[PDF] Download ☆ Aunt Jane's Hero: Portrait of a Christ Centered Home : by Elizabeth Payson Prentiss

  • Title: Aunt Jane's Hero: Portrait of a Christ Centered Home
  • Author: Elizabeth Payson Prentiss
  • ISBN: 9781879737341
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Aunt Jane's Hero: Portrait of a Christ Centered Home : by Elizabeth Payson Prentiss - Aunt Jane's Hero: Portrait of a Christ Centered Home, Aunt Jane s Hero Portrait of a Christ Centered Home Every woman needs an Aunt Jane and through her books Elizabeth Prentiss becomes Aunt Jane for us all Her godly wisdom and her charming with transcend time and place She is the quintessential Titus
    Elizabeth Payson Prentiss
    ELIZABETH PRENTISS 1818 1878 was the daughter of an early nineteenth century revival preacher and began writing as a teenager Born in 1818 in Portland, Maine, Prentiss was also the writer of the hymn More Love to Thee, O Christ Prentiss died in Vermont in 1878.


    Aunt Jane s Hero is definitely one of the books that have challenged me in my spiritual walk On the outset, the book looks like a boring story about perfect people Aunt Jane and Maggie reaching down to convict the sinners Horace and Maggie s sister Annie , yet there is so much to this book, so much depth and beauty Horace and his wife go through many little and major trials as we all do, they fail and speak or behave wrongly sometimes, even doubting God, yet He brings them through each thing, s [...]

    A tale of the home front in the North during the Civil War I reread this so many times that the pages are literally falling out of my copy Someday perhaps I will find a reasonably priced hardcover

    This novel was written in the nineteenth century I greatly enjoy literature from that period, so I have a high tolerance for certain writing techniques in this work that might seem jarring and preachy to most modern readers Even by the standards of the day, the writing would be mediocre, at best However, I do find the characters and the plot to be charming.The book outlines the story of a young couple who meet, date, and marry, all while looking to their mutual friend, Aunt Jane, for advice and [...]

    Hannah Nedrud
    This is a staple of my book collection, one I have read and reread over the past few years Though perhaps a bit idealistic, there are a number of passages throughout the book that could stand alone as inspiration and direction for grounded Christian living I m sure I will be reading it again in the near future.

    Aunt Jane s Hero is a little bit nuts The trouble with a good Christian novel, with good Christian characters who strive earnestly to do what s best in the eyes of an ever loving and providing God, is that, because God provides, none of the narrative tension lasts for than a few chapters Horace is worldly, then he becomes a better Christian Horace thinks Maggie doesn t love him, but she does Horace takes sick, but then he gets better Maggie s sister Annie is too worldly, but she learns to be a [...]

    Victoria Lynn
    Another great Prentiss book The story was so good and the moral priceless Highly recommend it

    Own.I read this a year or two ago on my own and the ladies in my book club decided to read it for this month.I really like Elizabeth Prentiss She s not the most polished authoress the stories often begin slowly and her writing voice and instruction is too up front for the modern reader but well fit the style of the era Aunt Jane s Hero teaches us much about faithfulness to Christ through trials It teaches us about being good mentors and encouragers It teaches us how to love one another It teache [...]

    Wendy Webber
    I really enjoyed this book So much so that I straight away listened to it again audiobook version I rarely reread books but this one is like a devotional, with little christian truths to be mined each time you dig into it Shows that rare christian life of being completely sold out to Christ, deep joy and genuineness I have a feeling this is going to be one of my all time favourite reads.

    I enjoyed reading this novel of Elizabeth Prentiss as I had only ever read Stepping Heavenward certainly it does read as another Prentiss work and while it could be said that the heroine Maggie was beyond perfect I really appreciated many of the lessons found in the book If you have read Stepping Heavenward this is the next in the series

    This particular free ebook edition that I have is very poorly edited I m guessing other editions are much better, so I m not going to base my rating review on that This was a beautiful of two couples that are inspired by the Christian faith of an older woman, whom they call Aunt Jane.

    An excellent novel and living picture of a vituous matchmaking and the value of faithful and loving counsel from a loving aunt with wisdom and expience Refreshing and inspiring

    Love it I cannot say enough about Elizabeth Prentiss Great Christian fiction on the truths of being married Highly Recommend.

    Not what I was expecting.i was surprised to see it was s so recently published due to the theme vocabulary and grammer.

    A beautiful book sprinkled with wisdom.

    Jen Vanderwey
    How does she do it I love anything by Elizabeth Prentiss She knows women, and she knows the good things of God This novel, like her others is about a Christian woman s calling and duty, to find and create and treasure all that is beautiful and good in the Lord s world This book is about God s economy and the great reversal You will not put it down, and you will be tutored through Prentiss s characters who to strive to be like, and who to pity.

    This antiquated text reads like an instructional manual on how to turn your life and marriage toward God While the plot is interesting, the characters did not all seem believable Aunt Jane, for whom the book is obviously named, is a believable and sympathetic character This text was a quick, nice read Additionally, the digital version of this text was riddled with typos.

    Charity U
    An old, sweet, clean story.

    This book is a really good book I enjoyed it very much and completed it in one day I really enjoy anything Elizabeth writes.

    An enjoyable read about the importance of keeping an eternal perspective in life.

    Beth Nell
    This is a must read

    One of my favorite Christian authors.

    • [PDF] Download ☆ Aunt Jane's Hero: Portrait of a Christ Centered Home : by Elizabeth Payson Prentiss
      262 Elizabeth Payson Prentiss
    Aunt Jane's Hero: Portrait of a Christ Centered Home