[PDF] A Menina Mais Triste do Mundo | by ✓ Cathy Glass

  • Title: A Menina Mais Triste do Mundo
  • Author: Cathy Glass
  • ISBN: 9789722343886
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] A Menina Mais Triste do Mundo | by ✓ Cathy Glass - A Menina Mais Triste do Mundo, A Menina Mais Triste do Mundo Quando Cathy v Donna pela primeira vez considera a a crian a mais triste que alguma vez conheceu e pressente de imediato a dificuldade que ir ter ao acolh la em conquistar a sua confian a e entrar
    Cathy Glass
    Cathy Glass is a bestselling British author, freelance writer and foster carer.Her work is strongly identified with both the True Life Stories and Inspirational Memoirs genres, and she has also written a parenting guide to bringing up children, Happy Kids, and a novel, The Girl in the Mirror, based on a true story.Glass has worked as a foster career for than 20 years, during which time she has fostered than 50 children Her fostering memoirs tell the stories of some of the children who came in to her care, many of whom had suffered abuse.The first title, Damaged, was number 1 in the Sunday Times bestsellers charts in hardback and paperback Her next three titles, Hidden, Cut and The Saddest Girl in the World, were similarly successful, all reaching the bestseller charts.The name Cathy Glass is a pseudonym The author writes under a nom de plume due to the sensitive nature of her source material The names of the children she writes about are likewise altered.

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    Melissa Frost
    Cathy glass has done it again, I get quite angry after I ve read one of these books I pay 5 6 and then I will have read it within 24 hours, it s so frustrating because I ve remembered the story so well I never re read the book.Before anyone thinks that I read Cathy s books quickly because of simplistic writing then your wrong I read them so quickly because of the way she tells the story, I get so engrossed and caught up hoping these unfortunate children have a chance at a better life that I am u [...]

    Tânia Tanocas
    Para quem gosta do g nero est 100% recomendado Opini o aqui baudatanocasspo a m

    Silvana (Por detrás das Palavras)
    Durante a Feira do Livro no Porto do ano passado, enquanto passe vamos pelas barraquinhas, cruzamo nos com os livros de Cathy Glass A Marta, do blog I only have, disse me que seriam livros que eu iria gostar muito Querida e simp tica como ela , enviou me dois livros desta autora para eu eu ler claro que acertou em cheio, porque eu gostei muito do livro Obrigada, Marta Este livro conta nos a hist ria de Donna e do seu percurso enquanto esteve com Cathy e os seus filhos como fam lia de acolhimento [...]

    Eva Leger
    This is just as good as of the others Glass has put out She does than just give an inside view of what goes into fostering and readers of this genre are damn lucky she s also a good author More and mis lit comes out every month and most singles couples are from a non author who may or may not know how to write I ve read many and I ve liked many Even some that weren t written the best have made it to a high rating from me for any number of reasons.But Glass has a unique view here she s not the [...]

    Sheenaat Hot Eats and Cool Reads
    Cathy Glass is one of those authors, who s books, I always look forward to reading She is one of those special people who has an incredible heart and it makes you wish everyone in the world could be touched by her The Saddest Girl in the World is another great book she has written She is caring for a little girl named Donna Once again, Cathy s patience and love as a foster carer help Donna through her issues from the horrible abuse she suffered from her Mother and siblings Cathy s books are hard [...]

    This is the true story of Donna, a ten year old girl who was terribly abused and neglected by her mother and abused by her two younger brothers.Upon Donna s foster care placement at Cathy s, Donna is sullen, sad and non talkative Over the next fourteen months Cathy and her own children, Paula six and Adrian 10, try to make Donna feel welcome and help her to adjust to living in a normal family household However, it isn t always easy when one evening Cathy finds Donna in the bathroom scrubbing her [...]

