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  • Title: Avengers vs. X-Men: X-Men Legacy
  • Author: Christos Gage Rafa Sandoval David Baldeón
  • ISBN: 9780785165873
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback

  • Avengers She Hulk, Falcon and Moon Knight are tasked with securing the Jean Grey School but Rogue and her team of X Men aren t too happy about it Then, as the war between the Avengers and the X Men rages on, Frenzy s past is revealed and Rogue confronts hers head on as she battles Ms Marvel in a clash that will leave one woman with a changed allegiance Plus TrappedAvengers She Hulk, Falcon and Moon Knight are tasked with securing the Jean Grey School but Rogue and her team of X Men aren t too happy about it Then, as the war between the Avengers and the X Men rages on, Frenzy s past is revealed and Rogue confronts hers head on as she battles Ms Marvel in a clash that will leave one woman with a changed allegiance Plus Trapped in another world and in the clutches of the terrifying Swarm, Rogue struggles to end a conflict between two alien tribes and stay alive long enough to find a way home But with the Phoenix poised to raze Earth, will she make it in time Finally, Rogue is reunited with Magneto and he s got an offer that will leave her speechless Collecting X Men Legacy 266 275
    Christos Gage Rafa Sandoval David Baldeón
    Chris Gage is a writer for comic books and television.


    I have mixed Feelings about his volume. Some bits of it were genius, some were pretty derivative and mediocre. I mean, the fight between with the Avengers? and then the splitting of the Phoenix spirit into five? Rogue's arbitrator role in the alien fighting between the Vray and those critter like hive-minders? All of it could be more intense, or less predictable. Overall, I think the best part of it all was Rogue finally getting her shit together, finally taking steps to gain her own independenc [...]

    Christina Kneidel
    This was basically a volume of Rogue storylines, which wasn't a bad thing! I wanted to know more of her backstory since she used to kind of be a "baddie". Trying to read her and Gambits accents, however did kind of get old fast. I think the Asgardian characters pull off the whole "different dialect" better. I didn't care for the alien world story within a story, but the scenes with Ms. Marvel were awesome and gave a better look into their rival or comrade status. The scenes with Magneto were coo [...]

    Shannon Appelcline
    At War (266-267). The lead story is a little annoying for how massively stupid the Avengers are in not realizing they’re going to cause problems. However it’s a really nice look at Rogue’s characters, carried off well through the two issues [7/10].Frenzy (268). I wasn’t too enthused by the start of this issue, but as we got deeper into Joanne’s backstory and character as the story went on, I became enthralled. I loved how both Carey and Gage have dealt with Frenzy, and fear she’s goi [...]

    My review will be spotty as I'm reading this interleaved with the rest of the Avengers vs. X-Men event books.Ah Mr. Gage, it's comforting to see you so consistent. Dialogue is stilted and ham fisted, sounds like nothing people would actually say to each other. Gotta admit though, it's fun seeing level-headed Rogue throw down once in a while A especially with She-Hulk.The plot here is what you typically get when the mainline event comics don't give these second-class books (that's right, now that [...]

    Like that this run focuses mainly on Rogue, who's one of my favorite X-Men. Gage gets her complexity and her charm, and most of the plot seems to fit right into the overarching theme of the big crossover. There's also a great deal of humor, which is always welcome.What seems awkward and out of place is a few issues where Rogue is sent to another dimension (by the Phoenix-Force-possessed Magik) and has to solve a big crisis there that is fairly predictable, and doesn't have a lot to do with the m [...]

    I need to review this quick because in about a week I will have forgotten what it was about. Nothing too terribly interesting happens. There are three main parts. The first part is the A Vs. X tie-in. It's actually the best. There are some cool superhero fights and some characters from the Jean Grey School. The second part is terrible. A small child could have written it while playing with toys in the bathtub. There are two alien races that no one could ever care about, and Rogue. They talk and [...]

    Jeff Harris
    This is the X-Men Legacy point-of-view to what was happening during Avengers vs. X-Men. The part that included Rogue's team facing off with She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Falcon was entertaining enough, and it definitely made sense who was responsible for instigating the actual physical portions of the confrontation. The middle portion of this graphic novel was a solo adventure by Rogue on another planet or in another dimension or something really, it wasn't all that inspired, and Mike Carey did a m [...]

