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  • Title: The Time of My Life
  • Author: Cecelia Ahern
  • ISBN: 9780007350438
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Free Download The Time of My Life - by Cecelia Ahern - The Time of My Life, The Time of My Life Lucy Silchester has an appointment with her life and she s going to have to keep it Lying on Lucy Silchester s carpet one day when she returns from work is a gold envelope Inside is an invitation to a
    Cecelia Ahern
    Cecelia Ahern was born and grew up in Dublin She is now published in nearly fifty countries, and has sold over twenty five million copies of her novels worldwide Two of her books have been adapted as films and she has created several TV series.

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    Mansi Sharma
    LOVED the book It was so good So funny SoLife like Lucy Silchester is fine, absolutely fine So why is it that, of all the miserable, poor, distraught people in the world, it isshewho receives a letter asking her to fix an appointment with Life The letter after being peed on by her illegally owned cat lies ignored, like the rest of the things in her Life She has a job she doesn t love She has a family she actually likes to visit if held at gun point She manages to divide her time between helping [...]

    Asha Seth
    Did I really rate it 1 star Well, I ve never been a huge fan of Cecelia s but this book certainly left me skeptical about pursuing any other of her novels P.S I Love You , her first novel that I d read was comparatively better than this one The Time Of My Life was so utterly annoying that with each page it just kept getting to me and it almost made me cry as I couldn t manage finishing it sooner.Going back to the moment I first saw it in the bookstore, I m now wondering as to what made her start [...]

    Sharon Vander Meer
    I may have found my new favorite female author She s in her early thirties and is already an internationally known writer with several best sellers If The Time of My Life, is an example of her work, Cecelia Ahern will be around for a long time.The story begins with, Dear Lucy Silchester, You have an appointment for Monday, May 30 Lucy doesn t need to read any she s already ignored several invitations just like it, all signed, Yours sincerely, Life The funny thing is, Lucy isn t surprised by thi [...]

    I struggled through this book from the beginning It s not your usual fun chick lit, which I m disappointed about I want a chick lit that makes me laugh, giggle, swoon, and giggle some With such a chick lit y cover in swirly gold writing, what s to say it doesn t contain excitement and fun But alas I should have remembered the adage Do not judge a book by its cover I really shouldn t have Despite its colourful front cover full of promises, this book makes me wonder when it will end because it s [...]

    Wow, it saddens me to rate a book written by Cecelia Ahern so low, but it just wasn t that great I used to be such a huge fan of hers, recommending her writing to many friends I absolutely loved PS, I Love You , and thought that Love, Rosie aka, Rosie Dunne Where Rainbows End was also really good But her books have steadily gone downhill from there, and I think the common denominator is that only her first two books were sincere, realistic, and heartfelt The rest of the books all seem to have so [...]

    Nobody has to be lonely Everybody deserves to be happy My thought while reading this book.Lucy Silchester thought that her life is fine She felt content Until her life started to contact her.Lucy has become an antisocial, secretive from her friends and family after being dumped by her boyfriend almost three years ago Her life is a mess and the lies that she told them to cover the truth has become a big pile of lies that she cannot tell the truth without revealing the whole thing Ironically, afte [...]

    I don t really think Ahern s books are my style, they re too glittery some parts are quite depressing, not the agreeable kind of depressing you get ok, not agreeable technically so, but there are books like Sister of my heart Thousand Splendid Suns that are sad depressing yet good Ahern type depressing is a person who has most things people would be thankful for, yet who also creates drama out of situations they are in and whines about everything from the weather to their granola bars and how th [...]

    Como amo a esta mujer Como am la historia Tengo tantas emociones en mi s lo dir que es maravilloso partir el a o con una historia as de inspiradora 3 DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON 3 3 3 Rese a cuerda o casi madeofpapers 2015

    Kayleigh K-Books
    The Time of my Life Review on K BooksFirst of all I want to say a huge thank you to Harper Collins UK for sending me a review copy of this book I was so over excited when I received this for review, Cecelia Ahern is my all time favourite author and her first debut book PS, I Love You was the first novel I ever read and loved and it was the book that made me fall in love with reading Since then I have read every book she has ever written and loved all of them This one is one of my top favourites [...]

