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  • Title: Two Wild for Teacher
  • Author: Delilah Devlin
  • ISBN: 9781619211834
  • Page: 493
  • Format: ebook

  • It s double the trouble when two ornery cowboys come courtin, Texas style Lone Star Lovers, Book 6 Sam Logan s hell raising twin sons have a bad rep in Two Mule, Texas All of it earned When it becomes clear those two troublemakers won t settle down without another nudge make that a boot to their butts Sam reissues his challenge Find a wife There s only one wom It s double the trouble when two ornery cowboys come courtin, Texas style Lone Star Lovers, Book 6 Sam Logan s hell raising twin sons have a bad rep in Two Mule, Texas All of it earned When it becomes clear those two troublemakers won t settle down without another nudge make that a boot to their butts Sam reissues his challenge Find a wife There s only one woman who s ever held Mace and Jason Logan s attention for than one night Molly Pritchet, their former teacher She s been too worried about a pesky morals clause to let them close, but they re older now and ready to prove to her that some rules are meant to be broken.Molly thought her path was clear always a teacher, never a mother or a wife Until she finds those two Logan boys in her backyard, all grown up and digging around in her business More accurately, starting her koi pond for her without asking Well, it s about time someone taught the Logan twins some manners.A little mud, a lot of yearnings she thought she d suppressed, and Molly realizes she s the one being schooled in the art of indulging in forbidden desires.Warning Two hot as sin twins romance their former high school teacher Things are bound to get down and dirty quick as two bad boys tag team to sweep one curvy, sexy woman off her feet.
    Delilah Devlin
    Delilah Devlin is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author with a rapidly expanding reputation for writing deliciously edgy stories with complex characters Whether creating dark, erotically charged paranormal worlds or richly descriptive westerns that ring with authenticity, Delilah Devlin pens in uncharted territory that will leave the readers breathless and hungering for DelilahDevlin


    Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    Originally posted at: whippedcream2/201Who hasn’t had a crush on their teacher? This story takes the teacher-student scenario to another heat level!!!Mace and Jason Logan have actually been in love with their teacher Miss Molly Pritchet since they first set eyes on her in high school. Molly, however, has stood her ground behind her virtuous moral stance and never let on that she is interested in the twins in the least. The twins were always getting into trouble when they were in school, but no [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    Slick and Alyn's reviews posted on Guilty PleasuresAlyn gives Two Wild For Teacher - 3.75 Stars The Lone Star Lovers series is back with another wild ride in Two Mule, Texas. If you have not had the pleasure of these short but sassy and sexy reads, you need to start now and get acquainted with the men of this small little town. In previous stories, we have seen a number of women find their place with a man, or in some instances, a few men to make them happy. The Logan family is no exception when [...]

    Pleasant dreams Thank goodness school is out. *fanning self* This teacher has some moves. These boys - okay men - are so ready for some extra credit. Pleasant dreams with this bed time story.

    SweetI am really enjoying this series. With each story it gets better and better. Love the chemistry between the characters. Such a sweet love story. Definitely recommend this book and this series.

    Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    Quick review:Cover: I likey Rating:NC-17 Steaminess:Hot! Thumbs Up:3Overall: It was okayCharacters: Hmmm.Plot: This is erotica not anything more.Page Turner: Kind of Series Cont.? ? Recommend:Hmm.Book Boyfriend: ?SUMMARY Yeah, this was a really quick read. I haven’t read this series so I was probably at a disadvantage. I hope this is not a reflection of the author’s style. The character development really wasn’t there. But then again, this is book 6 in a series I haven’t read. So that’ [...]

    So our final two Logan boys get their 'a' wife in this book. While you don't need to read the book before, it gives you more of these two. Mace and Jason fell hard for their newly graduated English teacher in their final year of high school. She wasn't immune to them either, and even though their is only 5 years between them, they were still her students. 8 years later, they still have the same effect on her, and she is still the only women the two of them agree is the one for themThey plan a wo [...]

