☆ American Elsewhere ¾ Robert Jackson Bennett

  • Title: American Elsewhere
  • Author: Robert Jackson Bennett
  • ISBN: 9780316200202
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback

  • Some places are too good to be true Under a pink moon, there is a perfect little town not found on any map In that town, there are quiet streets lined with pretty houses, houses that conceal the strangest things After a couple years of hard traveling, ex cop Mona Bright inherits her long dead mother s home in Wink, New Mexico And the closer Mona gets to her mother s paSome places are too good to be true Under a pink moon, there is a perfect little town not found on any map In that town, there are quiet streets lined with pretty houses, houses that conceal the strangest things After a couple years of hard traveling, ex cop Mona Bright inherits her long dead mother s home in Wink, New Mexico And the closer Mona gets to her mother s past, the she understands that the people of Wink are very, very different From one of our most talented and original new literary voices comes the next great American supernatural novel a work that explores the dark dimensions of the hometowns and the neighbors we thought we knew.
    Robert Jackson Bennett
    Robert Jackson Bennett is a two time award winner of the Shirley Jackson Award for Best Novel, an Edgar Award winner for Best Paperback Original, and is also the 2010 recipient of the Sydney J Bounds Award for Best Newcomer, and a Philip K Dick Award Citation of Excellence His fifth novel, City of Stairs, is in stores now.He lives in Austin with his wife and son He can be found on Twitter at robertjbennett.


    from my blog with photos from one of my New Mexico trips clsiewert.wordpress 2015 Lovely language and enjoyable storytelling, but suffers from a mild case of W.o.K.S Way of Kings Syndrome I happen to have a fondness for New Mexico and enjoyed the general premise, so I found the book quite enjoyable, no matter the winding process of arriving there.It begins with Mona, an ex cop, in probate court as the officer goes through disposition of her father s possessions Surprisingly, there is a deed to a [...]

    First of all, I did enjoy this book in general There s a lot to love and I ve always been a fan of any book that can cross genres, mixing SF Fantasy Horror into a wonderful smoothie This is my third Bennett book, so I knew what I was getting into Unfortunately, I liked this less than the other two City of Stairs and City of Blades.It s kinda surprising, actually I grew up in New Mexico, so getting the flavors and the horrors of the location should have been so nice, and I did enjoy the nostalgia [...]

    I gotta get this out of my system right off the bat I don t like the cover to this book It doesn t stand out, it s only mildly representative of the story, which is rich and vibrant i.e bland and boring , and it s just plain blah Hate it.Whew, that felt good Now back to our regularly scheduled review Other than the cover, this novel was brilliant, as I already expected after reading only one other book by Robert Jackson Bennett That book, The Troupe, happened to be my favorite book of 2012 as we [...]

    Michael Smith
    Two stars feels sort of harsh, but the definition given by this site is it was ok , and that pretty much sums up my feelings about this book.This novel has both horror and science fiction aspects and both of them were a little lacking As a horror novel, it lacked much true creepiness Most of the novel is spent describing over and over how the town of Wink is different and that there are all of these unspoken rules, and that the residents know to just go about their business and keep their heads [...]

    I m not quite sure what I expected when I picked this up, but it wasn t that In a good way.The blurb for this was pretty straightforward Strange smalltown with perfectly manicured lawns, suspicious residents with secrets Similar to many other books that I have read However, this book quickly turned the typical strange but seemingly perfect small town on its ass, becoming a mindfuck of a book that kept me transfixed to the very end And I loved every second of it.Robert Jackson Bennett continues t [...]

    This is a lovely horror story about the American dream gone badly wrong, to put it mildly The idyllic small town of Wink in New Mexico is full of well tended lawns, content housewives and afternoon martinis on the porch Time seems to stand still except when Time completely derails and nobody has set foot outside the town for years Of course, unspeakable evil lurks in the night, and the inhabitants wisely turn a blind eye to the nasty goings on in the woods and make arrangements in order to maint [...]

    4.5 StarsI am a huge fan Robert Jackson Bennett and I cannot wait to read all of his works American Elsewhere is a mysterious horror novel that has many great things to love First, there is the unusual town and location of this novel a called Wink A small south western town that does not show up on any maps We are treated to several chapters involved with our heroine just trying to find this place in New Mexico.Second, the lead character Mona is tough, smart, and not your stereo typical young go [...]

    I had another night in which I couldn t sleep, so I finished another book This book is one I struggled with it didn t seem to go anywhere for long periods of reading, and the ending was lackluster.The writing wasn t bad and there was a pretty good level of mystery and creepiness The problem was that I never really liked or cared for any of the characters even the main character , and the mystery of the mesa took way too long to reveal itself By the halfway point, I couldn t wait for the book to [...]

