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  • Title: Il sole a mezzanotte
  • Author: Anne Stuart Mirko Caniglia
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback

  • Una porta che si apre, un passo felpato Ma ad aggirarsi per le stanze della Casa delle ombre non uno dei fantasmi che secondo alcune voci abiterebbero la leggendaria villa, teatro in passato di drammi e passioni consumati nel sangue L intruso un bellissimo sconosciuto che dietro l apparente cortesia cela un bruciante desiderio di vendetta Non esistono n ostacoli, nUna porta che si apre, un passo felpato Ma ad aggirarsi per le stanze della Casa delle ombre non uno dei fantasmi che secondo alcune voci abiterebbero la leggendaria villa, teatro in passato di drammi e passioni consumati nel sangue L intruso un bellissimo sconosciuto che dietro l apparente cortesia cela un bruciante desiderio di vendetta Non esistono n ostacoli, n re per lui La sua missione conta pi di qualunque altra cosa, anche del sacrificio di persone innocenti Ma le apparenze ingannano, e se la vita e il destino ancora una volta rimescolano le carte
    Anne Stuart Mirko Caniglia
    Anne Stuart is a grandmaster of the genre, winner of Romance Writers of America s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, survivor of than thirty five years in the romance business, and still just keeps getting better.Her first novel was Barrett s Hill, a gothic romance published by Ballantine in 1974 when Anne had just turned 25 Since then she s written gothics, regencies, romantic suspense, romantic adventure, series romance, suspense, historical romance, paranormal and mainstream contemporary romance for publishers such as Doubleday, Harlequin, Silhouette, Avon, Zebra, St Martins Press, Berkley, Dell, Pocket Books and Fawcett.She s won numerous awards, appeared on most bestseller lists, and speaks all over the country Her general outrageousness has gotten her on Entertainment Tonight, as well as in Vogue, People, USA Today, Women s Day and countless other national newspapers and magazines.When she s not traveling, she s at home in Northern Vermont with her luscious husband of thirty six years, an empty nest, three cats, four sewing machines, and one Springer Spaniel, and when she s not working she s watching movies, listening to rock and roll preferably Japanese and spending far too much time quilting.Anne Stuart also writes as Kristina Douglas.


    Alex is The Romance Fox
    Continuing on my Anne Stuart moment, I began reading Shadows at Sunset, another one of my ever favorite books by this author. She has such an incredible way of writing…she pulls you in and you are hooked….you have to finish the book…you have to know what happens next….From the first page you are drawn into the story of Coltrane and Jilly, the daughter of one of the most odious men in Hollywood. Coltrane is Jilly’s father’s lawyer and he has an hidden agenda…nt on destroying the Mey [...]

    First off, thanks to Lady Danielle for this recommendation!Shadows at Sunset has something in it for everyone. Technically it's categorized as romantic suspense, but oh let me tell you, it's so much more than just suspense. Stuart takes the paranormal leap in this one by giving us a ghost story within the main story, and then gives us an excellent secondary romance on the side to boot! Only a skilled author can give you three separate stories within a book that's 376 pages and do it well. Anne S [...]

    Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin*
    This book, along with Lord of Danger, was one of the first romances I bought and read on my own. They were so different than the ones of my mom's that I was used to reading—different than her Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Jude Devereaux, Catherine Coulter, and even Nora Roberts. The heroes were so much darker and sexier to me, and the heroines had flaws other than just being "fiercely independent." At sixteen, I was impressed enough with SHADOWS AT SUNSET that I even told a friend about it (I didn't [...]

    2.5-starsThere are quite a few interesting elements in the book - haunted house, revenge, ruthless hero, amoral villain, secondary romance, murder mystery. But the dialogue between two main characters, Jilly and Coltrane is so cold that I have a hard time connecting to their story. Not to mention Jilly annoys me from the start. Not Stuart’s best.

    Emily Crow
    I have to admit that I mostly rolled my eyes through this one. Before I mention what I didn't like, I want to be completely fair and state that it is a fast-paced read and remained mildly entertaining throughout, thus two stars. Also, I'm not a big fan of the romantic suspense genre, although I've been trying to expand my horizons lately, and some genres I thought I wouldn't like, such as historical romance, I've actually really enjoyed lately. Unfortunately, this was not the romantic suspense n [...]

    Another hit from Anne Stuart! At first when I started this book and I realized that ghosts were going to making an apperince in this story I was kinda put off, but they really do add to the story (kinda have a story of thier own too) and to the mystery.Jillian (h) is the rock that holds her siblings toghether and La Casa de Sombras-House of Shadows- and infamous the old mansion that has been in their faimily for year. It was the site of a murder-suicide of fading film star Brenda de Lorillard an [...]

