Unlimited Blaze - by Susan Johnson

  • Title: Blaze
  • Author: Susan Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780553299571
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback

  • Unlimited Blaze - by Susan Johnson - Blaze, Blaze The gold rush sparked a new American dream for those who staked their claims in the rich soil of undeveloped Indian territories To Blaze Braddock beautiful pampered daughter of a millionaire it was
    Susan Johnson
    And it all began rather serendipitously Long ago, as they say, in another time, when fast food hadn t reached our area and the only shopping was what the feed mill offered, I was reading a book that annoyed me My husband was lying beside me in bed, watching TV Turning to him, I sort of petulantly said, How the hell did this book get published If you think you re so smart, he replied, with one eye still on the TV, why don t you write a book So I did And very badly I ve since learned how to do, he said, she said, and a great variety of other adverb heavy, sometimes lengthy explanations of why my characters are saying what they re saying, along with finally coming to an understanding of what things like POV means Point of View for you non writers Although, I still don t fully comprehend why it matters if you switch POV and I cavalierly disregard it as much as possible So while my technical skills have hopefully improved, what hasn t changed is my great joy in writing There s as much pleasure today in listening to my characters talk while I type as fast as I can, as there was the first time I put dialogue to paper in long hand, then, in my leather bound sketch book.

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    SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    The Braddock Black series, book 1 of 5 Harvard educated, rich handsome playboy, Absarokee Indian chief, Jon Hazard Black fights for a legacy the heart of Blaze Braddock UK EDITION SERIES INFO REVIEWBraddock Black seriesBook 1Formats Kindle paperback in both US UKIntroducing the Braddock Black family saga, starting with its matriarch Jon Hazard Black an Absarokee Indian chief, Harvard educated attorney, rich and successful business man, land mine owner plus gorgeous and sexy playboy Hazard has ma [...]

    SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    The Braddock Black series, book 1 of 5 Harvard educated, rich handsome playboy, Absarokee Indian chief, Jon Hazard Black fights for a legacy the heart of Blaze Braddock US EDITION SERIES INFO REVIEWBraddock Black seriesBook 1Formats Kindle paperback in both US UKIntroducing the Braddock Black family saga, starting with its matriarch Jon Hazard Black an Absarokee Indian chief, Harvard educated attorney, rich and successful business man, land mine owner plus gorgeous and sexy playboy Hazard has ma [...]

    Duchess Nicole
    One of my all time favorite Native American Historicalsuly, a well researched and lovely nod to a little known tribe called the Absarokee This book highlights the later years of the struggle of these proud people after the Civil War When the realization that their way of life was nearly over, and a new one forced upon them by settlers It s easy to vilify white people in books like this but there is a sense of peace in this book, underneath the obvious angst and hardship The Absarokee and Lakota [...]

    3.5 stars After all these years of being a huge Susan Johnson fan, I finally read Blaze To tell you the truth, the reason why I didn t read this book before is because I was never really a big fan of the Native American Indian romance The storyline just never appealed to me I hate reading historical settings in which a set of ignorant people feel like they are superior to others because of the color of their skins I know it s never really the hero or heroine, but it still annoys.That s why I sta [...]

    It s really really boring The twists in the plot are really silly and too many The author just goes on and on about silly explanations which are just not required The characters are one dimensional I don t get Blaze s desirability, she s loud, irrational, overly possessive and irritatingly immature Hazard is just slightly better This style of writing falls under the old school of thought where the author is not happy till the lead pair goes through enormously difficult conditions and are always [...]

    Varied Books
    On sale for 1.99.

    Glad I had my knitting to hand as I could read a page then knit such a roller coaster of a tale that my heart leapt and sank by turns and I needed some distraction while the story made up its mind which way to jump At its most basic, it s a love story but it s also shot through with sadness as progress and its corruption threaten an older way of life There s murder and mayhem aplenty but also honour and courage offset the move violent parts The characters are all entirely credible and are well d [...]


    2013 Second time was just as good as the first I loved the characters Reading other reviews complain about how improbable the events in the story have reminded me that this is FICTION and everything does not have to be probable Entrancing and romantic, exciting and full of high adventure in the wilds of Montana, charming and sophisticated in the cultured upper stratosphere of the East Also fascinating historical tidbits Loved it.2012 A Books Free Swap find along with Book 2 Silver to complement [...]

    Oleta Blaylock
    While I love this book there are times I wish I could go through and get rid of the details Ms Johnson does her homework about the era and place she is writing about, going so far as to add footnotes to the story This story is set in the post Civil War West specifically the territory of Montana This is a story of one man s attempt to save his people from extinction Along the way he falls for a Boston debutante that is head strong and intelligent Blaze is than a match for Hazard Black There isn [...]

    Got to give this 4.5 stars It was really good and the characters were well developed Reading about Hazard and the Absarokee tribe was wonderful Hazard was an amazing character and showed so much grace and strength under pressure I loved how he dealt with situations Blaze also grew on me No doubt she was initially of a spoiled bored debutant but she grew into a woman who was much stronger and worthy The villains Yancy and Millicent were really quite evil and I despised them which made them good [...]