    Wow Scifi Horror Mystery Fantasy all rolled up into one and then some Yes the book is freggin huge, But it is NEVER boring ALOT of things don t make sense, but everything gets explained, and then someAlien tentacle sex between an alien and a cough rather young girl Family dysfunction that makes my earthly family seem quite normal Illicit drugs being made the old fashioned way, An alien squirting it out of its ass like its taking a big white powdery crap And the ending, Just when you thought you [...]

    Bija t da lieta, ka es p c K p u pils tas izlas anas nopirku gandr z visas Beneta gr matas Biju ap m bas pilns t s visas izlas t un t t l k Ta u kaut k san ca t , ka nekad vi m nav laika, un las anas process ievilk s uz nenoteiktu laiku Nu gan varu teikt, ka nekas daudz man vairs nav atlicis.Da as vietas uz pasaules ir p r k labas, lai b tu stas Mona p c t va n ves atkl j, ka ir mantojusi m ju pils ti , kura nav atrodama uz kartes Pils ti a saucas Vink, t ir perfekta Vi a sev iek auj amerik u sa [...]

    is always quiet near homes like this, and it is always ill advised to venture out at night in Wink Everyone knows that Things could happen After her estranged father suffers a stroke, Mona Bright uncovers documents revealing she inherited a house from her late mother in a town called Wink, New Mexico Not having anywhere to call home she decides to set out to see this house in this strange town that she has never heard of Wink becomes extremely hard to find, not being on any maps as Wink was a to [...]

    Charles Dee Mitchell
    When her alcoholic father dies, ex cop Mona Bright discovers that part of her inheritance is a house once owned by her mother in the town of Wink, New Mexico Mona s mother committed suicide, and Mona has all the unresolved issues that history provides She wants to see the house, if for no other reason than to sell it, but she cannot find Wink on the map or any evidence that the town exists When she does discover it, it is picture postcard pefect In other words, it is too good to be true, creepy [...]

    Wow This is my WTF, utterly gonzo, batshit weird horror novel of the year Carnivale meets Twin Peaks via Transformers, with healthy dollops of Stephen King, Clive Barker and H.P Lovecraft.The darkness unknown things behind a small town fa ade theme reached perfection with Clifford Simak and Ray Bradbury, and one can hardly imagine that these masters can be bettered.Robert Jackson Bennett, however, not only pays homage to, but totally transcends, the theme.Just when you think you know where this [...]

    I loved the first 400 pages, but then the book took a turn that I didn t particulary enjoy and it never found its way back My first impression was that this was a really smart novel examining the ideas revolving around leaky spots in the space time continum But then it became this rather ridculously silly human drama, with petty siblings who look likeant squids or some such creature And Mona, she s just a dull and rather insipid protagonist Not much in here for me it turns out

    Jon Recluse
    Take an homage to small town America, circa 1950 Mix in a healthy dose of science fiction from that decade, filtered through a contemporary sensibility Add a dash of mystery and present in a style best described as literary.What you wind up with in this case is something that is than the sum of it s parts American Elsewhere is an incredible book, and that s coming from someone who hates science fiction.

    Well written horror SF where a disaffected heroine arrives in a deeply weird town bringing long simmering events to a head.Mona Bright is a homeless drifter living out of a truck when she receives notification that her father has died When she goes through his will she finds out that she has inherited a house from him that was originally her mother s in the New Mexico town of Wink Her mother committed suicide when Mona was a girl, so Mona not only sees this as a chance to get her life on track, [...]

    An amazing novel from Bennett, this complex story of aliens, the search for perfect happiness and sibling rivalry is reminiscent of American Gods in its writing and scope The characters come to life in such a way that you begin to feel connections with them even though they are quite different from you and I The writing is top notch, proving Bennett to be a master of his craft and a name that should be known to all who love to be scared and enthralled at the same time The ending is than satisfy [...]

    Amy Macris
    Mona Bright is no stranger to loss She lost her mother at the tender age of five, and the trauma of that sudden, unexpected loss has come to define her life Now she has lost her father, coming on the heels of the loss of her career in law enforcement, her husband, and her unborn daughter When she finds she has inherited her mother s house in the small town of Wink, New Mexico, she sets out to claim what is left of her mother s legacy, to attempt to unearth anything she can find about this woman [...]

    RubyTombstone [With A Vengeance]
    I haven t enjoyed a book this much in a very long time This was like cuddling up twenty odd years ago with the latest Stephen King or Clive Barker back when they wrote enormous doorstoppers which were nonetheless unputdownable from start to finish I felt somewhat nostalgic all the way through.There is a lot to be said for this book great writing, original plot, plenty of creepy stuff, good humour but I think it s the central premise that really stands out for me At its core, this book is about w [...]

