Free Read The Princess and the Pig - by Jonathan Emmett Poly Bernatene

  • Title: The Princess and the Pig
  • Author: Jonathan Emmett Poly Bernatene
  • ISBN: 9780802723345
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Free Read The Princess and the Pig - by Jonathan Emmett Poly Bernatene - The Princess and the Pig, The Princess and the Pig There s been a terrible mix up in the royal nursery Priscilla the princess has accidentally switched places with Pigmella the farmer s new piglet The kindly farmer and his wife believe it s the work
    Jonathan Emmett Poly Bernatene
    Jonathan Emmett was born in Leicestershire in 1965, the son of a factory fitter and a primary school teacher Jonathan loved books from an early age and some of his earliest memories are of visiting his local library The picture books that he borrowed then, including Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss and Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson have had a great influence on the picture books that he now writes It was while Jonathan was at college, studying architecture, that he first started developing his own illustrated texts, illustrating poems and lyrics that he d written Pleased with the results, he found himself spending and time on writing and illustration Although he qualified as an architect, he found the job unsatisfying and began pursuing a career in children s books in his spare time, eventually going full time in 1995, a few months before his thirtieth birthday As well as writing picture books such as Bringing Down the Moon, Someone Bigger, Pigs Might Fly and Ruby Flew Too, Jonathan also writes and paper engineers pop up books His books have won several awards including the Red House Children s Book Award Book for Younger Children for Pigs Might Fly and the Kiekeboekprijs for Bringing Down the Moon He now lives in Nottingham with his wife, Rachel, and children, Max and Laura You can visit Jonathan s website at scribblestreet


    The princess craze is a relatively new phenomenon I m sure that little girls have pretended to be princesses for as long as the occupation has existed, but the current concentrated capitalization on that desire has taken the obsession to a whole other level You can t enter a toy department these days without being bombarded with the idea that every little girl should wear pink, frilly, sparkly costumes and woe betide the child that might prefer a good unadorned set of overalls instead Naturally, [...]

    A clever idea that is a spin off of what happens all the time in books , fairytales, especially When pig and a princess accidentally trade places, the farmers who had the pig think that good fairies must have turned their piglet into a baby because they had been so good while the king and queen think an evil fairy must have changed their baby girl into a piglet because they had not invited her to the christening Various other fairytale cliches are covered in a fresh, funny light as the story unf [...]

    So what would happen if accidentally a princess switched places with a pig You would have a crazy adventure where each of the families blames a fairy for their new predicament If only the queen hadn t dropped her baby, squeamish over her dirty diaper and that baby hadn t fallen down over the balcony Lucky though, she lands in a farmer s cart which was loaded with straw Her hard fall causes the piglet who was laying in the cart to leap out of the cart and fly into the castle and land into the pri [...]

    The Princess and The Pig is not your typical princess book A poor farmer and his little piglet are passing by the castle one fateful day when a mishap causes the piglet to swap places with the new born princess The king and queen figure that they have been cursed for their daughter to have been turned into a pig and the farmer and his wife think that they must have been blessed to have the piglet turn into the child that they have always wanted The pig was raised as a princess and the princess w [...]

    Audience PrimaryGenre Picture ComedyPre Reading Strategy First linesScript I would introduce the book to the children I would read aloud the first sentence of the book Not that long ago, in a kingdom not far from here, a farmer was traveling home from the market with a cartload of straw Emmett, 2011.With this, I hope to get children thinking of different ways the story to go I would start off by asking questions like, Where is he going with a cartload of straw Is there anything else in that cart [...]

    Randie D. Camp, M.S.
    A baby princess, Priscilla, and a baby pig, Pigmella, accidentally switch places The royal family and the farmer s family are both convinced that the switch is work of magical fairies It s the sort of thing that happens all the time in books But will this book have a happy ending I absolutely loved this book Such a fun twist on the average fairy tale Bernatene s illustrations are bright, beautiful, and brilliantly detailed just the sort of thing you would expect from a great book.

    The story is hilarious, and the pictures are perfect The ending a bit, um, wrong At least, on the pig s part The kids might find it funny A good preschool read if they re a group that sits still fairly well as the book isn t too long, but might be for a preschool group A fun lap read, and definitely fine as a read alone School age would enjoy this, too It d be 4 stars if not for the very end 4 17 13 Beehive nominee Kids should enjoy.