    Monica Willyard
    I usually have very mixed feelings when reading books written by this author Why Because each story is about a child who in someway has been abused, betrayed, and thrown into the foster care system because their family cannot keep things together That makes me feel sad and a little helpless and very angry However, each story helps me understand and delight in the resilience of a child when she discovers the abuse was never her fault or responsibility and she discovers unconditional acceptance an [...]

    Kristy Trauzzi
    This story didn t make me cry I talked to my husband and I was telling him I couldn t tell if it was because I was cold, the author sucked at writing, or if she tried really hard to make it uplifting so that you didn t feel really sad The home life for this little girl was horrible and I find it hard to imagine that Well, I guess I don t like thinking that people in this world can do acts like this I find it unbelievably awesome that these foster parents can take in a young child, love him her, [...]

    I love reading Cathy Glass books and think what she has done for the children she has fostered is amazing Each child is different and she makes sure she points that out in every book she writes Whenever I read about the stories of these children I go through the emotions with them throughout the entire book and Donna s story was no different and if my boyfriend wasn t sat next to me as I was reading the end I would have most definitely burst out crying Such a heartfelt story and I m glad that Do [...]

    Bronwyn Manzer
    Having a heart for children, I found this book very moving I was so amazed that young Donna could overcome the challenges that she had faced in her first 11 years of life But with the help of her foster mom she was able to overcome tremendous obstacles I felt joy in my heart as she began to heal and went from the saddest little girl to the precious little girl who was finally able to feel happiness and pride in herself Cathy s writing was thorough and heart warming I admire how she fights for th [...]

    Sarena Donnelly
    Loved it It was so sad what Donna went through but she came out achieving and finding and grew up into a lovely young lady that achieved so much I don t understand why people have complained about how Cathy writes in so much detail I find it interesting and a pleasure to read you can imagine every second of the days she went through and I believe she writes perfectly.Another book I have enjoyed and shed tears over.

    Again a horrifying story but wonderful ending

    Incredibly emotional book, with shock after shock after shock.

    Ruth Turner
    Another excellent story by Cathy Glass A little repetitive at times but very well written It made me cry.

    I really enjoyed this book.The bestselling author of Damaged tells the true story of Donna, who came into foster care aged ten, having been abused, victimised and rejected by her family Donna had been in foster care with her two young brothers for three weeks when she is abruptly moved to Cathy s When Donna arrives she is silent, withdrawn and walks with her shoulders hunched forward and her head down Donna is clearly a very haunted child and refuses to interact with Cathy s children Adrian and [...]

    Daniel Stern
    The world could use women like Cathy Glass This is the first of her books that I have read, and I could not put it down Currently I am almost done her book Hidden The Saddest Girl in the World really moved me As a child abuse survivor, I will always have the utmost compassion for children who are mistreated by their parents Donna, the little sweetheart in this memoir, is the daughter of an obese, low life piece of trash named Rita, and of a mixed race black white father who suffers from a menta [...]

    Laeticia Delacourt
    Cathy Glass is no doubt a wonderful and compassionate human being She has helped countless children overcome the horrors of child abuse The Saddest Girl in the World is the first of her books that I have read It details the story of little Donna, an abused child born to a trashy, narcissistic, cruel, and abusive mother who is white, and a father who is biracial black and white Donna is treated like a slave by her mother and siblings She knows nothing of what is a normal, happy, loving home until [...]

    4,5 stars Amazing read It tugs at your heart in the most casual way, like, even though it makes you cry, it also make you laugh I m not making sense, I know lolBu really, out of Cathy Glass books, this book is the only one that contains many laugh.This make the book felt fresh because most of Cathy s books are too sad or distressing for laugh.One thing that I cannot approve is the girl in the cover Please, the girl in the cover She doesn t even look multiracial I mean, almost all the cover kids [...]

    Again Cathy has managed to capture her readers with such emotion and love that you feel like you are living her life along side her You can t help but fall in love with Donna and wish the best for her when she has had such an awful upbringing A totally gripping story constantly wanting to find out what happens next

    I m a huge fan of Cathy Glass and I love reading her books The Saddest girl in the world featured 10 year old Donna, bought into Cathy s care after a horrible start in life She arrived with the weight of her world on her shoulders and as usual, Cathy helped her on her way to happiness Lovely.

