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  • Title: Energetic Boundaries
  • Author: Karla McLaren
  • ISBN: 9781591790570
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Audio CD

  • Gives healers, therapists, and sensitive people a wellness toolbox filled with preventative and emergency solutions for protecting their energetic health while providing care to others.
    Karla McLaren
    Karla McLaren, M.Ed is an award winning author, social science researcher, and pioneering educator whose empathic approach to emotions revalues even the most negative emotions and opens startling new pathways into the depths of the soul She is the founder and CEO of Emotion Dynamics LLC.Karla s lifelong work has been focused on the creation of a grand unified theory of emotions, which she has developed through her work with survivors of dissociative trauma, through her own lifelong experience as a hyper empath, and through extensive research into the social and biological sciences.

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    First of all, the fact that I'm reading a book with the word BOUNDARIES in it is going to make those who know me well crack up. I was going to give this book three stars even though it was the whole white woman shaman thing, but then I got to the end completely frustrated with the narrator. I liked the meditations, even if it was gleaned and taken, they were really useful (FYI: instead of 'gift images' like roses, which I found a little strange, I just imagined light). The author def. had an ax [...]

    Can't say enough about how wonderful Karla McLaren is. She hits the nail on the head about how to deal with stressful situations without words and in a kind and loving way.I have read her books, but it is very helpful to actually hear on the six CD set the guided imagery and visualizations live. Learning how to ground myself and protect myself through imagery is fascinating and they are powerful tools to walk through the world with. I thought I had good self-care skills but I am surprised about [...]

    Wow. McLaren's work continues to blow me away. If you work with energy or are interested in energetic boundaries, I would highly recommend this book. She says things I've long felt but never found the words to explain. Also enjoyed getting a sense of her personality and sense of humor through her voice. I'll be relying on her work for years.

    Shane Adair
    Would not have read if it weren't for the person who recommended it.

    Was exactly what I was looking for but a little hard to relate to


    • [PDF] ↠ Free Download ç Energetic Boundaries : by Karla McLaren ↠
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