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  • Title: Ruffskin
  • Author: Megan Derr
  • ISBN: 9781620041093
  • Page: 353
  • Format: ebook

  • An ordinary rainy day at the Bremen is interrupted when a strange courier shows up with a package for Peyton Blue, the Bremen s much loved owner and bartender When the package turns out to be a piece of Peyton s past and brings that past violently into the present, it is up to Johnnie to resolve a years old problem and put the past where it belongs once and for all.
    Megan Derr
    Megan is a long time resident of m m fiction, and keeps herself busy reading, writing, and publishing it She is often accused of fluff and nonsense When she s not involved in writing, she likes to cook, harass her cats, or watch movies especially all things James Bond She loves to hear from readers, and can be found all around the internetderrmaderr.tumblrmaderrvejournallessthanthreepress meganaderr


    Full 5 starsJohnie and Grimm is my favorite couple, so I'm happy to read this. While the story is about Peyton, the wolf who was a bartender in Johnnie's bar, the story follows The couple's actions. There was a mutiny in Peyton's former pack, and his former lover, Hudson, was involved. A very dire crime was committed. It's up to Johnnie and Grimm to solve it.A beautifully done story. Very dark topic that is seldom found in m/m stories. Yet, the banters and closeness between Johnnie and Grimm are [...]

    A fun short story sequel to Derr’s Dance in the Dark. Here, we revisit with the Dracula’s adopted, mystery-solving son Johnnie, his protective bodyguard/love interest Grim, and the rest of the Bremen bar crew as they face a mystery around a missing werewolf, one from lone wolf Peyton’s past.At around 9,000 words, it’s a pretty quick read, but still very fun to visit again with these characters, especially Johnnie and Grim, who so much love to bicker with each other just as much as they l [...]

    3.5 starsThis sidestory to Dance in the Dark (Dance with the Devil, #2) is a short case related to the mysterious package sent to Peyton Blue, Bremen's bartender. It's really good to read Johnnie and Grim again -- and to read how Johnnie can still be grumpy (the story is opened with Johnnie being totally jealous of Grim's ex *grin), while Grim is patiently loving him. I love these two!! Unfortunately, it is not quite long enough story related to Peyton himself (related to his past, to the man he [...]

    Mandy*reads obsessively*
    Johnnie and Grimm are great, and I was happy to see them again.This story was theirs even if Peyton and Ruff were reunited again, they just didn't have any real on page time.Ms Derr dealt with a horrible issue very carefully and with sensitivity.Definitely recommended for fans of Dance in the Dark.

    Cole Riann
    Review posted at Brief Encounters Reviews.The Dance with the Devil series has several books that are only loosely related to one another by worldbuilding, so Ruffskin follows immediately after Dance in the Dark and deals with the same characters. It is important to read that novel first, because this short story does not stand on it's own. All of the character building and relationships are forged in the novel, and I would have been lost if I had not read it first. I was still a bit lost, actual [...]

    ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★
    4 Stars~I Don't think I'll ever get enough of Johnnie and Grimm~ So why only 4 stars, when I love Johnnie and Grimm and can never get enough~Ruffskin.The book, well I did not feel fulfilled" Ruffskin" and Peyton's story some of their pages seem missing~

    Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*
    A fun short story since I'm still not ready to let go of the points of view of Johnnie and Grim. Prince Charming was a well done and brief short story as well, but it was mainly an erotic scene tossed in. With Ruffskin there is the story as well with Peyton and pack Blue, we get The Dracula a few times (would love a full length with him, especially if it involved Phil.) The backstory behind the pack struggles is quite dark and not usually plot device used. It was fun to see stuffy Johnny and Gri [...]

    Sammy Goode
    In the delightful short story, Ruffskin, Megan Derr once more gives us the delicious dup of Johnny (a near “norml” part time detective that was raised by Vampires) and Grim (yes—the Grim Reaper—collector of souls). I LOVE these two characters—both of which were introduced in their own spectacular book, Dance in the Dark.When we left Johnny and Grim, they had become a happily established couple, who were deeply in love and quite possibly the feistiest duo around. I was so glad to see Jo [...]

    This was a cute little short from the Dance with the Devil series by Megan Derr. Specifically, it is an offshoot of Dance in the Dark where we met Johnnie, the adopted son of the Dracula, and Grimm, his reaper boyfriend. In this short, Peyton Blue, the werewolf bartender of Johnnie's bar, Bremen, is given a Rolex from a mysterious stranger. Johnnie must solve the mystery of the Rolex and find its owner.This was a good story, although short. I enjoyed it as a medium for giving me more of the char [...]

    A strange figure comes into Bremen looking for the bartender, Peyton. Now Johnnie is tracking the stranger to solve a mystery that goes back to Peyton's old pack.This short story is the perfect little quick read and follows Dance in the Dark nicely.*You need to read Dance in the Dark before reading Ruffskin

    Loved this little short.Great to catch up with Johnnie and Grim.Very light on actual plot but still a fun readETAstill enjoyable. Would love to see Peyton and Hudsons full story despite it being a heartbreaking one

    This was AWESOME. Loved seeing Johnnie and Grim again. :)

    If you want to read a story about Peyton's love life this ain't it. This is the story of the mystery about Peyton's old lover reappearance and completion of an old promise than anything else. Don't get me wrong Peyton and Ruff end up together but it fades to black with no details given. It's more a continuation of Johnnie and Bergrin's story than Peyton's, pity 'cos I liked Peyton and I'd have loved to read a short story for his HEA.


