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  • Title: You Are Next
  • Author: Katia Lief (aka Karen Ellis)
  • ISBN: 9780091937911
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback

  • An ex cop with a death wish A serial killer with a gruesome agendaDetective Karin Schaeffer was a happily married mother until she got too close to catching a serial killer.The press nickname him The Domino Killer because he systematically murders whole families, leaving a trail of bloody dominoes as the only clues to his next victim Having brutally slain Karin s husbAn ex cop with a death wish A serial killer with a gruesome agendaDetective Karin Schaeffer was a happily married mother until she got too close to catching a serial killer.The press nickname him The Domino Killer because he systematically murders whole families, leaving a trail of bloody dominoes as the only clues to his next victim Having brutally slain Karin s husband and child, he left her a chilling message scrawled in her daughter s blood YOU ARE NEXT.But now the Domino Killer has escaped prison and the police believe he s on his way to find her.And Karin is waiting
    Katia Lief (aka Karen Ellis)
    The first thing I ever wrote that received any notice was a one page story for my third grade English teacher I don t recall what the assignment was, but I somehow found myself writing about a woman at a dinner party who suddenly realizes her teeth are invisible She sits there, wedged between two chattering guests, wondering how she will eat, how she will talk, and generally how she will get out of the situation without having to open her mouth and reveal her dilemma My teacher showed the story to my parents with a note to this effect Katia could be a writer.What if her note had instead encouraged me to be a dentist But it didn t And so here I am.So far I ve published two literary novels as Katia Spiegelman, the name I was born with , and seven suspense novels five as Kate Pepper a pseudonym and two as Katia Lief the name I live by And to complicated things even , I m adding a new pen name to my arsenal Karen Ellis with my new novel A MAP OF THE DARK, coming January 2, 2018.I have loved writing every one of my novels, and hope you will enjoy reading them.

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    Pretty good thriller :) just found out it's the first of a series so I just purchased the next one :) would recommend!

    Karin Schaeffer was a promising police detective. That was before she worked on the case of the Domino Killer, a serial murderer who liked to kill one family member at a time until all of them were dead. He chillingly left a clue with each body, a number made out of dominos, as to who was next. After he kills the last member of the Alderman family, a full scale police hunt searches for him, leaving no stone unturned. However, Karin is the one to find his hiding place and when he later manages to [...]

    Terri Armstrong
    Katia, Below is the review I did for Suspense Magazine:"You are Next" by Katia Lief:When former police detective Karin Schaffer’s family is brutally murdered, she comes apart at the seams. She is an empty shell in every sense of the word and feels she’d be better off dead. Both her husband and daughter were murdered by JPP (Just Plan Psycho) or as he was also known, “The Domino Killer” because he would leave dominos at the crime scene as a clue about who his next victim will be. Mild-man [...]

    Nicola Daniel
    I was sent this book through Good reads and its not the normal sort of book I would pick and I was really surprised at how enjoyable it was !From start to finish I found it difficult to put this book down the main character Karin is been hunted by a serial killer who has already murdered another family and her husband and daughter, she missed the clues the first time but will she miss them this time?I really enjoyed the way the book was written with the flash backs to the deaths of her daughter [...]

    Suspense Magazine
    When former police detective Karin Schaffer’s family is brutally murdered, she comes apart at the seams. She is an empty shell in every sense of the word and feels she’d be better off dead. Both her husband and daughter were murdered by JPP (Just Plan Psycho) or as he was also known, “The Domino Killer” because he would leave dominos at the crime scene as a clue about who his next victim will be. Mild-mannered Martin Price—if that’s his real name—does his best to torture Karin and [...]

    For quite a while with this one I feared I would be giving two stars. I felt as though there was a lot of starting and stopping as we flickered between the crime side of the story and the emotional side. Whilst I enjoyed the emotional impact, the way we saw inside of our main character’s mind, I also found it dragged the story a bit and pulled my attention from what I really cared about.That being said, however, I really did enjoy the crime aspect of the story. For me, it was a short and gripp [...]

