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  • Title: Briefs Encountered
  • Author: Julian Clary
  • ISBN: 9780091938833
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Whoever said the afterlife would be easy No l Coward is the toast of twenties societya brilliant playwright, composer and entertainer whose witty songs and pithy lines don t quite tell the full story Goldenhurst, his house in Kent, provides a place where he can be himself And importantly where he can be with his lover, Jack, without fear of arrest or judgemenWhoever said the afterlife would be easyNo l Coward is the toast of twenties societya brilliant playwright, composer and entertainer whose witty songs and pithy lines don t quite tell the full story Goldenhurst, his house in Kent, provides a place where he can be himself And importantly where he can be with his lover, Jack, without fear of arrest or judgementBut their romantic idyll is ruined, first by the arrival of Noel s demanding relatives and then by a mysterious deathMany years later, film star and Coward fan Richard Stent buys the house from its current owner But Richard has problems of his own Goldenhurst is supposed to be a respite from all his worries but this is a house with a very rich and not always pleasant history And than one thing is about to go bump in the nightA haunting tale of love, obsession and a house full of spirits, not all of them blithe
    Julian Clary
    Julian Clary is an English comedian and novelist Clary began appearing on television in the mid 1980s and became known for his deliberately stereotypical camp style Since then he has also acted in films, television and stage productions, and was the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 10 in 2012.Clary has released two large format comedy books My Life With Fanny The Wonder Dog 1989 and How To Be A Man 1992.Between 2005 and 2008, Clary wrote a fortnightly column for the New Statesman magazine He has also published an autobiography, A Young Man s Passage, which covers his life and career up to the 1993 Norman Lamont incident at the British Comedy Awards In 2007, Clary released his first novel, Murder Most Fab, published by Ebury Press His second novel, Devil in Disguise, was published in 2009 His first book for children, The Bolds, was published by Andersen Press in 2015 Adapted from.


    Martin Belcher
    Briefs Encountered is another wonderfully wicked and camp novel by Julian Clary. The story revolves around Goldenhurst, a big house in the Kent countryside owned by both Noel Coward and his long term partner, Jack and then set in in the present where the house is owned by film star and Noel Coward fan, Richard Stent and his partner Fran.The novel is set in two time periods the 1920's to 1950's and the present day but indelibly linked by strange goings on and hauntings at Goldenhurst. Julian mana [...]

    Oh dear. I was actually quite looking forward to this. It's clear what Clary is aiming for,a humorous homage to Coward and his like. However, this ends up far more like a Carry On "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" film than a clever, wry look at society. It's not all bad. There were moments that were amusing, but all in all this just didn't work for me.

    Sid Nuncius
    I enjoyed this book. Julian Clary writes very well and has created an involving novel. It wasn't quite what I expected - given the title and his persona as an ultra-camp purveyor of double entendres I thought it would be a smut-filled comedy. While he doesn't shrink from occasional smut and there are certainly some very funny lines, this is actually a novel about love, trust and betrayal which is touching, thoughtful and quite scary in places.The story is based around a house in Kent and cuts be [...]

    Lesley McCullough
    Enjoyable little romp around a cottage in England, with two main protagonists, Noel (Coward) and Richard. It was easy enough to imagine Noel’s voice and mannerisms in my head when reading his sections of the story but It took a little while to get Julian Clary’s voice out of my head when reading Richard’s sections, not helped by Julian’s name on every other page. Once I had a well known 50ish Gay (but not camp) Holywood actor in my head I was able to push Julian aside. That being said I [...]

    Fab-u-lous. This is the best of Mr Clary's novels by far. He cleverly weaves the tales of occupiers past and present of Goldenhurst Manor, in the past, the great wit,playwright and actor Noel Coward and his hidden lover Jack and in the present actor and Hollywood sell out Richard Stent and his openly live in lover (who's constantly working away).Richard buys the house from the awful Julian Clary after becoming obsessed with Coward, whilst playing him, but doesn't bargain for the fact the Mr Cowa [...]

    Read On!
    NO SPOILERS!Iv'e always liked Julian Clary. Growing up watching him on TV, with his make-up, saucy yet harmless innuendos (apart from the infamous Norman Lamont comment which basically finished his career), I'd always found him amusing. Yet to my surprise, when this book was recommended to me by a friend, I had no idea he'd been writing novels! So I decided give him a try.The story centre's around two gay couples and a large 16th century house they at one point both couples have lived in.Couple [...]

