The S&M Feminist: Best of Clarisse Thorn Best Read || [Clarisse Thorn]

  • Title: The S&M Feminist: Best of Clarisse Thorn
  • Author: Clarisse Thorn
  • ISBN: 9781477472040
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback

  • The S&M Feminist: Best of Clarisse Thorn Best Read || [Clarisse Thorn] - The S&M Feminist: Best of Clarisse Thorn, The S M Feminist Best of Clarisse Thorn Clarisse Thorn is a sex positive activist who has been writing about love SM sex gender and relationships since Her writing has appeared across the Internet in places like The Guardian Alter
    Clarisse Thorn
    Clarisse Thorn is a feminist SM writer who has delivered sex workshops all over the USA She wrote a book about pickup artists called CONFESSIONS OF A PICKUP ARTIST CHASER, plus a collection of her best pieces called THE SM FEMINIST In 2009, Clarisse created and curated the original Sex sex positive documentary film series at Chicago s historic feminist site, Jane Addams Hull House Museum She has also volunteered as an archivist, curator and fundraiser for that venerable SM institution, the Leather Archives Museum In 2010, Clarisse returned from working on HIV mitigation in southern Africa Clarisse s writing has appeared all over the Internet, from The Guardian to Jezebel She blogs about life, sex, feminism, and SM at clarissethorn, and tweets clarissethorn.


    I like books, I like blogs, normally I do not like blog books They don t feel right There is a certain scattered quality that tends to annoy me This is one of the few blog books that didn t bother me still has the scattered quality, maybe it is the subject matter that helped me overlook the feel I ve read a few books candid and open about sex, Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort comes to mind They ve covered the basics her body, his body, reproduction, birth control, STDs, beyond missionary Nicely done b [...]

    This collection of blogs is a fantastic read for anyone even remotely interested in alternative lifestyles Full of insight and thought provoking information, these entries detail the author s experiences with and ruminations on her chosen path There are no feminist rants to scare readers or grand pronouncements of the accept it or perish variety The focus is on reasons behind choosing to live a certain way, how it can affect them and society at large and how to accept yourself for who you are T [...]

    Rebekka Steg
    The SM Feminist Best Of Clarisse Thorn is an excellent introduction into pro sex feminism, as well as SM, polyamory, gender issues and relationships from a feminist point of view If you re a regular reader of her wonderful blog you will probably recognize a lot of the articles, but this book ties them all together in a new way.I think this book is incredibly important and relevant for everyone, whether you identify as feminist or not, whether you are interested in BDSM SM or not, polyamorous or [...]

    This is a best of this person s blog book, so the content is pretty much available for free online but then it s not organized in a cohesive order and so on I can t really identify with the author very well for a number of reasons , but I will say it s an interesting read and I like how she organized things in the book I think I hope I gained some understanding from having read it The part about her time in Africa was especially eye opening, but I generally didn t know much of anything about BDS [...]

    I thought this was a great book It s written in a way that s accessible to those who know nothing about BDSM without being boring to kinky folks I loved Thorn s emphasis on consent and communication I loved her clear and unapologetic views on sexuality and women s empowerment I agreed with it so much that I bought a copy for one of my best friends, who tries to be kink friendly but admits that she is worried about me every time she sees a bruise on my body, who can t understand any motivation fo [...]

    This book is actually not so much about SM It s about coming to terms with your sexuality, societal pressures, communicating with your partner and some feminism I really like it.Now I ll to go follow all those interesting links

    Collection of blog posts by Clarisse Thorn, emphasizing on feminism and BDSM, mostly from a female sub female switch perspective Insightful.

    • The S&M Feminist: Best of Clarisse Thorn Best Read || [Clarisse Thorn]
      176 Clarisse Thorn
    The S&M Feminist: Best of Clarisse Thorn