↠ Prayer for a Child ☆ Rachel Field Elizabeth Orton Jones

  • Title: Prayer for a Child
  • Author: Rachel Field Elizabeth Orton Jones
  • ISBN: 9780027351903
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A prayer full of the intimate gentleness for familiar things, the love of friends and family, and the kindly protection of God Though it was written for one little girl, the prayer is for all boys and girls, and it carries a universal appeal for all ages and races.
    Rachel Field Elizabeth Orton Jones
    Rachel Lyman Field was an American novelist, poet, and author of children s fiction She is best known for her Newbery Medal winning novel for young adults, Hitty, Her First Hundred Years, published in 1929.As a child Field contributed to the St Nicholas Magazine and was educated at Radcliffe College Her book, Prayer for a Child, was a recipient of the Caldecott Medal for its illustrations by Elizabeth Orton Jones According to Ruth Hill Vigeurs in her introduction to Rachel Field s children s book Calico Bush published in 1931, Rachel Field was fifteen when she first visited Maine and fell under the spell of its island scattered coast Calico Bush still stands out as a near perfect re creation of people and place in a story of courage, understated and beautiful Field was also a successful author of adult fiction, writing the bestsellers Time Out of Mind 1935 , All This and Heaven Too 1938 , and And Now Tomorrow 1942 She is also famous for her poem turned song Something Told the Wild Geese Field also wrote the English lyrics for the version of Franz Schubert s Ave Maria used in the Disney film Fantasia Field married Arthur S Pederson in 1935, with whom she collaborated in 1937 on To See Ourselves.Field was a descendant of David Dudley Field She died at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, California on March 15, 1942 of pneumonia following an operation.


    J. Boo
    This is a child s bedtime prayer, written in 1941 by Rachel Field, with World War II on everyone s mind Mrs Field died suddenly, and a few years later Elizabeth Orton Jones had the responsibility of illustrating it She took that responsibility seriously, and a lovely job she made of it, too The illustrations are wonderful.Annis Duff a terrific guide to children s literature, and a friend of Jones writes on the creation of one of those illustrations hbook 2013 02 authors Jones told us she was hav [...]

    Could some of the reviews be condescending I think not I find the illustrations a touch on the sentimental side as is generally the case with this illustrator but having just read an explanation of how they came to be I m able to overlook it As far as the written content is concerned thankfulness is a good thing, even for atheists.

    Let s teach children how to be good little boys and girls and pray to Jesus Published during the Second World War, it is a product of it s times I do not like religious dogma, especially when it is used to indoctrinate children into that particular belief system No surprise then that I do not like this book Having said that, the illustrations themselves are fairly nice, and I do like the part that says, Bless other children, far and near And keep them safe and free from fear And there is a nice [...]

    1945 Caldecott Medal WinnerI m not quite sure how the illustrations in this were done it looks like ink and water color, but sometimes the illustrator left the ink outlines off of certain objects like the teddy bear, making them appear almost as though they were done in a different type of media The whole book is in color with lots of yellow tones.I like the prayer and that along with the illustrations it includes children all over the world The words are simple The way the lines of the poem are [...]

    Through the darkness, through the night Let no danger come to fright My sleep till morning once again Beckons at the window pane Prayer for a Child This is a sweet prayer of supplication to God I thought it was very well done, and I am definitely a fan of Rachel Field My one suggestion might have been to include a few lines of praise to the Lord, but this is still a good first prayer book.

    Ryan Emily
    i Prayer for a Child by Rachel Field is a book long prayer The main character of the book is a young girl, but this prayer is for anyone looking to pray to God The prayer is mainly a thank you in regards to the blessings she has received in her life, such as milk and bread food , her bed, the safety and security of her home, her toys, the chair in her room, the light in her room electricity , her shoes clothing , and most importantly her family and friends The little girl also prays for future d [...]

    This is a lovely book, stretching across its pages the lines of a mighty prayer for children and adults to learn, although it is childlike with an appreciation for the things that fill a child s everyday life Like Jones other illustrated books, she uses her particular style cute, resonating a little with Precious Moments or Hummel figures here I like her illustrations inside the illustrations, the whimsical little flourishes What a great time capsule item to point to how things have changed in t [...]

    This is a lovely, sweet book Each page has one or lines of the prayer next to a full page illustration of the small girl with a sweetly innocent face Her toys look worn and much loved The house looks snug and comfy, the kitty soft fuzzy The illustration of the multi ethnic children shows dozens of sweet, smiling, innocent faces I collect angel figurines, so I would love to have her collection of miniature angels, most of which are playing a musical instrument As Katherine mentioned, the prayer [...]

    Shoaa Aljohani
    The title of this story is Prayer for a Child.The cover illustration directly expresses the theme,which is that prayer will be answered.This story is integrated in terms of language,content,and ideas.The story includes a purposeful message ,encouraging kids to pray.It is intended audience of children who are 10 years or younger.I like one idea wrote the entire story and then each one separately on individual pages beside specific images that related to each line.Also,he opened each sentence with [...]

    Krista Toomey
    I enjoyed this book I think this is a great book to have in the home It is a good reminder for kids to pray instead of you reminding them I like how simple the book is with the nice picture Yet, this book does not belong in a classroom I would love to have my own children read this book but my students I wouldn t If you are religious then this is a excellent book for your kids This shows how important pray is without coming from the parents.

