Suburbianity Best Read || [Byron Forrest Yawn]

  • Title: Suburbianity
  • Author: Byron Forrest Yawn
  • ISBN: 9780736950411
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback

  • Suburbianity Best Read || [Byron Forrest Yawn] - Suburbianity, Suburbianity Rick Warren famously wrote It s not about you But much of the Western church seems to disagree having settled for a self centered message of personal fulfillment With incisiveness and a passionate l
    Byron Forrest Yawn
    Byron Yawn is the senior pastor of Community Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee and a much sought speaker His book Well Driven Nails received much positive acclaim from prominent ministers, including John MacArthur and Steven Lawson Byron has MDiv and DMin degrees from The Master s Seminary, is married to Robin, and has three children.

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    Paul Sheldon
    The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing, is perhaps Stephen Covey s most well known quote, and it is one which translates well into the life of the church The problem according to Byron Yawn is that the church, the American church, the suburban, American church, has failed miserably in keeping the main thing the main thing We have made ourselves and our American dreams the main thing and pushed the main thing Jesus Christ, and His rescue of sinful humanity through His life, death [...]

    Anne Snyder
    Great critique of modern evangelicalism white middle class church This books points out where we ve missed the main point, and how important it is to make sure people, even and especially people in church, really get the gospel.

    Roger Leonhardt
    Have we lost the gospel Along with Byron Yawn, I believe the answer is yes.When walking through the Christian bookstore, it is almost impossible to find a book about the gospel I see books about marriage, weight lose, relationships, but very few about Christ and Him crucified.Byron Yawn s book is about this very subject Much of today s Church has lost the Gospel We have turned our services into self help seminars Everything is about me Even books written to tell us it is not about you, go on to [...]

    Josh L
    You can read my full review at Quieted Waters.This book is a shot across the bow of every American Christian This is a cautionary tale do not confuse your conservative Christian comfort with Christianity This was a welcome warning to me.

    Glyn Williams
    A challenging read Makes you think about how one speaks to people on a general basis instead of just talking about the weather or politics or whatever the latest small talk topic is, it challenges you to talk about the things that really matter God, faith and salvation.

    Dry, burnt toast and boring Mostly just a guilt trip but I did like how Yawn pointed out the comfort we feel as Americans is easily equaled to what being a Christian is, when in reality its not Small Group Read

    Ridiculously good A must read.

    Tricia Oaks
    This book was engaging, convicting, and a great conversation starter See my full review triciaoaks1.wordpress 2013

    • Suburbianity Best Read || [Byron Forrest Yawn]
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