    I really enjoyed this book. The hero is not a nice man but at least the heroine stood up to him and was aware all along that he was conning her somehow. I don't like mean heroes when the heroine has no chance against him. The secondary characters were great. I like Rachel Ann and her story and loved Rico. The two ghosts were also very sweet and I loved how he loved her. The whole story was very readable and my only real complaint is the ending was very rushed. (view spoiler)[ He walks out on her [...]

    There is one thing you can always count on when you pick up an Anne Stuart. The fact that she draws you in to a web of deceit, lies, desire, explosive passion and an ending that would shake you to the very core when you are done is the very reason I keep coming back for her books even with a ton of reading material to choose from. And Shadows at Sunset proved to be just that sort of read, a story that I completely lost myself in as Anne Stuart wove her brand of magic with Coltrane and Jilly and [...]

    Susan (the other Susan)
    Not your usual Anne Stuart. I found it charming. Yes, charming. Go figure.

    The only way I can describe Shadows at Sunset is anticlimactic. The summary promised a murder, a house, and a con man threatening the heroine's life. Only the house was delivered.Sure, the con man was there. And he even had the revenge angle. At least in the beginning. But then he actually never did anything? At all? Well, except lust after the heroine.Then, there is the murder. Two of them, to be exact. And one of them resulting in ghosts, which I honestly just didn't see the point of? It's lik [...]

    I wasn't planning on reading this book anytime soon, but I was stuck without the book that I was reading, and needed something to fill the temporary void. So this one was on my shelf, collecting dust, and for whatever reason, I picked it up. I'm actually glad I got around to reading it finally, because it was a pretty good story, and a fast read for me too. I'm marking it as paranormal only because of the two ghost characters, Ted and Brenda. Otherwise there's not much paranormal about this book [...]

    A. Bookzilla.
    3.5Okay, so I have a thing about the gothic novel. This thing being that these are my favorite stories. So, obviously, when a book flat out claims in its blurb that it's a "gothic tale", I expect it to live up to that claim.This may have affected my rating a lot, because the book is far from it. The ghost story did nothing for it, either. I didn't like that aspect of the story at all.Coltrane wants revenge, and he will stop at nothing to get it. I didn't think Coltrane was bad, and I could actua [...]

    3.5/5 (C+)Review: The book was okay; however, there's something that won't allow me to immerse myself completely in the story. I don't know if it's the story, the writing or the language. It's cold and you can't really root for the characters in my opinion.Characters - I'd say Jilly is emotionally dependant. She needs to take care of someone or something to work well. She's usually too busy to think about herself and be selfish. She's the type of heroine that's strong and tough on the outside, b [...]

    SoI thought this book was going soooo welll a kick-ass, i-do-what-i-need-to (if maybe a little emotionally unstable) female lead, a nasty villain, and a romantic suspense fit for the big screent to mention A FREAKIN MANSION as the basic settingbut then i got to the end(ish). and my kick-ass, i-do-what-i-need-to main character started to sound a HELLL of a lot like a WIMPY damsel in distress. and the villain got COMICALLY bad --i think our author got A BIT carried away. *sigh* and the romantic re [...]

    Yet another one of Stuart's "patented" bad boys that she does so well. The heroine is the oldest child of a horrible man. She lives, basically, to thwart her father, and to save this old, falling-down Hollywood mansion she inherited from Dad's Mom, which she only gets to keep as long as she and her siblings live there. Her brother is a weak man who is desperate for Daddy's approval, and her baby sister has been in and out of rehab her whole life. The hero is tracking down his mother's murderer, [...]

    It was alright, I am always searching for a Anne Stuart as good as " into the fire" but I never find it :(.Didn't really care about ghosts or Rachel-Ann but it was refreshing to have one of her heroine so strong because most of them (imo) are some virgin wimpy ninny.

    A story of vengeance as only Anne Stuart can write. Coltrane is after revenge against the man who killed his mother. He finds the opportunity for the revenge through his daughter, Jilly.Probably not one of Anne Stuart's best, in my humble opinion but still worth reading and enjoying.

    Delightfully wackadoo. Old Hollywood ghosts in the haunted mansion that the heroine lives in. Semi-villainous hero (though less so than a lot of Anne Stuart's heroes). Family dynamics straight out of a soap opera. All around, a pretty fun time.

    I thought this story was really good. It's about a woman named Jilly who is terribly afraid of her father, Jackson Meyer, and for good reason. Jilly has two siblings: Rachel who has a mental illness and Dean who is just a jerk. Jilly is the sibling who likes to "fix everything," but we all know none of us can do that.Coltrane is the guy who works for Jilly's father whose mother (view spoiler)[was murdered by Jackson. (hide spoiler)] He's been working for Jackson for about a year as a way to get [...]