    Sally Gooding
    It made compelling reading it had me in tears and to think such a young child blames herself for all that happened with her siblings such sadness but a truly inspiration, Cathy really does an amazing job

    Mary-jane Farrer
    Another amazing story from Cathy Glass about how providing a loving home to a traumatised child can bring healing and growth

    Rosamaria Duran
    i don t want to stop reading it, the details in this book and the way the author explains the emotions in the story is intense we should have 15 min instead of 10.

    Bé Né
    J ai d couvert cette auteure avec ses 2 livres violent e et ne dis rien parus aux ditions Archipoche il y a quelques mois Cathy Glass a t m re nourrici re autrement dit famille d accueil pendant 25 ans, elle a crit plusieurs livres dont la plupart sont ses m moires dans lesquelles elle nous parle des enfants plac s chez elle.L histoire de Donna est tout simplement r voltante rejet e, et battue et humili e par sa m re ainsi que ses jeunes fr res A 10 ans Donna est plac e chez Cathy, apr s un d bu [...]

    I really enjoy reading Cathy Glass books Since I am going to school for my ECE diploma, I find they really touch my heart because at some point in my career I may have to deal with children that have faced some or all of the problems that are written about in Glass various books This story was very sad, the main character of Donna was an unwanted child, who was abused by her mum in various ways and then also abused by her other siblings 2 brothers and an older sister Donna experienced so much sa [...]

    Christine bonner
    This is a story of a 10 year old girl called Donna, she was taken from her mums care along with her 2 brother and placed into foster care,They were all placed together but Donna had to be moved and she ended up with Cathy and her ChildrenWhen unpacking all Donna stuff Cathy comes across a bag of rags, which Cathy found out one morning was used to wash the floor, plus she would scrub her hands clean as she says to get the dirty of as she has duel heritageDonna had contact 3 times a week, and her [...]

    Donna ha dieci anni quando viene data in affido all autrice di questo libro la sua madre naturale non mai stata in grado di prendersi cura di lei, ma non solo, non perdeva occasione di farla sentire inutile e colpevole, di insultarla e trattarla come una schiava difficile credere che una bambina di soli dieci anni abbia dovuto sopportare tutto questo una storia sconvolgente, a tratti commovente, difficile da digerire ma che regala una forza incredibile nonostante tutto quello che ha sub to, e no [...]

    Josie Poynter
    This was just incredible Cathy Glass is just magical the way she helped Donna to change her outlook on life and deal with her anger and self loathing was just amazing to read I really felt for Donna all the way through to book, and Cathy had so much patience with her It was lovely to see how she became such an important part of their family life I was excited to read the epilogue about how Donna got on after moving to live with Marlene It s wonderful that with the correct help she has been able [...]

    Another true story from Cathy Glass about one of the children she fostered This one is all about Donna I think she was 10 or 11 who was brought to Cathy after being neglected at home As she came to trust Cathy it came out that as well as being neglected her mum and younger brothers used to physically beat her with a coat hanger if she didn t clean up good enough, she was also found scrubbing her hands trying to get the brown off them as her mum said her skin colour was dirty This little girl onc [...]

    Melanie Bourke
    This book follows the true story of Donna a young girl who has suffered physical emotional abuse at the hands of her mother and siblings, she has responsibilities placed on her that no child should have to deal with As a result Donna is fostered out and whilst adjusting to life in a loving,supportive,caring responsibility free household is not a smooth road, the journey Donna takes and the love and support she receives enable her to flourish and become a strong and beautiful young lady This book [...]

    • [PDF] A Menina Mais Triste do Mundo | by ✓ Cathy Glass
      335 Cathy Glass
    A Menina Mais Triste do Mundo