The Vampire Queen Best Download || [Jodie Pierce]

  • Title: The Vampire Queen
  • Author: Jodie Pierce
  • ISBN: 9781615723621
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Vampire Queen Best Download || [Jodie Pierce] - The Vampire Queen, The Vampire Queen A young woman awakes to find out not only is she an important Countess but she is also the very first or Ancient One as she is called by her subjects Her memories of being a vampire or anyone are gone
    Jodie Pierce
    Growing up, I wanted only a few things when I got older I wanted a great husband which I got and to be a published Author which I am both traditionally and self published After high school, my writing had been floundering for a direction A friend handed me The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice which I ve met and she was amazing and I ve never looked back See, I d had a love of a vampire since 7th grade when I saw the movie Lost Boys at a friends sleepover Loved them ever since Now, I write exclusively vampire stories and have even dabbled in vampire erotica and vampire crime set in my hometown I was an exchange student in Brazil in high school so many of my stories have a Brazilian influence In fact, I just wrote a book all about a friend in Brazil still fiction and even translated it into a Portuguese version since she doesn t speak English I m hoping to have it out before Christmas 2015 Please free to contact me as I love to hear from people and enjoy research if you have a problem you need help with I m pretty resourceful.


    Deborah Palumbo
    I was drawn in from the very first page wondering who this countess and her subjects were I had to turn the pages to find out what was going to be revealed The countess herself had no memories we learned them along with her She turned out to be a vampire, the Ancient One, and there were also evil vampires and you didn t always know for sure who they were trying to manipulate her because they had goals of their ownevil goals.She had a difficult time wondering just who she could trust, and for a t [...]

    Raven Reviewer
    A woman wakes up with amnesia and slowly discovers she s an ancient, powerful vampire The beginning opened strong with the mystery of who she is, who those around her are, and how she arrived where she is This book is full of witchcraft with magic and spells, vampires, voodoo, and supernatural powers.The story seemed mechanically ok The characters all had a purpose and the story flowed nicely Its short chapters and simple story telling made it seem like a chapter book However, with lesbian under [...]

    The Vampire Queen by Jodie Pierce is the first installment of The Vampire Queen Trilogy A must read for vampire fanatics who are looking for an interesting short story The book centers around Countess Paulina de Lourdes, a vampire who has been awaken from a deep slumber by the Count, her benefactor The Countess must learn who she is and who her allegiance lays with in a battle of good and evil Along this journey she learns why her allegiance is so important in the vampire world and why She finds [...]

    Brenda Seaberg
    I received this book from the author to write an honest review I decided to review this as a trilogy instead of individually, so this is my take on all 3 books.First let me say that I enjoyed the story line It was fun to follow, and the characters were easy enough to keep straight some books characters so closely resemble the others that they do not seem individual.As for the writing itself, in my opinion the first book, The Vampire Queen, seemed almost to be written as a teenager might write It [...]

    The Countess awaks to find herself with no memory of who she is, where everyone is telling her she is not only The Vampire Queen, but also the first vampire The Ancient One , yet the Count who is caring for and protecting her is slow to answer her questions.Overall, I did enjoy the book, but I found The Coutness s frustration at not knowing what is going on and the way she was told is was for her own protection and to keep her from being evil etc a tad annoying after a while And to be told that [...]

    Ann Snizek
    The Vampire Queen is a fast paced story of self discovery and intrigue Jodie Pierce has a unique look at the world of vampires and her writing keeps you reading in order to discover what happens next She keeps you guessing right until the end about who is good or evil Each character seems to have their own agenda and secrets.With one turn after another, the suspense of mounting secrets makes the reader have to know Who is telling the truth Who has to hide Who is manipulating whom And what real [...]

    I was given this series by the author for an honest review.I felt this was the start to an vampire series, it was short, butinteresting nonetheless and look forward to reading books by the author.

    I was disappointed in this book It sounded interesting but it read like a high school project The ideas seemed random and unplanned as the story went on.

    • The Vampire Queen Best Download || [Jodie Pierce]
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    The Vampire Queen