☆ Pieces of the Heart ☆ Bonnie S. Calhoun

  • Title: Pieces of the Heart
  • Author: Bonnie S. Calhoun
  • ISBN: 9781426752728
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback

  • ☆ Pieces of the Heart ☆ Bonnie S. Calhoun - Pieces of the Heart, Pieces of the Heart Cordelia Grace watched Bernard Howard the love of her young life go off to fight for our country in WWII And she has spent the last three years creating the Pine Cone quilt that will grace their mar
    Bonnie S. Calhoun
    I love action adventure but it doesn t make me happy unless there aredy count, blood, and blowing things up I play with mad skills at coding HTML and website design and live in a log cabin in the woods with fifteen acres, an old apple orchard, and a pond full of bass though I d rather buy fish at the grocery store I share my domain with a husband, and two cats who think I m the waitstaff


    Rachel Brand
    Cordelia Grace has been in love with Bernard Howard ever since he rescued her from a pack of bullies as a young teenaged Now aged seventeen and with only one year remaining in her high school education, she dreams of graduating and marrying Bernard But tensions rise in their neighbourhood as young men are drafted into the Second World War and female classmates drop out of school to work in the local textile factories Cordelia finds herself with less and less time to spend with the love of her l [...]

    Scranton Pennsylvania is a place full of interesting characters living their lives like other Americans in the 1940 s However, life is tougher for the African Americans Jim Crow is not just two names which fit well together Jim Crow sets one man against another man Daily making the man aware he is unequal and not privy to the freedoms of society.Pieces of The Heart is about families, friendships, romances and just plain everyday life Life is certainly not easy for Cordelia, Bernard, Charles, Ann [...]

    Lisa Johnson
    Title Pieces of the Heart Quilts of Love Series Author Bonnie S CalhounPages 240Year 2013Publisher Abingdon Press Have you ever read a book that reminded you of a movie Not that movie was based on a certain book, but that the subject brought to mind a movie Whether you have or have not, for me Pieces of the Heart did as it covers the time era of WWII along with segregation of the men who went along with a pinecone quilt I love historical novels as they reveal some information about history frame [...]

    Kathleen (Kat) Smith
    You know how some people can pinpoint when their lives changed for the better or worse Yes, baby I ve heard tell about folks like that For me, I just personally felt it all began the day I was birthed Grammy Mae, with her hair pulled back in a perfect chignon, wore tailored housedress she had looked prim and proper every day Cordelia could remember Even her black Hill and Dale stack heel oxfords were polished to a high shine Grammy loved shoes She had taught Cordelia the brand name of every pair [...]

    Pieces of the Heart is from the themed collection of romances revolving around quilts Calhoun s story takes place during WWII, when Cordelia Grace and her beau Bernard Howard are on the verge of adulthood The two met as children when Bernard s family moved to Scranton so his father could work in the mines Bernard rescued Cordelia from bullies Love at first sight keeps them strong against the family problems of Bernard s abusive father and Cordelia s ongoing mother grandmother feud Cordelia s Gra [...]

    Title PIECES OF THE HEARTAuthor Bonnie CalhounPublisher Abingdon Press Quilts of LoveJune 2013ISBN 978 1456752728Genre Historical romanceLayers of hope and prayers may not be strong enough to cover the wounds of war Cordelia Grace watched Bernard Howard, the love of her young life, go off to fight for our country in WWII And she has spent the last three years creating the Pine Cone quilt that will grace their marriage bed when he comes home Each row of triangles signifies a layer in her life, se [...]

    Julie Barrett
    Pieces of the Heart by Bonnie S CalhounLove this series and this book is a keeper It starts out with Cordelia Grace and she s just a teen when the bullies in town go after her but Bernard Howard, the new white kid in town sticks up for her.Years later she s talking to her grandmother and she s telling her the story of the Pine cone quilt and how each girl who s 18 is presented with her life covering with pieces of fabric from worn out clothes or other special pieces.Folding the fabric into a squ [...]

    The stories that quilts holdI loved this book I envy the relationship that Cordelia has with her Grammy and the special bond that a quilt can hold Grammy would say that it s a life covering and full of prayers This book focused on the power of prayer and how it can bring someone through some very dark moments Cordelia is a young girl, bullied by the neighbors, until her rescuer shows up Bernard is the love of Cordelia s life from first glance There is a lot of heartaches in both of their lives a [...]

    Jalynn Patterson
    My Review A very endearing story of a woman waiting for her true love to return from war A wait that lasted for many long years While she waited she made a quilt a quilt of love, togetherness, and waiting.She begins a quilt that is their lives intertwined She eagerly waits for a love in this man and when he returns home for it all to go back to the way it was before But something in him is different, something changed Cordelia waits for Bernard to return from war They are not wed till somewhere [...]

