[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Gorky Park : by Martin Cruz Smith

  • Title: Gorky Park
  • Author: Martin Cruz Smith
  • ISBN: 9780394517483
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Hardcover

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Gorky Park : by Martin Cruz Smith - Gorky Park, Gorky Park A triple murder in a Moscow amusement center three corpses found frozen in the snow faces and fingers missing Chief homicide investigator Arkady Renko is brilliant sensitive honest and cynical abo
    Martin Cruz Smith
    AKA Simon Quinn, Nick Carter.Martin Cruz Smith born Martin William Smith , American novelist, received his BA in Creative Writing from the University of Pennsylvania in 1964 He worked as a journalist from 1965 to 1969 before turning his hand to fiction His first mystery Gypsy in Amber 1971 features NY gypsy art dealer Roman Grey and was nominated for an Edgar Award Nightwing was his breakthrough novel and was made into a movie.Smith is best known for his series of novels featuring Russian investigator Arkady Renko Gorky Park, published in 1981, was the first of these and was called thriller of the 80s by Time Magazine It became a bestseller and won the Gold Dagger Award from the British Crime Writers Association Renko has also appeared in Polar Star, Red Square, Havana Bay, Wolves Eat Dogs, Stalin s Ghost, and Three Stations.In the 1970s, Smith wrote The Inquisitor Series under the pseudonym Simon Quinn and penned two Slocum adult action westerns as Jake Logan He also wrote the Nick Carter Killmaster series under the alias Nick Carter with Mike Avallone and others.Martin Cruz Smith now lives in San Rafael, California with his wife and three children.


    Between watching the 80s era Soviet spies in FX s The Americans, and tensions running high over Russian activity in the Ukraine, it almost seems like Cold War never ended In fact, because of a European consulting firm being brought into my workplace, I m seeing Russians all over my building Hopefully things don t hit the point where I have to take to the hills and go all Red Dawn Wolverines With all this red scare stuff going on, it seemed like a great to time revisit this old favorite It s the [...]

    There are not many road signs in Russia, you know He laughed If you don t know where the road goes, you shouldn t be on it Arkady RenkoWhen Gorky Park was first published in 1981, it was immediately banned in the then Soviet Union because of its apt depiction of everyday Soviet life Though I ve never been to Russia my only immersion into the culture was the year I spent trying unsuccessfully to learn the language , its image is intricately linked with the glamorous Moscow of the film, The Saint, [...]

    There s this concept in fantasy writing, world building Sci fi too It s pretty self explanatory because these books are not taking place in our universe, it s up to the author to give us all the details to paint the picture, provide shading in just the right places, ensure we can tell what we are supposed to be looking at Economics, politics, interpersonal relations, language, gender roles, humor This can be done well, emphasizing just here and embellishing just there, so the empty spaces also f [...]

    This novel was originally published in 1981 Almost 36 years ago I believe that I attempted to read the book once before, perhaps shortly after it s publication, but did not finish I wish I had read it then Reading it today I find it is dated The author demonstrated talent in describing scenes in the story whether it is in Moscow, a Russian dacha, or a dingy New York hotel room you could visualize it and feel as though you were right there What I found difficult to believe was the level of corrup [...]

    Armada Volya
    A little bit of actual research would ve been nice I am very forgiving when it comes to getting things wrong about USSR after all, not everyone lived there and not everyone knows the culture I was able to forgive the misuse of names and the word comrade I was able to forgive the fact the the author seems to think that Moscow is located at the north pole Factories suing each other though come on Who doesn t know that in communism all factories belong to the state That would mean that the governme [...]

    aPriL does feral sometimes
    Well Sigh I m deciding what to write Ok Truth.I m disappointed with Gorky Park , book one in the Soviet Union s Inspector Arkady Renko series Oh, it s a fine inventive entertainment for a mystery, with a lot of twists and near death escapes, tons of corrupt cops and officials, and so many betrayals and hidden motives I am amazed the body count wasn t higher considering the undrained swamps that Renko wades through in not just Russia, but also in New York City In Russia, many different official p [...]

    Tom Mathews
    I ve been wanting to read this book for a very long time so it was disappointing t0 find that it wasn t quite as enjoyable as I d hoped Some characters were well fleshed out and Smith was great at describing the locale, making it easy for readers to visualize their surroundings, be they a Russian General s dacha or a dingy New York hotel room What did bother me was its pacing and it s labyrinthine conspiracy where it seems that almost everybody was colluding with everyone else For a book with on [...]