    I read P.S I Love You several years ago Though I really didn t like all aspects of the novel I did think it showed flashes of brilliance by Ms Ahern Reading her newest novel, The Time of My Life I just ended up feeling nothing but disappointment at an opportunity lost with this novel Lucy Silchester, the main protagonist is living in a small apartment with her cat, working a job she hates Lucy keeps getting appointments for her to meet with her Life and is doing her level best to avoid the appoi [...]

    Cecelia Ahern is one of my favorite authors Anyways ever since I read P.S I love you I ve devoured every single book she has written and all of them are beautiful Here latest book, Time of My Life, I have just finished and I am sorry I finished it I miss reading it It is that goodCecilia always sprinkles a little bit of Irish magic into her stories, that s what makes them extra special In Time of My Life, Lucy s life is a mess, she has lost her boyfriend, her job, lives in a pigsty, lying to her [...]

    Summary A pathological liar meets her life, literally face to face.Think I Heart Huckabees I was apprehensive that I wasn t going to enjoy this, but it was actually interesting and mostly funny I read the Uncorrected Proof edition, so I m pretty sure some of the stuff that bothered me about the writing style super long paragraphs, single quotes, several grammatical errors won t be around in the final edition I also felt like most of Chapters 1 4 could have either been edited out, or rearranged T [...]

    Suad Shamma
    You used to be much muchier You ve lost your muchness the Mad Hatter to Alice.And that is exactly who Life or shall I say Cosmo Brown reminded me of when dealing with Lucy.I always know I m reading a good book when I start reading extra fast, trying so hard not to skip words, or lines, or even pages because I m dying to know what happens next But then when I m done, I m left feeling bereft and sad, because I wanted it to go on for much longer.I can very gladly say that Cecelia Ahern is back Her [...]

    Učitaj se!
    Fan sam Cecelije Ahern, njenih bajkovitih i pomalo fantasti nih pri a, od kojih, pi u i svojim jedinstvenim stilom, svaku uspije u initi prepoznatljivom, ali opet druga ijom od svih ostalih njenih pri a.Ova se knjiga, pak, poprili no razlikuje i od svih ostalih njenih knjiga, ali ak je druga ija i stilom pisanja i izborom likova Iskreno, da nisam znala da itam knjigu Cecelije Ahern, da mi je netko dao ovu knjigu na itanje bez da je spomenuo autora, pomislila bih da ju je napisala Sophie Kinsella [...]

    Susan Buchanan
    I have liked all of Cecelia Ahern s books that I have read and have a few still on my shelves to read I love how Life was a person and how what Lucy does in her life, affects Life s life Often they seemed like an old, married couple I think we are all guilty of neglecting our lives now and then and the prospect of a physical person being there to steer us back on course was very welcome This book is really funny, but also has a message for us A warm, easy read and one to lose yourself in If you [...]

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    I was initially sceptical when I picked up this book as I wasn t that crazy about PS I love you, however I really loved this book I found it to be both heart warming and uplifting Initially, I didn t like Lucy, however as I warmed to the theme of the story I really warmed to Lucy she is a bit of a lost and lonely soul struggling to come to terms with the downward turn her life has taken over the last couple of years But she is so in denial about being miserably stuck in a rut, she doesn t consci [...]

    The story follows Lucy, who got into turmoil with her own life She was mildly successful and in a happy relationship with a lot of friends But after her break up, she lost her job, moved flats and has some difficulties maintaining her relationships friends and family wise So, to get her on the right track, her life steps in a man who is not really attractive, not really dapper and definitely not friendly.I enjoyed this piece of work I got into the story really quickly compared to the last book I [...]

