✓ For One More Day í Mitch Albom

  • Title: For One More Day
  • Author: Mitch Albom
  • ISBN: 9781401303273
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Hardcover

  • ✓ For One More Day í Mitch Albom - For One More Day, For One More Day Every family is a ghost story Mitch Albom mesmerized readers around the world with his number one New York Times bestsellers The Five People You Meet in Heaven and Tuesdays with Morrie Now he returns
    Mitch Albom
    Mitchell David Albom is an author, journalist, screenwriter, playwright, radio and television broadcaster and musician His books have collectively sold over 35 million copies worldwide have been published in forty one territories and in forty two languages around the world and have been made into Emmy Award winning and critically acclaimed television movies.

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    You may believe it or not, but after I read this book, I love both my parent and I try to be a better daughter for them, and I try to understand and appreciate every little thing they ve done for me By reading this book, you will see your parent, especially your mother, as a person who has the purest love ever, and trying to give them back the same

    What a beautiful book It shows you how every mother in Earth will do just to make her family happy and safe I cried while reading it It shows you the real love the purest love you will ever know Love without any limitation what an outstanding book Worth to read it and read it again and again Mitch Albom I wish you don t stop writing.

    Ahmad Sharabiani
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    Rajat Ubhaykar
    Today is a momentous day It s my mom s birthday Through an utter coincidence, I happened to take this book up for reading a day before my mother s birthday, temporarily oblivious to the occasion Oh, how I love such coincidences They are little life affirming miracles, dismissed by reason as coincidences, for what were the chances of my walking into a friend s room in a different hostel on a hot afternoon on an impulse and ending up finishing this book, unaware of the relevance of the next day to [...]


    Swetha Amit
    There are many in this world who would do anything to get just that one chance to make amends for their past misgivings Yet very few get this golden opportunity while the majority is saddled with that nostalgic remorse and regret.Mitch Albom s new edition titled For one day takes one through a wistful journey which encounters a strange and enigmatic tryst with the ghost of the past The story unfolds the main character Charley Benetto Chick whose life is in ruins Being unwanted at his own daught [...]

    I read this book when I was on a plane from London to Indonesia via Hongkong, and I cried like a baby all the way I swear, if the people that sat on my left and right hadnt been my friends, I would ve been considered a crazy girl weeping for no reason.Reading this book made me realize how much I ve taken my mum for granted It opened my eyes and showed me how big and everlasting a mother s love can be, despite all the things that s been done to her.Mummy, I LOVE YOU

    For One More Day, like all of Mitch Albom s books, attempts to be an exercise in feel good warm fuzzies This overly verbose mortality tale, however, is not particularly inspiring, uplifting, or even interesting.When the main character tries to commit suicide, he gets to spend the titular one day with his deceased mother During the visit, he reminisces about his life growing up in a broken home, the mistakes he made, and how we would do it differently if he could Interspersed are example after e [...]

    Aj the Ravenous Reader
    This is a beautiful and touching mother and son story that will make you reconsider how you treat your own mother.

    Dale Harcombe
    Sometimes as you read a book it makes you think not only about the characters in the story but about your own life That was the case with this book by Mitch Albom Haven t you ever wished for one day with someone you love who has died A day when you could say all the things you wanted to say and could resolves any past hurts and regrets Charley Benetto is at rock bottom, having lost all that meant anything in his life He decides life is not worth living But then he gets the gift of one day with [...]

    Indri Juwono
    2010 72 Baca deh, Squid, bukunya baguss bikin nangis Aku nggak pernah baca bukunya Mitch Albom sebelumnya, dan ketika Qui merekomendasikan buku ini ketika jalan jalan di RB menjelang tahun baru kemarin dengan ekspresi mengharukan Akhirnya setelah sekian lama dalam tumpukan to read aku sambar juga untuk dibaca dalam perjalanan pulang Benar apa yang dikatakannya, sepanjang perjalanan di KRL rasanya dadaku sesak dan mata berkaca kaca.Bagaimana Chick Benetto bertemu lagi dengan ibunya yang meninggal [...]


    Charlotte May
    It seems that for me Mitch Albom can do no wrong This is my fourth novel by him and I thought it was wonderful Albom seems to have an incredible ability to take ordinary situations and the inevitable pain of life and make them magical For One More Day focuses on Charles Chick Bennetto, a middle aged man with a failing marriage, obscene amounts of debt and an inner grief he s never gotten over He hits rock bottom when he is left uninvited to his only daughters wedding We watch as Chick tries to t [...]

    Ammara Abid
    Before saying anything else let me say, this book is for everyone For every age group No matter how old you are, must read recall your incidents, because we all have done such things with our mothers every child can relate with it This is a story of every mother every child This book literally gave me goosebumps Heart breaking but beautiful Truthful yet emotional Not any difficult phrase, not any lyrical lines but these simple, honest, amazingly written lines had such a profound effect on me, I [...]

