Voyage From Yesteryear Best Read || [James P. Hogan]

  • Title: Voyage From Yesteryear
  • Author: James P. Hogan
  • ISBN: 9780345294722
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Voyage From Yesteryear Best Read || [James P. Hogan] - Voyage From Yesteryear, Voyage From Yesteryear As nuclear war looms a probe has discovered an Earthlike planet waiting with open biosphere and the Americans launch a crash project to colonize Chiron Science can t yet transport living humans betwe
    James P. Hogan
    James Patrick Hogan was a British science fiction author.Hogan was was raised in the Portobello Road area on the west side of London After leaving school at the age of sixteen, he worked various odd jobs until, after receiving a scholarship, he began a five year program at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough covering the practical and theoretical sides of electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering He first married at the age of twenty, and he has had three other subsequent marriages and fathered six children.Hogan worked as a design engineer for several companies and eventually moved into sales in the 1960s, travelling around Europe as a sales engineer for Honeywell In the 1970s he joined the Digital Equipment Corporation s Laboratory Data Processing Group and in 1977 moved to Boston, Massachusetts to run its sales training program He published his first novel, Inherit the Stars, in the same year to win an office bet He quit DEC in 1979 and began writing full time, moving to Orlando, Florida, for a year where he met his third wife Jackie They then moved to Sonora, California.Hogan s style of science fiction is usually hard science fiction In his earlier works he conveyed a sense of what science and scientists were about His philosophical view on how science should be done comes through in many of his novels theories should be formulated based on empirical research, not the other way around If a theory does not match the facts, it is theory that should be discarded, not the facts This is very evident in the Giants series, which begins with the discovery of a 50,000 year old human body on the Moon This discovery leads to a series of investigations, and as facts are discovered, theories on how the astronaut s body arrived on the Moon 50,000 years ago are elaborated, discarded, and replaced.Hogan s fiction also reflects anti authoritarian social views Many of his novels have strong anarchist or libertarian themes, often promoting the idea that new technological advances render certain social conventions obsolete For example, the effectively limitless availability of energy that would result from the development of controlled nuclear fusion would make it unnecessary to limit access to energy resources In essence, energy would become free This melding of scientific and social speculation is clearly present in the novel Voyage from Yesteryear strongly influenced by Eric Frank Russell s famous story And Then There Were None , which describes the contact between a high tech anarchist society on a planet in the Alpha Centauri system, with a starship sent from Earth by a dictatorial government The story uses many elements of civil disobedience.James Hogan died unexpectedly from a heart attack at his home in Ireland.


    Brandon Neill
    This story is based on the idea of what if you could completely disconnect a generation of humans, if they could grow up without our prejudices, without our mythology, but with our scientific knowledge The book begins as a group of humans from earth are about to end a voyage arriving at a planet that was populated by humans that were born after they arrived, and had no connection with earth or an older generation While the travelers viewed them as children, they rapidly discovered they had a lot [...]

    It s not common for me to be reading a science fiction book mid way, stop all of a sudden and then wonder Why is this guy writing science fiction at all He writes too good for him to be in this genre That for me was one of the most shocking things about Voyage from Yesteryear How careful and neat the writing, descriptions and prose was Hogan surprised me with his way to explain the simple gestures that people do as they interact, the way in which people s inner thoughts twist and bend under the [...]

    This book is one of my all time favorites I actually read it first when I was about 12 years old I found it, dogeared and in rough shape, in the bottom of a box in an old run down used bookstore It was the image of the ship on the cover that intrigued me and sparked my imagination, but what occurred next I couldn t have foreseen This is the novel that sparked my love affair with Science Fiction and the Speculative Fiction genre as a whole.You can read the back of the book for a description of wh [...]

    Loved the book, the ideology, and the writing I like Hogan I would like to see a society such as the one described here, and certainly like to live in one I also believe that it is a realistic future to hope for.

    Susan Etheridge
    Excellent Utopian fiction, but with elements of hard sci fi and action mixed in A real page turner, and one I would enjoy re reading at some point Chiron is one kind of utopia I imagine I would actually like to live in I would highly recommend this book.

