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  • Title: Honor Thy Thug
  • Author: Wahida Clark
  • ISBN: 9781936399390
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Hardcover

  • From New York Times bestselling author Wahida Clark, comes the highly anticipated next installment in the Queen s Thug series Fans will rush to this latest installment while new fans will be eager to discover Wahida Clark s unmatched melodrama Following the action of Justify My Thug, the story rejoins the saga s favorite couple, Tasha and Trae, as they try to overcome thFrom New York Times bestselling author Wahida Clark, comes the highly anticipated next installment in the Queen s Thug series Fans will rush to this latest installment while new fans will be eager to discover Wahida Clark s unmatched melodrama Following the action of Justify My Thug, the story rejoins the saga s favorite couple, Tasha and Trae, as they try to overcome their troubles and make their marriage work In the torrid world of sex, drugs, and crime, Wahida Clark continues her definitive hip hop soap opera that fans have come to love.
    Wahida Clark
    Wahida Clark was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey She decided to start writing fiction while incarcerated at a women s federal camp in Lexington, KY Her style is street, raw, and she has an imagination that s in overdrive When you read her novels they are so real you are convinced of one of three things that you are inside the book, you know the characters, or you just have to meet them Her first novel, Thugs And The Women Who Love Them and the sequel, Every Thug Needs A Lady appeared on the Essence Best Sellers List.


    Bravo applauding Wahida Clark.I don't even know where to start1st of all we make Tasha & Trae THE couple, but I have to say Angel & Kaylin are the baddest pair their love, devotion, calmness, & domineer WOW don't sleep on them. Angel has her mans back 100% + and will not allow nothing or no one to come between them. Kaylin so loves his wife and devoted to his family and will do anything for them, but don't get it twisted if you try to screw him over he will handle is business in a ve [...]

    Sha Latoy
    Angel and Kay were my favorite and have always been my favorite couple from the series. I have so much love for Kaylin , he did his thing and I love the connection between him and Angel. I wish there was more of them in the story and hopefully they will have more story time in part 7. Jaz couldn't win for loose and Kyra a.k.a. O Holy One (lol) was interesting and I m looking forward to find out what happens between her and Rick in the next book. I have to admit that I was a little tired of Tasha [...]

    Thugs, Ladies, Love, Matrimony, Lovin', Justify and Honor' Roll CallTrae, Tasha, Kaylin, Angel, Jaz, Faheemd a few resurrections as the games begin again despite all the foolery we witnessed as they justified their thugs. Trae and Tasha are trying to re-build their mockery of a marriage, but past associates are still fiending and wanting to destroy this union. Will they be able to withstand their obstacles or will they foldhave they done too much to move forward? Kay and Angel are good but will [...]

    OKAY!!! so book 6 in the Thug Series by Wahida Clark and the gang has all returned. Trae, Tasha, Kaylin, Angel, Jaz, Faheem, Kyra, Rick, and others…d they’re all getting on my GODDAMNED nerves.okay so lets start with…The Good?the book was good…i can at least say that. Wahida resuscitated this series because the events of this last book was about to send her writing career to an early grave. While this book is definitely not the best out of the series…its the best out of the second half [...]

    Cassandra Carter
    From a writer’s standpoint, the first thing that stood out to me about this book is Ms. Clark’s ability to weave together a good story using so many different points of view. However, I only gave Honor Thy Thug four stars (Really 3.5) because although, it was a fast, entertaining read, at times, I felt the story almost progressed TOO fast for me. As a reader, I felt like I was losing out on some of the vital details I was craving. I can’t say too much without revealing key elements of the [...]

    Stephanie Wiley
    I was highly disappointed in this book There was nothing new and exciting and I felt the storyline was incomplete and rushed. I truly feel I was tricked I waited, waited, waited, and waited then finally the book was released and after reading it I think that Wahida Clark should seriously think about ending the series enough is a enough! I have come to love the Thug crew but if this is the quality of work that will be printed, this will be the last book I purchase and read!

