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  • Title: The Snowfly
  • Author: Joseph Heywood
  • ISBN: 9780762786954
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback

  • One legendary insect enormous, white, and exceedingly rare attracts trout of such size that they couldn t possibly exist in the world as we know it But in Heywood s classic novel, such things can and do exist Protagonist Bowie Rhodes, UPI reporter and expert fly fisherman, had learned of the snowfly early in his childhood It hatches every seven to ten years, neverOne legendary insect enormous, white, and exceedingly rare attracts trout of such size that they couldn t possibly exist in the world as we know it But in Heywood s classic novel, such things can and do exist Protagonist Bowie Rhodes, UPI reporter and expert fly fisherman, had learned of the snowfly early in his childhood It hatches every seven to ten years, never on the same river twice, bringing to rise trout so huge they would have to have lived forty years or trout so wily that they never allow themselves to be caught or even seen trout so hungry for this fly that they will risk exposure to rise for the hatch The snowfly is the sacred quest of the most obsessed trout hunters, existing it seems only in myth and in a lost manuscript Rhodes s reporting brings him to such sites as the jungles of Vietnam, the labyrinth of Brezhnev s Soviet Union, and a poisoned Canadian wasteland of uranium mines His hunt for the manuscript, meanwhile, takes him deep into his own heart of darkness Richly imaginative and sensual, the world of The Snowfly has mystery lurking beneath the surface waters than our own Or does it
    Joseph Heywood
    See also Joe T HeywoodJoseph Heywood is the son of a career USAF officer His dad was from Rhinecliff, New York on the Hudson River in Dutchess County, and his mother is from Mize, Mississippi in Sullivan County His mother s maiden name was Hegwood and she had only to change one letter to convert to her married name He is a 1961 graduate of Rudyard High School in Michigan s Upper Peninsula Chippewa County Played football, basketball, baseball, and ran track 1965 graduate of Michigan State University BA Journalism Joseph played on the Michigan State Lacrosse Club for three years, crease attack, tri captain in 1965 He was in the last class of mandatory ROTC for land grant universities and predictably chose the Air Force.In 1965, he married Sandra V Heywood 1943 2002 of East Lansing Five children, one dog Widower.1965 1970, USAF Instructor Navigator, KC 135 tanker, honorably discharged as captain Vietnam veteran Air Medal with 6 Oak Leaf Clusters Graduate studies, Western Michigan University, 1974 75, completed course work for MA in English Literature no degree.Joseph worked for The Upjohn Company now Pfizer , 1970 2000, retiring as vice president for worldwide public relations.He walks every day in all weather conditions, and have hunted and fished Michigan since 1958, mostly alone Joseph Heywood s Woods Cop mysteries are based on the lives of Upper Peninsula conservation officers, and for going on seven years has spent about one month a year on patrol with officers, in all kinds of weather, all times of day and under sundry conditions He worked in all 15 Upper Peninsula Counties as well as in another 15 16 counties BTB Below the Bridge In preparation for work with COs, he often hikes alone at night flashlight for emergencies using only ambient light He has spent nights alone in jungles and on mountains Has canoe camped in Michigan, Missouri and Arkansas, over the years he has had one close encounter with a wolf six feet away in tag alders on the Iron River , and with a cow elk and her calf in Idaho Too many close meetings with black bears to count, no injuries He loves to take photographs while walking, hiking and fishing, and use some of the pix for his paintings.Joseph always carry a ruck with emergency equipment, compass, etc even for short sorties on foot in the U.P It s too easy to get under cedars and old growth in an overcast and get hopelessly turned around He does not use a GPS When it comes to lost in the woods there seem to be two categories of people Them that have been and them that will be Iron ore deposits can make compass navigation interesting The Upper Peninsula is not just a setting and base for Joseph Heywood but serves as a character in many of his novels When I write, I try to take readers to places and events in the U.P they might not have occasion to visit or experience on their own For me, the U.P is a natural jewel and I am always surprised by how little people from BTB know about it The day we arrived in the U.P to report to Kinross Air Force Base later renamed Kincheloe, and since decommissioned my mother cried as we drove up the several mile two lane to the front gate looking at all the woods passing by, I had a feeling I was coming home.


    This might be one of the top twenty books I've ever read. As in other sports books, this book implies that it's about fly fishing but it's really reaches beyond that. If a person had to categorize it, he could probably stick it in the "Quest" pigeon hole, or maybe "Be careful what you ask for." Heywood has the ability to knock you on your ass laughing at some incredibly funny line or circumstance and then follow it up with some utterl profound insight. Yeah, I liked this book.

    Cameron Scott
    Ok, I am currently reading it, but its richness, and complex story telling (almost magical realism), as well as insights into human foibles and fly-fishing, has it in my top five.Who wouldn't want to follow a reporter around the world as he fly fishes in places like Vietnam and England.

    Amazing, local, and such a great book. had to read it for a class, but I enjoyed it so much. very mysterious, awesome characters, romantic, all that. College reading.

    Spoiler alert: I gave this 5 stars (It was amazing.) because it was amazing but I'm not sure it was amazingly good or amazingly convoluted, confusing, over the top crazy and confusing. Yes, it is about fly fishing but the people part is wild. There were parts that I just didn't understand. Quotes that I didn't understand, try as I did. There were so many characters I was continually backtracking to remind me where they fit in. I'd like to talk to someone about this. Irene?

