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  • Title: The Queen from Provence
  • Author: Jean Plaidy
  • ISBN: 9780330257824
  • Page: 421
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  • Marguerite, eldest daughter of the Count of Provence, had married a king of France and now her sister Eleanor is determined to make just as grand a match Good fortune and wily cunning bring her Henry of England A good and generous husband but a weak king, he rules a nation that still remembers his cruel and foolish father, King John As Henry showers gifts on his new bMarguerite, eldest daughter of the Count of Provence, had married a king of France and now her sister Eleanor is determined to make just as grand a match Good fortune and wily cunning bring her Henry of England A good and generous husband but a weak king, he rules a nation that still remembers his cruel and foolish father, King John As Henry showers gifts on his new bride his extravagance forces him to levy ever greater taxation on the land, and the spectre of revolt soon looms against him For Simon de Montfort, the adventurer who will give England its first true parliament, the house of destiny is at hand.
    Jean Plaidy
    Eleanor Alice Burford, Mrs George Percival Hibbert was a British author of about 200 historical novels, most of them under the pen name Jean Plaidy which had sold 14 million copies by the time of her death She chose to use various names because of the differences in subject matter between her books the best known, apart from Plaidy, are Victoria Holt 56 million and Philippa Carr 3 million Lesser known were the novels Hibbert published under her maiden name Eleanor Burford, or the pseudonyms of Elbur Ford, Kathleen Kellow and Ellalice Tate Many of her readers under one penname never suspected her other identities.


    In the 6th Plantagenet novel you will learn about the reign of Henry III (1 Oct 1207 - 16 Nov 1272). This book follows Henry's reign from the time that he married Eleanor of Provence and promoted many of her French relatives, which caused a great deal of difficulty for him during his reign. Henry married Eleanor at the age of 29 which was old for a King who needed heirs, Eleanor was only 14.Henry was the eldest son of King John and Isabella of Angoulême. His brother Richard took Eleanor's siste [...]

    Sarah u
    I really wanted to like this book. I absolutely LOVED Plaidy's Tudor saga and the Borgia books and thought, what with this novel being about the people I enjoy studying, I would love this too.Sadly, the novel failed to come to life for me. It felt rushed, almost as if the author couldn't be bothered to tell the story of Henry and Eleanor. There was nothing real- no grit, no meat, no emotion; just a very basic and bare retelling of the key points of Eleanor's life with a bit of dialogue thrown in [...]

    Quite a good book focused on the life an reign of one of the perhaps lesser known Kings of England, Henry III and his relationship with his French Queen Eleanor de Provence. Henry not only devoted but was one of the rare kings who was faithful to his wife, but his devotion proved to be a double edged sword, and his reluctance to deal with Eleanor's extravangance and manipualtion of him eventually have disastrouns consequences for the whole Kingdom. The narrative is a little repetitive, and the w [...]

    After reading one of Jean Plaidy's books from another series I was a little apprehensive to read this one. I felt that the last book had a strong narrative but that Plaidy disrupted the flow of the plot by adding events from the period in great detail, though they remained irrelevent to the main plot, causing me to skip chapters in order to return to the central characters. But with The Queen From Provence I thoroughly enjoyed the narrative which remained unblemished by odd chapters on inappropr [...]

    I used to love Jean Plaidy's books so much when I was in my early teens, but they just don't do anything for me anymore. Lightly fictionalised history, little characterisation, points endlessly repeated (Henry likes "foreigners", we get it) I like my fiction meatier, more interesting and complex. This story of Henry III, Eleanor of Provence, her family and the barons rebellion under Simon de Montfort is perhaps the best of the Plantagenet series so far, but it was something of a relief to finish [...]

    I felt the ending was rushes, while in outher ares it drug on forever and repeated some points over and over.

