[PDF] Read º Ox Travels: Meetings with Remarkable Travel Writers (Ox Tales) : by Mark Ellingham Peter Florence Barnaby Rogerson Michael Palin Tim Butcher

  • Title: Ox Travels: Meetings with Remarkable Travel Writers (Ox Tales)
  • Author: Mark Ellingham Peter Florence Barnaby Rogerson Michael Palin Tim Butcher
  • ISBN: 9781846684968
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Read º Ox Travels: Meetings with Remarkable Travel Writers (Ox Tales) : by Mark Ellingham Peter Florence Barnaby Rogerson Michael Palin Tim Butcher - Ox Travels: Meetings with Remarkable Travel Writers (Ox Tales), Ox Travels Meetings with Remarkable Travel Writers Ox Tales Introduced by Michael Palin OxTravels features original stories from twenty five top travel writers including Paul Theroux Sara Wheeler William Dalrymple Patrick Leigh Fermor Lloyd Jones Rory S
    Mark Ellingham Peter Florence Barnaby Rogerson Michael Palin Tim Butcher
    Mark Ellingham was born in Wiltshire, UK, in 1959 After leaving Bristol University in 1981, he was unable to find an interesting job and decided to create his own, writing the first Rough Guide to Greece He secured a publishing contract Routledge paying an advance of 900 1800 midway through writing it The book was an immediate success and Mark and various friends set to work turning the Rough Guides into a series, producing a dozen further titles over the next five years.In 1985, Mark and a group of Rough Guide writers and editors, including current travel publisher Martin Dunford, bought the series from Routledge and became independent publishers They developed than 200 titles, covering travel and reference subjects as diverse as world music and pregnancy, before selling the company to Penguin Books, in 2002.Mark and Martin continued to run Rough Guides publishing at Penguin, 25 years on from that first title, and created a new one off ultimate travel experience series 25s to mark the anniversary.Mark is also a contributing editor for the world music magazine, Songlines, a director of the travel magazine, Wanderlust, and co publisher of Sort Of Books, which have published bestselling books by Chris Stewart and Tove Jansson, among others He lives in North London with his wife, Natania Jansz, who co wrote the first Greece book and now runs Sort Of Books, and their son, Miles Mark says his interests and passions are charted by the titles on the Rough Guide list, ranging through music, film, football, literature and science He is currently involved in campaigns to raise awareness of the impact of aviation on Climate Change.Mark left Rough Guides in 2007 but continues to work as a co editor on the encyclopedic Rough Guide to World Music He is also a contributing editor at Songlines World Music magazine, and runs a green and ethical publishing list for Profile Books.

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    Most of the excerpts were really too short for me to get very involved in the narratives On the other hand, there were a number of authors I hadn t read before whose books I think I ll read now.

    Tim Allen
    I wouldn t bother reading this book, just give a tenner to Oxfam instead It made me realise how the majority of travel writing is trite, egotistical, derivative and tiresome The authors often seem to patronise the reader and the people who feature in their anecdotes.Many of the stories are full of vague platitudes based around the cliched metaphor that it doesn t matter where you re going, but it s the journey that s important I don t really care if you understood what it means to be humble when [...]

    I confess I was not aware of the charitable organization Oxfam when I purchased this incredible collection of top notch travel writers The credentials of the generous authors who gave their stories without compensation to this anthology are most impressive Oxfam attempts to alleviate world poverty and uplift the condition of less fortunate around the globe These stories are not for those looking for escapist armchair travel rather it is for those who dare to care about the harsh realities people [...]

    When I was in Portland, Oregon last year, I raided the travel section of Powell s Books, and this was one of the books highlighted by the store Ox Travels is a collection of 36 travel essays, and proceeds of the book go toward supporting the work of Oxfam Some of the essays are adapted excerpts from books, especially in the case of well known travel writers such as Paul Theroux and William Dalrymple I hadn t read any of the source books, so the re use of this material didn t bother me As with mo [...]

    This was a surprise and very welcome gift as I had had it on my list of books to read I d previously enjoyed one of an earlier Oxfam literary project on the four elements Ox Travels was better despite being a much fatter volume, the collection was less patchy, varied but coherent It s also a very nicely produced book.I thought I was a reader of travel books, or had been I have to revise that description after being introduced to so many writers who were new to me most of them about my own age Ju [...]

    This book came to me through BookCrossing At first I thought it was something I would dip into from time to time being a collection of travel pieces edited by Michael Palin However, once I had read the first piece, I was hooked and read straight through it in a short number of days.Michale Palin had invited a number of well respected travel writers to submit a short piece describing a particular journey during which they had met an usual or interesting person The writing is excellent, the storie [...]

    Chris Steeden
    Great concept and some really good stories let down with some really poor ones which is not surprising as the book contains about 35 authors The stories are about 10 pages long so very easy to dip in and out I also found this a very good way to read about travel writers that I had not heard of before so will certainly be following up by getting some of their books on my wish list.

    Topping & Company Booksellers of Ely
    Ox Travels is the perfect way to gain an insight into the personal experiences of some of todays most prominent travel writers.Each story is a memorable page turner, which will leave you both moved amused at different points A must have on your summer reading list.This book was also published in aid of Oxfam, so is supporting an excellent cause Rebecca P

    Clare Smith
    One of my favourite genres but I found the short story format a tad underwhelming Some were enjoyable in the way you would read a article I The travel section of the newspaper but ultimately the stories just were not able to give the the depth of information required to feel like you were there I personally found the book itself had far too many contributions making it a heavy tome

    Tom Price
    Thoroughly enjoyable and extensively diverse collection of travelling tales and voyaging vignettes Though each is quite short, the potency and emotive hooks of the many writers really draw you into each encounter and narrative For that reason, worth reading slowly, one story at a time.

    The 36 articles in this book have made me realize that I m a tourist than a traveler They have reawakened my desire to see new parts of the world It is an excellent collection of travel writers and all the stories are fascinating.

    Definitely the best compilation of travel stories I have ever read My copy is dogeared and marked of pages I want to reread or takes notes from I was familiar with many of the contributors but there were a few new authors I will now be following Just leaves me wanting to jump on a plane

    A great read, than a travelogue, a collection of 36 short stories Excellent.

    Terrific Made the acquaintance of several new writers.

    Excellent writing by a bunch of supremely talented and interesting people A must read for anybody interested in the world and in travel writing.

    Damien Evans
    Like all short story collections, it s a mixed bag However there were some really good stories in here so it s worth a read.

    Abbie Graham
    Interesting collection of short travel stories, was perfect to read in small chunks before bed

    This is a book I keep next to my bed I pick it up once or twice a year and it always keeps me smiling, guessing, and traveling through others.

    That sure took long enough.

    Some good stories, some so so The physical format of the book, unfortunately, didn t lend itself to comfortable reading.

    Mary Ann
    Had to give it back before I could finish it Looks great and will lead to further adventure travel reads Would make a great gift

    • [PDF] Read º Ox Travels: Meetings with Remarkable Travel Writers (Ox Tales) : by Mark Ellingham Peter Florence Barnaby Rogerson Michael Palin Tim Butcher
      319 Mark Ellingham Peter Florence Barnaby Rogerson Michael Palin Tim Butcher
    Ox Travels: Meetings with Remarkable Travel Writers (Ox Tales)