    J. Boo
    I m rather jaded by fairy tale take offs, but this very short children s story, where an infant princess and a piglet switch places, is really a hoot Call outs to multiple fairy tales and classic stories The Prince and the Pauper, Sleeping Beauty, Thumbelina, etc all very well done.Update I read this to the kids 5 3 , and they were completely non plussed Too many of those call outs which I loved, perhaps Maybe this would work better for older children 4 5THEM 2 5

    Sarah BT
    One of my new favorite princess books Hilarious and fun cartoon style illustrations A princess and a pig switch places which ends up causing a lot of craziness I love how the characters keep referencing this is the sort of thing that happens in books it would be great for storytime Plus, it has an ending that would those that are anti princess proud.

    This was one of the funniest and cleverest books I ve read this year I love humorous takes on fairy tales, and the references to other famous fairy tales within this story was pure genius Thanks to Catherine for recommending it

    Michelle Nero
    Actually, this was cuter than I thought it was going to be I loved the references to other fairy tales, It s the sort of thing that happens all the time in books I just feel bad for the prince in the end No happily ever after here

    Shelia Clark Smith
    Cute, clever and giggle inducing It leaves a lot of room for readers to imagine about this story once it s over.

    A funny twist on traditional tales with a perfect ending.

    Susan Erhardt

    Karen Abbott
    This is a really cute book about an infant princess who inadvertently trades places with a piglet No one seems to suspect a thing, because things like that happen in books all the time, right Wicked fairies curse princesses and worthy farmer families find beautiful babies to raise and cherish It s in all the stories and everyone has a book to back them up Then one day the farmer overhears the story of the cursed princess piglet and realizes the truth Fortunately for all, the King and Queen refus [...]

    Angela Slonske
    Genre Traditional Literature.Although this is a fairly newer book, it is still considered to be a part of the Traditional Literature Genre I enjoyed how there were many hidden lessons in the book for example, putting yourself in someone else s shoes In this story, the baby Princess accidentally switched places with the baby pig The families treat them differently because they look differently I loved the artwork in this story It really helped bring it to life The bright colors were fun and invit [...]

    Emily Roberts
    It s the sort of thing that happens all the time in books This is the second Jonathan Emmett book I ve read, and I think he s becoming my new favorite children s author I m repeatedly blown away by the deep messages hidden in the repeated lines, and I absolutely love the hilarious twists he adds at the end I ve never expected them The illustrations also provide additional humor, which makes the books even lovable.

    Taylor Volker
    A baby princess and piglet get switched by accident The parents think that fairies switched their child The pig grows up in a wealthy, privileged family while the real princess grows up in a not so privileged home The story is not the typical prince princess that fall in love The pictures are beautiful and bold and girls will love this silly little story.

    Erica Gronowski
    This book is about a piglet and a newborn princess who are accidentally switched, the princess gets the better deal She grows up in a loving and accepting family while the piglet suffers under the airs and attitudes at the royal court.I gave this book a 2 out of 5 because it is not one of my favorite books.

    Jenn Swanson
    A princess and a pig end up switching places and the clueless royal family never figure it out While a little far fetched my daughter seemed to enjoy this ridiculous story The illustrations were amusing so that kept my interest.

    Miss Sarah
    A cute mix up story where a girl and a pig are exchanged but nobody thinks it s a mix up Each grows up as the other Whose the happiest Preschool and up for humor and length.

    Absolutely Hilarious I loved the references in the pictures to particular fairy tales Well done.

    Charming illustrations with plenty to look at, an engaging story that little ones can follow, and prose that doesn t make me grind my teeth What else do you need

    A princess and a pig get swapped as babies and are raised by their new families It s the stuff that happens in book all the time.

    I really enjoyed this book and thought that it was very cute and think kids would really enjoy it.

    Amie Doughty
    Very entertaining metafictive story.

    Adorable My five year old loves it

    Amy Lafleur
    A princess and pig switch places Emmett creatively uses parts of fairy tales and makes a new one in this creative princess story.

    Melissa O'Neill
    Categories Genres for this class fulfilled by this bookFiction Picture BookEstimate of age level of interestK 3Estimate of reading level4.2Brief descriptionAccidentally swapped, a pig Pigmella, and a princess Priscilla, now find themselves living the other s life The princess is now the farmer s daughter and the pig is now the royal princess Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book In a well designed book in which the total format re [...]

    What a wonderful tale which should evoke mixed emotions in the children I would definitely put this one in the book corner for year 1 and 2 children It relates a story of a poor farmer with his piglet Pigmella, sitting in cart on the straw resting in the courtyard of a castle Above in the castle the queen was holding her new baby princess Priscilla who was cared for by her nannies As the princess pooed in her nappies the queen repelled by the smell quickly dropped the princess in search of a nan [...]

    • Free Read The Princess and the Pig - by Jonathan Emmett Poly Bernatene
      111 Jonathan Emmett Poly Bernatene
    The Princess and the Pig