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  • Title: The Policeman's Balls
  • Author: Mia Watts
  • ISBN: 9781607354079
  • Page: 447
  • Format: ebook

  • Brian McCray can t believe his bad luck in getting caught by the police for breaking into his own home until he sees the cop in question Now all he wants to do is catch the sexy protector of the peace and give him some piece of ass.Officer Joshua Severn has to admit that Brian is attention grabbing Brian s also going to rack up a lot of tickets if he doesn t stop inventiBrian McCray can t believe his bad luck in getting caught by the police for breaking into his own home until he sees the cop in question Now all he wants to do is catch the sexy protector of the peace and give him some piece of ass.Officer Joshua Severn has to admit that Brian is attention grabbing Brian s also going to rack up a lot of tickets if he doesn t stop inventing reasons to see Josh Then one night a kiss sparks something Josh wants to explore, unfortunately so does Internal Affairs when it s caught on cruiser cam.What began as a little play has turned into something loaded, and Officer Severn is than prepared to fire his weapon.ELEMENTS Male Male Erotic Romance with Strong Sexual Content, Graphic Language, and Explicit Descriptions of Intimacy including Anal Sex Warning This title contains elements of BDSM, including bondage and submission.
    Mia Watts
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    BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions
    First I want to say this one was much better editing wise than a lot of other new releases Mia has had lately. That was great and overall the story didn't feel rushed like her last few books felt to me. This was a cute story and made me laugh a lot. I loved it and loved everything Brian did to try and get Mr. Policeman's attention, after all he wasn't stalking him he was giving him ample opportunity to ask him out

    This is the funniest, cuties book I ever read from this author.Just adorable, Highly recommended!!!

    This short was pretty quick and fun and I was enjoying it for the most part. Brian McCray is busted by Officer Joshua Severn when he is trying to break into his own house. I thought their meeting was great and the antics that Brian came up with to meet Officer Severn again were humorous. I think I lost a little interest when (view spoiler)[Josh and Brian have sex in front of the police car video and Josh gets busted by IA. (hide spoiler)] I just think that it got a bit unrealistic at that point [...]

    Almost Every single page had me clutching my sides laughing. I cheered for Brian and fell in love with Josh as well. There is zero to minimal angst in this story and I recommend this to anyone who wants a good laugh, fast paced romance , and HEA. Brian's antics were just hilarious! My favorite Mia watts book hands down.

    I loved this! Adorable, sweet and funny novella about Brian and Josh. Josh is a policeman who Brian is very attracted to. The fun ensues as Brian engineers some ways of attracting the sexy police officer's attention. Really cute novella about a couple coming together with some very funny antics and comments.

    Heather C
    This was definitely my favorite story of this series so far. These guys were so adorable!!!  It was funny and sweet and HOT and the little old lady next door was cute, too. Brian and Josh were HOT!!!

    Really enjoyed this book.It has some of the funniest one lines I have ever read.This book is perfect when you have a spare hour and need a fun happy read

    Trisha Harrington
    This was one of the funniest in the series. I was splitting my sides laughing a few times.

    This review can be found at Brief Encounters Reviews.This is a cute little short that had some rather biggish holes for me, but it was still an enjoyable way to spend some time as I enjoy the author’s voice and the touches of humour. Brian first runs across Josh when his elderly next door neighbour calls the police believing Brian is trying to break into his house, although he lost his keys. He’s instantly smitten and starts to figure out how he could meet Josh again. After stalking, um trac [...]

    The Policeman’s Balls is the third book in the Handcuff and Lace series by Mia Watts and by far the funniest.Brian McCray is almost arrested for breaking into his own house – his elderly neighbor called the cops on him – and while the situation is embarrassing it causes him to meet the man of his dreams, Officer Joshua Severn. Problem is Joshua doesn’t seem to notice Brian is alive. Solution? Get the cute cop’s attention by any means necessary.As with any Mia Watts book, the dialog is [...]

    This one is a toss up hit or miss Mia Watts book for me. I absolutely hated that the two MCs had sex in a marked squad while MC Josh was on duty. And they got caught SO not my kink. But the rest of the book was good. So, on the fence here as far as a recommendation.

    This was great!! I didn't think I was gonna be able to stop laughing for the first 30% of the book, which was awesome. I like to have nice serious moments, but to have that much comedy in a story is just icing on the cake.

    Rachel Emily
    I think this might be my favorite thing I have read from this author! The characters were great, the writing and dialogue especially was witty and very funny in parts, and I really liked the story. I really enjoyed this very much!