    Chris Lemmerman
    This volume of X-Men Legacy starts very strongly, and ends very strongly. It's the middle that lets it down. The first story has the Avengers come to the Jean Grey School and cause trouble, before Rogue gets involved in the conflict in her own special way. It's when she ends up in another dimension that the story drags for three issues in the middle, and becomes a slog to read. The volume ends well however with the final two issues dealing with Rogue's journey coming full circle and her relation [...]

    Aaron Swensen
    Most of the book was a miss, except for "Planet Rogue" issues #271-273. It was sort like a Planet Hulk type of situation. Fun read. The AvX issues sucked (#266-270), and the last part of the book, issues #274 & 275 were a nice little wrap up to the series with Rogue as the leader. If I were to collect this, I would only collect #271-273, though the last 2 issue are meant to conclude the happenings in #264 and #265. Issue #270 sets up why Rogue is where she is, but isn't at all necessary to t [...]

    Fraser Sherman
    2.5 stars. Graphic novels tied in to big events usually flop for me when read out of sequence, post-event. This one is frequently confusing (a lot of events are happening in other books but impacting this one) but as the focus is Rogue's personal arc—her history as a criminal, her present status as a hero—it works reasonably well. However the three issues where Rogue gets sucked into an alien world for sword-and-planet adventures are depressingly generic, and serve purely to pad out the leng [...]

    ***Dave Hill
    I dropped out of a lot of X-titles, including Legacy, in the past few years, as they began to resume being soap operas as overwrought as anything Chris Claremont ever did in his later years. As a result, though, I missed this particular run, during the AvX saga, focused on Rogue and her relationship with Ms Marvel. It's overall good character-building stuff, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Well done.

    Alex Sarll
    Gage is nobody's idea of comics' greatest writer, but he's usually entertaining enough. And even the worst crossovers (one of which this surely was) can generate fun stories out of the focus-grouped limelight, in marginal books such as this. But aside from one rather sweet issue wrapping up Rogue's relationship with Magneto, this is woeful - it opens with some rote hero versus hero smackdowns, before moving on to a Planet Hulk retread laden with creaky subtext.

    Ah Rogue how I love you. So Rogue beats the crap out of the She Hulk. Do you really need another reason to read this? If you don't know what is going on with the whole division of the Phoenix Force or Wolverine and Beast getting pissed then you might be a tad bit lost. This collection jumps around a lot in the second half but is still awesome. Dialogue is a bit basic and you don't get a ton of great wit but maybe that is because Beast is only on two pages and never speaks.

    Rogue is a fun character but this collection just didn't do her justice. By staying mostly adjacent to the AvX story line that consumed a big hunk of the Marvel universe at that time they took one of their more interesting pieces off the board for the sake of a ho hum, fish out of water X-men space story.

    It's an excellent conclusion to the series, and a much better take on AVX than the original AVX itself (in my opinion). I loved Frenzy's story, it really fitted well there. The main storyline featuring Rogue was also a great one, I really liked the whole metaphor thing going on, usually these kind of stories don't convince me but somehow this one did.Now I really have to find what comes next

    The art wasn't great and the story only tied in partially to the AvX series. Overall, I skimmed it mostly and came up with it was boring. I really hate Rogue and she wasn't bad in this arc but I still won't pick up anything soon with her in it.

    Kind of surprised that the Avengers would act as they did, but I suppose this is in a time of war and strain, etc. Felt there was too much of a jump that didn't cover the Phoenix saga, so I still need to find the right book to find out what happens exactly!

    I haven't read all of AvX and I probably don't care enough to read all of it tbh, but this volume made enough sense on its own that I enjoyed it a lot. It's Rogue-centric, and it's Rogue at her best--funny, tough, and just. I especially loved her with Ms. Marvel.

    This was a decent book, but not excellent. Rogue repeats herself far too much and the storyline in a few arcs is way to predictable. However, I enjoyed Rogue and Magneto as well as Rogue taking on a team of Avengers. I can understand her feelings. The art was good enough superhero art.

    Rogue-centric AvX side story. Very nicely done!

    Frans Karlsson
    A tie-in to AvX. Rogue is sent away to another world by Magik when she sees how evil she is becoming. Magneto and Rogue also decide what to do about their relationship.

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