    Bill Lynas
    Martin Cruz Smith s novels featuring Chief Investigator Arkady Renko have long been favourites of mine As there hasn t been a new Renko book since Tatiana in 2013 I thought I d return for the fourth time to the beginning Yet again I m still thrilled by the excellent plotting, the well drawn characters the author s ability to create a fascinating portrait of Russia.Gorky Park is not only one of my favourite novels it is also one of my all time favourite films When I was young I had the film poste [...]

    If only there were Russian men like Arkady Renko What a hero Martin Cruz Smith, despite making up an implausibly wonderful Russian man in Arkady Renko, just totally nails some things about Soviet Russia I get nostalgic even thinking about it.Got a plane ride coming up If you haven t read this GO NOW BUY IT I promise you won t regret it.

    This is probably my most favorite detective novel read to date, because it is so much than a mystery it is really a masterfully written, poignant, cynical, realistic, and all too palpable portrayal of life behind the Iron Curtain Having been born and raised in this part of the world before 1989, I almost cannot believe how well an American author was able to capture the dreary, corrupt, existentially dispiriting and hopeless atmosphere of the era, without moralizing and without futile and inapt [...]

    In 1981, when Smith published Gorky Park, the Berlin Wall had yet to fall, and Glasnost wasn t yet a twinkle in Gorbachev s eye Perhaps in that climate, nearly 40 years into the Cold War, a thriller set largely behind the Curtain, exploring how the Red half lived, was enough to titilate an audience Because the effusive praise heaped on this one surely isn t due to the writing Gorky Park is a messy narrative at best, a willy nilly hodgepodge of Soviet cliches at worst Most disappointing is the la [...]

    Gary Inbinder
    First read than thirty years ago, this novel held up well on a recent second reading It s an excellent police procedural thriller with a compelling narrative, strong characterizations and fine descriptive detail of crime, forensics and detection in Moscow toward the end of the Soviet Era.

    David Jackmanson
    One of my favourite noir novels ever, a story I keep coming back to The first time I read this book I thought it was just typical USAian triumphalism over the Soviet Union, but I was wrong The USA is shown as a place where it s a little easier to breathe, but it s dominated by the rich and powerful just as the Soviet Union is.Arkady Renko is a prosecutor s investigator for homicide in Moscow in the late 1970s He is called to a murder scene in Gorky Park, Moscow s favourite place to forget the wo [...]

    Stealthy Police Procedural set in Moscow prior to Perestroika and Dissolution of U.S.S.R.Back in the U.S.S.R Well the Ukraine girls really knock me outThey leave the West behindAnd Moscow girls make me sing and shoutThat Georgia s always on my mindLennon McCartney, 1968 Arkady Renko is chief homicide investigator for Moscow s Soviet militsiya the city s civilian police force When investigating the murder of three American college students found frozen in the snow of Gorky Park, faces and fingers [...]

    While I didn t always love the experience of reading this novel, I am glad to have read it, if only for the fictional glimpse of Soviet Russia during the Cold War I didn t enjoy how drawn out the book became after such an intriguing start But then, I was only expecting a police procedural set in Russia This novel was much, much a cat and mouse game, a story of fugitives and bandits, a view of Soviet justice, a story of torture, a social commentary on America by a Russian narrator, a political t [...]

    An excellent murder mystery that reveals the hypocrisy of Communism A homicide investigator is forced to work a three body homicide in Gorky Park The KGB enters the crime scene and immediately makes the CID that investigated the Jeffrey MacDonald murders look like the professionals of CSI Crime Scene Investigation than the Keystone Kops The KGB then decides after destroying the scene that the bodies are not part of any foreign plot to destroy Mother Russia.The chief investigator deals with the [...]

    Carlos Azevedo
    Este livro foi escrito h mais de 30 anos e quando a URSS come ava a dar mostras de desagrega o.Nesta poca eram comuns os contactos informais entre FBI e KGB e esta guerra, verdadeiramente fria, domina todo o livro H um dilema moral que o atravessa e faz pegar no livro, mesmo que por vezes pare a que est a fugir para coisa nenhuma N o est preciso paci ncia, mas as recompensas est o ao virar da p gina.Desconhe o porque tinha este livro na estante, desconhecia que o tinha e n o me pertence sempre m [...]

    I can t believe I resisted this for so long There used to be a German copy on our shelves, a book my husband actually read smart guy but doesn t read much fiction , but I unloaded it a long time ago without a thought since its popularity turned me off It turns out to be a worthwhile, luxurious read for a Russophile I don t care that it s a thriller though all thrillers should be this good and of course they re not , the atmosphere is so vivid and visual Moscow is my favorite character and after [...]

