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  • Title: Kneading to Die
  • Author: Liz Mugavero
  • ISBN: 9780758284785
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback

  • Maybe the best thing that ever happened to Kristan Stan Connor was losing her high stress public relations job Now there s plenty of time to spend in her sleepy new Connecticut town working on her dream baking healthy, organic pet treats Before long the neighborhood dogs are escaping their yards to show up at Stan s doorstep, begging for the kinds of special homemade tMaybe the best thing that ever happened to Kristan Stan Connor was losing her high stress public relations job Now there s plenty of time to spend in her sleepy new Connecticut town working on her dream baking healthy, organic pet treats Before long the neighborhood dogs are escaping their yards to show up at Stan s doorstep, begging for the kinds of special homemade treats her Maine coon cat Nutty loves so much And Stan s pet loving neighbors are thrilled with the new organic options available to their furry family members But not everyone loves Stan and her newfangled organic waysIt seems Carole Morganwick, the town vet, is from the old school of pet care But when Stan swallows her pride and brings a very unwilling Nutty in for a checkup, she not only finds Carole dead under a pile of kibble.but also that she s in the dog house as the prime suspect Finding the real killer and clearing her name will require some seriously surreptitious sniffing around d hopefully, curiosity won t kill this innocent cat Includes Gourmet Pet Food Recipes
    Liz Mugavero
    Liz Mugavero has been writing stories since she could hold a pen Before that, she would tell them to anyone who would listen not many at the time After deciding early on she would write books for a living, she practiced by writing bad, angst filled poems, short stories and even a storyline for a soap opera all by age 15 She never wavered from her goals despite all the usual questions including, So are you going to be an English teacher with that degree in English or, That writing thing sounds nice, but how are you REALLY going to make a living She went on to get a master s in writing and publishing and spent time in journalism, PR, and presently, corporate marketing and communications And she s confident this writing thing IS the way to make a living.Aside from writing, she loves animals has a houseful , the beach, reading other writers masterpieces and Starbucks coffee.Originally from Massachusetts, she lives in Connecticut with her family, but has every intention of getting back to the Bay State sooner rather than later.The Gourmet Pet Food Mysteries is her first series From her website, lizmugavero


    Ivonne Rovira
    Lisa Mugavero has spawned yet another cozy mystery series with a humorous heroine with an offbeat nickname, a twee boutique business, and a kitty sidekick. Kristan “Stan” Connor moves from West Hartford to rural Connecticut and turns her hand to making organic pet treats when she’s laid off from her job. When Stan’s adversary, the prickly local veterinarian, winds up dead, Stan finds herself the prime suspect, based on the thinnest evidence I’ve ever seen in any mystery book. Naturally [...]

    Frog Ledge, Connecticut. Who’d want to live there? Stan Connor, that’s who. Kristan Connor, a recently laid-off public relations professional, opts for a big change by moving to a rural small town away from her mother and her boyfriend/co-worker, Richard. She has fallen in love with a quaint house and has resolved to make do on her severance pay and investments until the right job comes along. In the meantime, she bakes organic treats for dogs and cats and passes them out to friends and neig [...]

    Nancy Narma
    Canines, Felines and Murder Abound”Stan (short for Kristan) Connor is the new girl in town. After her PR position with Warner Insurance has been eliminated, she decides to leave city life behind and move to the more laid-back, sleepy community of Frog Ledge, Connecticut. She gets a surprising impression of her new neighbors before her car engine is cold and the boxes had been carried in from her car. “Boyfriend” Richard is little to no help with the unpacking and settling in. He is still a [...]

    At the suggestion of a member of my Mystery Readers Group on Facebook, I decided to give this one a try. I've been shying away from a lot of the cozies lately because so many of them are repetitive. Plus I'm not a fan of a book that has every chapter starting with "so and so decided to wear her black skirt and lime green twinset." This is the first book in this series, so we'll see. However, this was a fun book. We meet Stan, short for Kristan. Now you have to suspend belief here just a little. [...]

    I have been anxiously waiting for this series to come out and I was not disappointed! delivered my e-copy to my Kindle and I started reading as soon as I could. I love Stan! She's an amazing character and her and Liz Mugavero's thoughts on pets, animal rescue, raw pet food and homemade treats echoes how I feel too! Liz also worked with Eric Walsh, owner of the Big Biscuit. I know Eric as his shop is in a town near where I live. My dogs LOVE Eric's homemade baked treats and his raw treat selecti [...]

