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  • Title: Ours is Just a Little Sorrow
  • Author: Gwen Hayes
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  • Page: 444
  • Format: ebook

  • ✓ Ours is Just a Little Sorrow ✓ Gwen Hayes - Ours is Just a Little Sorrow, Ours is Just a Little Sorrow The colony of New Geneva has risen from the ashes of her dying mother planet Earth by rebuilding a society based on a time before everything went horribly horribly wronge Victorian EraViolet Merriw
    Gwen Hayes
    Gwen Hayes that s me lives in the Pacific Northwest with her real life hero and a pack of wild beasts two of whom she gave birth to She is a reader, writer, and lover of pop culture which, other than yogurt, is the only culture she gets Gwen also edits kissing books.


    In a time when the Earth is no longer inhabitable, the remaining humans are taken in by a sister planet The catch, the survivors are now serving class.Violet Merriweather is purchased by Colonel Winston to be a governess for his youngest son But is seems both his older sons have plans for a relationship with the new governess.John Winston is charming and respectable while Gideon Winston is rude and combative Different as 2 can be, they are both intrigued by Violet Young woman of the working clas [...]

    Maja(The Rambling Readerista)
    Also posted on my blog The Rambling ReaderistaI didn t really have much sense of what the book is going to be about Since the description said historical voice , I jumped at a chance to get a new read for free And ended up reading the book in one sitting.I really liked this book That I can say with all my honesty It is not a hard read, meaning that you have to spend time pondering over what is the point behind something in the book, or what did the author mean by it Essentially, this is a story [...]

    Loved this book I loved the mix of steampunk Victorian with the futuristic dystopian world Violet was an exceptional lady, I loved her attitude Gideon was so fun, I loved his character The only bad thing about this book is that I wish it had been longer.

    Boldly mixing historical fiction, romance, science fiction, with a dash of steampunk, OURS IS JUST A LITTLE SORROW is an enjoyable read with an interesting premise Earth is a dying planet of our own making New Geneva, a refuge planet for those worthy , has fashioned its society after the Victorian era of its mother planet Violet is a product of this society s rules and ideals those ideals are challenged when she meets the Winston family, and in particular Gideon, who outright rejects convention. [...]

    Amber~ The Reading Addict
    Originally posted at thereadingaddict Although Ours Is Just a Little Sorrow is a short e book that most have never heard of, I had high expectations when I started the first chapter My best friend, the lovely Eliza Mellark, recommended it to me with high praise and quite a lot of swooning Thankfully, I have been able to join her in her gushing and swooning This book intrigued me and kept me reading late into the night as I devoured the romance.The world in which Violet has grown up in is an orig [...]

    Maybe like 3.5 stars I m a little conflicted While I do believe the voice is strong and there were certain plot elements that I really did like as in the idea of the planet New Geneva but when you reach from different genres science fiction, steampunk, historical romance and mix them together it comes out rather odd The undertaking of combining several genres into one novel was pretty ambitious, but I felt as if it never quite made it I never bought into the steampunk like elements with the gad [...]

    Lovely futuristic steampunk romance novella Highly recommended.

    Loved it Review soon Thank you Gwen for sending me eARC.

    3.5 stars I didn t realize it was essentially a novella It was very good, but I feel like it could have been great had it been developed .

    Ginny Lurcock
    Review also posted at Pure TextualityMy brain and I are fighting See, my brain likes to go wouldn t it be crazy if and run through every possible scenario for a book before I actually get to the end As a result, it s very rare that shocking twist endings are a surprise to me, and if they are they were usually too stupid to see coming.Reading Ours Is Just a Little Sorrow, sent my brain into what if fits, so I wasn t shocked when I got to the end Well with part of the twist anyways The other part [...]

    See the full review at Read My MindOURS IS JUST A LITTLE SORROW starts out at an auction, where orphans are sold into service to wealthy families Sounds a bit harsh for a beginning Gwen Hayes is adept at capturing trepidation Violet Merriweather feels as her story opens The story thrusts the reader into a futuristic world, which has reverted to the Victorian way of living, post apocolypse A world where the serving class happens to be those that are raised in orphanages, and the upper class can h [...]

    Emily (Book Jems)
    As seen on Ed and Em s Reviews Ours is Just a Little Sorrow is a captivating novella about a young woman, bought to be a governess for a young boy with a deeply scarred family.As I started the story, I was reminded of the classic novel, Jane Eyre This reminisce was not a bad thing, seeing as Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books As the story expands, you see that while Jane and our heroine, Violet have some common attributes, they live in very different worlds While the world Violet lives in has [...]

