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  • Title: Te Amo... I LOVE YOU
  • Author: RohitSharma
  • ISBN: 9789350880128
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback

  • GENRE ROMANTIC THRILLERNEWLY RELEASED HINDI EDITION ALSO AVAILABLE FOR HINDI READERS It is said that LOVE changes LIVES forever Well, it certainly does for Isabella and Aryan They meet They fall in love But soon they realise that love is all about Sacrifices, Efforts and Hope.A sacrifice, which Isabella makes for her family and her love, Aryan A sacrifice, which coGENRE ROMANTIC THRILLERNEWLY RELEASED HINDI EDITION ALSO AVAILABLE FOR HINDI READERS It is said that LOVE changes LIVES forever Well, it certainly does for Isabella and Aryan They meet They fall in love But soon they realise that love is all about Sacrifices, Efforts and Hope.A sacrifice, which Isabella makes for her family and her love, Aryan A sacrifice, which compels her to stay with Ethan, the man she hates most, and the man who tortures her everyday An effort, which Aryan makes to rescue his love, Isabella, from the dreadful clutches of the extremely powerful Ethan, and his vicious gang.A hope that persistently flares in the hearts of Isabella and Aryan, a hope to stay together, forever But, will Isabella s selfless sacrifices bring any good to her, or her loved ones Will Aryan s death defying efforts be successful Will Isabella and Aryan s eternal hope eventually come true Let s unfold together a fascinating saga about passionate love, honest friendships, and ruthless animosity a story about happiness and togetherness, hatred and revenge, sacrifices and solitude, efforts and hope.
    Born in Amritsar, and brought up in Delhi NCR, Rohit Sharma is the bestselling writer of Te Amo I LOVE YOU and 12 HOURS A Gold Medallist in Engineering, Rohit is an avid reader as well, and loves to read fictions by Nicholas Sparks, Jeff Archer, Ashwin Sanghi, Sidney Sheldon, and Dan Brown Pouring out his innermost feelings via innumerable romantic poems and songs has been Rohit s forte His varied collection of poems and songs are available on his blog, while his writings have been appreciated globally, on various poetry forums.Te Amo I Love You, his debut novel, was released in December 2012, and was nominated for the prestigious Commonwealth Book Prize His second book, 12 HOURS, which he wrote along with Mahi Singla, was released in September 2013 While Te Amo I Love You is a high octane romantic thriller, and has been hailed by readers and media as a perfect movie script, 12 HOURS is a collection of twelve enthralling short stories, mostly based on various social issues.Rohit then worked on the Hindi translations of his books, which is quite uncommon in Indian author industry, where almost all the writers get their work translated Te Amo I Love You s Hindi was released in November 2014, and has been appreciated well among the Hindi Readers 2015 will see the release of 12 HOURS Hindi.Rohit is currently working on his third English book, which is a Romantic Suspense Thriller, expected to hit the stores by end of 2016 A motivational speaker, Rohit is a die hard fan of Sachin Tendulkar, Lionel Messi and Roger Federer Dancing is one of his biggest passions, and he also loves to sketch, play sports like Table tennis and cricket, and, sometimes, he unwinds himself by cooking his favourite dishes


    Ronak(Pihu) Gajjar
    So, Once upon a time when Ronak Gajjar wished to kill herself, she read this! Ever felt that it would be so great that you could actually kill/shoot a book? Or you can barbeque it?Let Damon Salvatore convey my exact feelings: Concept: -0.1/5.0 Execution: 0.5/5.0 Characters Bespoken: 0.0/5.0Cover: 1.0/5.0Overall: 0.0/5.0 This one was one of the worst for me. Apna hero, Aryan Sehgal on the second page of book despises love and on the very third page, he is madly in love with a Spanish beauty Isabe [...]

    Mahi singla
    I got the special privilege to read Rohit Sharma's debut romance-thriller 'Te Amo…I LOVE YOU' before the official release. I still remember the day when Rohit asked me to read his book, to get an honest opinion on his work. I admit, I am a lazy reader, but when I started reading ‘Te Amo… I LOVE YOU’ I was totally hooked. I read it in ‘one go’. This itself describes how much I liked reading the book… no, this itself describes how much I loved reading the book.It is the story of Arya [...]

    Durgendra Singh
    TE AMOI LOVE YOU ,this book is written by Rohit Sharma a gold medalist software engineer by profession ,this is a very different from the typical love stories, this book is very emotional and heart touching story of isabella and aryan . and one written in pain and sorrow you definetliy can feel and understood the orignility of charecter and what the author has gone through is the story of how life changes for them when they fall in love In this book TE AMO I LOVE YOU ,the poems are awesome and [...]

    I just Won a Copy In a Giveaway!!!! This is my First ever won on GR Giveaway!! And I am super excited!!!Dear Te Amo ILU book, plz come soon.P.s.-- I am a fan of Spanish culture myself.

    Sundeep Supertramp
    Plot:It is about two people - Aryan and Isabella - and their love journey. Aryan is not the one to believe in love. He had his reasons. The harsh marital results of his parents was one reason. But that was only until he met Isbella, a Spanish beauty. Unknowingly, both fall in love and get closer to each other like never before.Period.Isabella's father had already fixed her marriage with his business partner's son, Ethan. Ethan was a guy not to messed with, so Isabella in an attempt to save her l [...]