    A wonderful, whimsical romp through just about every literary genre possible. Made a horrible few days so much better, and I look forward to reading or, even better, listening to more especially if read by the inimitable author!

    Lots of plot twists. Very funny.

    Maya Panika
    I adored Julian Clary’s last novel, the deliciously bitchy Devil in Disguise, so was very excited to get my hands on his new offering and wasn’t in the least disappointed; this is, if anything, even better than his last.Set simultaneously in the present day and the 1930s, Briefs Encountered parallels the real-life story of Noel Coward’s doomed love affair with the love of his life, Jack Wilson - and a fictional tale, of successful actor Richard Stent and his lover, Fran. Fran’s acting ca [...]

    I read an article about this book a while back in the Mail and knew I just had to read it. It really has lived up to my expectations and in fact exceeded them. It is a great read! The twists and turns will make the hairs on your neck stand on end! It takes you to places you never would have imagined it would go - past, present and even the future.The premise of the story is actually loosely based on reality. You meet Richard Stent who is a rich and famous actor known for amongst other things his [...]

    Sometimes I buy a book purely based on the cover. It doesn't happen very often but some covers just scream: 'Pick me! I'm so beautiful!'.Still it happens often enough that it is not that unusual for me.But to be repulsed with a cover that happens almost never. To see it and think: 'Yeah, no.'This was one of those covers. To me it was so obviously meant for the female audience. Like all those covers a few years back on the books of the 'chicklit' genre. I was so glad to see those gone. So my repu [...]

    Louise Graham
    I’ve never read any of the previous books written by Julian Clary and so I turned to the first page with open eyes.This is story is written about two Gay actors in two-time periods. Set in the present day you meet Richard Stent as he purchases a run down house that is on the market by no other than Julian Clary! The other part of the story starts the 1920′s when Noel Coward buys the very same house. Richard is so fascinated with Noel that he puts up with the strange goings on in the house ju [...]

    Tim Roast
    This book was written by comedian Julian Clary, but if you're thinking it's a laugh-all-the-way-through type of novel then you'd be sadly mistaken. This is a serious novel about a house with a history (hence ghosts).For me it was a novel of two halves: the first being a plodding affair mainly concerning relationships, mainly man-on-man, but the second, following a death or two, got interesting with an element of foreboding to it all.Throughout the story is told in two different eras, the 1920s-1 [...]

    I have read one other Julian Clary novel and I absolutely loved it but I did not enjoy this book as much. For the first two thirds of the book pretty much nothing happens. The writing is good and the characters are well crafted and effective but there just is not enough plot to sustain for most of the book. I also do not like it when an author inserts themselves into the story and especially not when they use it to assassinate their own character in a thinly veiled ‘I’m self aware and can po [...]

    I was really surprised by this book, knowing Mr Clarys persona i was really expecting a smut filled book, but i was wrong.Its based around Richard Stent (present day) and Noel Coward (obviously not current day!) and their lives in 'their' house in Kent.It dabbles with the spirit world but in a very subtle way. Mental illness is also dealt with, in a sensitive manor.I loved the way Richards and Noels lives were very similar and how the house reacted to their lovers.There is a bit of bedroom actio [...]

    Gave up on it after about 25% into the book. The characters are uninteresting - they all seem like some sort of cardboard image of what people think these people are or were like. I thought Clary's writing himself as a character wasn't at all funny, and ruined the whole "suspension of disbelief" thing for me. Nothing much happens, and the descriptions of the house and its defects begin to tire after a while. Also, *spoiler alert*, it was pretty obvious that ghosts are going to come into the stor [...]

    Chris Walker
    There are several laugh out loud moments in this book, although clearly not aimed at a middle aged woman in her late 50s. I perhaps learnt a tad too much about the sexual proclivities of the homosexual male but thoroughly enjoyed the story nonetheless. My copy of the book was read by Julian himself and I do think he did a splendid job of Noel Coward's voice and the other characters. I was there, Darling. I was simply there. I loved how he weaved his own character into the story and was not afrai [...]

    Richard lives in the country house formerly owned by Noel Coward and later by Julian Clary (who takes a cameo role in his own book), as well as a few ghosts, and the story shifts between the 1950s and the present day. The story follows the relationship between Noel Coward and Jack Wilson, and between Richard and his partner Fran.This is an enjoyable and well written novel by Julian Clary, who shows that there is more to him than his camp comedian stage persona. I had not read any of his books be [...]