    This is a hard one for me to categorize. For most of the book, I had no idea where it was going, it was almost a listless drifting that made me wonder what happened to the plot, if there was one at all.La Casa de Sombres, The House of Shadows.Reminds me of Las Noches from Bleach.Casa de Sombres has a not so interesting legend of murder-suicide attached to it. I would have liked something a bit juicer, but hey, it's Hollywood: there're too many legends as it is.The main of the plot centers on rui [...]

    Meh. A bit too melodramatic for my tastes. I would have given it one star if it weren't for the ghosts. Give them their own book, please. They were awesome. The rest of the book was like a Friday night Lifetime movie from the 90s. Everything is just soiche. The characters are assigned stereotypical dramatic roles and they stick to them, annoyingly so. It's all very formulated. But I've discovered that that's how this author writes. And there's nothing wrong with that, because obviously millions [...]

    Alex Ronk
    Ya les he mencionado que comienzo a tener problema con este tipo de historias es DEMASIADO PREDECIBLE desde la sinopsis resulta fácil saber de qué va todo y honestamente pensé que si me creaba esa idea no podría leerlo por lo que decidí darle el beneficio de la duda y leerlo después de todo la autora parece no ser del todo mala y creo firmemente que no lo es, solo que esta historia es sencilla y predecible de inicio a fin (gracias a Dios que es corta)Le rescato que algunos diálogos sin in [...]

    graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst)
    I picked this up looking for a romantic suspense novel, sadly it was lacking in both aspects. I did find it an entertaining book that was a nice, light escape, but I really was looking for more suspense. This was more light mystery, and even that was easy to figure out early on. I think Ms. Stuart took too much time in the beginning with Coltrane and Jilly, and I never felt they liked each other much, let alone loved each other by the end. I liked them well enough but wished for more romance wit [...]

    Es la primera historia que leo de esta autora y espero conseguir alguna otra. Me ha gustado bastante la trama principal y la secundaria, así como el desarrollo de la historia y sus giros argumentales, sobre todo con los cambios que sufren los personajes. Un punto a favor fue el carácter paranormal dado a la historia y el por qué de ello, además de que la autora lo coloca de forma que afecte e influya en la historia principal.Un punto en contra fue la relación de ambos protagonistas, siento [...]

    Rashika (is tired)
    I think Zack was the only hero in all the books I've read by her who actually admitted his love for the girl. He also wasn't as anti of a hero as the rest of the lot, it was easy to see that he had a good heart and he wasn't really that selfish. This book was fun though. I love how Dean wasn't a bad guy. I was kind of expecting it but was so glad nothing like that happened. The plot was interesting and I LOVED the ghosts. Hell I loved the secondary romance as well which is rare for me. I knew I [...]

    I read this book because it was in a pile a friend gave me for free and I read anything that's free. I was fully prepared to hate it since I hate, hate, hate romantic novels, but surprisingly I liked this book. Although it looked like a crappy romance I found it to be more of a suspense novel. Very few authors have the guts to create their heroine's father as evil and irredeemable as Jackson--unless they are planning to make her insane. The bad boy was more interesting and complex than your usua [...]

    Geovanna Maya
    Una historia increíble, llena de misterio y romance. Me encantaron ambos protagonistas y sus cosas pasadas, sobre todo los sentimientos contradictorios de nuestro protagonista (me enamore) fue increíble como poco a poco se van conociendo sus facetas y su misterio, y más el romance con la protagonista.El romance me fascino, fue increíble tanto en los personajes principales como en los secundarios.Al culminar la historia estuvo bien, siento que falto algo pero la verdad es que fue genial a pes [...]

    Kathy Anne
    RereadAnother Anne Stuart Ghost book,since these ghost books of hers are some of my first reads(they were my Mom`s and my Grama`s)I am thinking this is where I got my love for Ghosts.This is the story of an old LA mansion that had a few murders commited there,and the story of an evil Father and his 3 grown children trying to cope with his evil ways.I really liked this story and give it a solid 5*

    This is a bit different from my normal reads but overall it was good. I find that I like Anne Stuart's anti-heroes. I found myself just as curious as Jilly to find out what Coltrane really wanted from her. I hated her sister at first for her part in Jilly's failed marriage but then I found myself feeling sorry for her. I enjoyed the secondary romance for her. The ghosts were an odd but entertaining touch.

    Darla Stokes
    The only thing that kept this from being a 5-star read for me was the ghosts. I'm not a fan of ghosts, and they didn't feel necessary to me. Still, it didn't spoil the story. Lots of mystery, intrigue, and romance. Anne Stuart is always worth reading.

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