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  • Title: The Warburgs: The Twentieth-Century Odyssey of a Remarkable Jewish Family
  • Author: Ron Chernow
  • ISBN: 9780679743590
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback

  • Bankers, philanthropists, scholars, socialites, artists, and politicians, the Warburgs stood at the pinnacle of German and, later, of German American Jewry They forged economic dynasties, built mansions and estates, assembled libraries, endowed charities, and advised a German kaiser and two American presidents But their very success made the Warburgs lightning rods forBankers, philanthropists, scholars, socialites, artists, and politicians, the Warburgs stood at the pinnacle of German and, later, of German American Jewry They forged economic dynasties, built mansions and estates, assembled libraries, endowed charities, and advised a German kaiser and two American presidents But their very success made the Warburgs lightning rods for anti Semitism, and their sense of patriotism became increasingly dangerous in a Germany that had declared Jews the enemy.Ron Chernow s hugely fascinating history is a group portrait of a clan whose members were renowned for their brilliance, culture, and personal energy yet tragically vulnerable to the dark and irrational currents of the twentieth century.
    Ron Chernow
    Ron Chernow was born in 1949 in Brooklyn, New York After graduating with honors from Yale College and Cambridge University with degrees in English Literature, he began a prolific career as a freelance journalist Between 1973 and 1982, Chernow published over sixty articles in national publications, including numerous cover stories In the mid 80s Chernow went to work at the Twentieth Century Fund, a prestigious New York think tank, where he served as director of financial policy studies and received what he described as a crash course in economics and financial history Chernow s journalistic talents combined with his experience studying financial policy culminated in the writing of his extraordinary first book, The House of Morgan An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance 1990 Winner of the 1990 National Book Award for Nonfiction, The House of Morgan traces the amazing history of four generations of the J.P Morgan empire The New York Times Book Review wrote, As a portrait of finance, politics and the world of avarice and ambition on Wall Street, the book has the movement and tension of an epic novel It is, quite simply, a tour de force Chernow continued his exploration of famous financial dynasties with his second book, The Warburgs 1994 , the story of a remarkable Jewish family The book traces Hamburg s most influential banking family of the 18th century from their successful beginnings to when Hitler s Third Reich forced them to give up their business, and ultimately to their regained prosperity in America on Wall Street.Described by Time as one of the great American biographies, Chernow s Titan The Life of John D Rockefeller, Sr 1998 brilliantly reveals the complexities of America s first billionaire Rockefeller was known as a Robber Baron, whose Standard Oil Company monopolized an entire industry before it was broken up by the famous Supreme Court anti trust decision in 1911 At the same time, Rockefeller was one of the century s greatest philanthropists donating enormous sums to universities and medical institutions Chernow is the Secretary of PEN American Center, the country s most prominent writers organization, and is currently at work on a biography of Alexander Hamilton He lives in Brooklyn Heights, New York.In addition to writing biographies, Chernow is a book reviewer, essayist, and radio commentator His book reviews and op ed articles appear frequently in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal He comments regularly on business and finance for National Public Radio and for many shows on CNBC, CNN, and the Fox News Channel In addition, he served as the principal expert on the AE biography of J.P Morgan and will be featured as the key Rockefeller expert on an upcoming CNBC documentary.


    This saga of a German-American family of jewish bankers was on my bucket list for quite some time. After starting the book right after Christmas 2016, I finished it in only ten days, much faster than I thought. Being written by one (if not the) of my favourite authors when it comes to biographies this was (once again) an easy read. As always, Ron Chernow with this book lives up to his reputation as a brillant resercher and storyteller. Mastering the task of bringing together the story of numerou [...]

    The negatives: hard to keep track of all the characters.The positives: a remarkeable story, the family lived through important and interesting parts of US/European/World history. The most interesting parts were about the German Jewish families perspective on the rise of Nazism. Overall: worth reading but definitely an investment.