    Lisa Bennett
    Did not enjoy this book. Nothing like his previous 2 books, which were really enjoyable. This one was very boring. It flipped from one story to the next each chapter, didn't flow very well, and was very uninteresting indeed. No wonder so many celebrities have raved about it, the only reason why they have is because they're in it! And casting himself as a character in the book was blatantly egotistical. I thought it was funny when he was mentioned in Devil in Disguise, but that was a fleeting men [...]

    Robert Greenfield
    Julian Clary has really come into his own as one hell of an author with Briefs Encountered. Utterly mesmeric, brilliantly written and a hugely entertaining page-turner. I love the way he has got into Noel Coward's mind echoing the life of Richard Stent a fictional fading film star who has bought Goldenhurst (Coward's former house, which Julian Clary now lives in).This book has it all: sex, scandal, ghosts, murder, and tremendous wit.Va va vroom. There are so many twist and turns delivered to sho [...]

    A wicked, witty read. Julian Clary's "voice" echoes throughout. It was especially gleeful to discover the author himself included in a not very flattering role.Apart from all the fun and laughs, this is a well constructed book with 2 igneous (oops! Ingenious), interwoven plots and strong characters. So clever to include Coward and various members of his set, plus Julian's own gorgeous Elizabethan pile.The ghostly presence of Fanny the Wonder Dog would have been even more fun.More please.

    Leah Cripps
    Two stories running parallel about Noel Coward's life in the 1920's and a fictional film star and Coward fan Richard Stent in the present day living at a large and haunted estate called Goldenhurst in Kent.This was very enjoyable and easy read, silly and camp and it felt like it was written by a true english lady Julian Clary. Clary has always made me laugh out loud as a stand up Comedian and he is just as witty and sarcastic as an author.

    Hilarious and heartwarming all at once. I love the way the Noel Coward's past life and the fictitious Richard Stent's current life in the country house are intertwined and alternated. The story has some great twists and the ghostly goings-on kept me wrapped up in it from start to finish. Wonderfully done - the little touches with the author popping into the story were also very amusing. Thanks, Julian!

    Julie Pw
    Was looking for something a little different to read on holiday and yes it was the name that drew me, hadn't read any of this others. Pleasantly surprised. So easy to slip between to the 2 time periods and imagine the two old gays romping around with their own little gaggle of chums. All centred around an old house which Richard (present day) falls in love with, unbeknown to him so had Noel (past), only Noel hadn't yet completely left the house. Funny little quirks & developments.

    Utterly enrapturing tragicomedy that I knew I'd love before I'd bought it. As a loyal Julian Clary and Noël Coward fan, this book already seemed the perfect endeavour for me. And from the first page, it proved that it was. Clary is just as filthy, witty and delightful in print as he is on stage. On finishing, I was left with an enormous grin on my face - not because the book had finally come to an end, of course, but because of the uplifting and hilarious conclusion. Just utter brilliance.

    Suzy Wilson
    Sigh. I was actually quite looking forward to this one - I find Julian Clary hilarious, ordinarily. It's clear Mr Clary was aiming for a light, humorous homage to Coward and his coterie. However, the end result was less a clever, wry slice of societal musings, and more a thinly drawn melange of papier-mâché characters and leaden wit. It's not all hideous. There were amusing moments, but overall this just didn't work for me. I just couldn't feel it!

    Michelle Fletcher
    Fantastic read, second Julian Clary booked I have read and it did not disappoint. made me laugh, scared me and made me want to cry. Brilliantly written, using a mix of real and fictional characters, with past and present entwined, really draws you into the story. Loved it! Can't wait for more from Mr Clary, I thank you.

    This was a good book. Julian Clary read it himself and I listened to it as an audio book.The scene setting is a bit slow but Julian brings it to life. He has himself as a character which is brilliant.I don't like ghost stories but this is compelling and you want to know what happens. I don't like the ending but I guess it was the way it should be.I will read more from Julian.

    Nicky Foster
    A really enjoyable read. A book written by a celebrity is often spoilt because their voice comes through as the main character. Julian Clarey has got round this by giving himself a small walk on part. It's a story of relationships and secrets, it's quite amusing and kept me interested right to the end.

    Lesley Hughes
    Not a book I would have chosen myselfch as I enjoy JC's acerbic wit. It was a present and the title, puntastic as it is, did not bode wellor so I thought.This is a ghost story with a twista well-written, absorbing, naughty, funny page-turner with an shocking punch to the solar plexus towards the end. I loved it.

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