    Excellent primer for the establishment and sustaining of a Libertarian society And a good book on top of that.

    I remember this as a great science fiction novel.

    طارق (Tarek)
    I won t summarize the book Instead, I ll just discuss its merits and flaws The book begins very well The premise is intriguing, the start is compelling and believable and draws you right in The scene that sets our warring world some time in the future works well, and all you really need to know is that an enormous ship, The Mayflower II, sets out for the planet Chiron A brilliant scientist had sent a ship there some decades earlier filled with robots and babies Thus the story s tropes and main p [...]

    On a technical level this is a wonderfully written book, but other than that I found this pretty meh I Actually quite liked the first chunk of this, I found the parts on the ship interesting and the characters multidimensional But as others have mentioned this is a very preachy book, and you re told very early on once the ship arrives at its destination that Chiron way of life is the best, no if or buts about it The world is flawless, the people are flawless, and anyone who disagrees is a degene [...]

    Calixto Lopez
    I enjoyed the book I had read it back in High School and loved it then, and now reread it again for the first time in over 22 years.The discussion of an anarchistic post scarcity society was a good one and rather compelling Everyone works at what they re good at, mostly on individual projects, and all resources are shared cash free, relying on recognition as the coin of the realm so to speak, with free stores and really free markets Of course this relies heavily on automation to produce basic go [...]

    An interesting read in which Hogan explores what preconditions exist for a society to function effectively without government or money Unlimited resources, automated manufacturing and food production, and good education seem to be the main ones He has a bit of a stab at law and order but I found it unconvincing He doesn t take into account the fact that there will always be mentally ill people in society, and that competition for mates, land and status will still exist even if we have no money N [...]

    Powerful meanings, interesting unfolding story with clear plots and tied in are helpful insights for understanding science Compare Earth to a new world, the madmen we have controlling so much but believe we want things the way they are, vs intellectual changes.

    1983 grade B 2017 grade BWhile many descriptions list the book as hard scifi and it does include extrapolated science, it is really a story about social and political science In part one, a ship of about 20000 bureaucratic, stuffed shirt, and militaristic earth people head off to add to and provide a government for an existing colony That colony was established by robotic seed ship about 80 years before In part two the two cultures begin to mix It does not go well for many of the earthers becaus [...]

    Baal Of
    Sometimes it s nice to read a Utopian science fiction that mercilessly skewers jingoist, capitalist, religious society, even if it is a bit idealized There is such a glut of militant and military SF, so it s good to be reminded that occasionally SF can portray a progressive and optimistic view of the future, freed from the chains of our current cultural assumptions I doubt humanity will ever see this kind of anarchic freedom, especially with the way things are now with that fucking orange Drumpf [...]

    Just barely a three star To be written in the 80 s it hasn t got very good women characters Only one or two seemed real , the rest cardboard and not so great But, a decent story and good use of the culture clash idea.

    Ideas AWESOMEexecution a bit slow along with pacingbut wow ideas are staggeringwhat would happen under real capitalismno democratic fascismvoluntary interaction unpredjudiced by raceism or ideas of democracy being good and majority rule excuse for fascism

    Toby Grierson
    You can tell it s hard sci fi because it not only interrupts itself halfway through to describe an irrelevant fictional particle system in great detail but it has the phrase auburn hair twice.

    3 3.5 stars for writing, characters and story plus 1 star for clever ideas humans and society.It starts slow, but it gets better An enjoyable read, and gives much fodder for thoughts and debate.

    A well devised and interesting utopia story, though the utopia was a bit too perfect.The idea of the book is good, though I would have preferred a less ham fisted treatment of it The arrogance, militarism, authoritarianism etc of the Earth leaders is a bit too underlined, while the carefree egalitarian attitudes of the Chironians are the exact opposite It s too much like a moral lesson for stupid people But even though the central theme in the book is developed simplistically than I would have [...]

    Ayn rand was right about everything, youtube yaron brook.Wow this novel is wicked awesome Stop regulating and everyone is happy also read the great explosion by eric frank russel Is criminality nature or nurture Do we need clothes ARe you dirty minded whats a antigand whats the weapon read and find out ton of fun awaits other scifi leads, thank me later Moorcock Vance Howard Gygax AE VAN VOGT oh my you could make 10 movies at least and whole video game franchises and MMPORGS based on the black c [...]

