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  • Title: Longing for Love
  • Author: Marie Force
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  • Page: 106
  • Format: ebook

  • Welcome back to Gansett Island Series favorite Tiffany Sturgil steals the spotlight in Longing for Love as her new boutique Naughty Nice opens in downtown Gansett, right in time for the annual spring Race Week festivities Finally divorced and ready for a new beginning, Tiffany wonders if sexy Police Chief Blaine Taylor thinks of her as often as she thinks of him siWelcome back to Gansett Island Series favorite Tiffany Sturgil steals the spotlight in Longing for Love as her new boutique Naughty Nice opens in downtown Gansett, right in time for the annual spring Race Week festivities Finally divorced and ready for a new beginning, Tiffany wonders if sexy Police Chief Blaine Taylor thinks of her as often as she thinks of him since their explosive encounter last fall Back then he directed her to call him the second she was officially divorced, but the opening of her store and her unconventional advertising campaign have put the island s lingerie queen at odds with the town s top cop Despite their clashes, when these two finally get together after months of steamy build up, readers will need to keep a fire extinguisher close at hand Blaine has been burned in the past by love affairs gone wrong, and he s wary about risking too much too soon But he quickly discovers that Tiffany s sarcastic rejoinders and bitter outer shell hide a badly wounded heart of gold He also discovers she s a sex toy fraud and convinces her she can t possibly sell the merchandise without trying it out first While he finds himself thinking of her all the time, the mayor is after him to curb her sexy advertising and his mother worries that Blaine has taken on another project who will break his heart.As Blaine and Tiffany fight for their happily ever after, readers favorite characters from past books are back for island adventures Joe and Janey return to Gansett for the summer and discover the big secret his mother has been keeping Evan learns that Grace hasn t told her parents about him Stephanie s restaurant is ready to open in the renovated Sand Surf Dan keeps showing up to visit Kara at work, Mac is worried about Maddie s upcoming meeting with her deadbeat dad and a Race Week catastrophe reminds everyone what s really important The McCarthys of Gansett Island takes a decidely erotic turn in this seventh book If hot, sexy men in uniform cavorting with hot, sexy women who sell sex toys for a living aren t your thing, this book might not be for you
    Marie Force
    aka M.S ForceAbout the Author Start reading Marie s New York Times Bestselling Gansett Island Series today with Maid for Love, free on You can also sign up for Marie s newsletter at marieforce Marie Force is the New York Times bestselling author of than 50 contemporary romances, including the Gansett Island Series, which has sold than 2.3 million books, and the Fatal Series from Harlequin Books, which has sold than 1.2 million books In addition, she is the author of the Green Mountain Series as well as the erotic romance Quantum Series, written under the slightly modified name of M.S Force All together, her books have sold than 5 million copies worldwide Her goals in life are simple to finish raising two happy, healthy, productive young adults, to keep writing books for as long as she possibly can and to never be on a flight that makes the news Join Marie s mailing list on her website at marieforce for news about new books and upcoming appearances in your area Follow her on Facebook at Facebook MarieForceAuthor, on Twitter marieforce and on Instagram at instagram marieforceauthor Contact Marie at marie marieforce.


    Tiffany Sturgil is finally ready to open the doors to her new lingerie store, Naughty & Nice, and her divorce is just about final. It's a new, fresh start for her but not without controversy as Gansett Island may not be ready for her audacious new business. But, Police Chief Blaine Taylor is most definitely ready to revisit (and resume) their last encounter as soon as the ink is dry on those divorce papers. This was such a fun story as Tiffany's got lots of verve and nerve and uses some prov [...]

    4.5 stars. I freaking loved this bk. I think it’s one of her best and you definitely don’t want to miss this one. WOW that Blaine!!! Walking sex on a stick. MF got a bit racier with this story, and I was lovin’ it!!! With Tiffany opening her Naughty and Nice store and Blaine, the local police chief, being all alpha male and dominant you can imagine how things got in her bedroom, his bedroom, her store, and… ;-). I’m sure some will criticize that Blaine and Tiffany didn’t get as much [...]

    Gwen (The Gwendolyn Reading Method)
    As is becoming usual for this series, I HATED the male lead, but liked the secondary storylines, many of which were about male leads that I hated in past books. So, I plan to start liking Blaine as soon as he's not the star of his own book.

    Mariann at Belle's Book Bag
    Since my reading addiction started and I continually discovered new authors and their books, I have found my favorites that I wait anxiously to be released and The McCarthy's of Gansett Island series is one of them. So I have to admit that I did a little happy dance when Longing For Love was finally released!! LOL :)I continue to be drawn into each of these books through the lovable characters and the wonderful little island they reside. I've never wanted to live in a fictional place or surround [...]