    A murder mystery story mostly set in Moscow Three bodies have been found frozen and faceless under the snow in Gorky Park Arkady Renko of the Moscow militia sets out to investigate It turns out this case is far complicated than usual and Renko soon finds himself entangled in a complex web of conspiracy, corruption, espionage, murder and the smuggling of s spoiler removed.I know the 1983 film base on the novel quite well Therefore I knew who dunnit and why prior to reading the book Reading was e [...]

    ☼♄Jülie 
    I ve just looked this up after being reminded of it, this was one of my favourites at the time, when I was heavily into espionage novels.I really enjoyed this book so much that I couldn t wait to see the movie when it came out, which I also liked a lotarring William Hurt and Lee Martin.That was back in 1983, when espionage was very different from today s versions.

    After an intriguing start the novel drifted and became very drawn out At one point I found that I didn t really care what was happening and very nearly gave up It did get better and I appreciate that my point of view is different to many others but the end of the book was very welcome.

    Alas, I m again the outlier.

    Really 2 and 1 2 stars.The plot s pacing was very uneven There were a few times I almost abandoned the book It could ve used a better editor, who would have removed about 100 pages to improve the flow of the story Having seen the film version when it first came out, I thought the film was better.

    Shatrujeet Nath
    This one had been on my wishlist for the longest of time because the idea of a police procedural set in Soviet Russia drew me instantly Yet, it s only now that I finally got around to reading it.I must confess that it has left me with mixed feelings There are things about this book that I really liked, and things that just didn t make sense Of the things I liked, one was the starting premise of the investigation that Arkady Renko initiates after finding the dead bodies in Gorky Park as chief inv [...]

    Nhi Nguyễn
    M u b ng vi c ph t hi n 3 x c ch t ch n v i d i nh ng l p b ng trong c ng vi n Gorky, khu n m t c a h b t n ph v u ng n tay b c t x m b o kh ng th c nh n d ng, n m ng trong c ng vi n Gorky d n d n r sang m t h ng i u tra m m nh kh ng th n o ng c khi c t m t t c a cu n s ch n y M i ch d u v suy lu n c a thanh tra Arkady Renko t i n ng b t ng d n n s kh m ph c m t m m u li n quan n KGB, FBI, nh ng t n gi n i p hai mang, tr n c i n n l s xung kh c gi a Li n bang X Vi t theo ch c ng s n v m t n c M [...]

    3 to 3.5 stars Would ve been 4 stars probably if I had not come across Child 44 first, which meant this was always gonna be compared to Tom Rob Smith s novel.I think if John le Carre wrote crime novels instead of espionage ones, it would end up being something similar to Gorky Park What is admirable about this book is its scope how it starts with a triple murder in the heart of Moscow, transcends through places like Leningrad Shatura and finally culminates in a riveting finale in New York The pr [...]

    Liviu Szoke
    Din recenzia de pe Blogul FanSF Ce mi a pl cut la Arkadi Reanko a fost modul cum a fost construit de autor acesta n a ncercat s l fac un supraom cu o via fericit , plin de bog ie i cu femei care i cad la picioare din cauz c este cel mai str lucitor anchetator al Rusiei, ba din contr nevasta l n al i bag divor de el din cauz c el refuz ntruna s devin corupt ca s i poat asigura ei condi ii mai bune de trai, se ndr goste te de un du man al poporului care nici nu tiu cum de scap de gheara KGB ului a [...]

    So this is a spy novel Sorta So this is a love story Kinda, as long as you ignore the fact that the romance sub plot feels a bit contrived and is totally of a Hollywood type love plot You know the kind they throw in because they think women like them, but the female lead really isn t necessary at all It s about the Cold War and Capitalism It s a fun listen that s for sure Don t let how long it took me to finish it influence you Audio books always take me awhile mostly because I leave them when [...]

    Joyce Lagow
    Written in 1981, this book has had something of a cult status as one of the first popular entries in the international mystery thriller genre It is the first in the Arkady Renko series, the second being published much later, in 1988 return return Arkady Renko is a chief investigator in the Moscow militia, the police section of the MVD As opposed to the KGB, which investigates cases related to security, the militia are usually concerned with domestic violence, drunkenness and the occasional murde [...]

    Razvan Zamfirescu
    Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meuArkadi este genul de personaj care poate foarte u or s fie luat drept model de c tre cititori Inteligent, hot r t, puternic, un b rbat adev rat Bine n eles c armul s u cre te exponen ial av nd n vedere personajele cu care se nt lne te de a lungul pove tii i nu are cum s nu impresioneze i s nu fie o figur de succes ns Arkadi nu este excep ional doar datorit antitezei sau conjuncturii Arkadi este excep ional i datorit faptului c este un u o [...]

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