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  • Title: The Apostle : A Life of Paul
  • Author: John Charles Pollock
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  • Page: 340
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Acclaimed, Authentic Biography of the Early Church s Greatest Evangelist the Apostle Paul.Master storyteller John Pollock makes Paul and his amazing story freshly alive, so that you can know the greatest apostle much as Luke and Timothy did as they traveled with him As you turn the pages, you ll sense Paul s motives, his aims and priorities what mattered to him andThe Acclaimed, Authentic Biography of the Early Church s Greatest Evangelist the Apostle Paul.Master storyteller John Pollock makes Paul and his amazing story freshly alive, so that you can know the greatest apostle much as Luke and Timothy did as they traveled with him As you turn the pages, you ll sense Paul s motives, his aims and priorities what mattered to him and what he was willing to die for.
    John Charles Pollock
    The late John Pollock, an award winning biographer, had a flair for telling a dramatic story He used this talent to write many biographies including ones on D L Moody and Major General Sir Henry Havelock.


    Andrew Mcneill
    Excellent biography of the Apostle Paul which is scrupulously accurate and detailed. It does a remarkably good job at helping the reader see the life-setting of the epistles. Paul comes to life through the pages, and although Pollock is at times a little quick to label Paul's decisions as mistakes, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

    Although I have read the book of Acts and the Pauline Epistles many times, this book really brought all those events together. It also added a lot of background/historical information that I hadn't known previously.I wish I would have read it slower and following along in my Bible, making notes in my Bible about the history and culture of the places Paul visited.

    Keenan Johnston
    The Johnny Cash biography led me to an interest in Saint Paul. Cash - with all his contradictions - found a lot of comfort in the scriptures. David was an adulterer; Moses was a murderer; Jacob was a cheater; and Paul was a persecutor of Christians. If God had time for these flawed characters, Cash believed God had time for him too despite all his highs and lows.This perspective of the founders of Catholicism as flawed human beings was something that I've never considered. Though not one of the [...]

    Pollock indubitably shows his authorship within his most comfortable realm: biographical accuracy. Taking time to delve into Ancient Greek and Roman culture, Pollock sets the reader on a journey from the tip to tail of Paul's ministry.I found some scrupulous tendencies in his writings; some definite liberties taken. But it can't be said that Pollock identifies these as such and yet they interact with the narrative and the biblical account so well it causes in essence a reaction to the early chur [...]

    Thurman Faison
    Mr. Pollock gives us an intriguing look at the Apostle Paul through a most interesting historical unfolding of his life: through personal experiences, and through the exhibition of his unconquerable faith in Christ. The author helps us to better understand the writings of Paul from the perspective of what he was going through in his personal life, and his interactions with his companions and the various congregations of believers he helped to establish. You get a deeper look into his motives, ac [...]

    Jason Anderson
    This was a really good book that I didn’t like. It’s weird, but I don’t know how else to say it.When I got this book, I was hoping it would humanize Paul and provide all the little details about his era that would make his whole story come to life, that would put meat on the bones of historical artifacts.And that’s exactly what the book does. It talks about Paul’s hometown, his parents, his education. It meticulously follows his travels, right down to details about what the scenery loo [...]

    Alicia Ruggieri
    Though this book had a bit of a slow start for me, I cannot express adequately how glad I am that I persevered! Polluck brings together all of the information on the Apostle Paul from the New Testament and supplements it with extra-biblical source material (including primary and secondary sources). The author also uses his tremendous grasp of NT Greek to expand on the nuances of some of Paul's words. For anyone like me - who has long tried to piece together the details of Paul's life with his Le [...]

    Too much reliance, preference and references given to corrupt Bible versions and manuscripts.

    This was a really great read about the life of Paul the Apostle. My knowledge of Paul really did not go beyond his story in the book of Acts. Mr. Pollock supplied insight into his personality, the torture he went through during his lifetime and the effects it had on his body. Suffering for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was not a problem for him and his life of ministering to others reflects that over and over again. He was such a strong minded individual, totally focused on what the Lord call [...]

    Cat Juggler
    After approximately 2 years I finally finished this book!!!Thank you hold the applause.It enables you to experience Paul's missionary journeys, not just read about them. Mr. Pollock describes the landscape and topography as you walk along with Paul, slogging through the mud, cold and hungry, trying to get to the next safe place before the heavier rains come.You experience the meadow flowers, cool, sweet, water from bubbling springs and majestic, sweeping views while looking out to sea or up into [...]

