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  • Title: Christmas at Candleshoe
  • Author: Michael Innes
  • ISBN: 9781842327289
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback

  • When an American multi millionaire is keen to buy an Elizabethan manor, she comes up against fierce opposition from a young boy, Jay, and his band of bowmen, who are prepared to defend the manor and its nonagerian owner against all comers It seems likely that that behind a monumental, seventeenth century carving, by the hand of Gerard Christmas, lies a hoard of treasure.
    Michael Innes
    Michael Innes was the pseudonym of John Innes MacKintosh J.I.M Stewart J.I.M Stewart He was born in Edinburgh, and educated at Edinburgh Academy and Oriel College, Oxford He was Lecturer in English at the University of Leeds from 1930 1935, and spent the succeeding ten years as Jury Professor of English at the University of Adelaide, South Australia He returned to the United Kingdom in 1949, to become a Lecturer at the Queen s University of Belfast In 1949 he became a Student Fellow of Christ Church, Oxford, becoming a Professor by the time of his retirement in 1973 As J.I.M Stewart he published a number of works of non fiction, mainly critical studies of authors, including Joseph Conrad and Rudyard Kipling, as well as about twenty works of fiction and a memoir, Myself and Michael Innes As Michael Innes, he published numerous mystery novels and short story collections, most featuring the Scotland Yard detective John Appleby.


    Trina Talma
    I bought this book because it was the basis for one of my favorite Disney movies when I was a kid. I don't say this often, but the movie was better than the book.They share the same basic plot: an elderly lady in a large country house is protected against thieves by a group of children. However, this book probably wouldn't appeal to children. (My teenage daughters liked the movie, but I'm not going to recommend the book to them.) Although there are several children present for most of the book, [...]

    I came across the works by the author, Michael Innes, in an Audible sale. I did a little research on his Inspector Appleby mysteries and decided to start with this one because 1) it was the Christmas season, 2) it was listed as an Appleby mystery and 3) it was really cheap at $1.30.It did not have anything to do with the Christmas season, but rather was about a fictional work by the real English sculptor, Gerard Christmas.It was not an Appleby mystery. The Scotland Yard inspector did not appear [...]

    The book on which the Disney classic film "Candleshoe" starring Jodie Foster, is based.

    The beginning was amazing - made me think I was on a magical Christmas journey where I could get lost in the prose. But then it somehow just fizzled.

    Jimmy Lee
    "Christmas at Candleshoe" is the basis for Disney's 1977 movie "Candleshoe" starring Helen Hayes (in her last movie role), David Niven and Jodie Foster. My Victor Gollancz edition was pushed in 1954; I think sometime during the intervening years and the script review, 215 of the 223 pages were discarded for plot definition.The book takes several key 1950's British issues and deals with them in a typically humorous British way - rude Americans touring British manor homes, dotty aged gentry, rude [...]

    William Stafford
    The Disney film Candleshoe purports to be based on this book but the two have very little in common. Michael Innes's story is a bit of a romp but written in a detached, verbose style, which makes the humour very dry and the irony very arch.Young American Grant Feather and his super-wealthy mother are tootling around the stately homes of England when they happen upon the Candleshoe of the title, a rundown affair, inhabited by a dotty old woman, her last remaining retainer and a gang of children a [...]

    Deana David Lissenberg
    The start of this story was one of the most thrilling and original I've ever feasted upon. I loved the characters, I loved the humor, that country house air was strong and present throughout. But the narrator's voice was distracting-- I mean the person who is telling the story in the 3rd person. It's very stilted and dry, but somehow annoying. What started out for me as the most promising read ever unraveled in a bizarre, never-ending action movie disaster. The last scenes were oddly out of plac [...]

    Rog Harrison
    This was first published in 1953 and I must have first read it in the late 1970s as the version I read had a picture from the Disney film (which was released in 1977) on the cover. Needless to say the film bears no resemblance to the book and features a different plot and characters!This is a short adventure story concerning stolen art which does not feature Appleby. It's a charming and humorous read but not one of the author's better books.

    I really like Innes's Appleby crime books but Candleshoe doesn't quite come up to their standard. It is definitely not a book for children, despite being made into a film by Disney. I haven't seen the film.

    The old-fashioned writing style came across as strained and unfortunately the plot and characters weren't strong enough to compensate. Not to my taste.

    A highly improbable little tale, but an entertaining enough to keep the reader going until its predictable, but mildly satisfying end.

    Mark Wilson
    I got this free from Audible, it was advertised as an Inspector Appleby story. I have to say trades descriptions?!? There was no evidence of the named detective but I quite enjoyed the story.

    • Best Download [Michael Innes] ↠ Christmas at Candleshoe || [Chick Lit Book] PDF ☆
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