[PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Name of This Book Is Secret : by Pseudonymous Bosch Gilbert Ford

  • Title: The Name of This Book Is Secret
  • Author: Pseudonymous Bosch Gilbert Ford
  • ISBN: 9780316113663
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Name of This Book Is Secret : by Pseudonymous Bosch Gilbert Ford - The Name of This Book Is Secret, The Name of This Book Is Secret Warning this description has not been authorized by Pseudonymous Bosch As much as he d love to sing the praises of his book he is very vain he wouldn t want you to hear about his brave year old h
    Pseudonymous Bosch Gilbert Ford
    Pseudonymous Bosch is the infamously anonymous author of the New York Times bestselling Secret Series and the Bad Books Despite rumors to the contrary, his books are not actually written by his pet rabbit, Quiche the rabbit is merely his typist.

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    Emily Bower
    Xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx.Xxxx x xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx x xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xx Sorry It s a secret You ll just have to read the book

    I was disappointed by this book A lot of people compare this to A Series of Unfortunate Events, and although I haven t read those books yes, I know I should I ve read the first three of them now so I have a better understanding of how the books compare and I have also seen the movie and I appreciate its darker, twisted humor This book though, was annoying The story starts off in a promising way, but I wish I had heeded the author s advice and stopped reading He goes on and on about not reading t [...]

    Definitely one of the best books I ve read this year Reminded me of a cross between the Lemony Snickets and The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart At times it is annoying how blatant the Snicket influences are definitions of words are hinted at, and readers are sent to the dictionary to look up difficult words , but basically this book is just BETTER than any book in A Series of Unfortunate Events I felt like a great deal in those books was filler, and this book manages to be cle [...]

    M.J. Heiser
    QA ReviewWait Isn t this a kid s book Actually, it is It was written for kids aged 10 15.And aren t you almost 40 Yes And thanks so much for putting that out there.So what the devil are you doing reading a book that was written for someone a quarter of your age If you aren t careful, halfwit, I m going to punch you in the face sigh Okay, fine So tell me whatever long winded thing you dragged me in here to tell meAL ReviewSometimes, life gets a little rough Sometimes, as a grown up, you feel the [...]

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    I m sorry, I m not allowed to speak of it But one thing for sure LOVED IT

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    Book Whales
    Originally posted Book WhalesThis book caught my attention when I went to the Metro Manila International Book Fair last 2011 when I was still in the Philippines They were promoting it because I heard it was a really good series and it was also gonna release its last book And I decided to read the synopsis and did some background research upon it and then I fell in love with its concept Do you know Series of Unfortunate Events Its a 13 book series which will be in my all time favorite book Well t [...]

    this was the kind of book that whispered to you read me read me and when you did you loves it

    Summary When two eleven year old kids Cassandra, a self proclaimed survivalist, and Max Ernest, find a mysterious Symphony of Smells , they stumble upon the suspicious death of a magician, some evil alchemists, and the existence of the Secret of life It s My thoughts Note This review is for the whole series I LOVE THE SECRET SERIES The plot for each book is interesting and each one is different The characters are all believable, relatable, and have distinct personalities The Appendices at the en [...]

    3.5 StarsWhat an interesting little book It took me about 100 pages in to find any real enjoyment in this book, but at that point it became quite cute This text offers readers something different than the typical engagement with a straight forward narrative There are codes, mysteries, interactions with the narrator, and secrets.I am quite glad that I received this book from a student and found the time to read it myself It will become one of my top recommendations for my reluctant readers.

    You know what I don t like How you can have a great sort of pseudonym like Lemony Snicket or even Pseudonymous Bosch and all it takes to expose them is to type their name into Google Granted, apparently Mr Bosch was able to keep his pseudonym secret for three years before he was discovered and how he must have howled and eaten several pounds of dark chocolate when he was discovered , but still, I just don t like knowing Perhaps I am in a secret keeping mood thanks to this book Yes, this book is [...]

    Siddharth Chakravarthy
    My Review of this book is Secret Winks

    Jeanine Carstairs
    This book reminds me of A Series of Unfortunate Events maybe because of the writing I liked it, actually It s like having a friend tell you a story, or rather, a secret.The Name of this Book is Secret is about a girl named Cassandra who goes on a dangerous adventure with a boy named Max Earnest why he s called such has a funny background lol because of what they call the secret This book starts off filling you with curiosity due to the narrator holding back a lot of details, but that curiosity e [...]

    Serena.. Sery-ously?
    Il libro mi ha attratto per due motivi Il titolo strampalato cos come quelli dei suoi seguiti, uno pi bello dell altro che scatena la curiosit tipo scimmietta George che dentro di me Il nome dell autore, Bosch S , ok, ho un debole per tutto ci che mi ricorda Harry Bosch, Connelly annessi e connessi D Se qualcuno mi dicesse Ho letto un libro con un personaggio simile a Harry Bosch cosa che credo sia impossibile, ma dettagli , io lo leggerei subito senza se e senza ma DD Quando l ho trovato al pre [...]

