[PDF] Prisoner in a Red-Rose Chain | by ì Jeffrey Moore

  • Title: Prisoner in a Red-Rose Chain
  • Author: Jeffrey Moore
  • ISBN: 9781895449921
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Prisoner in a Red-Rose Chain | by ì Jeffrey Moore - Prisoner in a Red-Rose Chain, Prisoner in a Red Rose Chain Winner of the Commonwealth Writer s Prize for Best First Book Shortlisted for the QSPELL Prize for Best First Book It is by no means clear just how much control Jeremy Davenant has over his
    Jeffrey Moore
    Born in Montreal, Jeffrey Moore was educated at the University of Toronto, the Sorbonne Paris and the University of Ottawa He is currently a freelance translator and Lecturer in Translation at the Universit de Montr al He works for museums, theatres, dance companies and film festivals around the world, and has an extensive list of published translations to his credit, including Magritte, Century of Splendour and Lost Paradise Symbolist Europe.Prisoner in a Red Rose Chain, his first novel written over several years in Canada, Scotland, England, Hungary and Bali, was a finalist for the QSPELL Literary Awards and winner of both the regional and international Commonwealth Writers Prize 2000 The Memory Artists 2004 won the Canadian Authors Association Award Best Novel , and was shortlisted for the Rogers Writers Trust Award, Sunburst Award, Hugh MacLennan Prize and Wordsworthy Award Both novels have been published in some 20 countries and optioned for film His third novel, The Extinction Club, was published by Penguin Canada and Quercus UK in 2010 and by Arcade U.S in 2013 It was shortlisted for the Hugh MacLennan Prize Best Novel and Arthur Ellis Award Best Mystery and longlisted for the Dublin IMPAC Award He currently divides his time between Montreal and Val Morin, Quebec.


    Emma Giangregorio
    For my award winning reading workshop book I chose Red Rose Chain by Jeffrey Moore It won the Commonwealth Writers Award for the best first novel It was his first book and was published in Canada to widespread critical acclaim before it was chosen for the award The books main character is Jeremy Davenant who is a man that thinks that his life has been planned out for him since the day he was born He is a professor at Montreal University but he never got his teaching credentials so he is illegall [...]

    You know how you have a couple books that you just come back to over, and over, and over again Ones you fall in love with This is one of those books, for me I read it ages ago, I think it was shortly after it first came out, and I ve re read in many times since then The characters are great especially Uncle Gerard , the book is hilarious, and the writing is sublime vivid, alive, engaging, precise I left Montreal a long time ago, but this book takes me back to that time and place, which is anothe [...]

    One word, BORING This book has very little story, I was than half way through and I was waiting for the story to actually start The main character is not likeable or relatable, other reviews praised the characters for being dark but I found the main character so uninteresting that I think dark is too complimentary, he was obsessive and pathetic I found getting to the end of this book extremely long and tiring which just shows how little I enjoyed it I am baffled at how this book has so many goo [...]

    I wish we could do a 0.5 rating because I would very much so like to give this book a 3.5 This book is brilliantly written or at least i think so and i absolutely love how the author tries to confuse us with all the mystery that really is not mystery but just a technique to keep the reader in suspense which i believe was a fail, it was obvious I also love the main character s cynical, pessimistic, self deprecating personality which is absolutely contradicting to his view of the world and how he [...]

    Buffo, vitale, superstizioso, imbranato E Jeremy, il protagonista La sua forza la sua normalit , la capacit di convivere con le proprie debolezze.L autore narra le vicende di Jeremy e di come la sua vita cambi radicalmente dopo l incontro con Milena, la sua donna del destino o almeno cos crede lui Si perch pi che donna del destino, Milena sembrerebbe incarnare alla perfezione la donna di piccheNonostante tutto Jeremy convinto che la loro unione sia predestinata, profondamente voluta dal fato lo [...]

    3.5 STARSInteresting, but not one that I ll ever be compelled to re read I didn t particularly care for the ending, but maybe that was the desired effect for me to feel as frustrated as Jeremy.

    It took a while for me to get into this book but it s actually quite funny.

    I hated this book and couldn t believe it won a prize Dark stupid characters.

    • [PDF] Prisoner in a Red-Rose Chain | by ì Jeffrey Moore
      137 Jeffrey Moore
    Prisoner in a Red-Rose Chain