    J.K. Grice
    I wanted so much to love AMERICAN ELSEWHERE, and about the first half or so was great Then the story started going in so many different directions, and I didn t like where the author was leading me Amid the chaos, I really lost interest in the characters and just got tired of the whole mess that this book became.

    Rates, for me, a 3.5 star, but I had to stretch it to a 4 because it kept me going with some considerable interest for nearly 700 pages, which is no mean feat nowadays Tending to lose patience with duplicates of intense characterization and too many red herrings of sidetrack used to fill with gratuitous violence or effect, I usually abandon And both of those situations occurred here in abundance.It s a behemoth For nearly 150 pages, somewhere near the middle, it became so redundant in fact and i [...]

    Jeff Raymond
    I think I thought I loved this book about fifty pages in.I knew I loved this book about one hundred pages in.I think I knew it was going down as one of my favorites about two hundred pages in, and then I still had four hundred to go.I didn t want it to end, but it did, and it s easily one of the weirdest, strangest, most straightforward weird horror books I ve read It s a little ahead of its time, too if this had come out in 2015 it would be heralded as the book that could propel the New Weird i [...]

    Paige Morgan
    If Tana French, and Jonathan Carroll, and H.P Lovecraft got together for a wild orgy and had a baby er, a book then that would be this story.It is a very weird book in fact, weird enough that it s hard for me to classify it, exactly Bennett is working with territory that I don t usually deal with, and so it s hard for me to evaluate how well he succeeds but he mostly convinced me that he succeeded in what he set out to do, and that it was worth doing I appreciated the fact that he seemed to me t [...]

    3.5 star for me which doesn t really mean anything since this read was way off of my normal genre.I did find it to be an interesting read A few slight elements of horror mixed with science fiction.butr my taste it was way too long and should have been wrapped up a bit quicker I also felt at a total loss when the creatures from a different dimension were described in their normal body I couldn t care at all for it I felt like Ohally.OKwellat s different LOLI did like the characters and the flow o [...]

    I m still not sure what drew me into this book that s always the fun, right, those random books you just feel like you MUST read, for no reason at all That was American Elsewhere I had never heard of it until a chance encounter on a bookshelf in a San Jose library Figuring it wouldn t hurt to open it up, the storyline pulled me in from the beginning There was something surreal there, but not lacking in heart, or in plot The story becomes a wonderfully rich portrayal of a unique community, one th [...]

    I had no idea what this book was when I started reading it and I think that is the best way to experience it.I wasn t 100% convinced by it to be honest, a lot of stuff seemed a bit too convenient and so on, but the characters and the concept were good enough for me not to mind.

    SPOILERS AHEAD23 10 I ve been reading this for seven days now, and it s continuing to baffle me in a good way.The town of Wink, New Mexico seems to be inhabited by some type of either aliens or supernatural beings who are hiding as humans Mona Bright comes along looking for information about her mother, and for unexplained reasons probably something to do with who, or what, her mother was, but it s not clear she can see the different layers of reality that exist in Wink Just as she arrives in to [...]

    H t nagyon j l r Bennett, t nyleg enn l fogva a hangulat is t kre tj n r zsasz n hold, kihalt, v r s szikl s j mexik i vid k, Roy Orbison sz l az aut r di ban enn l fogva el g hat sosan borzongat ak a horror r szek, a p rbesz dek pedig tot l leth ek, amihez a remek ford t s is hozz j rul marha rdekes, a val s got megrepeszt tudom nyos kutat s is van benne valamint p rhuzamos univerzumok, kiz kkent id szinte s val s rzelmek klassz mondanival Viszont fura l nyek milli darabra sz tapr zott t rt ne [...]

    John Wiltshire
    Another book chosen for its cover Who says I m not a discerning reader This one gripped from the first page I m only a few chapters in but it s intriguing I only hope the early promise can deliver As usual I ll update when I ve either done or given up on it.Given up on it approximately 40% in and the last 10% I was skimming to desperately see if the pace picked up or things just became coherent I m trying to analyse why a gripping opening went so wrong and all I can conclude is that the opening [...]

    I could hardly wait to give this book a review I devoured it happily and thought about it when I wasn t able to read it.Yes, I could see Stephen King writing it Yes, it was kind of neil Gaiman, I see American Gods in here, too I see Phillip Pullman, though Bennett takes a humdrum story of an ex policewoman drifter, turns her on her ear, gives her an unhappy remembrance of childhood, a Stepford town Shirley Jackson is in here, too , a dash of the alien, some Donnie Darko.Ah, I m babbling.Get thi [...]

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