    The Warburg’s were a banking giant out of Hamburg Germany. They started in the 19th Century in the banking industry because of European anti-Semitism. Laws did not allow Jewish families to own land so Jews were diverted to occupations other than farming. The Warburg’s saw the fellow Jewish family Rothschild’s amass a fortune. They followed suit.They became exports in international finance. This helped them avoid Nazi persecution. The Nazi’s were very naïve when it came to world finance. [...]

    If Ron Chernow’s book The Warburgs were a bank, it would certainly fail. His high-interest bearing account, that of a Jewish banking dynasty that stretches back six generations to pre-industrial Europe, is bloated and inefficient. Chernow exhibits no economy of words nor judicious standards for what to include versus what to cut. And there are enough adjectives deposited in the book’s 700+ pages to make administrators of even the stingiest of deposit insurance schemes wince. Thankfully for t [...]

    Aaron Million
    Ron Chernow has gone on to have a prolific career as an author, most recently with a biography of Ulysses S. Grant. But this book is one of his earlier successes. Before Chernow switched to leading political figures, he enmeshed himself in financial and banking history, but from the personal side of things – focusing on the personalities that made and controlled large amounts of money, rather than the system itself. And so that is what the reader finds here in The Warburgs. Chernow chronicles [...]

    Rachelle Urist
    In many respects, this book deserves 5 stars. It's written with economy, erudition, skilled research, sophistication and passionate engagement with this family and their significance in world history. Why only 3 stars? Because the research becomes dry and even tiresome. I quickly lost track of who's who, as one often does while reading classic Russian novels. Maybe this book requires a character list at the outset, one the reader can consult when confused. Still, it's clear that Ron Chernow know [...]

    Cynthia Haggard
    Ron Chernow’s THE WARBURGS is a long, 722-page book, about a family of bankers, who originated in Venice with the name of del Banco. They fled Italy in the 16th century when Venetian Jews were herded into the ghetto, and went to Warburg, Germany. Taking the name of that town, they moved to Altona near Hamburg in the seventeenth century before moving to Hamburg itself in the eighteenth century, opening the still-privately-owned bank there in 1798.As you would expect, this is a rich, sprawling h [...]

    Chernow is a brilliant biographer, and The Warburgs definitely showcases his meticulous, easy narrative style.The challenge with documenting an entire family is that the characters over 4 generations are increasingly difficult to keep track of. There is also so much information that, in this case, it would have been better to trim some and tighten up the narrative.

    A long slog but keeps you in the narrative pretty well. A fascinating story but if you want it in a concise, easy to read format this isn't for you-the story could be told in half the length without losing much.

    Ron Chernow captures the history of the Warburgs (their rise and fall, accomplishments and failures) with his detailed research and excellent storytelling skills.

    Jerel Wilmore
    Fascinating history of a fascinating family.

    This is the second Ron Chernow book I've listened to on audiobook (the first being the mesmerizing Alexander Hamilton). Being a book about a large family, it was a bit of a challenge keeping the various characters straight.The history covers 1600 through present day for a Jewish-German family. As you might expect, the most interesting part revolves around the build up to and action during WWII. It is interesting to hear about the experience of well-off German Jews (as contrasted with poor Jews f [...]

    I think part of this might be the fault of reading the kindle version and not being able to easily flip back to the family tree, but there were sooooo many people—many of which had similar names—that it was hard to keep everyone straight. Additionally, there was a lot of hopping between their stories and that didn't help. Again, Chernow explores a massive amount of information, but at times it's unnecessary or drawn out too much. Still, I found the exploration of the impact of Zionism on 193 [...]

    I loved Chernow's award National Book Award winning "The House of Morgans" some years back and have intended to read another Chernow for a while. One-third into "The Warburg", I'm impressed with the density of Chernow's historical references in detail. I'm almost wondering if he was conscripted (word choice: it's mostly about war times) to produce this volume of facts to inspire future study, sort of like throwing down a gauntlet for any challenges to his thoroughness. At a minimum, many future [...]