    Shalini Katyal
    "Te amo i love you"---A story dat Touched my heart in many wonderful ways. Each Emotion i felt so strongly while reading d buk. The story has a Poetic Touch. Isabella's unwavering trust on Aryan is simply Appreciable. The Tremendous Love of Aryan for Isabella is just simply Heavenly. Ethan's Obessive Tendency is simply Despiteful. The Selfless Sacrifice of Isabella is just simply Rewardable. The artistic writing skills which pull d readers into d depth of the book are simply Commendable.I enjoye [...]

    This is my First book won on Giveaway so I have a very special feeling attached to this book. Will definitely post my reviews once I get my copy :)Hi RohitFirst of all, a big thank you for giving me a signed copy. I must say it matters a lot. Then like an icing on a delicious cake is the bookmark in my book. I finished reading the book. I felt that this book has something which held me completely till I finished reading. I must say being your first book you did a fantastic job. I like romantic [...]

    Nibha Khanna
    Te Amo I LOVE YOUhey Rohit Sharma I have finished reading your book "Te AmoI Love You" I can trully say i have enjoyed each and every word of the book all is written so nicely like everything is happening in front of me each and every aspect takes me with it. minute things gives a Smile like waiting for isabella sitting outside of uni, rain, most importantly that phone calls description , everything whole love story is amazing each and every character is Amazing.The way portrayed and very well s [...]

    Nimisha Grover
    Rohit SharmaPeople often say that a story is well depicted in a movie because we can visualize it. But, i can truly visualize each and every scene of this novel in my mind. The only difference was that the experience of reading this novel was better than watching a movie. From the starting to the end, there was not even a single instance where the story turned boring. The Spain culture is well described in this book. The description of all the characters was also very good. there were some scene [...]

    Mini Sapra
    "An unspoken promise of trust ,love and togetherness till eternity" is what makes Isabella and Aryan stand distinctly.Kudos to Rohit Sharma for providing a vent to through his pen, to the overflowing emotions of the true lovers."Te Amo" a novel that clearly spreads the waves of positivity , hope , faith and ofcourse undying true love is definitely a must read for all the lovers, daughters , fathers , mothers and teenagers.Well done Rohit Sharma !! eagerly waiting for your next one now !

    Hitakshi Bawa
    After a long wait and lots of curiosity given by the videos made by author finally I got to read this book. A good novel with a great writing skills. Author has given his best to describe his work. The story is all about unconditional love and sacrifice between Aryan and Isabella and all that they face to win the love against the bad man Ethan. Isabella is a Spanish girl whereas Aryan is an handsome Indian boy.Te amo is romantically deep and beautiful love story of Isabella and Aryan something l [...]

    Om Shukla
    Te Amo I love you Love is all about sacrifices, efforts and hopes.The journey of Isabella and Aryan's love life was totally awesome. This is full of emotions, and expressed very well by the author. Each and every character was brilliantly crafted and seems original. Isabella and her friend Santina shows the real meaning of friendship. Aryan love is pure and totally committed towards Isabella. The story of this book will make you happy, sad, and will force you to cry as well. In my opinion, this [...]

    Ishan Arora
    Te Amo I love you, Engages you throughout the read. It is a perfect mix of romance, passion, and action. The writing style is lucid and easy to understand, yet powerful in conveying the message. The love scenes are very aesthetically written and bring out the right emotions. Once you hard reading this book, it gets on to you and it’s hard to let go. Reading it at one go is so easy because it engages you at every instance. It’s an ideal Sunday read or a travel companion on a train of a flight [...]

    Neoni Dsouza
    Truly remarkable truly rohit . I am just speechless . Can't stop my tears and smile after reading te amo . . At each part there was new twist and turn . . It brought me more closer to love friendship and beautifully all the relation are portrayed . . . Beautiful cute lovely awesome super duper hit love story . . . . You made me feel as if we are present all the time with aryan n bella at every moment as if its all happening in front of my eyes and could feel love friendship all the emotion . . . [...]

    Abhilash Ruhela
    Reading the title and seeing the cover page of the book, you would have understood that this space is going to turn monotonous for some weeks. Right? :-) I am not sorry because reading is a good habit and I am trying to build this into everyone coming across this space. At 4 AM in the morning, I am done reading Rohit Sharma's "Te Amo I LOVE YOU". The cover page also says," Join Isabella and Aryan in their journey of love". I have finally ended reading the whole journey of 310 pages. This book is [...]

    Meghant Parmar
    Exemplary piece of work by the author. A book which will be remembered by generations and teach a thing or two to the people who are yet to fall in love or already experiencing it in their lives. The story is beautiful. The characters have been made extremely well. Some stories are never complete with a twist or turn in it and here's one which has some in it to keep the readers engaged till the last page.All the poems, the depiction of Spanish culture, the cute little love expressions, the simpl [...]