    After her job is eliminated, Kristan "Stan" Connor moves to a bucolic farming community in Connecticut with her Maine Coon cat, Nutty. Her boyfriend, Richard, thinks she's crazy and wants to help her get back into their corporate world. Stan isn't sure what her next move is but she's kind of glad to have the time to figure it out. While moving in she accidentally overhears a neighbor arguing with another woman. She soon discovers her neighbor is a homeopathic veterinarian, which makes Stan happy [...]

    After Kristan “Stan” Connor loses her high profile public relations job, she decides it’s time for a huge change. She leaves her big city life and moves to a small Connecticut town with her Maine Coon kitty, Nutty. Her boyfriend gives her no support in making the move and takes every opportunity to ridicule her for it, but Stan is determined to make it work.Stan’s new neighbors are delighted to learn that she bakes her own organic pet treats. In fact, not only are the humans happy but so [...]

    Diane ~Firefly~
    Great start to a new mystery series. I like Stan (short for Kristan) a lot. After her job is "eliminated" she moves out of the city to start over. Unfortunately she soon discovers a body and some in her new small town prefer to blame outsiders. She does win over a few locals by winning over their pets with her homemade treats. Overall I really liked most the characters and look forward to catching up with them again in the next installment.

    Stan has just been let go from her high profile PR job and on a whim bought a cute country house in Frog's Ledge. She is hoping for a small-town vibe where she easily bonded with her neighbors and had some time to relax before re-entering the corporate world.Unfortunately, someone in town had other ideas. While taking her beloved cat to the vet, she discovers the vet's dead body and quickly becomes a person of interest. As the outsider, she struggles with people's suspicions.I felt so bad for St [...]

    Needs a little workThis is the first in the series and for me was a little flat and could use some better descriptions of the characters. More depth to make them feel real.I will probably read the next book to see if it comes alive.Recipes are better for dogs than cats since dogs eat just about everything.

    Bandmama (aka Lucy) - Claiming Mitch as mine
    I was fortunate to receive this book via Giveaway. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The author does a bang up job inviting you into her small town. Each character is described to the point that you really feel you know them (or someone just like them anyway). I am a pet lover and so of course the fact that this book includes pets and those who rescue them interest me but this plot and story would be enjoyed by anyone. It is well written and I did not figure out "who did it". I thought it was sup [...]

    ❂ Jennifer
    A solid 4 star read and an excellent start to a new series! I'm loving the characters in this book - each is unique and there's no struggling to keep them straight in one's head. The town sounds charming, except for the small town atmosphere when things get tense. The author goes further than most cozy authors detailing just how difficult and devastating it can be to be a suspect in a murder in a small town - especially when you're not a 'native'. This angst can get a bit heavy once or twice, an [...]

    Mystereity Reviews
    Just ok. To much inner dialogue (why so much of the book is devoted to the soon to be ex boyfriend is beyond me, she didn't seem to care about him much) and the plot was terrible. Character development was iffy, too many secondary characters introduced with little or no context. Overall there's room to grow, so maybe it'll get better but I won't rush out to get the next one.

    Leaving the corporate world behind, Kristan “Stan” Connor buys a Victorian house in a quiet, small town of Frog Ledge,Connecticut. Stan and her Maine Coon cat, Nutty are aboutto embrace a totally new style of living. Stan makes organic treats for Nutty which will soon become popular with the other dogs and cats involved inthe story. Besides meeting fun loving fur babies, the readersare introduced to an array of artfully created, vivid, colorfulcharacters even some quirky plus a few resentful [...]

    Valerie McNamee Earl
    Kristan "Stan" Connor has just moved to the small town of Frog Ledge, Connecticut . The town sounds so quaint I can’t blame her. I picture the town square from Gilmore Girls! Newly let go from her cutthroat career job she has decided leaving behind the wreck her life has become and starting over fresh. But being the newcomer to the town becomes a problem when a the local veterinarian is murdered and Stan is pegged as number one suspect.Stan has a cat named, Nutty, who needs a special diet beca [...]

    Okay so I liked the interaction between the characters in the book, the pace of the story, the small town feel of the setting. I loved the animals, especially Duncan and Scruffy. I didn't like the fact that the residents of the town made small-town inhabitants look like suspicious jerks or Stan's oh-poor-pitiful-me attitude through much of the book. I had the suspect pegged pretty early but the motive was a shocker. And I'm glad that Richard shouldn't be appearing in future installments (hopeful [...]