    #MarieForce / #AskinKuralsizHaliGansett Adası Serisinin 7tabını okumuş bulunmaktayim. :D Bu seriyi seviyorum. McCarty ailesini yeniden görmek çok hoştu. Bu kitapta da adanın yakışıklı polis şefi Blaine Taylor ile eşinden boşanmış adada kendine ve çocuğuna yeni bir iş ve hayat kurmaya çalışan Tiffany Sturgil'in hikayesi vardı. Tiffany'nin yakışıklı avukatı Dan ile Kara arasında oluşan kıvılcımlar da kitabın tuzu biberiydi ❤ kendi meslegimi hiiic sevmesem, hatt [...]

    3.5 I'm one of those people who prefer reading stand alone books or short series (no more than four books) because I get tired of waiting for the next book or I forget characters or what's happened. But for some reason, the McCarthys of Gansett Island trapped me from book 1 and I have waited for each new book and read them all. Marie keeps writing about previous characters (which are some of my favorites from Gansett) and I love to keep knowing more about them. The only bad thing about it is tha [...]

    I have visited Gansett Island many times, and generally enjoyed my stay. In this installment the main characters in the book are Tiffany and Blaine. Tiffany is struggling to keep her head above water. She supported her husband through law school, working two jobs. Now that they moved back to the island and have young daughter he has decided he wanted a divorced and moved out of the home, taking all the furniture with him. Tiffany runs a daycare and a dance studio during the off season, but at th [...]

    2.5 stars I was on the fence for the first couple of chapters, but I kept with it and it got better. I guess the author was trying to inject some variety into the personalities and styles of her male love interests, but Blaine never really clicked with me. To be honest, I never liked Tiffany much either - though she's softened quite a bit since her introduction in the first book. I was still routing for them, though not super emotionally invested. I actually skimmed through a lot.Fans of the ser [...]

    Anne OK
    You don't want to miss out on Tiffany and Blaine's story, along with updates on all the other characters we've come to love! Marie Force keeps the romance hot (well even hotter!!), the stories realistic, and the series fresh and addictive. Can't wait for the next trip to Gansett Island.Full review to follow.

    Serinin en erotik kitabıydı galiba. Dört gözle beklediğim çiftin hikayesi gibi bir şeydi ama fena değil'den öteye geçemedi gibi. Yine de birçok karakterin hikayesini okumak, özellikle Dan ve Kara çok hoşuma gitti.

    Özlem Yazıcı
    Bu seriyi seviyorum. İçinde herşey var. Aşk var, Tutku var, kardeşlik var, aile bağları ve arkadaşlık var. Daha ne olsun ki 👏🏻👏🏻😍😍

    Listened to on audio, narrated by Holly Fielding.4.5 stars for the audio. I'd not encountered Holly Fielding before and so I was a little unsure to begin with, just because it takes a little while to become used to a different voice and style, but after the first 10 minutes I totally forgot about her. That, in my opinion, is the sign of a really good narrator. They should disappear into the background whilst at the same time enhancing the book. I am really pleased to say this definitely happened [...]

    C Joy
    This has to be my favorite book in the series so far.Tiffany totally rocks! I love her independence and strength, and of course the Gansett-unconventional toy store she opened, and I'm not talking about children's toys. Her and Blaine's story started from Grant and Stephanie's story when they met. It's already been a year and since Tiffany is still technically married to her douchebag husband Jim, Tiffany and Blaine are limited to eye-f*cking only.I love the sexual tension between them and Blain [...]

    4.5 Stars!After accidentally erasing my long review I am just too lazy to re-write it. So I'm going to get right to it, I loved it! Blaine & Tiffany burn up the sheets and then some. Definitely IMO much more erotic but hot for the better. That Blaine is one freaky man and Tiffany (along with me) loves it. Love sneaks up on them while they are respectively are trying to not let their past relationships factor in. The various sideline stories continue but I'm getting used to it, although I wis [...]

    The Gansett Island's series is really good, amusing, interesting, but I haven't connected with these two main characters. The plot too is not so breath-taking. I found Tiffany and her actions unnerving and sometimes silly, most of all in her work. So, a nice read, but not to compare with some of the other books

    Jo Ann
    This series has become my crack. Onto book 8 so I can get my fix.

    One of the hottest books in the series so faris serie is so cheesy but I love it!! #guiltypleasure

    I loved this one as much as the others. I dreaded finishing it but I knew another one was coming soon!. I'm pretty sure that Marie Force is quickly becoming one of my very favorite authors.

    Julia Schlosser
    CoverDas Cover ist wie der Ort, an dem die Geschichte spielt. Einfach zum träumen. Schon anhand des Covers kann man erahnen, um was für eine Geschichte es sich bei der Story handelt.InhaltIm Vordergrund des Buches steht die Geschichte von Tiffany Sturgil und Blaine Taylor.Tiffany und ihre kleine Tochter leben auf Gansett Island und versuchen gerade wieder, auf die Beine zu kommen. Danke Ehemann sie verlassen hat und sämtliche Möbel aus dem gemeinsamen Haus mitnahm, bleibt den beiden nicht vi [...]

    CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFLonging for Love was another fantastic novel by Marie Force. I just loved Tiffany and Blaine's love story. Their romance was the perfect combination of naughty and nice. Their relationship was a combination of sweet and sexy, heavy on the sexy. Tiffany and Blaine had a very hot, playful, and adventurous sex life. Ms. Force definitely spiced things up in this novel. In my opinion, Longing for Love is the sexiest no [...]

    Eva Hechenberger
    Dies ist der wunderbare 7.Teil der Reihe um die McCarthys und so lernt man als Leser neue Menschen kennen und trifft natürlich auch wieder alte Bekannte wieder. Für mich war es der erste Teil der Reihe den ich gelesen habe, aber es gab für mich keine Probleme, da die Geschichte um Tiffany und Blaine sich wunderbar einzeln auch lesen lässt.Mir hat ja der Einstieg in die Handlung schon sehr gefallen, da es die Autorin sehr gut versteht einiges an Humor mit in die Geschichte zu nehmen. Ich kann [...]

    4.5 out of 5. This seventh book in another fine Marie Force series continued to keep me glued to the stories of this island population, all friends of relatives of the Gansett Island McCarthy family. Now the sister-in-law of Mac McCarthy, Tiffany Stirgil, a hard working business woman and caring mother has been thrown over by her self-centered and uncaring ex, a man who was happy to allow her to work two jobs while he was getting his law degree and birthing his daughter. Now that the money is ro [...]

    Kami Dodson-Perry
    Marie Force is very good at having several stories going at once in the background. This maybe about Tiffany & Blaine but pay attention to all the coupling going on. Theses back stories will become there own in the next books.Book #7 focuses on Blaine & Tiffany. Blaine is the sexy chief of police & Tiffany is Maddie's sister who runs a daycare & teaches dance classes. Blaine has been smitten with Tiffany since there brief encounter in the hospital after the marina accident. Tiffa [...]

    I really liked this book a lot and I’ve been waiting a long time to read Tiffany and Blaine’s book. Ms. Force did a great job, again!At the beginning of this series, I didn’t like Tiffany. She was just so grumpy and resentful but thru out this amazing series, I started to understand her better andlike her more and more. In “Longing for love”, we “see” a different Tiffany,so brave, outgoing and stands up for herself . I got to say, I really like this Tiffany and I was rooting for he [...]

    ♥Knhebek, hbeebti♥
    This series is completely amazing. I started it when i saw that Maid for love was free and i decided to give a try, now i'm just completely hooked and in love with each and every character even if they are not the main characters they stay with you and you think about them constantly. Marie Force will take you on a ride where you will find love, happiness and heartbreak, but you are going to love every second of it and you will not regret it. What i love about this series is that Marie doesn't f [...]

    I love the McArthy's of Gansett Island, and with this book we see a slight change of pace. It's naughtier, it's funnier and Blaine is certainly sexier. The opening of the `store' is hilarious and Tiffany certainly keeps Blaine on his toes, although he knows what he wants and goes for it. He doesn't give Tiffany time or the opportunity to have any doubts, he knocks all her barriers down before she has chance to erect any. I love that all the old characters, along with some new, are still there. Y [...]

    And the best erotica scenes for this series begin here!!! I was getting a little tired of the same old sex scenes but Marie came through and changed it all up.Blaine is just WOW OH WOW!!! Super smexy and dominate in every way possible. He could give Christian a run for his money because he's experienced love and betrayal before and can easily distinguish between the two. So he understands his emotions much better and is Mr. Kinky - love me some Blaine!!!Tiffany is a great person, strong and inde [...]

    While I adore this series and every character in it, the main characters in this installment didn't do it for me. Still, it was great to remember everything about this series I had forgotten so much as it's been a while since I got my hands in a book from it. I kept waiting for something big to happen, something different, but it never did. Only the last 10% of the book and it seemed a bit repetitive because something very similar had happened in one of the previous installments. Maybe I just wa [...]

    Vikki Vaught
    The saga continues. This is a great addition to the Gansett Island series. I thoroughly enjoyed the romance between Tiffany and Blaine. I also enjoyed the added story line of Dan and Kara and hearing about the other McCartys. I next one coming up should be interesting, Adam and Abbey. If you enjoyed soap operas on TV, then you will love this series.Happy reading!

    Dawn ♥ romance
    I enjoyed this book although it was pretty heavy with side romances that combined kind of overshadowed the main romance which was heavily sex-based. However, the action at the end pulled everything together making it an overall good story. Tiffany opens her new lingerie store and stands outside in a skimpy outfit causing a traffic jam that police chief Blaine has to handle.

    • Best Download [Marie Force] ✓ Longing for Love || [Children's Book] PDF µ
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