    I won this book in the first reads giveaway. Thanks so much to the author and those involved in the giveaway. I admit I stalked the mailbox, and Monday, I just knew it was there. I ran to the mailbox, grabbed my package, and ran into my room and didn't come out until morning, all because I just had to start reading this book!A little disclaimer: If you haven’t read all of the books in the series, do not start with Honor Thy Thug. Start with book 1, Thugs and the Women Who Love Them. You have t [...]

    Amy Rae
    I couldn't finish this one, but I'm glad I read as much of it as I did.Street lit is a genre of fiction I find interesting. Telling larger-than-life stories that feature large casts of characters whose adventures are driven by their relationships to each other and the power they seek? There are comparisons to be made to All My Children. There are comparisons to be made to Charles Dickens and A Song of Ice and Fire. (And if you're rolling your eyes at that a little, I won't lie: I'm rolling my ey [...]

    Me'Tova Hollingsworth
    Another successful book by Wahida Clark for the shelves all around the world. I am so in love with the Thug series, and I've been down since the beginning. Trae and Tasha are one of my most favorite couples that I enjoy reading about. I can always find entertainment watching them weather through another storm. They were meant to be together no doubt! Kira came back and she just had to have her some Rick. Rick had ole girl confused like nobody's business. Poor Rick has a choice to make and he is [...]

    Honor Thy Thug lived up to its title where it showed that true friends will have each other's back. This installment picked up where Justify My Thug ended and we find Kyra has returned, Faheem must deal with the death of his son and finally Trae is determined to make his marriage work. This book had the drama and it definitely pitted brother against brother be it blood relation or life long friends. When it was all written and events have transpired, Jaz, Kyra, Angel and Tasha, along with Trae, [...]

    OMG this was the best book man it was so much going and it kept me on edge the entire time, it was a good way to end the series if that is truly the end but I would welcome another addition in a second.

    Tinika Decinco
    Wahida does it again

    Shalonda Ross
    Wahida Clark is the best! Could she possibly continue this sagaease!!!!

    Excellent Read!

    Kristen Johnson
    Ready for the next book!!!!

    Delilah Thomas
    Delilah Thomas “You always want me to honor your thug, but you need to recognize and honor mines” . In Honor Thy Thug by Wahida Clark there are three couples that have been through alot and is still going through it after many of years. Every time the couples think they have took two steps ahead and good things start to happen to them something always pull them back and something tragic happens. The first couple is Tasha and Trae and right about now their marriage is on the rocks and they ha [...]

    Luscious Lee
    Doing these all at once, I'm beginning to feel redundant. If you like any of the Thug Series, then this entry will not disappoint! The only thing I wish I could change about my experience of these books is that I wish I'd read them in order

    this can't be how this ends there has to be more, I am left with so many ?s. Whyyyyy.did it go like that so many things to think about whoaaaaa!

    This installment was an okay listen. The 3 stars is because Cary Hite is an outstanding narrator.My review is by couple and/or storyline.I'll start with the most exhausting firstTrae/Tasha-It's book 6 or 7 and I'm still waiting for Tasha's redeemable qualities to emerge. There has been no character growth. She started out in book 2 materialistic, shallow, narcissistic, and lacking any amount of accountability for her actions and is still stuck in the same place. She brought her cousin into a sit [...]

    Genaye Porch
    I enjoyed the book overall. Tasha actually became my least favorite character. I usually read the books within three days but I was stop and go with this one for weeks. Am I the only one that expected a little more? I mean the Marvin Kyra story was okay but the ending was weak as hell.

    i just love this series. I hated that we had to wait so long to find out what would happen with Tasha and Trae, but as the saga continues, so does their love and their drama. I love to read how this couple keeps their relationship going even after both of them have done so much to hurt each other. Even though Tasha and Trae are my favorite couple from this series, there was just something about Kyron He just brought out some "extra" in Tasha I kind of hated to see their relationship turn out the [...]