    This is gonna be one of my favourite series!!! loved it!!

    4.5 stars

    Read back in 2012 and re-read lots of times since.A Hot 🔥🔥🔥short story with love and a little drama. Ooh a little cupid playing match maker helps too. After a night out at the movies Brian comes home to find him has locked himself out and trys to get back in. His elderly neighbour calls the police calling in a burglary.Officer Severn arrived and they tottally have a moment together. Brian wants to know him. Brian goes to drastic measures to get Josh's attention even speeding.

    I re-read this thing just yesterday and had to come back to upgrade it to 4 stars.I just love, love, love this book so much. It's fluffy and sweet without being sickening and pink and glittery. It has a sense of humor so brilliant it made me laugh out loud. I love the guys so much I want to minimize them and keep them in my pocket and put them on my desk and stare at them and make dreamy eyes at them in my free time.Shit, that sounded creepy, didn't it?Well, I FEEL like gushing, even though my N [...]

    Tyra Berger
    This is one of those books that at 60 pages reads much longer. Ms. Watts is very good at giving you a lot of information in a short time and bringing her character's to life in a very real way. It didn't take me long to fall in love with Brian and Josh, their courtship was funny and hot and brought a smile to my face as I was reading it. The story comes together quickly but doesn't feel rushed. Every time Brian came up with a different plan to get Josh’s attention I could just picture all the [...]

    I really enjoyed this story. I can't tell you what the characters look like or any of those annoying details like character history or growth but I can tell you it's a really fun, quick love story. Officer Severn is a simply drawn character. He is a police officer, he is gay, he isn't in the closet but he also isn't out at work and he wants to be in love. Brian is a gay man who isn't actively looking for love. Their lives collide and they are immediately attracted. They do something stupid (I wo [...]

    Sixteen again!Mia Watts is supposed to write funny, light and entertaining fluff, so decided to try it out, especially when the book theme suited me perfectly. Indeed, light it is. The characters are all of the age of sixteen, including the old, almost dead neighbour.Seriously, the first part of the book is alright if you are looking for some really light entertaining fluff, but the latter part of the book is an endless line of rerun clichés. Absolutely nothing new.The characters are unbeliveab [...]

    Some parts of this story were absolutely hilarious! Brian is such a cute spazz, you have to love him! What I didn't like (view spoiler)[is the on-duty, side-of-the-road sex. As I read it, I kept thinking how stupid can this guy be. I knew something was going to happen because of it. Though, what happened wasn't realistic. There's too many news headlines with how cops abuse their authority for an act like this to go unpunished. And yeah, I know, it's just a story. But when reading that part makes [...]

    There's more in the blurb than the actual story. In fact, I'd say it was misleading as I was expecting a bit of tension as a result of the mention of IA. But nada. The first part of the blurb already gives you the entire story - boy meets cop; boy is obsessed and behaves like a stalker (his words, not mine); boy kisses cop, cop kisses back. HEA.I hope there will be more stories - and meatier ones - because I'd hate for it to end on such a weak note.

    2.5 starsBrian and his attempts to attract Officer Severn's attention were cute, but I just couldn't get past the sex while on duty (and on camera and sound recorder). That was beyond stupid and it set the tone of the entire story for me. Also, we've read the similar stories dozens of times, so the final impression was - meh.

    Jilrene ♥
    Exactly what I wanted. An easy, short read. Needed a little break from heavy reads. This book is a little unusual for this loosely related series (at least one MC is a cop in each book), because there is a bit more drama with Josh's work.

    3.5 Great MC's. Brian's cute as can be, but I like that he can get unexpectedly assertive when sex is involved. Josh makes a great partner for him. Just a really good fit. My only problem is that is too short. I really wanted to see more of their lives once they were together.

    Debbie Benson
    Josh responds to a possible burglary call to find Brian trying to break into his own house. Brian tries to show his interest in Josh in silly ways before finally admitting it. His interest is returned and they wind up together despite some unforeseen hiccups.

    Bergur Arnar
    This was much better than the other books ^.^ It was still really unrealistic but it was well-written.The old lady was cute, but extremely unoriginal. If was giving this book steamy stars, then 4.8 stars *fans self* It was hawwwt. However, as a book? 2.5 stars.

    Very sweet and hot story.


    Dee Wy
    3.5 stars. This was very sweet and the humor delightful. Really enjoyed this simple story.

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