    Crystal Hart
    I’ll admit, I was a little leery to read a book about someone that makes organic pet treats. It really didn’t sound like something even remotely interesting. But this ended up being really good! It was very well written with a good opening for a series. And I definitely didn’t see the end coming! I actually let out an “Oh no!” at one point! 😱😂 I can’t wait to continue the series!

    Text Addict
    A pretty good book, but I'm not going to follow the series.First, the good parts: Stan (short for Kristan) Connor is a pretty good protagonist; she's reasonably bright, keeps herself together most of the time (these are stressful circumstances, of course, so she gets some slack), resourceful when under attack, and the author helpfully gives her sufficient investment income that she doesn't have to be immediately searching for a job (seeing as she's just been fired from her PR job for, apparently [...]

    I thought this was a cute start for a new series. I thought this was a cat cozy mystery but it isn't. The heroine has a cat, but the cat is not involved with solving the mystery. I think I felt somewhat jealous of this corporate fast tracker who ended up realizing it wasn't the life she wanted. She moves to a small town and there are the obligatory cast of small town characters. I liked the fact her best friend is an animal rescuer. I read this after finishing the sobering biography of Kathleen [...]

    Great first entry in a promising new series!Losing your job is toughbut Stan deals with it by moving to a small town where she's bought a lovely Victorian house.  Her boyfriend doesn't understand it at all, but then he still has his job at Stan's old company.  Stan's charmed by the house and the town and finds herself quickly being welcomed by some, well, "colorful" characters!Stan settles in by doing what she knows, making treats and food for her cat Nutty, who has some health issues.  No cr [...]

    Paul Lunger
    The debut in Liz Mugavero's "Pawsitively Organic Mystery" series, "Kneading to Die" is a decent opening novel in what's becoming a cluttered genre. In the opener, Kristan "Stan" Connor has moved to Frog Ledge, CT after losing her public relations job. In this quiet little town, along with her cat, Nutty she meets a wide range of people who are intrigued by her organic kitty treats. When the town vet, Carole Morganwick asks her to bring Nutty in for an appointment & then turns up dead a rathe [...]

    Overall the book is pretty good. There were some parts that annoyed me - one being the fact that she stayed with her boyfriend for four years and just realized what a jerk he was. It would have been nice to show some of his good side so we could have at least seen why she liked him for that long. Another thing I didn't care for was the hate that seemed to be there for traditional vets. She wrote how judgmental traditional vets were to other medicine/ways, but they regarded the vets with the same [...]

    Mark Baker
    Stan has just moved to a small Connecticut town and is taking her cat to the only bet in town for the first time when she finds Carole's dead body on the floor. The vet wasn't well loved, but with the police and local gossip focusing on her as the killer, she needs to act fast to find out who really killed the vet.I certainly enjoyed this debut. The pets were absolutely charming if not always well behaved. Stan was a refreshing change of pace for a main character because she reacts more realisti [...]

    An interesting enough book for passing time, this is one of those whodunits where the mystery is solved with no prior notice - can be irritating if you're a serious mystery buff who wantes to try to solve a clue. The settings and characters seem well done and lively but at times the repetitiveness can grate on your nerves a little bit for a purportedly light read. The main character seems to be overly affected by silly things and constantly in her head while not doing anything about larger issue [...]

    Laura Lee
    First in a new series. Stan just moved into a cute Victorian in a small town. She has a cat named Nutty and he has IBS symptoms so she cooks his meals from sctrach and makes him organic snacks. Stan doesn't believe any animal should be eating store bought food. The town's vet is murdered and Stan is a suspect! She only just moved in! Stan tries to solve the mystery to save herself. Looks like a successful series is ahead. Characters are very likable and it looks like some romance is yet to come. [...]

    I was a First Read Winner of this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is the first book in a new series and I can't wait for the next one. The characters were easy to relate to, especially if you are an animal lover. I had a hard time putting the book down and it had me guessing until the end on who did it. What would make the book even better if the recipes to all those wonderful dog treats were included. I highly recommend this book.

    This was adorable! I can't wait to read the next one and find out what happens to Nutty, Scruffy, Duncan, and the rest of the furry crew. Oh, and Stan was fun too. And Jake.d Izzyd ok. I love the characters. Great cozy!

    Tracy Weber
    A fun mystery about a high powered corporate woman who moves to the country. Lots of animal love included, and I didn't guess the murderer!

    I typically don't like to start a series, but this is adorable! I can't wait to get it and to read it.

    not bad for a new series nicely twisted plot line involving Stan's Friend Nikki. And I can honestly say I didn't work out who it was until the very end either looking forward to the next book

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