    Simone Willis
    I thought it was a good book, kind of straight to the point with everything. But once again Trae & Tasha were dumb as hell but I still love them and the part I hated the most in the book was how when Kaylin was telling Angel to go and just let them take him she wouldn't go. And when they were out of the situation she explained to him that she couldn't live without him, blah blah blah. But to me that was a coward ass dumb bitch move. Why would you choose to leave your child parentless, to me [...]

    Well is this the end for the series???? I sure hope not! This one left me with a lot of unanswered questions, and I have a feeling Wahida has something else up her sleeve! There was a lot of drama in this one, murders were on the rise in this one, and I just felt like there is still some stories that need closure. The end was a little abrupt and I just felt like I am still left wondering about a lot of things. I will wait and see if she continues and picks it up again in the future, I kind of ha [...]

    Kimiko Clayton
    This wasn't the best of the thug series. Wahida has changed the entire personalities of each character. Tasha and Trae's never ending theatrical drama really annoyed me. I feel like her writing is start to get repetitive and watered-down. Angel and Kay are my faves, I wished they had a bigger role in the book. They are the cutest! I really hope there is not gonna be another thugs #7 because she can't keep stretching this series; I'm starting to get bored with these last few stories like thugs #5 [...]

    Black Carrie
    I am a huge huge fan of Wahida Clark I have read "EVERY THUG NEEDS A LADY" several times hell I know the book by heart. But this one I wont be reading again. Tasha & Trae where my favorite couple but it seem like all they do is fuss and fight #smh Tasha & Trae were my favorite couple now I just want them to break up !!!! I hope the next book is better if not I'm going to let Wahida have it *L0L*I was very disappointed with this book. The book in my opinion was everywhere. From the situat [...]

    This book ended the series well, No need for a book 7. The only thing I did not like was how she incorporated another character from a complete different series into the book. Also the various references to the "Diaries". Which kind of makes you feel like you missed something if you didn't get around to reading them. I wasn't trying to tire myself of the characters so I have no desire to read the diaries or additional side stories of the characters she published. Over all Great series. I will be [...]

    Cheri Cromartie
    OMGoodness the drama this book brought!! I'm left hanging and want to know what the heck happens to everyone! Does Trae get out of prison, has Tasha had the baby, does the crazy Charli chick live, is Angel pregnant, does anyone find out it was Kaylin who murdered his brother, who does Rick end up with, does Kyra go back to preaching the word in the streets, what happens to Jaz and Faheem, does Trae tell Tasha who murdered Trina and where is the brother KevinI hope this wasn't the end to Thug ser [...]

    Jenee Rager
    Wahida Clark's "Thug" series has long been one of my guilty pleasures. She almost lost me after the last book in the series, but she came back with a vengeance in "Honor Thy Thug" and pulled me back in. The story line is fastpaced and entertaining as always, but this time she seems to have hired a better editor and made the story more cohesive. There are still lots of strings I can't wait to see be tied up in the next book, but this one did a good job moving the characters forward and into new t [...]

    Cynthia Jarrett
    For one the book didn't seem to have picked up from where the last book left off so it left me a bit confused. I thought that maybe I had missed a book or something. I will making a mental note to brief myself on the last book.I love drama in my books but Tasha and Trae were really whinny in this book. I felt that Trae wasn't the Thug that I came to know and love from the other books. Anyway, Wahida is my girl and I will continue to support her.

    K NikkiWaden
    Another Banger for the Queen of Street Lit, This book starts off where Justify My Thug ended and just in case you forgot any part of that book she included some back story. The ladies are back with their thugs and serving so much drama. From the first page to the last, non-stop drama and a lot of "OH Hell No" moments. Hoping for more books in this series, because I would hate to see it end. Love this series.

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