    Review Summary I found this book to have interesting ideas made worse by uninteresting writing and argumentation As in, this book is way too long and preachy Voyage from Yesteryear speculates if a human colony were to develop far from the traditions and preconceptions of Earth but with the technology and scientific knowledge to make resources and commodities abundant, what would result Hogan describes a libertarian anarchic utopia where wealth is measured in respect and this respect is earned by [...]

    Writing 3Story 3Satisfaction 3Voyage from Yesteryear is a bit slow to start but once it gets past the character introduction section, picks up to a nice pace The first section of the book takes place aboard the Mayflower II, a large space station carrying an assortment of North Americans looking to settle on the planet Chiron Many years before, humans had sent a probe, called the Kuan Yin, out to look for planets able to support human life and then create the first wave of settlers via stored ge [...]

    Lisa (Harmonybites)
    I have sixteen Hogan books on my shelves I ve been rereading them years after having bought them to decide which to keep I ve read a dozen of those now, and this is the first one that makes me understand why Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke once praised Hogan as worthy to be counted in their company Up to now the other books tended either to be too heavy handed and preachy especially Mirror Maze or technobabble infodump almost all, especially Thrice Upon a Time and Two Faces of Tomorrow , took t [...]

    Ken Doggett
    In the twenty first century, with war and senseless destruction taking place on Earth, a colony ship is sent to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, where it finds a planet suitable for colonization The DNA collected and placed aboard the ship is used to generate the population necessary for colonization The first generation is created and reared with robotic assistance, and it comes to adulthood without the phobias and mind sets prevalent on Earth By this time Earth has recovered enough from its w [...]

    R. Michael Litchfield
    Badger had recommended this novel several times over the years so I finally made a point of checking this 33 year old book out of the library It stood the test of time very well and was in fact rather prescient about what we now call a post scarcity economy Nifty little The Earthlings are Comming story with some effective battle scenes Not a great novel though, it needed a ruthless editor as several of the passage were too plodding and the characters didn t really have much depth It would make [...]

    Sean Randall
    Success is like a fart Only your own smells nice In this lackadaisically whimsical plodder of a novel, Hogan poses a future where an exploratory spacecraft is sent off with genetic material to seed a planet in war torn tension filled times on Earth Years later when things settle down, a US vessel sets out to see the results of the mission along with a European and Asiatic craft on their heals, all intent upon converting the Humans that aren t quite Human to their individual belief systems and go [...]

    Shane Groff
    I re read this recently, with some trepidation that I would find the writing juvenile than I recalled from reading it was I was a juvenile.However, I think both the writing and the ideas hold up fairly well.I have the same issues with the book as I did before, though I like to read books that attempt to portray better societies, provide a view of what a better world might be like, and this is a good one.However, he puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that the better society is only possible due [...]

    TJ Wisner
    This is my second Hogan book Although I did not care for the Mirror Maze, I wanted to give Hogan another chance because of the libertarian themes in his sci fi Well I m definitely glad I read this one If you love peaceful anarchy and science fiction you should enjoy this book Without giving away anything, a lot of the book makes for some interesting dialog when some militarist tyrants from earth try understanding the inhabitants of a stateless society I found myself laughing out load a couple of [...]

    While many of the themes and ideas in this book are nothing new to modern science fiction readers, I nonetheless found the way in which they were collected to be compelling I don t know if I believe that such a society would actually work, but it is an interesting thought I especially liked the idea of a society in which basically everyone works freelance Amusingly, I had wondered if this book was libertarian in addition to falling under the post scarcity heading In fact, it was awarded the 1983 [...]

    Brent Moffitt
    Excellent read Interesting discussion on religion and the origin of the universe Also included some very logical sounding discourse on basic building block of matter Most fascinating and insightful opinions were expressed about how human society community is should be constructed He appeared to believe that if we could avoid nuclear annihilation we would evolve a non commercial based society where everyone could pursue activities best suited to their abilities and inclinations A very thoughtful [...]

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