    Rating: 5 starsIt is a typical night at The Bremmer, it’s pouring outside and Johnny is arguing with Grimm inside over an alleged flirtation at a party they just left. A messenger interrupts them looking for Peyton Blue, the werewolf coowner and bartender of The Bremmer. The strange courier has a package to deliver, one that has an immediate effect on their beloved barkeep. When Grimm chases after the courier, he disappears under a magical spell.The package is from Peyton’s past, bringing wi [...]

    Chris, the Dalek King
    Peyton Blue, the bartender of the Bremen, has been on the outs with his old pack for some time--mostly because he decided to curb his Alpha's malicious tendencies by killing him, and all the Alpha Candidates. It solved the problem quite handily, but got him a death sentence. To avoid getting dead, by wolfy means, Peyton ran to the Dracula Desrosiers' territory and took up bar tending. Unfortunately he left some unfinished business--and an unfinished romance--back in Pack Blue territory. And now [...]

    Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌
    That's interesting. . . The first non-4-star rating average in the series. I'm very intrigued now. Maybe I'll bump this up my reading list. What's even more interesting is that Ms Derr has repeated the mains for another book. Huh.-------I loved this book. Adored it. As much as every other "Dance" okIt was so short and I was so distraught upon finishing it that I even tried tricking myself into believing that I had a faulty copy and really, it was a Lord-of-the-Rings-length novel.And no, as unfor [...]

    Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews
    4 Hearts mmgoodbookreviews.wordpressA stranger leaves a parcel for Peyton, who then reacts badly to seeing it. Johnnie and Grim set out to get to the bottom of the mystery.This is a great little short story for those of us who are fans of Johnnie and Grim. Johnnie and Grim come to the aid of Peyton when a parcel is delivered and a mystery begins. Peyton ends up being attacked by members of his former pack, as they look for the Alpha Candidate. and the alpha candidate has fled them for a very goo [...]

    Ruffskin IS book IV in the series, but it comes right after Dance in the Dark. As it says in the very beginning of Ruffskin:"Ruffskin takes place after Dance in the Dark, and is best read after that story." I don't know when the books were published, but chronologically Midnight should come first, then Dance with the Devil, then Dance in the Dark, then Ruffskin.

    Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance This is the first title in the series that I read instead of listening to the audiobook. While I would love to have the entire series on audio, I couldn't wait that long to finish the series. It isn't very long. We revisit the Bremen and all the characters associated. We learn about more about Peyton Blue, the bartender, and finally learn a bit about how wolf packs work in this world.For Complete review see Prism Book Alliance: prismbookalliance/?pos

    FIRST RE-READ 20 September 2016Favorite Quote:"Shakespeare, is it?" Grim asked, amused. "You are in a snit."ORIGINAL REVIEW 21 November 2012It was nice to get to see more of Johnnie and Grim.I felt so bad for Peyton and Ruff, that they'd been so close to each other for so long and that fears and hurts from the past kept them apart. I would have liked to have seen a chapter or two (I want to say epilogue, but can you have an epilogue for a short story?) at the end to show how Peyton and Ruff are [...]

    Johnnie is back in this short story only this time trouble has come to his bar and Peyton pays the price. This story revolves around Pack Blue and the ongoing troubles the pack has faced since Peyton left many years before. The story is a short one and there isn't a hell of a lot of details about the pack but I found it wasn't really needed with this story. It was just a nice excuse to see Johnnie and Grim again and to step back into this universe. If you like the rest of the series like I do, y [...]

    What a perfect short story! I loved that I got to meet our last couple in the Dance in the Dark installment. Johnnie and his lover is really PERFECT for each other! Johnnie is still the witty, high-class brat, stubborn, and beautiful as the book 2, except that he is more open and warm in this story (and we know who the cause). I loved their banter and interactions, and how he is very protective over Johnnie. My problem just that this is too short and I want more!

    It is so much fun to reconnect with the characters from Dance in the Dark, even for a short vignette such as this. It's really more of an epilogue and if you haven't read the original book, please stop now and do so You are in for a wonderful treat. 4.5 stars

    I gave this only 3* because it seemed rushed and didn't really give me a feeling of a full story. There was a cameo appearance of Johnnie and Grim but the main romance of Peyton seemed like it had something missing. Not that what was there wasn't good because actually it was very good, it just wanted as much as the story deserved.

    Very short story within the Dance with the Devil universe and picking up after Dance in the Dark. When Peyton, the part owner and barman of The Breman receives a gift an attack by the wolves of his former pack is not long in following. Johnnie and Grim are sent by the Dracula to investigate and locate the deliverer of the watch. Fun short story with a nice chance to see these characters again.

    Much too short. Much as I loved seeing Johnnie in full on jealous mode over Grim's ex, I think I would love to learn more about Peyton's background and how he ended up exiled from the Blue pack and Hudson, the one he loved.Recommended.===========================1st read - Mar 24, 20132nd read - Aug 9, 2016

    My reaction when I saw this was more Dance with the Devil, yay! And it didn't disappoint. It is a pretty short little bite giving a secondary character in Dance in the Dark a bit more fleshing out and a happy ending.

    Jane (PS)
    I think it would be hard for Megan Derr to write a book I don't enjoy. She is always consistently good/great! Whilst this was short, it was still a mostly complete story. However it is more an add on to Dance in the Dark. I waited to read as book 4, but in retrospect I should have gobbled it up as a short after book 2!

    Denise White
    Loved itI lo ed this sweet short was good to see Johnny and companyd the mystery was satisfying.I'm glad Peyton got to start at true happinessoff to the next book

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