    Great on for ever 1 11 111 1111 1

    This book is great Good for minds wanting to sort out even the toughest mysteries The Name of This Book is Secret is mysterious and definitely written from a different point of view I have never read such a mind bottling book and that is a good thing in this case I am also dying to read the sequel If Your Reading This it s Too Late I recommend this book to pretty much anyone who enjoys mysteries and has a good sense of humor.But I warn you it has an open ending so it seems a little confusing, bu [...]

    It is a beast book with all the details.

    Emily 4 stars Joanne 4 stars Kathryn 2.7 stars Lauren 4 stars Priya 4 stars Average 3.7 stars Emily This book was quirky and intriguing How bout that Joanne This book was too too fabu Kathryn Maybe I am too old for this book because it did not grab my attention I did enjoy Cass trail mix though.Lauren This book was weird, but somehow quite enjoyable Monkey blood Priya I would trade all my smoochies for this book.The name of this review is SECRET.Our club had mixed feelings about this book I gues [...]

    Ch_beth Rice
    I listened to the audio book of The Name of this Book is Secret The author is the mysterious Pseudonymous Bosch The whole premise of the story if that there is a big secret that the author does not even want to tell the readers about but can t resist As a result, the author gives the 2 main characters fake names on order to begin Cass and Max Ernest stumble upon a box of fragrances that lead them to a magician s mysterious death And through many adventures Cass and Max Ernest end up at a cult li [...]

    WARNING DO NOT READ BEYOND THIS PAGE Great start to a book, isn t it Very Lemony Snicket And that is why I picked it up, because I loved A Series of Unfortunate Events and wanted something similar Unfortunately, Pseudonymous Bosch is not exactly the second coming of Lemony Snicket, great name aside It isn t a terrible book, but it s lacking on so many levels that I just lost interest in it The premise of the book means that the author has purposely left out establishing characteristics of virtua [...]

    I really enjoyed reading this book by someone with the best pen name ever And it s about time someone wrote a great novel about synesthesia I thought it had elements of Lemony Snicket and Philip Pullman.Having said that, the stuff that bothered me, really bothered me Stop reading this review now if you want to avoid listening to a tirade I guess I m just in one of those moods There are some subtle and not so subtle political messages that irked me because I m morally conservative I realize that [...]

    I loved this book so much I had to reread it to start the second book, but I still felt all of the emotions as I did in the first time I read it I can t wait to start the second book right now.

    When I m not wandering the aisles of a bookstore, filling my arms with than I can carry, or sitting on the couch in my pajamas surfing library e book catalogs in search of the next fabulous read, I find book suggestions through the recommendations of fellow bookworms My latest find comes courtesy of my oldest niece, Kelsey When we were at the bookstore together the other day she suggested I borrow her copy of The Name of This Book is Secret What a great suggestion The Name of This Book Is Secre [...]

    Pseudonymous Bosch certainly knows how to keep readers glued to a book or to the series Written in a style that mekes it like listening to a story than reading one, the author doesn t give a single chance to the readers to get bored Moreover, the ending will leave one with no choice but to read the next book LOVED IT.Anyone who doesn t mind reading children s books once in a while, DO READ IT and those who do mind well I pity you guysyou have no idea what you are going to miss

    Nikita the bookworm
    I just found these midnight sun sensorium and spaoriafortuneproperty

    ocukluk a k m diyece im bu kitaba

    First as part of favorable disclosure I want to tell everyone that I have not read the Unfortunate Events series As a matter of fact I hadn t even heard of it till I opened this page to write this review As I understand the way this book is written which frankly is the most novel part of this book is inspired from that series But now I have already given this book 4 stars and I am not going to take anything away from it just because I am an ignorant fool So hereof I am going to write this review [...]

    Like Lemony Snicket s Series of Unfortunate Events, in The Name of This Book is Secret, the author addresses the reader while telling the adventures of Cass and Max Ernest as they try to solve the likely death of a magician and find a box with mysterious contents.The characters are off beat Max Ernest is a non stop talker and joke teller, small for his age, and a fan of riddles and word games Cass is a survivalist, wearing her backpack filled with equipment to mitigate any dire eventualities Cas [...]

    This book is about a big secret, yet you never get to know what the secret is I thought I d get that out of the way first The narrator does not want to give you many details of the characters and locations in the book, again, because it s a secret The narrator can t tell you plenty of things, but they sure go on and on about what they can t tell you I think the narrator is supposed to be amusing and endearing, but I think the novel would have been just fine without that particular gimmick In and [...]

    By the end of the Series of Unfortunate Events I had grown rather tired of Lemony Snicket constantly talking AT me, and warning me to read no further, and defining things in hilarious ways This book is much the same, and I know that kids who are fans of Lemony Snicket will just adore it, because it s very similar, with the exception of it being a much normal and therefore relatable setting Bosch s writing is very good, and the plot is quite clever, but after a while I just wanted him to get to [...]

    • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Name of This Book Is Secret : by Pseudonymous Bosch Gilbert Ford
      116 Pseudonymous Bosch Gilbert Ford
    The Name of This Book Is Secret