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  • Title: A Raindrop's Journey
  • Author: Suzanne Slade Holli Conger
  • ISBN: 9781404862661
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Where did that raindrop come from And where is it going next A raindrop s journey is filled with thrills, spills, and chills Pack your bags, and get ready to follow it
    Suzanne Slade Holli Conger
    Award winning author of than 100 books for chlldren


    Kaitlyn Cantrell
    Summary: This book was a story about the life of a raindrop. It goes through all of its phases and teaches the water cycle.Evaluation: I thought this was a great book for kids to learn from. I liked that even though it was animated, it still was able to teach kids something important.Teaching Idea: I used this book in our text set. I thought it was a good reference for students to use in learning the water cycle.

    Caitlin Wilson
    review: This book talks about the rain cycle here on the planet. It gives a personification to a rain drop which makes the rain cycle seem more personablee: Teach children the rain cycle.

    This was a fun and informative book about the water cycle from a raindrop's perspective. Text in different fonts gives information with different degrees of complexity, so you can choose the bits to read to your particular child, if they are at the younger end of K-2. I was shocked to read that the average person in the U.S. uses 100 gallons (379 liters) of water per day, which seems very wasteful to me. (My household's average is 70l per person per day.) The fact that I found most interesting w [...]

    I would use this text for a read aloud in K-2 when exploring the water cycle. This text has great illustrations and diagrams. It also makes personal connections through water. Great use of vocabulary throughout.

    My little one found this one a bit difficult to understand.

    A book about raindrops and their journey from clouds to snowflakes.

    Great mix of technical information and fun!

    Kailey Pitts
    This story A Raindrop's Journey follows the cycle of rain and storms. It is a very informational book about storms and how they are created. This is a wonderful book for a science lesson for young readers who may not know the cycle of a storm.

    Samantha Vittori
    This is a book that talks all about raindrops and the water cycle. It follows one little raindrop in particular and his journey through the water cycle.This book would be a great one to read during a water cycle unit. It is geared more towards littles as it uses easier words and language.

    Anna Youssef
    This book follows a raindrop's journey far up in the clouds, to the ground of our nation. There are many adventures in this book that will have students get chills, maybe spill, and be thrilled that they read this book. With beautiful illustrations, rhyming words, and similes, students will understand the works of weather and language in a heartbeat.

    • [PDF] Download ↠ A Raindrop's Journey | by ↠ Suzanne Slade Holli Conger
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