    Another great novelised account of a relatively calm period of English medieval history, if you call it that with the feuding, war-like Plantagenets. I love my English history, especially this dynasty who reigned over England for nearly 350 years. The main character is Eleanor, one of four sisters from Provence, France, who marries the weak King Henry III and virtually rules him throughout his long reign. Unfortunately, she brings in a lot of foreigners as friends and associates, who seem to get [...]

    Phil Syphe
    “The Queen From Provence” is an improvement on the previous novel in the Plantagenet Saga.We still have to endure a certain amount of repetition, not only in repeating info in this book, but also from the earlier novels in the series. This is one of Ms Plaidy’s greatest faults. One of her greatest attributes is to recreate the past in an on intriguing fashion. Once again we follow not only England’s Plantagenet monarchs, their friends, family, and emeries, but also their French contempor [...]

    The Count of Provence has 4 beautiful daughters, all destined for great matches well above their stations. Eleanor marries King Henry III of England and Marguerite marries King Louis of France, placing them on opposite sides of an ever-present tension between the two countries. They are as different in their personalities as their countries and Kings. Their younger sisters are married within the ranks of their households, and sides must be taken as always in Royal clashes.Though their rule was f [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Jean Plaidy's style is less frenetic than Philippa Gregory's, whose novels I discovered recently and has got me back to reading historical fiction. It has been about 20 years or more since I last read any Jean Plaidy novels, and I now want to read more.This novel is set during a period of history about which I know very little - I have always been a fan of the tudors. Jean Plaidy portrays Henry III as good family man, but a fairly weak and selfish king. The final [...]

    I liked this part much better than both The Plantagenet Prelude and The Revolt of the Eaglets. I suspect the reason for it is the excellent translation that might have eliminated the irritating repetitions that plagued those books (I read them in English).

    Leigh Ann
    I grew weary of Eleanor of Provence. She seemed so self-absorbed and felt she deserved anything at the expense of her people. I was ready to throw the book at a wall if I saw that Henry her loved her so and would give her what she wanted. I kept reading book though because I love Plaidy's story line however, this character was an annoyance. I am not sure if this was on purpose to reveal Eleanor's true character.

    Book 6 of the Plantagenet Saga is set during the reign of Henry III, from his marriage to Eleanor of Provence until his death. As usual, the novel incorporates the POVs of numerous characters, bot at the English court and elsewhere. Henry III was one of those English kings I knew virtually nothing about, and while I enjoyed the story I am more looking forward to the next books covering characters whose lives I'm more interested in.

    It was light and entertaining, but if I'm honest I'd probably have rated it lower if I'd been reading it as opposed to listening to it as an audio book. The POV was all over the place and it felt quite cliched with little depth; sometimes that's what you want though. As I actually want to read some historical fiction about Edward I I'll be moving on to The Hammer of the Scots - so it can't have been that bad. :)

    The Queen from Provence is a great read, not only for its amazing insight into history, but also for what it can teach us - humanity as a whole - not to do in the future. Read my full review on my book blog, Beyond Strange New Words.

    I love Victoria Holt's writing. This book does not have graphic language or love scenes although intriguing and well written. I enjoyed this historical fiction outlining the family of the infamous Longshanks, the future King of England. His father was a kind hearted man who gave his wife anything she desired, to her detriment and to the detriment of the kingdom.

    this book feels like something that had to be written to fill some gaps and give some information. Lots of what happens had already been told in The battle of the queens and other stuff is repeated in the book itself.

    Another excellent book in the series! I cannot stop reading these. On to #7.

    Paola Emilia
    Interesting book about the reign of King Henry III and his queen Eleanor from Provence depicting them as a happy marriage.

    Lucy Beaufort
    A great historical read. I knew nothing of Eleanor of Provence and her family. Intriguing story and human nature doesn't appear to have advanced much!

    Sara W
    Henry III (son of John I) and Eleanor of Provence

    Monica Batiz
    great book!!!!!!!!!! She´s my favorite author.

    Sue Law
    Ms Plaidy was back on track with this tale of Henry III's reign, from the viewpoint of his beautiful, clever, faithful, loving but greedy and profligate queen.

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