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  • Title: Kathy Little Bird
  • Author: Benedict Freedman Nancy Freedman
  • ISBN: 9780425205730
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback

  • First time in paperback the saga of Mrs Mike continues in the story of her granddaughter From her Cree mother, Kathy Little Bird has heard stories of her grandmother, Mrs Mike She has also learned to sing in the Cree tradition It is a talent that will serve her well and soothe her shattered soul when she becomes a famous country music singer in the 1970s.
    Benedict Freedman Nancy Freedman
    Benedict Freedman, the son and grandson of writers, was born in New York City in 1919 While in high school he studied accelerated courses for gifted boys and graduated with a medal for mathematics At fourteen he entered Columbia University as a premed student, but had to drop out at sixteen because of his father s sudden death For a time Benedict continued private study of higher mathematics Freedman s chief interest was in games and recreational mathematics, but he also assisted in writing a textbook and worked on actuarial problems as clerk to a consulting actuary.


    Judie Dooley
    I really enjoyed readin this book. I checked other reviews, and they were not so good. I never read the other 2 books in the series, so I wasn't comparing it to anything else. The story was interesting and the characters believable. It did make me want to read the other Mrs Mike Novels.

    I am a lover of the Mrs. Mike series, however this last book was by far NOT the best. When i was finished i was glad that i was finished. I dont know how much more i could take. Still a good book, but i feel like i have to say that since Mrs. Mike is the number one best book out there.

    My favorite book of all time is MRS. Mike by the same authors. Nancy Freedman just died.e 90 and I had this book in my stack of to reads and decided it was time to read it.

    This book sucks. The beginning sucks, the middle sucks, and the ending is just plain HORRIBLE. DON'T read this book.

    I'll read anything that has Native American or Native American heritage, but the slow, often narrative pace of this book left me wanting more. There were also so many instances where I wanted to shake Kathy Little Bird out of her bad choices and bad decisions - and some say that the mark of a good author is the ability to make the reader feel something - but mostly I just felt frustration. I didn't need to agree with all of her decisions in order for me to enjoy this book, but I at least didn't [...]

    Sharon A.
    I gave this 3 stars because I really did want to finish it. My problem is that books 2 and 3 have a hard time living up to Mrs. Mike. Search for Joyful was good, but good grief how many totally different lives can one woman live? And each one with a different man? My disappointment in these women, who should have been strong, independent women (reference Mrs. Mike) really colored my view of the stories. How could Kathy #2 end up with such an awful man? She was a nurse who went to war! Well hold [...]

    This book made me so frustrated!!! I LOVED Mrs. Mike and only read to the end of the series because of that. This book (and the second one, really) were incredibly frustrating to read through. I waited a long time before reading the sequels because I didn't want it to ruin Mrs. Mike for me. While it doesn't completely ruin it for me, it does dampen it some. I understand wanting to show different lifestyles and choices, but books 2&3 both felt like such impulsive, bad choices when it came to [...]

    The final book in a series of three, I was touched by the beauty of the four generations of Kathy's. Each book is so very different and yet they tell a story that is very real with mistakes and triumphs shared by all. These books won't be for everyone, but the beauty of the first nation people of the Canadian north and their love of the land and their ancestors truly transcends time.

    Really didn't add anything to the series. Didn't like her character at all. Exemplifies how some people just have to make all the mistakes themselves in order to learn anything, instead of learning to listen to her friends or family who told her that her decisions wouldn't bring her happiness. She's not very bright.

    This book held my attention and I was interested in Kathy Little Bird's life but the ending was so incomplete it is a huge disappointment. If there were a 4th book where I could find out the resolution that would be lovely. Since there is not I can only assume what Kathy was planning is what she carried out. And that would be terrible.

    Eric Klee
    A long, long time ago, I read Mrs. Mike in middle school. I remember enjoying it, so when I discovered Kathy Little Bird, a sequel, in the store one day, I decided to pick it up. I didn't realize at the time that it was a second sequel, following The Search for Joyful. No matter.Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. The book just seemed to drag on and on about a character I didn't particular care for, Mrs. Mike's granddaughter. She was a bit selfish, hypocritical, and self-righteous. Now, I d [...]

    This was my favorite of the three Mrs. Mike novels. That's hard to say, because I enjoyed each one, but I found myself much more 'into' this one, vs. just reading and enjoying. I read it in one sitting one evening, so that probably had something to do with my being 'into' it more.I find it interesting to read of the different lifestyles people lead. So many times I wanted to shake the main character by the shoulders when she would 'go with the flow.' I could see she had the strength to choose di [...]

    No. Its not in the same league as Mrs.Mike, not even with the Search for Joyful. Its a good book, not matter how frustrating and infuriating it may be. She's strong in her own way, but she is also a little stupid with her decisions. I cannot understand her logic. However, i have to remember that everyone is different. This is a different person to Oh Be Joyful and Oh Be Joyfuls daughter. Theres very little Kathy Flannigan, if any at all. We have to love Little Bird for who she is, a confused bir [...]

