[PDF] Unlimited Õ The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All : by Laird Barron

  • Title: The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All
  • Author: Laird Barron
  • ISBN: 9781597804677
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover

  • [PDF] Unlimited Õ The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All : by Laird Barron - The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All, The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All Over the course of two award winning collections and a critically acclaimed novel The Croning Laird Barron has arisen as one of the strongest and most original literary voices in modern horror and t
    Laird Barron
    I spent my youth in Alaska where I worked in the fishing and construction industries and raced sled dogs I retired from racing around 1995, moved to Washington State, and dedicated myself to writing.Gordon Van Gelder gave me my professional fiction debut when he published Shiva, Open Your Eye in the September issue of The Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction My debut collection, The Imago Sequence Other Stories, was published in 2007 by Night Shade Books My first novel, The Light Is the Darkness, was published in 2011 by Infernal House, followed by The Croning in 2012 from Night Shade Books.I write stories with elements of crime and horror I m fond of pulp, historicals, science fiction, and noir Typically, my work combines one or of these elements with a horrific or weird supernatural intrusion Cormac McCarthy, Roger Zelazny, Michael Shea, Anne Sexton, Martin Cruz Smith, Angela Carter, T.E.D Klein, Peter Straub these are a few of my favorite authors and my light in the distance when it gets dark.Scotch is my favorite drink Roger Miller and Marty Robbins are my favorite singers Blood Meridian is the best novel I ve ever read I consider earning the loyalty of my old dog my greatest accomplishment Currently I live in the Hudson Valley and am at work on stories about the evil that men do.Photo credit belongs to Ardi AlspachAgent Janet Reid of FinePrint Literary Management


    hooray for world fantasy award nominations worldfantasy2014 awards2pfriday night, i killed a bugw, i don t like to kill things, even bugs, but i have a code if you are a spider, or a moth, or a housefly, or one of these teeny tiny black beetles we seem to get every summer, you get to go out the window i will spend a very long time, in some cases, chasing you and containing you in a juice glass, and setting you free where you will probably be eaten by a bird, but that s out of my hands however, i [...]

    Dan Schwent
    The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All is a collection of short stories by Laird Barron.Laird Barron is my latest literary obsession so I was glad to have this on my kindle when I finished Swift to Chase.The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All covers a lot of ground, from noir to supernatural horror to cosmic horror to the horror of a puppet show about the end of the world performed by Thomas Ligotti However, the tales are linked, albeit loosely than Swift to Chase Ransom Hollow gets mentions in [...]

    This awesome collection is only 1.99 today at U.S dp B00B0SBF1Y tQuote There are cracks in the world These cracks are inhabited byrvels undreamt of in our philosophies From the short story, The Siphon I ve heard a lot about Laird Barron in various book groups to which I belong Most especially I hear from fans of Lovecraft that Barron is even better I have to agree Ever since I read The Light is the Darkness I knew that I would be reading of Barron s work Last week I finally got the opportunity [...]

    Elena Cvetkovska
    This is definitely the furthest plunge into darkness Barron has taken The events take place in the well known settings of the Olympian peninsula, Blackwood Lodge, and the Broadsword Hotel, the universe he has created in his previous works If you expect explanations, straight to the point storytelling and great revelations you will get none, and you will be left guessing The prospects are bleak for the actors and actresses in the great cosmic drama, there are no winners, the departed are those wh [...]

    Inevitably, when you want to praise a new horror writer and make him sound like the Next Big Thing, you compare him to Stephen King Or maybe H.P Lovecraft Or maybe even Edgar Allan Poe.Laird Barron isn t any of those guys Oh, sure, you can see the influences especially Lovecraftian And he claims the Pacific Northwest as his territory in which unspeakable cults, and monsters walking as men who make bootleggers, loggers, and gangsters piss their pants, and hidden enclaves of villagers in thrall to [...]

    Nancy Oakes
    As always, because I can t resist being a chatterbox, I have a longer review of this bookhere read on for the bare minimum.John Langan notes on the back cover of this book that he can t sum up Laird Barron in a single, pithy sentence, and neither can I If you ve read his work, you already know that he is one of the best horror weird fiction writers out there if you haven t, then you seriously don t know what you re missing I don t actually remember how I got started reading his stuff, but now I [...]