    Rebecca "Rebaka" Lewis
    Can love survive the span of a war That is exactly what you will learn in The Pieces of the Heart Quilts of Love Series by Bonnie Calhoun Cordelia Grace has fallen in love with her hero, Bernard Howard Bernard has now joined the army and will go and fight in World War II While Cordelia waits for him she makes a guilt that weaves the love, happiness, pain and the longing of waiting that they have for each other Can their love bare the throngs of being separated This is not only a story about some [...]

    Bonnie S Calhoun writes a remarkable story set in the World War II era The reader gets to know her characters as real people who might live down the street Author Calhoun lets the reader glimpse the atrocities of war abroad and the sacrifices made on the home front Cordelia Grace loves one man and loses him to the war Her frightful experiences after the war almost equal his Spend time with Cordelia s family and friends as they struggle with lagging faith and believing God had abandoned them Bonn [...]

    Lisa Carter
    Insightful examination of little known events experienced by African American soldiers during WWII on New Caledonia Tender story of one woman s love battling the demons of battle fatigue PTSD in her soldier husband Prayer as exemplified through the prayer quilt Pinecone pattern and a deep faith carry the main character pre and post war as America deals with the trials of war and segregation.

    3.5 stars Bonnie S Calhoun s Pieces of the Heart is a faith based novel that is rich in historical detail and a beautiful story of family, traditions and faith It is also moving story of forgiveness and love that is quite heartwarming Please click HERE to read my review in its entirety.

    I loved this book I love the WWII generation It brought tears to my eyes and pulled me into this era Men returning are not what you expect from war Learning to live with this is difficult Thank you for this wonderful book.

    Sweet story of God s redeeming power and faithfulness A young light black girl gets teased in her neighborhood by bullies, but it was much later that she realized those same bullies were children who were from a disadvantaged family and finally were taken away by Children s Services Cordelia leans on her Grammy through battles with her parents, friends, life and when Grammy goes on to Heaven she senses that loss than she ever realized But Grammy had prepared her in mighty ways that would show u [...]

    great in dealing with PTSD and family relationships.

    Gina Burgess
    This is the second book from Calhoun, and I think it is a good indication of her diversity as an author.I deeply enjoyed learning about the racism during WWII which I had studied several years ago I also enjoyed the story as it progressed through Cordelia s life from little girl to young woman, and the story line details were no surprise or different from my studies.As the reader is drawn into Cordelia s life, the sense of God s hand, the prayers and faith, and the pine cone quilt are fascinati [...]

    Lindsey Silvestrini
    I have really enjoyed the Quilts of Love series so far and how each one is a unique story in itself with the common thread of quilts Pieces of the Heart is the next in the series and one I was excited to read.Cordelia s Grandmother has been making this quite for her 18th birthday for her whole life, using pieces of things that were significant in her life like a church dress when she first found the Lord The prayer quilt is meant to demonstrate her childhood as well as hopes and dreams for her f [...]

    Debbie Ballard
    I received the outstanding, heart wrenching, romantic, wonderfully well written, inspirational love story Pieces of the Heart by Bonnie S Calhoun free with Aloha Rose by Lisa Carter through First Reads Both books I loved reading and are in the Quilts of Love Series Cordelia Grace has loved Bernard Howard since the day he saved her from getting beat up Cordelia s grandmother is making her a Pine Cone quilt and prays her while sewing the triangles for Cordelia s future hopes, dreams, and prayers E [...]

    I couldn t have read this book at a better time in terms of what s happening in the world at the moment My mother passed this book on to me quite some time ago and it had just been sitting on my desk I randomly picked it up after I finished my last book and didn t even really know what it was about With the scandal around the VA hospitals and long waits for appointments treatment and the 70th anniversary of D Day, it was interesting to read a book that was set during WWII and looked at the war t [...]

    Sara E.
    I received this book WITH a FirstReads book but I never actually entered for it I also never received another book from the same publisher which I was supposed to get That was two years ago Oh, well This is a cute little story about faith and God that centers around an African American couple during WWII It points out several issues PTSD military segregation and sexual harassment of women in the workplace during WWII It s a short read, and I recommend it if you like inspirational romances.

    Ane Mulligan
    Bonnie Calhoun s Pieces of the Heart from the Quilts of Love series captured my heart from page one I loved the voice, the characters, the story it was like I was living it with them I couldn t put it down Novel Rocket and I give it a high recommendation It s a must read.

    I enjoyed how the making of a quilt was tied into the book The idea of a prayer covering via a quilt was beautiful.A difference about this book was that it was set in the U.S and about the home front much so than time at war.Overall, an enjoyable and quick read.

    Another excellent story of love and hope and quilts What could I ask This time it s about a Pinecone quilt and the family traditions of love and prayer tied up into ueach little folded square of material put into it.

    Kimberly DuBoise
    This book was easy to get involved in with realistic characters and dilemmas, very moving and touching Honest and real.

    It s not one of my favorites, but it does bring light to real problem that is often shunned and pushed aside PTSD is real.

    • ☆ Pieces of the Heart ☆ Bonnie S. Calhoun
      474 Bonnie S. Calhoun
    Pieces of the Heart