    David Christian
    I enjoyed the book tremendously. I love all the Saints but St Paul has always held a special place in my heart his love and sacrifice for the gentiles. This book greatly describes his life upbringing his devout Jewish faith how he persecuted Christian's then on the road to Demascus of course was converted. This book also describes his many journeys throughout the Roman Empire, the pain and suffering he endured his joy and doubts along the way. It lists many biblical names I was not familiar with [...]

    Janice Harwood
    Faith grows when combining Paul's written words with the events of his life brought forth as his biography This book gave reality to Paul's writings. Combining the history of the era gave a great feeling of bringing Paul's words to life. His epistles are daily bread to the soul and I now am fed to the full reading the work of the Holy Spirit live in him and impressed in a new way.This is a "must read" for all people everywhere. Your life in Christ will be found, renewed, grown.

    Lonnye Sue
    I love this book! Pollock's prose flows easily, his ability to combine history and religion compels the reader to turn the page, and his portrait of Saint Paul is engaging. His use of historical people and places is so much more interesting that a map of Saint Paul's journeys - you knowose finely crafted-color coded-thin to dotted line-pictures in the back of your Bible. This is a book I will read again!

    Emmanuel Danso
    A literary portrait of the Apostle Paul Good and comprehensive account on the life of the Apostle Paul. John Pollock does good job in providing historical context and circumstance under which Paul made certain statements in his writings - a supplement which goes a long way to enhance one's understanding of the Apostle's epistles.

    Bob Deangelo
    I really enjoyed this book, and learned quite a bit from it. It was easy and enjoyable to read, it really brought the book of Acts and the New Testament together in my mind, and brought the apostle Paul alive to me as a human being. This is not an "imaginative" book, but is researched and detailed. I highly recommend!

    Darlene Luton
    A book written for everlasting faith !!I choose 5 stars because I will remember for a long time this story of Paul. It excites me to know about the the man who wrote so much of the Bible. As I read the books and chapters of the Bible, I will Smile inside because I now know!!

    Essential companion to the Epistles of Paul. I started reading this while in a study of Romans. Puts the reader in his life and times. Deepens understanding of his letters and why they were written. Spirit filled, adventurous and enlightening. Hard to read at times, yet hard to put down. Gems of historic facts throughout. I will treasure this book.

    Jodi Keniston
    FaithfulnessI found this story of Paul's life to be a great encouragement. That God would use someone who began his life as a persecutor of Christians to write a great deal of the New Testament is a great example of the Grace of Salvation.

    Brian Sheets
    A very good read on the Apostle Paul. His biography of the man offers insight into the person reposnsible for so much of the New Testament. After reading this book, you will better understand the man and his writings.

    This is easily one of the best books of faith that I've ever read. Pollock is a master of not just writing, but of historical research - which lends itself to a greater understanding of the Apostle Paul's life story.

    Luke Thompson
    Great insight to Paul’s life and the way he lived.Really challenging to read as a Christian, to get the depth of scripture but the history that comes with it making the context and overall theme more relatable and understandable. Paul was truly a servant of the most high God.

    Susan Delo
    Reading this gave me a better understanding of readings in the Bible.

    A compelling biography of the Apostle PaulPollock serves the church well with his series of biographies, but none tops this. A wonderful work indeed. Worth reading!

    Good book on the sequence of Paul's life. For an even better read to make Paul really come alive, I recommend Matt Chandler's To Live is Christ.

    Very poorly constructed. I soon lost any genuine interest in this book because it did not illuminate anything about the life of Paul for me.

    Such an engaging read!! :)

    Helen Towell
    Excellent review of Paul's lifeExcellent. Good review of the life and ministry of Paul. Helps one understand the hardships he endured for the sake of Christ.

    WonderfulI enjoyed this thoroughly. It gave me a perspective and knowledge of the apostle Paul that I had not known. I really recommend this book. It has strengthened my faith.

    Don Paske
    This appears to be a well-researched, accurate book on St. Paul. While I liked it, it didn't make him "come to life" as I had hoped.

    Lynette Karg
    I enjoyed the way the author wove together the Biblical account with historical and geographical facts to give us a multifaceted look at the Apostle Paul. Usually, this type of book veers off into speculation and imagination, but this author let's you know when that is the case and in true biographical fashion sticks closely to the facts.

    • Unlimited [Mystery Book] ☆ The Apostle : A Life of Paul - by John Charles Pollock à
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