    , , , 4 5 Cecelia Ahern

    What a truly delightful and heartfelt read I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Rebekka Steg
    So this week I read The Time of My Life, the latest novel published by Cecelia Ahern.It is the story of Lucy Silchester, who returns from work one day to find an invitation to a meeting with her Life From the back It sounds peculiar, but Lucy s read about this in a magazine Anyway, she can t make the date she s much too busy despising her job, skipping out on her friends and avoiding her family.But Lucy s life isn t what it seems Some of the choices she s made and stories she s told aren t what [...]

    Rob Slaven
    As usual I received this book because of some random giveaway or other so I didn t pay even a farthing for it Unfortunately I don t recall exactly which giveaway because it s been festering at the bottom of my pile for quite some time Despite that I give my candid opinions below.I m exceptionally late to the party on this book so I won t attempt the usual Positives Negatives bit as I usually do This book was a real perplexity for me I spent the majority of the text trying to figure out if the ce [...]

    Lucy s life fell apart when she left her nearly perfect boyfriend 3 years ago Ok She didn t leave him He dumped her She quit her good paying job that she enjoyed Oops She didn t quit She got fired She lives in a cozy apartment that she loves Wellif you count climbing over the couch from the kitchen just to sit down and hanging your clothes from the curtain rods as cozy, then that s the truth She has to leave social events early because she has other things to do Did I mention that Lucy lies or t [...]

    What I love most about Cecelia Ahern s books is the sheer bravery she employs by going completely outside the box with her story telling She s written books about imaginary friends that are real, books that tell what will happen tomorrow, and where all the lost things and people go without ever copping out, being overly self conscious about it or being bound by reality This book personifies LIFE Main heroine, Lucy is stuck in a rut The usual things that vex us alld relationship she can t get ove [...]

    Das Leben will mich treffen Das Leben hat die Gestalt eines Mannes Mein Leben ein Mann mmhhh nein das kann ich mir nicht vorstellen Das Buch von Cecilia Ahern m chte eigentlich aufzeigen um was es geht im Leben, was ist wirklich wichtig und was sind reine Illusionen und was sind einfach nur reine Bagatellen und dies verpackt sie in eine Story um Lucy Silchester, welche ihre grosse Liebe verloren hat und auch neu noch arbeitslos ist.Die Idee finde ich gut, der Schreibstil einfach und mann kann da [...]

    Yet another book I loved by Cecelia Ahern, who is fast becoming one of my favourite authors I love her quirky ideas for stories and the interesting characters she brings to life The way she personified LIFE in this novel was wonderful Lucy was a funny character too, with all her Okay, I lied statements Although this book was emotionally sad in places, overall this novel had me laughing than any other book I ve read.

    Amazing book I ll be back with a review.

    Rea Cobb
    I love books by Cecelia Ahern, although I always love them I never quite know what to expect next with her books I have just finished reading The Time Of My Life which is due out 13th October this year I have to say the cover to this book is stunning and in my opinion is the best cover of all the Cecelia Ahern books.PlotLucy Silchester has received an appointment card Actually, she s been invited along few times to this appointment, but she keeps brushing the gold embossed envelope under the sha [...]

    This was such a delicious mindfuck of a book, and so very heartrending at the same time Very early on, I knew this one would hurt And I kept waiting to feel frustration, even anger at the ways of our protagonist but oddly enough, that never happened Which says something for the skill of Ahern, how she manages to make her protagonists so sympathetic even when they re so royally fucked up My heart utterly went out to Lucy, to the awful predicament she found herself in, even though I knew objective [...]

    I have read every single one of Cecelia Ahern s books and I love her writing style I love her elements of mystery and a sort of magic One of my favourite books is A Place Called Here so when I heard there was a new book by Ahern coming out I had to read it I was top of the request list at the library and it s a big list I knew I would have to read it quite fast, but knew it wouldn t be a problem I love her books so could get it read in a couple of days.Lucy s life has gone downhill, she broke up [...]

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