    I was disappointed in this last offering in the the Mrs. Mike series. At the end of the Search for Joyful, I had the image of Crazy Dancer and Kathy living out their lives together, seeking out their native american heritage and raising a daughter that Mrs. Mike would be proud of. It saddened me to see the end of Kathy in such a state and little Kathy being raised in a hovel, separated from both sides of her heritage. I thought several times of not finishing the book, but continued on skim readi [...]

    I love the native american themes in this book and how music is tied into Kathy Little Bird's life. Most people love music and really are moved by itt just the lyrics but the mood and emotions as well. Little Bird goes through tremendously strenuous life-changing events, some of these are a bit stretched and far-flung. I didn't know what to think when she became paralyzed and worked her way back into functional life. I enjoyed the perspective the authors gave to this time periodwords would not f [...]

    Holly (2 Kids and Tired)
    The third sequel to Mrs. Mike. It was good. It wasn't as good as The Search for Joyful. It's one of those books that you can't quite put your finger on. Is it good? Is it not good?It follows the story of Kathy, the granddaughter of Oh Be Joyful who was Mrs. Mike's best friend in the novel, Mrs. Mike. Kathy Little Bird has heard stories of her grandmother, Mrs. Mike from her mother, Kathy Fourquet, who was raised by Mrs. Mike. It is not a happy book. It's a thought-provoking novel that leaves you [...]

    I absolutely love the Mrs. Mike books. I have been reading and rereading Mrs. Mike since I was a kid. I am so thrilled that they added two more books in the past decade. I finally sat down to read Kathy Little Bird. In the first 60 pages I had laughed and cried. There were times you wanted to shake some of the main characters. But I loved them all the way through. Is it too greedy to hope there might be a fourth book someday?

    Not Mrs. Mike by a long shot, and not even as good as the sequel, The Search for Joyful, this is the third book in the series, and again features a main character named Kathy who in the book names her daughter Kathy. I think that's weird, but maybe that's just me. This book is only loosely related to Mrs. Mike, and most of the book does not have the integrity of the first.

    I was walking down the isle at the library and the title sounded like a good book to read before bed to keep my mind from racing. I thought that is all it would be. I never thought that I would become so entranced my this woman's life. I found that I read it in 2 days even with small children. However I do have to do my dishes still. It was easy to read and easy to become emotionally connected with Kathy. I would recommend it.

    Blah. The first page alone destroys the semi-okay ending of book two, and it goes downhill from there. I'm going to pretend this book doesn't exist. Don't bother opening it, unless you want a tragedy. Really, it's too bad, since I enjoy the author's writing style, loved book one, and can live with book two (enjoy book two with my own ending). Pick up the first book, though, it's definitely worth the read!

    This book was different than I thought, but pretty good nonetheless. I really got into it in the beginning, but it got a little slow a little more than half way through. I was frustrated with Kathy's bad choices she kept making and not totally into her "hippy-Indian-peace/love" music movement. It covered most of her life, which I wasn't expecting but it was good to have the time too see some situations in the book resolved.

    This was the 3rd book in the seriesKathy #3. It was a quick little read, not necessarily deep. Though I actually liked the book, I can't help wonder why the authors continue to have their characters make the stupidest decisions! Does every teenager have to run off with the first guy they meet only to quickly regret the decision?? This book also showed that the happy ending in the 2nd book didn't last very long. Ultimately kind of sad.

    This book still doesn't live up to Mrs. Mike, which is the best of the three. I found Kathy Little Bird an improvement over Search for Joyful. Kathy in this story has more depth, I found her to somewhat self-centered and a user of people, but she was somewhat sympathetic. This story is better than the previous novel in the series, but doesn't live up to Mrs. Mike.

    Carina Blon
    Great read for people interested in music, Native American/world history, and stories of love and loss. The beginning is a little slow to get through, but the rest is a page turner with a lot of twists and surprises, you won't want to put it down. This story is told with an honest and poignant perspective with tales of love, loss, family, regret, longing, honesty and selflessness.

    It's been a LONG time since I read the other two books before this one but this one was still entertaining I would rate it a 3.5 - good to read if you're looking for something, but don't need to run out and read right away.

    I enjoyed this book. It is not like the original -- it just doesn't measure up. But it was still a good read and I like to read a "series" so it was fun to follow up on the generations after Mrs. Mike. I own both of the sequels so if you want to borrow them you are welcome to.

    Nancy H
    This is an excellent story in the series of novels about Mrs. Mike, which was is of my all-time favorite novels. This one tells the story of Mrs. Mike's granddaughter, Kathy Little Bird, who wants to be a singer, but who makes a lot of poor decisions in her life before she finds the right path.

    Kathy Stephenson
    Didn't enjoy it as much as the first two not sure why the main character made such poor choices ALL the time

    Mrs Mike was better.

    Definitely the type of book that you don't want to put down.

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