    Umm, right. First off I feel a bit bad about giving this a poor rating as I received a free copy from , which is always nice. Guess I won't be getting anymore!Everything about this book is so clichéd, direct and obvious. Its a similar experience to watching a low budget made-for-tv movie where you can see all the references to better works but where they are executed with a complete lack of style and finesse. Perhaps there is a particular type of reader who likes to be taken by the hand and gui [...]

    I went in there clueless since the synopsis didn't give away major details of any upcoming surprise. So I had no idea what to expect in the beginning first fifty pages when the entire synopsis ended right there. That was it. The first fifty pages and the rest of the three hundred or so were nowhere on the back cover. Something that I found weird because this was a great book and the synopsis didn't do it any justice. Most people, I know, choose their books by reading what's behind. No doubt, wha [...]

    I feel a little ungrateful as I received this book as I 'won' it as a free giveaway on here and was very excited as I do like a good trashy crime-thriller, catchy-killer book…but this one just didn’t live up to expectations.Karin Schaeffer was a cop – happily married with a 3 yera old daughter, she had everything going for her – until she caught a serial killer. Martin Price (or JPP to her – Just Plain Psycho) managed to escape, and considering his thing was to kill families, there are [...]

    Picked this book up when I was needing a book that started with "Y" for a challenge. So glad I found this one. Great start to a series. Love the characters. Love the writing. Love the plot. Not sure how I missed reading this author for so long. Will certainly be reading more. 4 stars

    David Proffitt
    “You Are Next” is the first in a series of books about former detective Karin Schaeffer. Her career had come to an abrupt end a couple of years previously when a serial killer she was responsible for capturing escaped custody and turned his attention to her and her family.Nicknamed the Domino Killer by the press at the time, as he left dominoes at each crime scene as a clue to his next victim. Karen and her colleagues managed to catch up with the mad man only after he had killer her husband [...]

    Excellent What a great book. It had me hooked from beguinning to end. I hope there is another installment to this story. I would highly recommend this book. It has everything a great storyline and characters.

    It was very slow to start. Did pick up the pace 'til the end of part 2. But it was an ok read.

    Glynis Hamlett
    It flowed but not the best book I have read in this genre

    Picked up this book from a Big Bad Wolf book sale, I read the synopsis and though um sound good. Never read anything from this author before but I always love this genre.I have a mix feeling about rating this book, I want to give a higher rating but I hesitate because there are certain things or part of this book that made me go “meh”.This would make a good TV movie, the characters are well developed and almost believable. But the thing about this book, almost everything about it was quite p [...]

    Shelagh (The Word Fiend)
    Review from my blog The Word Fiend.The Serial Killer sub-genre is very popular with readers. Maybe it's the fact that we can get close to such inhuman evil and still be able to walk away when we put the book down. Maybe it's a fascination with what humans are capable of. For me both these ideas play a part, but what I most enjoy is the chase – working with the investigators to solve the puzzle and catch the bad guy. You Are Next is a promising debut from a new voice in this popular sub-genre.T [...]

    Lisa Oldridge
    A book that was donated to me, not a bad read read but won't be actively seeking any other books by this author.

    You Are Next was shelved in the romance section for some reason, as was its sequel. As a result, during the last frantic days of the Borders’ closing sale (sniff!), I bought them for 90% off. I may hate the closing of a bookstore, but dang it, I love a book sale.Karin Schaeffer was a detective with the police department in Maplewood, New Jersey. While she and her partner Mac were investigating a serial killer, Martin Price, she caught Price’s attention. Unfortunately, Price liked to kill off [...]

    Karin Schaeffer is a former detective whose life was destroyed by a serial killer known as The Domino Killer. In the blink of an eye her husband and daughter were brutally murdered and she's left coping with the grief. Just when she thinks the killer is behind bars, he escapes to come after the one that got away--her. But he's not the only killer Karin must deal with. Before she knows it there's another psycho on the loose who's terrorizing her and those she loves. Is this killer a copy cat or a [...]

    Dominos have always held a special place in my heart – the game that is not the pizza! I remember as a kid, constantly playing the game with my lovely gran in front of a burning log fire that warmed the small cottage effortlessly. We had no central heating in those days – didn’t really need it – the fire was more than a match for cold winter evenings. We played relentlessly – neither willing to admit defeat!I also remember sticking a piece of freshly cut bread on a fire fork and sittin [...]