    Congratulations to Laird Barron, who won a Bram Stoker award for this book It is a well earned award for an awesome book.Book Info Genre Short story anthology, dark Lovecraftian fiction Reading Level AdultRecommended for Fans of Lovecraft, dark fiction, the authorBook Available August 13, 2013 in Hardcover click link to preorder Trigger Warnings violence, cannibalism implied , murder, fighting, terrors from beyondMy Thoughts This is a short story anthology, so there isn t a lot I can tell you wi [...]

    Heidi Ward
    I waited for The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All to be released for what seemed like years, and began devouring it immediately Because Laird Barron is about the best thing going in the horror branch of the weird, it s no surprise that it gets my five glowing stars Barron s prose just gets richer and his cthonic mythology resonant with each publication I did find some surprises in this collection, but I want to do this book justice, so I m starting my second read through now Stay tuned But if [...]

    Paul Roberts
    Featuring two of the finest hunting stories I ve read, Barron s third collection is best consumed near a healthy fire, and filtered through a decent scotch I m convinced there is a tsunami of readers that have yet to discover Barron More Dark could be the most misunderstood story of 2013 With teeth, it plants Laird s flag at the summit, and in deft contrasting brush strokes, succeeds in paying tribute whilst offering challenge to writers and readers alike It doesn t get better than this.

    A short take A few stories really drew me in, and I finally enjoyed Barron s work to the degree that I expected based on both critical opinion and the flashes of awesome that I experienced in other stories My favorites, by far, were Men from Porlock and Hand of Glory, both of which cast their characters in the early 20th century, which is a ripe period for a supernatural plot and gritty, earthy protagonists Men from Porlock was one of the creepier entries, and I loved the ending More thoughts I [...]

    This is my second collection read from this very overrated author and I have decided that he is not for me His stories are distinctly unsatisfying, usually with a long and irrelevant biographical portion followed by something weird which leaves you only wondering WTF did you just read The only story here I liked hence the extra star was The Redfield Girls, which had characters I cared about and a haunting quality Vastation, on the other end of the spectrum, was sheer nonsense.Also, can people st [...]

    Justin J
    I have never been to the Pacific Northwest, and thanks to Laird Barron, I m far too afraid of the place to ever make a trip.

    I went through this collection wondering what the significance of the title was given that there was no story with this title in the collection but it became clear in the final story More Dark That was a strange story that seems to feature himself as the protagonist going to a rare public appearance of Thomas Ligotti with a couple of friends whilst contemplating suicide Barron gives a fairly balanced critique of Ligotti s work but the story was marred for me by a bizarre and unnecessary attack o [...]

    Wow, what a collection That last story gave me the same feeling of perfect unease that his novel The Croning did I m working on short descriptors of each story, but in the meantime, my favorites were The Carrion Gods in Their HeavenThe SiphonMore DarkOthers read Blackwood s BabyThe Redfield GirlsHand of GloryJaws of SaturnVastationThe Men from Porlock

    A truly stunning collection of stories Read it NOW 5 out of 5 stars.

    R.G. Evans
    H.P Lovecraft, the undisputed Grand Master of early 20th century weird fiction, died in 1937 Why can t we just let him lie rather than endlessly rehash his Cthulhu Mythos themes lo these seventy six years later Especially since my own first fiction publication was in Weird Tales, where Lovecraft himself once reigned supreme, I realize that to suggest this is heresy, that even now Yog Sothoth may be speeding across the cosmos his path to me illuminated by the burning rage of scores of Lovecraft f [...]

    Ann Schwader
    Full disclosure I received a copy of this book as part of the First Reads program Laird Barron s third collection is rich densely textured darkness Combining classic literary horror, noir, cosmic Lovecraftian themes, Barron s tales offer something for almost any reader with a taste for literate fear More so than many contemporary horror writers, he understands the value of building suspense by small clues and atmospheric suggestion rendering the eventual scenes of graphic violence all the effec [...]

    Jeff Raymond
    There s not a lot I can say about how great Laird Barron is at what he does It s a very specific niche within the weird horror genre that just hits me right in the sweet spot often than not.This collection of stories was better, overall, than Occultation although Occultation is still my favorite short of his and maybe falls short of The Imago Sequence for me, but there were still a good two or three extremely high quality stories in here without anything I disliked.I still wish we got novels f [...]

    I asked for an advanced e version of this book from Netgalley because I really liked the name and cover and also because it s about time I read some good horror stories The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All is not only the first of Laird Barron s works I ve read but also the first time I read a horror anthology I haven t even read H.P Lovecraft I m afraid So take this as a beginner s review, someone who didn t really have specific expectations or previous works in the genre to compare to The bo [...]