    This is one of Ron Chernow's excellent biographies of guilded age plutocrats. Unlike his other exceptional on Morgan and Rockefeller, this is a biography of a very distinguished that included important bankers, politicians, and even an important art historian. Chernow is really good at providing a critical biography that also is a good story and one well tied in with the economics of the times. In this case, the times (Europe, especially Germany from WWI to WWII) are particularly interesting as [...]

    It's a very good biography of a family as far as these things go, and remarkably clear when dealing with the history of banking, for example. The pages devoted to the real genius of the family, Aby Warburg, are a bit lacking unfortunately, probably because the author isn't so familiar with the art historian's groundbreaking contributions to the discipline. A very enjoyable read overall, and the massive amount of research that must have lead to it doesn't make it boring or anything. The three sta [...]

    Bill Yeadon
    I listened to the audio version (32 Hours). The Warburgs are basically the German version of the Rothchilds. While the family had been around since the 1600's the book mostly focuses on the 20th century. The troubles they faced during the run up to WWII were endless. It always amazes me how many people of Jewish descent that did not leave Germany until it was too late.Even though the book covers 4 centuries of progress, tumult, and tragedies, it is really about the interactions of the families.I [...]

    Georgia Roybal
    The Warburgs was quite a long book, but a very interesting one about a family which has contributed much to the economic and cultural systems both in United States and Europe. Mr. Chernow draws detailed character sketches of various family members. You really come to feel like they are your neighbors. One feeling I came away from this book feeling is that, no matter how rich or talented your family is, there are faults and foibles. Another feeling I had is the total stupidity of the Nazis. Forci [...]

    This is a great story of the rise and fall and rise of a family of German Jewish bankers, as they found a bank in Hamburg, and then follow the thread of anti-Semitism through the end of the 19th century and then through World Wars I and II. Chernow does a great job of communicating the internal Warburg struggles in addition to painting the picture of their role in international banking and the support of displanted Jews throughout Europe.

    I did not know anything about the Warburgs before I began this book. Chernow is my favorite biographer and this book is another fantastic work. As always, I feel he gave an even handed accounting of the family. This book is really several biographies in one and the only drawback to reading was keeping the characters straight. The book does a thorough job of putting the family in focus through the 20th century and how the responded and recovered from persecution.

    Lauren Albert
    Group biographies are difficult for writers to handle well, in my experience. Trying to smoothly move between subjects can still leave readers confused. Chernow handled it very elegantly--I never felt lost when he shifted between family members or branches of the family. I did sometimes get lost simply because there were so many people to remember and had to resort to peeking again at the family tree thoughtfully included at the beginning of the book.

    This is a very fascinating book. It gives a great foundation to the history of finance and the role of international finance in the World Wars. I do not have a background in finance and my history knowledge is about high school level, but Chernow packs a lot of info into a text that is accessible to readers like me.

    A very interesting and detailed book on an important German -Jewish family that provides interesting perspectives on World War I, World War II, the Great Depression, world finance, and Jewish assimilation into Western society. There was a lot to like - but it would have been even better with 250 fewer pages. A lot of detail could have been cut without sacrificing the quality of the book.

    Kathleen Boozang
    Not my favorite Chernow book. I am engrossed by any history of world war II and this is certainly different subject matter. It could have used one more aggressive edit as it was just this much too long.

    I loved the generational span of the book. It give you as sense of history through the eyes of a single family. Some of the facts are fascinating, you just couldn't make this stuff up.

    A really amazing story of an extended family that subtley dominated a large part of the world financial systems for over a century

    not usually my kind of book, but I liked it so much I htink I'll look for his other book hard copy withhpefully a bit bigger print!

    Jaan Liitmäe
    Starting anew in America was the best part!

    Great story of a remarkable family. It's a bit long winded through parts of the middle, but when it comes to showing this much detail about such an interesting topic, it's forgiven.

    Tommy Powell
    Great writing about an amazing family. For everyone who tends to look at the successful with envy this single biography is a must read.

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