    Won this through the Giveaways.This book started very promisingly as we are introduced to Karen, an ex-detective who has lost her husband and child to a serial killer known as The Domino Killer (or JPP by the cops, which although a little cheesy I did find quite amusing), as she waits for the escaped murderer in her small Brooklyn flat. As he arrives the scene is tense as she battles with her desire to end her misery and join her family and the need to destroy the man who destroyed her life. Af [...]

    Kim (Bookishly Me)
    After reading the back cover I was looking forward to reading this. This book was not I was expecting it to be.The story is about Karin ex- cop who lost her child and husband to a serial killer. He killed them because she caught him by accident. The story starts off a while after these events. So what we are left with is a first person story told from a depressed and suicidal woman. So after he escapes she waits for him, she knows exactly how he will enter her house (and yes that happens just th [...]

    I Read
    I must admit I found the beginning a little flat. Of course the best bit of crime genres is always the later part, but it was increased in this case by the fact that the precis given for the giveaway contained too much information. In my opinion it would have been better simply to type out the back cover blurb, because it took until I was halfway (maybe more) through the story before I'd caught up with the place where I didn't know any more of what was to happen next! Having said that, the recom [...]

    Martin Price is known as “The Domino Killer”. Former Detective Karin Schaeffer refers to him as JPP (Just Plain Psycho). Karin has every reason to despise Martin Price. Martin murdered her husband, Jackson, and her daughter, Cece. Karin is currently on leave from the police department. Martin is in prison and Karin is trying her best to rebuild a life for herself.What little progress she has made is destroyed when Detective Billy Staples appears at her door to inform her that Martin has esca [...]

    Paul Wardman
    A psychotic killer who likes to give clues on who his next victim will be is caught by a rookie officer, escapes and to punish her kills her husband and infant daughter. This would make a great story by itself, however, what I found so interesting about this book was that the story picks up after the previously mentioned events.The main character is Karin Schaeffer and she is struggling (as you would expect) to put her life back together, then comes the news, the monster who butchered her family [...]

    I won't lie I'm digging this author. Her books are like reading an episode of Criminal Minds (which right now, is apparently appealing to me). I love the twists and turns her books seem to take, and I love trying to figure out who did what to whom and who the kidnapper/murderer/psycho is. She uses fantastic character development, and writes in a way so that I feel I'm right there experiencing everything along with the characters and feeling their anxiousness/sadness/nervousness/desperation.I als [...]

    This book is not the genre I usually read. Although I do have phases of reading detective fiction, this was much gorier than what I'm used to. Also, it differs from the stuff I usually read, int hat you already know who did it before you start. Karin's family have been murdered by the Domino Killer, and the book starts with the police informing her that he's escaped from jail and is coming for her. I did wonder where it could possibly go from there, but this book surprised me. It had great pace, [...]

    This was an extremely gripping book.I loved the character of Karin, and could really relate to her. Not relate in the same way obviously, because my husband is alive and I dont have any children yet, but I could imagine that how she felt would be exactly how most of us would feel if that happened to us. I felt bad for her when everyone was blaming her for the little girl going missingcially when she was only a cop, doing her job. So I didnt see how it was her fault that some pyscho fixated on he [...]

    I won this copy via first reads. It came through the post on friday and was finished by saturday! This is the first crime book ive read in a while having gone off the genre due to overkill on it (no pun intended!)This is a very quick and easy read- no brain cells neccessary. The heroine Karen Schaeffer isnt your typical leading lady. Mainly because she has a death wish (not the Jack Bauer type-she really is suicidal and depressed). Shes an ex cop involved in the case of the Domino Killer- a seri [...]

    You Are Next is the debut of a very complex character, Karin Schaeffer. She's struggling to continue her life after the murder of her husband and daughter by a serial killer named Martin Price. She was a police detective heading up the search for him, but once he killed her family she was no longer able to go on. When Price escapes custody, Karin knows he will eventually find her. She almost welcomes the thought that she will soon join her husband and daughter.Karin makes a split second decision [...]

    • Free Download [Romance Book] ✓ You Are Next - by Katia Lief (aka Karen Ellis) Ç
      350 Katia Lief (aka Karen Ellis)
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