    I was really excited to read more Joseph Heywood after I read Chasing A Blond Moon, but this book was a real disappointment for me. I think I got about 2/3 of the way through before I just had to stop reading it. I love his large cast of colorful characters. However, I could not stand the continuous cycle of 1. main character meets girl2. main character sleeps with girl, often at her prompting3. main character leaves, regardless of any negative consequencesAND1. main character is in new town/loc [...]

    Abby Cooley
    I won this book in a firstreads giveaway.The Snowfly is a fantastic book! I usually don't get into long books since I feel that they usually drag on for too long, but The Snowfly never felt like that.The Snowfly follows Bowie Rhodes from his childhood to his adult years as he from time to time hears about the mythical Snowfly, said to only hatch every ten. Bowie, who is a great fisherman from childhood to adulthood, is constantly searching for info on the Snowfly throughout his life.However, wh [...]

    I would give this book 4.5 stars if I could. I found this book by chance and I am really glad I did. My husband's friend (they are both fly fishermen)recommended this book, he bought it and it sat on our book shelf for a few weeks. I picked it up and I was hooked after just the first few pages. The main character "Bowie" traveled to interesting places and met the most fascinating people. Reading this book was like sitting down to a delicious meal - everything was so rich and thought provoking I [...]

    Ian Durham
    I'd say this is slightly closer to 4.5 stars, but that's quibbling a bit. It was an absolutely terrific book even if you have no interest in fly fishing. I didn't like the beginning of Part II all that much (the character Sturdivent was weird), but everything resolved itself quite nicely in the end. There were a couple of sad parts and I wonder about at least one choice the author made, but won't give it away in the review.If you do like fly fishing, this book certainly captures the obsession so [...]

    After reading Ice Hunter, the first of the Woods Cop series, I noted that the SYKM website noted for The Snowfly "Grady Service and Luticious Treebone of the Woods Cop series first appear in this title".With that thought in mind, The Snowfly was a big disappointment. Their appearances were limited to 2 pages, 2 paragraphs, and 2 sentences - widely separated.lThe narrative had interesting parts (after discounting the protagonists apparent irresistability to women) in his fly fishing, journalisn, [...]

    I never would have expected to like a book about fishing, but this one was very, very good! Heywood has a magical way with words - I found myself reading even the parts that dealt with actual fishing. It's more than just a novel about fishing; the narrator is a journalist who spends time in Vietnam, England, and Russia as well as many areas in the US. There's mystery, romance (without all that trashy erotica), tragedy, and comedy. I hated to see it end - and couldn't immediately pick up another [...]

    This one is written outside the Lute Bapcat and Woods Cop series, although Grady Service and Treebone do make 3 cameo appearances. It's a very interesting tale unfolding over the course and in the midst of decades of true world events. Bowie Rhodes' mythical quest takes him from the codebreakers at Bletchley, in WWII England, through Viet Nam, unrest in Northern Ireland, Cold War USSR, remote sections of Arizona, the Florida Keys, New York City and, of course, Michigan, before finally coming ful [...]

    Really good book- I didn't want to read it because I was really stuck on Woods Cop series and often it seems weird to try an author's alternate protagonists, but I have to say this was well worth the read. I would consider this a good vacation book, wish I had been on vacation when I read it. Bowie Rhodes is a very good lead character and the author does a nice job making trout fishing the central theme, but you don't have to be a fly fisherman to enjoy it! Thanks Sheri for the recommendation!

    I really liked the beginning and couldn't put it down.en about pg 117 I was like wait.other girl another bedroom and then another girlI'm sorrying was happening except the same old same oldClosed it up and that was thaton to better reads.fe is too short. I liked the first Woods Cop book so I thought I would like this too. got such rave reviews*sigh*

    Going into detail would ruin the book. I will say that is was hands down one of the best novels I have read in ages. It kwpt me spellbound through its many pages. There is LITERALLY somethiong for everyone in this book. If you like espionage, love stories, unsolveable mysteries, flyfishing, it is all in there. Read!

    Gaston G.
    I found this book difficult to read. I just couldn't get into it. I wanted to read it because Joseph Heywood is a Michigan author and I'm always interested to read what fellow Michiganians (it really should be Michiganders but) write.I was not able to finish this book.

    Recommended to me by a gentleman, as Heywood is a Michigan author. Waited some time to read it, since fly fishing didn't really sound like something that would capture my attention. Ended up really liking it and reading his other books -- the series about Grady, the Woods Cop.

    This was a great read by Heywood, a great alternative from the woods cop novels. Very detailed and filled with adventure up till the very last. Lots of twists and turns through out to keep you guessing as to what is going to happen

    Definitely requires suspension of disbelief. But, it you read it with that in mind, it's a lot of fun.

    Good, and a little crazyI enjoyed this book. The mystery, the characters, the fact it's set in my home state. Good read! I finished in just a couple of days. Couldn't put it down.

    Scott Russell
    Absolutely amazing book.

    pretty good story, gave it 4 stars on the strength of his writing about fly fishing

    Lloyd Dunn
    Would have given it a higher rating if possible

    M.D. Robinson
    Kind of reminds me of Don Quixote for fly fisherman. OK read, just like Don Quixote though it rambled on and on and the best part of the whole book was the last couple of chapters.

    Frank Nelson
    Fabulous!Fabulous! Insightful into the human psyche . Wish I would have known of Heywood years ago. and from Michigan on top of all!

    Denver Smiddy
    Amazing book, many references of MSU and other places in Michigan. Great book for people with a love of fishing and the outdoors

    Maggie Sorgen
    A marvelous mystery, a fly-fisherman's delight, and a tribute to the power of love and the human spirit.

    Really loved the concept of a fly fishing mystery. Got bored with the characters and thought pace was slow.

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