[PDF] Very Classy | by å Derek Blasberg

  • Title: Very Classy
  • Author: Derek Blasberg
  • ISBN: 9781595144386
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Very Classy | by å Derek Blasberg - Very Classy, Very Classy Derek Blasberg is back with brilliant commentary on what makes a lady truly classy With all the razor sharp insights of Classy plus new never before seen pages packed with Derek s signature wit and t
    Derek Blasberg
    An American fashion writer, editor and New York Times bestselling author He is the Editor at Large of Harper s Bazaar and Vmagazine and VMAN, publications for women and men, respectively Blasberg currently lives in New York City with a dachshund named Monster.Blasberg was born in St Louis, Missouri, the son of Carol and William Blasberg, and has a brother named Christopher.After graduating as salutatorian of Affton High School s class of 2000, he moved to New York City to attend New York University He graduated with honors in Dramatic Literature and Journalism in 2004 His first job was as an assistant at Vogue.Blasberg is currently the Editor at Large of Harper s Bazaar, where he profiles the likes of Lady Gaga, Tom Ford, and Daphne Guinness In addition, he is the editor at large of Vmagazine and VMAN, the women s and men s publications, respectively, of arts collective Visionaire He is also the founder of MrBlasberg, a website from the NowManifest and Fairchild media groups.In his career, Blasberg has contributed articles to a variety of publications, including numerous international editions of Vogue and Harper s Bazaar, W, Womens Wear Daily, WSJ the New York Times, Teen Vogue, the London Sunday Times, Elle, 10, and Another Magazine From 2006 to 2010, Blasberg was the Editor at Large of Style, where he wrote a column called The Blasblog From 2009 to 2012, he kept a column called Fast Louche for Interview magazine.In 2008, Blasberg edited Influence, a fashion and art tome conceived by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen He has since contributed texts and written forwards to several other books and literary projects in the fashion and art spheres He served as coauthor to several of the New York City editions of the Louis Vuitton Travel Guides.


    I m probably about ten years older than the intended audience for this humorous etiquette lifestyle advice book for young women fifteen years if I m brutally honest with myself , but I read it anyway in the interest of the advice for ladies genre It was really strange and at times it seriously felt like someone from 1955 traveled through time and wrote an advice book trying to come off as contemporary, but the mask keeps slipping and they can t disguise the fact that their mindset is totally 195 [...]

    Keira Jones
    I can honestly say that I ve enjoyed this book from the moment I opened it It adds spice and a new twist to the age old definition of classy It s easy to relate to because it was written in moderns times, but also emphasizes that class has no age not a quote from the book As a teen, it s a relief to have good standards to live by I really love being able to see how many famous people in history and present I have qualities in common with The mini surveys inside add some humor and fun to the alre [...]

    What a disappointment A book I had to force myself to finish only because I can t stand to not finish a book once I ve started it Very hard to take seriously because there were numerous errors in spelling, grammar, and paragraphs were doubled or used twice or even throughout the book It is as if nobody even read it before it was published and put on shelves to be sold Some parts were funny and insightful, but for the most part it was idiotic with not so subtle jabs at celebrities who the author [...]

    Maria Efting
    This book was great, but a little misleading I have to say I thought it was going to be a whole differnt book with all new advice, but turns out all it is is the original Classy with a few extra chapters Not really worth 18 dollars if you ask me Still funny and informative, though

    This book is great and not preachy at all.

    Amanda Bracken
    This book actually filled me with rage Hated it

    Bought this book in a thrift shop in Michigan Seriously thought this was parody when I picked it up Thought it would be a scathing assessment of the ideal woman expectation It wasn t Not only was it full of spelling and grammatical errors come on, you HAVE an editor , but it was about as deep as a puddle some highlights 1 What to wear at the airport Derek picks literally the most complicated outfit as the classy ideal Knee high boots Derek wants you to be the douche canoe who spends like an hour [...]

    Natalie Boath
    I liked this book in the form of Classy and have bought Classy but used it mainly to skim through, and this is basically an expanded version i.e with chapters on different topics I am not the sort of person who can finish a book if I find it boring However, I read Very Classy from beginning to end and plan to use the end sections again on artists, fictional characters, films, documentaries, plays, and poetry to know because I love to learn The quizzes were light relief from the information, and [...]

    You must pick up this book knowing that it instructs you on how to be Blasberg s definition of classy Yes, women can do and wear whatever they please in this day and age, but if you don t want to be told how to behave don t buy a book on etiquette.Blasberg is unashamedly vain and drops the names of his celebrity friends where ever he can While this is understandably annoying to some readers and to me sometimes , I felt that this made him realistic and relatable I mean, who wouldn t tell everyone [...]

    I m a big fan of Derek Blasberg Classy is one of my go to books to gift, so I was excited to see it s extended version, Very Classy I m not sure a second book was needed I didn t think there were enough differences to warrant a completely new book and I was also quite shocked at the number of errors typos in Very Classy I don t think Very Classy will replace Classy on my gift giving list, but for those looking to read it instead of Classy , go for it Ultimately, it still delivers the same and m [...]

    Funny and light Good content on the topic of becoming a respectable woman from someone who s been a fly on the wall of the fashion industry I especially appreciated the angle of having current relationships with people that may be like you that you might love our be very discontent with thus the change I find the often these lady books offer advice in a vacuum, and Derek just feels like an objective, friendly voice that understands.I ll probably check it out again to go through the book, artist, [...]

    So annoyed BN I bought the book Classy Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady and Very Classy Even More Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady because they were next to each other on a display table I read Classy a few months back and reviewed it I started Very Classy, and realized that it seemed very familiar, and then noticed on the cover that it was an Expanded edition to Classy Boo BN and boo to the publisher Razerbill for not calling it what it is a second edition.

    Carol Hungria
    N o s um guia de comportamento e estilo um livro escrito por um dos caras mais descolados do mundo da moda hoje em dia Leve, divertido, para rir, aprender e aconselhar amigos sem educa o Devorei E ainda ganhei uma edi o autografada pelo pr prio.harpersbazaar blog 2012

    Jennifer Jodziewicz
    A great tool for self evaluation We do things sometimes without even thinking what other people assume by our actions, dress, words, etc This is a great book to have around and give to those who may coming of age or need to.

    This book is a just an updated version of the previous book Classy This book includes a separate chapter for Health and Fitness and not to look like a tramp at the gym I skimmed it briefly, it is better to buy the first and look at this briefly

    Abigail Bekele
    i really enjoyed reading this book it had a lot of good information about how to act like a lady It was similar to the first one but this one was a lot better i would recommend this book to any girl who likes reading about fashion and the latests trends and what not to wear and what to wear.

    I loved this I really love Derek Blasberg s commentary on everything and I always enjoy name dropping.

    Alison P
    geared towards teen girls

    It s basically Classy with a few extra chapters I m glad I didn t buy it and just picked it up at the library but it s still very funny.

    Maheen EVHS Jawaid
    This book was very funny and it gave really good advice I kept reading it nonstop just like the first book The author doesn t preach but just gives really helpful tips.

    Kimberly Halverson
    Humorous with some good advice and helpful tips sprinkled in Although some of the book was try to hard bullshit Entertaining read.3.5 stars.

    Leah Spring
    I didn t realize that this was Classy with a few additional chapters It s a fun, simple read.

    Babs Wheelden
    Love Derek Blasberg Great witty writer with attention to aesthetics beyond most.

    • [PDF] Very Classy | by å Derek Blasberg
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    Very Classy