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  • Title: Murder in Store
  • Author: D.C. Brod
  • ISBN: 9781440533181
  • Page: 487
  • Format: ebook

  • Preston Hauser, owner of a famous department store, asks his head of security, Quint McCauley, to investigate some threatening letters he has received No sooner does Quint take on the job, than Preston is poisoned by one of his own vitamin pills With Quint looking on Suspicion falls on Hauser s young wife, Diana, but Quint quickly learns she s not the only one who mightPreston Hauser, owner of a famous department store, asks his head of security, Quint McCauley, to investigate some threatening letters he has received No sooner does Quint take on the job, than Preston is poisoned by one of his own vitamin pills With Quint looking on Suspicion falls on Hauser s young wife, Diana, but Quint quickly learns she s not the only one who might benefit from the millionaire s death.
    D.C. Brod
    DC Brod, author of Getting Lucky, has written fiction most of her life, but didn t think she had a novel in her until she graduated from Nothern Illinois University with an MA in journalism It was then that she decided if she could spend 120 pages discussing postal oppression of the radical press, she could write a novel She was right Caper fans will relish Brod s offbeat stand alone thriller Illinois freelance writer Robyn Guthrie can no longer afford to keep her elderly mother, Lizzie, in an assisted living facility Desperate to come up with the cash somehow, Robyn considers a variety of illegal acts In the end, she seeks to kill two birds with one stone by trying to retrieve a large amount of Lizzie s savings that were lost in a real estate scam from the con man responsible, Bull Severn Fortunately, Robyn s shady accountant, ex jockey Mick Hughes, has access to Bull and, importantly, to Bull s prize possession, a racehorse called Bull s Blood Mick, who has financial troubles of his own, takes seriously Robyn s half baked notion of holding Sassy, a goat to whom Bull s Blood is emotionally attached, for ransom Brod Heartstone expertly blends suspenseful action with characters readers will care for, in particular her sympathetic and plausible lead Publishers Weekly Starred Review In the end, though, what stands out most is the surprisingly affecting portrait of a woman caught in the midst of a parent s sad but sure mental decline Booklist Brod expertly blends suspenseful action with characters readers will care for, in particular the sympathetic and plausible lead Publishers Weekly on Getting Sassy

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    3.5 stars This book caught me by surprise. It has been on my TBR for years. Glad I read it.Quintus McCauley is a former police officer who now does security at a high end department store in Chicago. His boss asks him to look into some letters he's got. I liked that the protagonist is a male. Quint was a very likeable character. He's level headed and doesn't get upset even when people accuse him of murder. He has a way getting information out of people without coming off as a douche.The story mo [...]

    Lets start with the detective. Middle-aged, a touch cynical, not very successful (he is a detective, right?), not bad with the one-liners, ladies like him and he is kind of a likeable kind of guy. Let me add, not to serious, not particularly ambitious, willing to admit his mistakes, loyal. (If you were a dog or cat you would want this guy to own you.) So what's unusual about him? Well for one thing he is a Department Store detective and this story takes place in modern times.Other characters, tr [...]

    I really liked this cozy mystery. It was different from other cozies I have read before. This one starred a male lead and I'm used to the female perspective in a cozy. The mystery was interesting and I liked the way the lead character, Quint handled situations. He was an unambitious man who had a laidback view of the world. I enjoyed seeing him forced into action. I would have liked a little more resolution to the end of the story simply because I want to know where Quint's life will take him ne [...]

    Entertaining mystery/suspense set in Chicago --has an old-fashioned feel.

    Quint McCauley, head of security at a major Chicago store, has to deal with the wife of the owner, who delights in shop-lifting in her own store. When called into Preston Hauser's office, he thinks it's because of Preston's wife, Diana. However, Preston has been receiving threatening notes, and he wants Quint to investigate, on the QT. Shortly thereafter, Preston drops dead, in Quint's presence, from a poisoned vitamin pill. Quint decided to continue the hunt for the note-sender, and hopefully, [...]

    This is the first novel (of five) for D.C. Brod's policeman-turned store detective-turned private investigator Quint McCauley. What sets this novel apart from the run of usual detective stories is the graceful quality of the prose, the tender building of character, and the gritty, compelling setting. I admit I'm prone to like Chicago stories, but more often find greater fault in the detail because I'm partial to and knowledgeable of the city. I admired and enjoyed the atmospheric detail in this [...]

    A very decent whodunnit, a classic style story which reminded me of the old tv shows like "Matlock", "Murder, she wrote", "Father Downing", etc. A very likeable main character, extra characters were good too. The only reason I'm not giving it more than three stars is that I had a problem with the dialogues. I don't know whether I just had a faulty copy or something, but I got confused who was saying what when sentences said by two different people were standing side by side in the same paragraph [...]

    Nancy Rogan
    This is another older mystery and it's a winner. The writing flows smoothly with natural dialogue and there were a few twists along the way. I love the protagonist - an ex-cop turned department store security head. He is funny and smart and very likeable. The only thing that's not appealing about the older mysteries I've been reading is that everybody smokes! Quite a contrast to current writers who seldom (but occasionally) have good guys who smoke. I'll be looking at the library for another one [...]

    Anne Huddleston
    Enjoyable charactersGood read with a plot that keeps changing direction. Main characters were fairly well developed. Some parts of the plot felt more like filler than a necessary part of the story. The ending came together quickly and left interest in what the future holds for the main characters.

    This book had a very odd tone. It seemed like it wanted to have a noir feel to it, but then the author realized they couldn't pull it off. It was written in 1993, but had more of a 20s to 50s feel to the setting and the characters. It certainly wasn't the most horribly written thing I've ever read, but I found it tough to mesh the tone it seemed to want with the tone it achieved.

    This book kept me guessing and it took me most of the story to figure out "whodunit". I found myself rooting for McCauley more than once. I will be reading more in this series and any others D.C. Brod writes.

    Beverly Mccarter
    it was an ok read not something I would usually read but, I got through it.U get what U pay for FREE. Not a bad read also not a page turner. I just wanted to know WHO DUN NIT? So my curosity wouldn't let me put it down. Eventho I read 3 books before I finish this one and started this one first.

    Joseph W. Dobrowolski
    A nice easy read.I read a chapter or two when I have the time. The plot is easy to follow and uncomplicated. It took me several weeks to finish reading this book, with no trouble following the plot.

    A fun read.

    quirky and fun- a lot of characters and motives to keep up with, but I'll probably read another in the series.

    This was an easy read. Nothing special, but it kept my interest on the elliptical and made my workouts bearable.

    There are plenty of murder suspects among the staff and owners of a department store.

    I enjoyed this story. It reminded me of the 1930s/40s detective movies. You could almost hear him as he talked over the action in the movie. I will read more of this series.

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    • [PDF] Ó Unlimited ↠ Murder in Store : by D.C. Brod Ü
      487 D.C. Brod
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