    Very sweet poetry and pictures Could read it or pray it with my children every day Love the line, Bless other children far and near And keep them safe and far from fear with the picture of children from all over the world Especially heart wrenching when you think about what was going on in the world in 1941 when this story was written.

    Some of the illustrations were cute but others really kind of creeped me out Some of the pictures of children looked like possessed dolls.

    The Prayer for a Child begins in entirety It is then broken down into small segments to coincide with artwork.

    This is a beautiful book I read this to Jacob most evenings before he goes to bed, and he amazingly sits still through it all It has lovely words and illustrations.

    Hmm Okay So as an atheist, the subject matter puts me off, but except for the explicitly Jesus centric stuff, it s possible to read it as kind of a mediation on love for one s world, one s friends loved ones, one s fellow man I was pleasantly surprised to see that, though the child presumably reciting the prayer is of course golden haired, blue eyed, very definitely a white girl living a white life with white people, the page blessing other children, far and near actually shot for real, honest d [...]

    Hannah Ellison
    This book is beautifully written and illustrations are very detailed and match the theme of the story Rachel does an amazing job at capturing the meaning behind a prayer and conveying the message through a story for children Elizabeth Orton Jones, the illustrator made the pictures realistic in my opinion, so young children will relate to it better Elizabeth used warm tones like yellow, blue brown and red to make the book feel comforting while reading The book is written as a prayer and sounds s [...]

    Alexa Vanmeighem
    This story is simply a prayer that a child states before bed at night The child asks to bless everything and everyone before she rests She thanks Jesus and ends her prayer This book is good for teaching children how to pray and a specific prayer to practice The story has precious illustrations and an old fashion look to it because of how long ago it was published I like how this story uses children from different places in the world This makes it diverse I also enjoy how this story reminds its r [...]

    Prayer for a Child takes you through a little girls prayers for the night as she prepares to go to sleep The young girl begins a prayer in the beginning of the book and starts a blessing for many things as she settles in for the night You are introduced to the important parts of this young girls life and see what is important to her The illustrations are done remarkably showing gorgeous detail throughout the entire store, clearly adding to reason for winning a Caldecott award The younger girl fi [...]

    Book Concierge
    The first page gives the prayer in its entirety Then couplet by couplet the book expands with illustrations of all the things the child asks blessings for bread and milk, Mother and Father, toys, etc It s a lovely prayer, and the illustrations are delightful.This was first published in 1944, and its gentle message is still appropriate However, the illustrations made me cringe for the lack of diversity That is, admittedly, a modern sentiment Despite the Caldecot award that Elizabeth Orton Jones s [...]

    Hannah Gookstetter
    Overall, I thought this book was cute The prayer rhymed and would be something that if a young reader ended up loving could implement into their own life The rhyming aspect of the book really helped move the book along The illustrations helped add to the imagery of the story and seem as though they would be relatable for young readers Although the illustrations were great, I found some of them to be a bit creepy and may freak some young readers out.

    Maria Rowe
    1945 Caldecott Honor Book Classic, lovely and simple book I like the illustrations in this but there s so much yellow Also, most of the objects have a black ink line around them except for the teddy bear, and it looks really out of place I like that the prayer is in full at the beginning, then goes in sections over the course of the book Materials used unlistedTypeface used unlisted

    Joanne Roberts
    Very sweet bedtime prayer or bedtime ritual book follows a little girl as she prays for each of the precious things in her life family, friends, toys, shoes, home, fire, and children around the world Charming old fashioned pictures as classic as golden age illustrations The setting is reminiscent of Swedish master Carl Larsson s home Comforting.

    The paintings in this book are beautiful I love them poem at the start of the book and how it repeats in small chunks throughout the book This is a wonderful book of a child s prayer This would make a great gift for any child.

    The pictures remind me of my grandparents houses Where there weren t many toys, where there were mostly old things And where it was so, so, so, so calm, which was good for naps.

    So beautifully child like Who but a child would think to bless their toys.

    Beautiful prayer, which I enjoyed even though I don t pray by recitation The pictures, reminiscent of Eloise Wilkin, are equally lovely.

    Richelle Rininger
    This book had beautiful pictures There was no question why it won the Caldecott.

    Seema Rao
    This 1945 Caldecott Winner is a solid read aloud about praying, but not to my taste Definitely highlights how different America is between 1945 and now.

    This book is about a prayer that children can say before bed, and asks for many things in the child s life to be blessed The first page dedicates the book to Hannah, followed by the entire prayer, then portions of the prayer broken up with pictures next to them I enjoyed that the prayer can be read as a whole before it is broken down into smaller chunks with pictures The pictures are all of a little girl and the things in her life like her bed, friends, and family she would like to bless My favo [...]

    Amanda Schmitt
    A Prayer for a Child gives a prayer for children to recite on the first page, and then illustrates each line throughout the book Reading the prayer on the first page is no match for the feelings evoked amongst the others Each illustration reminds the reader of the simple things of childhood what they might have overlooked The muted colors even further help reminiscence by making the reader travel back in time to memories of old Bright colors would have distracted from the simplicity of this text [...]

    • ↠ Prayer for a Child ☆ Rachel Field Elizabeth Orton Jones
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