    MelodyMay (What I'm Reading)
    Also on sillymelodyI have to say that I m lucky to get a chance to review this novella, Ours is Just a Little Sorrow by Gwen Hayes Let me just state that I love it Before I tell you why I love this novella, here s what the story is about First off the story is set in the way future and the earth has been basically destroyed A certain group of people were able to find another planet and start a new life on it calling it New Geneva.Violet Merriweather was a child when she left Earth as an orphan a [...]

    I read a great review on this book that made me want to get it How I pick books is one part on the synopsis given and nine parts on what other people have to say about it I was on the fence until reading the winning review that helped me realize that I would really like this book, and I did It had exactly what I was looking for in it I wanted something a little romance with some steampunk tossed in, and I have a weak spot for the Victorian Era Not sure why I have the weak spot but it is there.Th [...]

    Jenna Anderson
    I m giving away one ebook copy of this title on my book blog Ends 5 4 13 NovellaReviews FIVE STARS Where do I start Do you ever find yourself 1 4 of the way into a book and find yourself slowing down because you already know you don t want to see it end Yeah, that was me with Ours is Just a Little Sorrow Ms Hayes can write scenes with such stunning detail They will completely immerse you into the story Sounds, smells, atmosphere wow.I m not one to gush often, but I need to gush about this story [...]

    I picked this up because I absolutely LOVED Falling Under and Dreaming Awake They had rich worlds, intriguing and likable characters, and a roller coaster plot that was unique and unexpected.This adult novella had none of that It straddles the line of dystopian and steampunk, while trying to be a romance and a mystery Needless to say it didn t work for me I found the plot and dialogue to be stale and forced While the 2 lead characters were admirably strong and questioned authority, they weren t [...]

    Jeannie Lin
    Loved the title Loved the cover LOVED the sample, so I just had to snatch this novella up Set on New Geneva, a futuristic colony set apart from a dying Earth The story had great atmosphere, the historical voice of the heroine really shines through from the very first words Historical is in quotes because the story is actually a sci fi steampunk with a very foreboding Gothic feel that carries throughout the novella Violet Merriweather is purchased into the Winston household as a governess There s [...]

    A mix of steampunk society, a sci fi setting on another planet, a throwback to historical customs, a budding romance, and a splash of horror, this is a short story that s very ambitious But somehow this strange meltingpot of genres works really well There s even a love triangle of sorts in this, between brothers as well, but it s got such a lovely twist to it all that it works in the story s favour.For some reason I was expecting a story aimed at a YA audience when I went into the story, but it [...]

    Not my usual genre to read, but it was a very well written book none the less The suspense was good and the twists and turns were not predictable though the romance was I enjoyed that though there were two brothers and both showed feelings towards violet that there was not a love triangle, those things get on my last nerve It was great that a strong woman was the main character that was not completely run by her hart but rather her good intentions I do not enjoy time era speech and some words ma [...]

    I wasn t going to read this book because I thought it would have alien, sci fi stuff in it that I am not interested in But it didn t I liked the spiciness of Violet, and I loved the family dynamic The ending seemed a little rushed and while I wasn t surprised, I thought it was a little abrupt I would have liked to see signs that were missed early on by Violet The writing was so solid until the last quarter of the novel.Still, a great read, better than the Dreaming Awake series which also has my [...]

    2.5 stars I would probably rate this story higher if I hadn t read The Diamond Age or, A Young Lady s Illustrated Primer by Neal Stephenson which was published about 12 years before this story and expounds on its most interesting ideas in depth.

    I don t know why I keep trying to read things like that when, obviously, I don t like romance I guess I thought it would be of a fantasy, steampunk kind of book than a romance one That s what the resume announced anyhow and besides I had read a short story by that author before and had actually enjoyed it Not this time.

    I don t know I liked the beginning of this, but the worldbuilding got hard to believe as it went on It s hard to sell me on the idea that the world will go backwards, that women in the future will be thought less of And the romance wasn t developed quite enough for me and the missing maids storyline just seemed like too much in the short space of a novella.

    Amazing book I loved very single minute of it My only complaint is that it wasn t long enough It was dystopian and a mystery and a love story all in one, what s not to love I loved the writing style of Gwen Hayes and her characters were so well developed that I honestly felt like I could see every look on their faces I highly recommend this book

    3.5 starsSecond read I knew I had read this steampunk novel before, but it was totally OK another round Classical romance in a good setting Not very deep, but I enjoyed the athmosphere and tone a lot Great writing style that fits me I hope to read from this author.

    Stephanie Collins
    Thank you so much for letting me read this, Gwen.Full review to follow.

    Historical feel to a futuristic theme Very well done.

    It started out so promisingd then as soon as we get into the brothers yada yada it just crumbled apart for me.

    Jordan Taylor
    great book

    Annie Ericksen
    I could not stand to finish this book and was only able to get to 68%

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