    Just a comment to people who say this book resembles a movie obvious that the author has put a lot of effort to write and research this book so my common sense says this can't be true. Characters are real, writing is great and at the end of the day, it's fiction, great fiction. It's not real life. It supposed to take you away from your real life and entertain you. Which it does!It has everything a good book shd have. This is a GOOD READ. And all those people should try writing a book.

    Sunil Agarwal
    Awesome and beautifully written

    Haritha Harry
    Typical Bollywood style writing. Nothing in the book is convincingly written. Got bored at the very start.

    Yaqub khan
    Rating: 5 out of 5Praise : Author Rohit Sharma has done a fabulous job. It is perhaps the best book in terms of literary style among the readers and writers in India. Many follow Chetan bhagats style and some follow Durjoy duttas style. Whereas Rohit sharma, he and his writing style is unique.Review: ‘Te Amo…I Love You’ is the young Indian writer Rohit Sharma’s debut novel . As the title suggests, it is a romance fiction and a fine depiction of cross-cultural love.The tale is essentially [...]

    Ritesh Agarwal
    Book: Te Amo…I Love YouAuthor: Rohit SharmaPublication: Mahaveer PublishersGenre: Love, romancePages: 310Price: Rs 175Rating: 3.5 out of 5Review: ‘Te Amo…I Love You’ is the young Indian writer Rohit Sharma’s debut novel and marks his foray into the coveted world of best-selling authors. As the title suggests, it is an out-and-out romantic fiction and a fine depiction of cross-cultural love. In quintessence, the novel is a love saga, and even though there are shades of action & thri [...]

    H.R. Krishna
    Hello people, Its been a long time since i have reviewed a book, and i read this one a couple of months back. As a whole this book was something refreshing and new compared to the chik lits stocking up in indian book stores. The author has done his research which is clearly evident from the plot and spanish sentences he uses. the characters are believable and lovable at times. Rohit has coated the tinge of fiction very well infact. Then there is always the feel, which we normally go for, i norma [...]

    I won this book in a giveaway. I was very excited; te amo.g the first book I'd ever won. The first thing i felt after holding the delivered copy in my hand was a reluctance to read it. An 'I love you' in a book title is bad enough but twice? A nightmare. Te amo wasn't all that bad. Definitely not excellent. But not a nightmare either. So I'm listing all the pros and cons in it.Pros:1. I loved the ending! Happy and Aryaan didn't act like Romeo ie kill himself or refuse to fall in love. That was [...]

    Stuti Agarwal
    Te amo I LOVE YOU is the novel whose each chapter touches yor heart whose each chapter makes u more curious to read what happen next. it makes u smile also. it makes u cry also sometimes it is not a book only it is a story of true lovers. who r seperated by body only nt by souls the story is described in a way u can easily make a picture in ur mind that what is happening it makes u so much involved in it that apart from aryan you urselves wiling to kill Ethan. not even a single page feels boring [...]

    Ajay Mishra
    Just finished reading Te Amo I Love You. In short, I will say that the author has done a remarkable job. The story is fast paced, the characters are powerful, and it is a well-written and pacey romance thriller novel. This novel is very different from the other books in a way that it is not a college romance. Moreover it is a thriller as well, and it gives you an experience of a Hollywood Movie. The poems and the songs are very well written. The Spanish Culture is beautiful. A strong debut by th [...]

    Natasha Besre
    Te Amo will always be special to me as this year when I had gone for a month to Europe I was reading itI dint feel bored it was the best book for the trip thanks for the great book Looking forward for ur next all the best

    Saurabh Khetan
    it is fact that it is other love story, but author has passionate this story. More over this book is more or like same as movie kites, but i love it love, music, dance and romance all present in book, it is good to entertain and feel bliss when you feel down.

    Book Reviews& Promotion
    SEE MORE AT- bookreviewsandauthorsREVIEW :-From the title itself , its clear that this book is a love story of Isabella and Aryan, which is unforgettableTeo is a rollercaster ride, it proves that the sweetest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The preetiest eyes have shed the most tears . And, the kindest hearts have felt the maximum part.A beautiful loe story with an important message.Things which i lyk about this book : Simple language ,straight forward ,well written,well craftedconnects the rea [...]

    Nikita Tak
    Super Amazing Smash Hit Romance Thriller The super amazing book review in poetry form :Tingles down Isbie’s spine, she felt!!Enticing Aryan’s handsomeness skips a beat of her heart!!Astonishing her eyes!!Meets mine,Oh! I Love you Isabella, Aryan says in his sighs!!It’s the beautiful love story of Isabella and AryanLaying her headOn his shoulder;Vibrations andEcstasy she felt, in her body all-over!!Yearned Aryan;One day he would marry his love, Isabella!!Ultimately, Aryan married Isabella a [...]

    I almost gave up on this book midway but another boring Monday morning made me return to it, albeit reluctantly. After seeing the positive reviews and 5 star ratings on here, I was beyond disappointed after reading this book. It began with with an overdose of mush with oodles of sappy romance. The protagonist of the book, Aryan, was someone who I could hardly relate to. He seemed overly immature, vulnerable and needy. The entire plot of the story seemed to have been pulled out of a Bollywood rom [...]

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