    Barron is one of the best writers in the field for exploring how the truly weird touches the earnest human element 1 Barron by and large makes interesting characters that feel unique enough that you either want them to fail or succeed based on their various strengths or weaknesses, and I guarantee that different readers will feel differently about which characters deserve what, which is a good sign that a character is not a mere caricature.Barron s chief weakness as a writer is that he walks too [...]

    Santiago Eximeno
    O quiz solo tres estrellas Es dif cil decidirse Pero en fin, un gran libro Merece mucho la pena sumergirse en los mundos de Laird Barron.

    Baal Of
    From the opening story the sense of unease is oppressive, the characters weighty and troubled It is clear from the onset that things will go very badly, but Barron never projects his punches He gives the story and the reader time to breath and absorb, before taking the narrative into some very dark places The entire collection is beautifully written, with dense, lyrical prose and rich, disturbing, complex characters The final three stories were particularly strong, Vastation being a weird, hallu [...]

    I make no bones about it I m an unabashed Laird Barron fanboy He s the best active horror writer in the world, in my opinion, and one of the best things to happen to the genre in a long, long time This is his third collection I ve read, and fourth book , and while it doesn t quite hit the heights of the masterful Imago Sequence and Occultation, it s nonetheless a hugely potent work that I ll no doubt be going back to in the years to come.The stories in this collection run the gamut from corporat [...]

    The Redfield Girls have lived During their annual fall road trip, we get to know Bernice, Karla, Dixie, and Li Hua We discover their strengths, their vulnerabilities and superstitions They re joined by Lourdes, Bernice s seventeen year old niece In the eerie night the women share with Lourdes the true crime stories and legends both modern and ancient surrounding Lake Crescent, where they ve rented a cabin One tale of murder is taken from Bernice s family history.Bernice is a woman going about he [...]

    Mark Tallen
    Brilliant Yes, it is three outstanding collections in a row from Laird Barron This book contains original and compelling stories that are exquisitely told in really fine prose I do have two stories in this collection that are my personal favourites in this book Hand Of Glory and The Men From Porlock are in my opinion, magnificent Don t get me wrong, the other stories that make up the collection are really excellent too, make no mistake about that The Redfield Girls is down right chilling as is T [...]

    Thomas Strömquist
    Much to my surprise based on the reviews , Barron s writing does not please me at all It really was a long time ago since I ve struggled so much with a book and had it not been short stories I would have given it up I like much of the author s writing style, with long sentences and almost dreamy, poetic phrasing even if some sentences feel forced and the product of one too many re writes.My problem is that, even though the stories are short, I find myself constantly jumping back to figure out wh [...]

    Aksel Dadswell
    Oh look, another collection of masterful, terrifying stories from the genius that is Laird Barron What a surprise This guy seems to surpass himself with every subsequent work I read, and it s impossible to find fault with anything he does It s also getting hard to come up with new ways of describing just how enamoured I am with Barron s writing There s a nice range in this collection, from the traditional Old Leech mythos stories which are the most genuinely terrifying pieces of work I ve read, [...]

    Adam Nevill
    Continuing my catch up of the new wave in North American horror as a metal fan that s a handy classification for my own shelves , I thought the new anthology from Laird Barron just finished reading it THE BEAUTIFUL THING THAT AWAITS US ALL AND OTHER STORIES was tremendous Blackwood s Baby , Hand of Glory , The Siphon , and The Men from Porlock being my personal favourites from stories that are nearly all epic in their range As well as the writer s own vision, many of the same qualities I enjoy i [...]

    M Griffin
    For the past few years, I ve considered Laird Barron s the most compelling work in the loosely affiliated genres of horror, the weird, and dark fantasy Again and again I refer back to his earlier collections The Imago Sequence and Occultation, both full of artful yet readable stories told in powerful, striking language, each revealing a dark and chilling cosmic menace underlying our familiar reality Barron s latest collection explores similar territory some stories even extend histories or setti [...]

    An excellent selection of stories, many of which dwell on the position of humanity in nature in the cosmos But despite that very Lovecraftian theme, these stories, like that of the also excellent Imago Sequence by the same author are written in their own distinct and down to earth way My personal favorites where The Redfield Girls The Siphon and above all The carrion Gods in Their Heaven.

    • [PDF] Unlimited Õ The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All : by Laird Barron
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    The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All