    Susan Johnson s Blaze is the start of the BRADDOCK BLACK Series and personally one of my all time favorites.Jon Hazzard Black is part Native American who loves his land Blaze Braddock wants the land, and there is where the story starts to get interesting Blaze has never met a arrogant man in her life, and Jon has never met a irriatating sexy woman in his.Between them the chemistry heats up to epic porportions and soon you are with them on an adventure that takes them from enemies to lovers Thi [...]

    There were parts of this book that were really good and then there were some that were so stupid and unbelievable that it made it hard to truly like the book as a whole What white man sends his virgin daughter into a cabin with an Indian to negotiate a business deal after the Indian has shot at them

    As most of her books, once you get past the extremely sensual sex scenes, there is a very good story.

    Although I find the cover a bit ridiculous, Blaze was a very pleasant surprise While there are some phrases throughout that make it obvious this romance is old, the story itself didn t feel too dated to me It s certainly not a bodice a ripper, and the heroine isn t some simpering maiden Blaze is actually quite feisty and is often the one initiating sex with our dashing hero, Hazard In fact, it s her attempted seduction of him that really gets their love story rolling.Blaze starts out with a bit [...]

    3.5 StarsWow This was epic in the way of a lot of those 1980s 90s romances It reminded me a bit of those books by Kathleen Woodiwiss Karen Robards Rosemary Rodgers except the alpha hero wasn t as mean It was looong but kept me entertained during the slow moments of a week long vacation.This romance featured a Native American hero and I usually avoid this historical sub genre for a couple of reasons While I can t say that this book was an exception to my rule, I did enjoy it than most.Things I l [...]

    If you can get through the first hundred pages of typical historical romance writing and verbose dialogue, I think you ll enjoy this book If you like your romance novels on the hot side, Blaze will not disappoint you The book is also enriched with various settings, from wealthy Boston society, to decadent gold mining towns, to an earthy village of a Plains Native American tribe I don t look for reality in romance novels, just a chance to be transported to another place and time.The only thing th [...]

    BLAZE VGJohnson, Susan StandaloneThe gold rush sparked a new American dream for those who staked their claims in the rich soil of undeveloped Indian territories To Blaze Braddock, beautiful, pampered daughter of a millionaire, it was a chance to flee stifling codes of Boston society But when Jon Hazard Black, a proud young Absarokee chief, challenged her father s land claim, Blaze was swept up in a storm of passions she had never before even imagined.Taken hostage by the Indian warrior, Blaze Br [...]

    Those who know me know I like historical romances, although this one is a little later in time than my usual favorites Still, it s in the U.S which was appealing, and in an area of the West I adore, so that was interesting The descriptions of the locations are insightful, and I learned something about a certain character in New York City whom I don t want to name so as not to spoil anything but the knowledge of this person and her familiarity to the rest of the community was very interesting

    I m giving up on this one I was extremely irritated at the beginning with Hazard having sex with every other married women I know he s suppose to be hot stuff but it got old fast Don t get me started with Blaze fooling around with him 2 seconds after she hears him making plans to sleep with another women Argh Then the story dragged for awhile and I started to skim I just couldn t see spending another 400 pages on a couple I m disgusted with Pass

    I am sorry to report this is my least favorite Susan Johnson book The characters are not developed well and there is no sex scenes to overcome that fact I do not like Blaze at all and Hazard is predictable he is not interesting Maybe the St John Duras series was all she had to offer

    Not believable at all It s 1 star for the factual notes found at the end of the book and within the story.

    Very slow begining If you can get past the first 50 100 pages it s a good read There is way too much history and not much story line in the begining.

    Judith Sherrod
    BlazeO read this book when it first appeared in paperback, fell in love with it and many other of Susan Johnson s works She has a very clear and easy style that puts the reader in the story as if said reader was there in the flesh Charming, well written and unforgettable.

    No Just no I didn t get past the first few chapters The hero and heroine were unlikeable.

    4.5 stars for this book

    Jane Stewart
    Parts were good, other parts not so good.I wished it would be over during the last half My major problems were with the methods the author used to separate the couple and create conflicts Much of the story was well written with good dialogue, but I was angry than I was pleased Sometimes I can enjoy a story even though I may not buy the plot or find too much illogic, but not in this case It was not enjoyable enough to recommend.Story Brief Jon is the son of an Indian chief in Montana His father [...]

    I loved this Absolutely loved it I have to admit though, that i wasn t so sure this was going to be the case Early on i was feeling the whole history lesson coming on and that is what i disliked about historical romances and what kept me away from them in the first place there was too much talk about the war and mining camps Thankfully, that didn t last long and it eventually did focus on the romance between Hazard Holy Hannah was he HOT and Blaze which was so great I don t know what it is about [...]

    I loved loved loved this books Not even sure which was better this or silver flames now I want Damn love it Jon hazard black Trey, like father like son You can t help but fall in love with them The fact that I didn t want to finish a book really surprises me I m usually in a rush to just finish the last 100 pages find a new book This is literally the second book I extended my reading days for I read this book for a third time it s still good.

    The oozing dirtiness of the 90s I didn t like it, but I like how these book are savage and just came out of the cave I get the picture, this is why I like them so much, but my dandelion flower is not a virgo any and I don t like to read about kids.

    • Unlimited Blaze - by Susan Johnson
      259 Susan Johnson