    Ryan Barton
    Eh Not sure what the big deal is with this guy This book wasOK I cannot say that I liked it a great deal, nor can I say I detested it The author is a good storyteller, has a good command of structure and the craft of writing, and does not strike me as being anything less than the consummate professional Picasso was rumoured to have the ability to draw a perfect circle freehand the resulting line is not necessarily a great work of art.I suppose the nature of the material just was not something I [...]

    Abduraafi Andrian
    PERHATIAN Bagi yang belum membaca buku ini, segeralah membacanya Aku tidak akan menjelaskan kenapa, kau harus mencari tahunya sendiri.Buku ini tentang seorang anak laki laki Tentang seorang ibu Tentang hubungan seorang anak laki laki dan ibunya Tentang Saat Saat Ketika Ibu Membela Anaknya Tentang Saat Saat Ketika Anak Tidak Membela Ibunya.Juga, tentang seorang ayah Tentang hubungan seorang ayah dengan anak laki lakinya Tentang pilihan Tentang seorang ayah yang meninggalkan keluarganya Tentang se [...]

    Anis Suhaila
    Confession I actually DNF ed Tuesdays with Morrie sometime last year I thought it was pretentious, dull and lack narration So I wasn t exactly excited to read For One More Day, but someone gave it to me during last year s Secret Pumpkin Thank you again I m glad that this book was as enjoyable as it was Even though it s like a Hallmark cut out story I did catch a part of its telemovie on Hallmark a long time ago , but it s pure, simple and raw It doesn t attempt to do too much but gives out a lot [...]

    Reading the back cover and realizing the backdrop is suicide, I was sorely disappointed by the lack of self face stabbings.Again, picking up this book, I thought to myself, suicide and Mitch Albom how could I go wrong But I was wrong snicker dead wrong From the beginning, Albom signifies his attachment to this book He is telling this story from notes and interviews he may have had with the main character Why is this important Could the book have been equally effective without him putting himself [...]

    Very touching book Much of what the protagonist goes through is very close to my heart, and reading the last chapter made me teary I m not a parent, but I am a daughter, and reading this book has reminded me in a gentle and soothing way the sacrifices parents and caregivers make for their children Told in flashbacks and the chapters often around two to three pages long, the book was a quick read Despite the content material, I didn t feel emotionally burdened by the end but instead a little ligh [...]

    Suraya (thesuraya)
    I also believed that parents, if they love you, will hold you up safely, above their swirling waters, and sometimes that means youll never know what they endured, and you may treat them unkindly, in a way you otherwise wouldnt This book discuss the topic on parents and children and family and it is as heartbreaking as it gets I miss my parents brb calling home

    Jimmy Navy
    Pernahkah Anda merasa sangat merindukan dan membutuhkan seseorang yang sudah pergi dari kehidupan Anda Lalu, Anda merasa marah pada diri sendiri karena tidak sempat mengatakan hal hal yang seharusnya Anda katakan padanya Anda semakin marah karena telah menyia nyiakan begitu saja hari hari yang pernah Anda lalui bersamanya Apalagi Anda sadar bahwa suatu saat setiap orang akan menghadap Sang Pencipta bisa terjadi kapan saja tapi Anda selama ini selalu menunda mengatakan atau berbuat sesuatu hingga [...]

    سیده زهرا

    What a beautiful story But she wasn t around, and that s the thing when your parents die, you feel like instead of going into every fight with backup, you are going into every fight alone If this book doesn t make you want to hug your mom, then I honestly don t know what will Chick s story is so powerful because of how honestly it portrays a mother child relationship Most of us have felt anger, embarrassment, and disappointment because of our mothers, and while that s normal, we sometimes forget [...]

    Arif Zulkifli
    The feelsAll those feelsT.T

    Nazanin Moshiri

    Gak sengaja baca buku ini saat Eyang Kakung meninggal, sedih sih tapi lega.Mitch Albom selalu pintar dalam membuat satu kisah hidup seseorang menjadi satu buku yang syarat pelajaran hidup Buku ini bukan cerita hantu yang menyeramkan tetapi hantu Seorang Ibu yang sangat mencintai anaknya, saking cintanya dia menemui anaknya sekali lagi untuk menyelamatkan hidup anaknyahuhuhu.harukan.Bercerita mengenai Charley Chick Benetto dan Ibunya Pauline Posey Benetto Ayahnya yang tidak bertanggung jawab Len [...]

    Miss Ravi

    Menyia nyiakan waktu itu sungguh memalukan Kita selalu berpikir kita punya terlalu banyak waktu Hidup begitu berharga Aku tak memiliki seorang pun yang bisa membujukku keluar dari keputusasaan, dan itu sebuah kesalahan Kau perlu memiliki orang di dekatmu Kau perlu memberi mereka jalan masuk ke hatimu.Tapi selalu ada cerita di balik semuanya Bagaimana sebuah lukisan bisa tergantung di dinding Bagaimana sebuah luka membekas di wajahmu Kadang ceritanya sederhana, dan kadang keras dan menghancurkan [...]

    She put one hand on mine When someone is in your heart, they re never truly gone They can come back to you, even at unlikely times I loved this book

    Second chances are rare.Regrets are awful.

    • ✓ For One More Day í Mitch Albom
      289 Mitch Albom
    For One More Day