor the plot are in the same category as Rowlings or even Riordan or Colfer Still, I found myself getting into it by the end, and starting to appreciate the unique elements of the first book.Orphan boy genius Otto Malpense who is in the unique position of having peers who respect an [...]

    Jack Heath
    If you kidnapped the world s most mischeivous, cunning teenagers and imprisoned them at a secret training academy for supervillains, what would happen That s the shamelessly ridiculous premise of Mark Walden s H.I.V.E which stands for Higher Institute of Villainous Education and if you can suspend your disbelief far enough, you will find it a rewarding read The dialogue is witty, the plot twists deft, and the setting inventive, with plenty of knowing nods to the comic books and Bond films which [...]

    • [PDF] H.I.V.E. Higher Institute of Villainous Education | by ↠ Mark Walden
      243 Mark Walden
    H.I.V.E. Higher Institute of Villainous Education