The ArcHive Tapes: The Cyber Nomads Best Download || [David Banks]

  • Title: The ArcHive Tapes: The Cyber Nomads
  • Author: David Banks
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Audio Cassette

  • The ArcHive Tapes: The Cyber Nomads Best Download || [David Banks] - The ArcHive Tapes: The Cyber Nomads, The ArcHive Tapes The Cyber Nomads Third of a series of four audio cassettes containing readings by David Banks from his book Cybermen
    David Banks
    David Banks born 24 September 1951 is a stage and television actor and occasional writer and producer He is best known to Doctor Who fans for his portrayal of the Cyber Leader in Earthshock, The Five Doctors, Attack of the Cybermen, and Silver Nemesis Banks also played Karl in the stage production Doctor Who The Ultimate Adventure As Jon Pertwee s understudy in the production, he played the Doctor for two performances when Pertwee fell ill.He also wrote Iceberg, a novel in the Virgin New Adventures which featured the Cybermen He wrote the part non fiction, part speculative Doctor Who Cybermen, the in universe portions of which were adapted for audio with Banks narration as The ArcHive Tapes.Banks also produced a series of audiocassette interviews with Doctor Who actors including The Ultimate Interview with Colin Baker , Pertwee in Person with Jon Pertwee , and Who s the Real McCoy with Sylvester McCoy.


    In the third of David Banks four part history of the Cybermen, things pick back up a bit Whereas the second volume recapped five Who stories in rather lengthy detail, The Cyber Nomads instead posits an interesting development in the Cybermen timeline Only two stories are recapped this time, Tomb Troughton and Revenge T Baker While those explorations are still very long, this instalment was very interesting, as there are many confusing elements about the Who stories set later in the Cybermen time [...]

    Kerrie Hutchings
    A good trilogy, the history of the cybermen Please Re release on CD

    • The ArcHive Tapes: The Cyber Nomads Best Download || [David Banks]
      165 David Banks
    The ArcHive Tapes: The Cyber Nomads