    Cheryl Sanders
    This is book 6 in the Lone Star Lovers series and it features the twins, Mace and Jason. It also features Molly Pritchet, high school teacher. Molly had been one of their teachers when they were in high school 8 years ago. Even though she's only five years older, the boys seem so immature that the age difference seems like more but in the bedroom they're wise beyond their years.It seems the further away we get from book one the shorter the story line and less substance the story contains. This a [...]

    A.R. Von
    A fun sensual read that even though it's short. It's completely satisfying through and through. This is the first time I've read any of Delilah Devlins' work and I love her writing style. This is the 6th book of a series and I was able to enjoy it just as much as if it was the 1st (that's a great thing!)Molly teaches in a high school. Many years ago she was Jason and Mace's teacher for English. The boys had a thing for her back then and it's still there this day. The finally decide to take a cha [...]

    Patricia Ange
    A fantasy fulfilled yet still not completeWow, this book is a seriously hot read. The story is almost continuation of another book in the series, A Four-Gone Conclusion. That said this story has several of the same issue as previous stories in the series. There is limited character development, not much of a plot other than finding new and creative ways to have sex, and the story was just over too quick. Fortunately since I have read most of the series now I have lowered my expectations not to e [...]

    I feel cheated by this book. I was expecting so much more and then it's over and I stare at the screen and ask myself That's IT? It's over as in Over? Where the hell is the story? All it needed was one day, some mud and a stolen pond to fall in love - or in a bed - I guess. Huh. I know now why this series has never held any appeal to me.It never fails to amuse me when oral virgins deep throat the biggest cocks they've ever had on their first try. 'Cuz it's just so easy. *snicker*

    Tracie Runge
    Twins Jason & Mace Logan have shared everything including their women. Only one woman though has ever made them think of more than a night and until now she has been off limits. But the Logan Twin are all grown up and Molly Pritchet is no longer the teacher so it's time for the wooing to start and the real teaching to begin.Wild and Wanton Cowboys who wouldn't love them!!Reviewing with Book Monster Reviews

    Too much story crammed into a v short story. Major suspension of disbelief required to buy that the twin brothers are able to woo, sex up and profess thier love to their former high school teacher in just a few days. Although they've had their eyes on each other for years. I enjoy the escapist nature of Ms. Devlin's books - I've read and enjoyed many of them - this one was too much for me.Bought from kobo.

    Yeah, I know these have all been short, but this one was the shortest yet, and disappointingly so. While the erotic scenes were there, they were almost tame compared to the rest in the series. Now, don't get me wrong, I would normally be totally ok with that. However, it just felt wrong for the Logan twins. This town of Two Mule must have something in the water! They should probably post something about the proclivity for menage on their city limit signs!

    Sherry Bohrmueller
    In this book we get the Logan Twins. They have their plan all set but all doesn't go well. Was quite amusing. Another steamy read that was enjoyable. You definitely have to read these books in order to get the whole story about what's going on in the town. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Rock Star Lit.

    Short and smutty.If you're expecting a story or character developmentis ain't it. What Two Wild for Teacher is a hot romantica that is all about having hot sex with two smoking hot guys who are slightly younger. Fun for an hour's diversion.

    ADULT BOOK = ADULT REVIEWSuper Hot! Studly twin cowboys, after their teach after I think it was 8 years since they had been her students. I'm not a teacher and it was still an a great fantasy.Warning - menage book! m/f/m. (not m/m stuff cause ewwwww their twins that is just nasty)

    Esta es una lectura seriamente caliente solo un poco corta.

    It was ok, a short novella about 2 brothers finding their perfect woman. Would've been nice to have it be longer and go more in depth instead of pretty much just a sex book

    Denise H.
    This short story was fun. The twins find out, finally, if they can have the woman they love. It's interesting, wild, hot, and sexy ! Great anticipation and good story.

    Esta pareja no me termino de convencer todo sucede demasido rapido Puro Insta-Love!

    Awesome as always and so dam hot!! Love these quickies from Delilah Devlin!!

    Quick read. I think this one was too short for me to really fully like any of the characters or even find it steamy. I loved Johnny's announcement in the end of the book though.

    Michelle the Romance Witch
    Much better than previous in the series!

    Nichole Lupardus
    The heat factor topped the charts but it was too short. I love Delilah's books and there is usually a little more story

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