✓ A Season in Hell ☆ Arthur Rimbaud Robert Mapplethorpe Cosimo Ortesta Michel Butor

  • Title: A Season in Hell
  • Author: Arthur Rimbaud Robert Mapplethorpe Cosimo Ortesta Michel Butor
  • ISBN: 9780821224588
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover

  • ✓ A Season in Hell ☆ Arthur Rimbaud Robert Mapplethorpe Cosimo Ortesta Michel Butor - A Season in Hell, A Season in Hell Written by Rimbaud at age in the wake of a tempestuous affair with fellow poet Paul Verlaine A Season in Hell has been a touchstone for anguished poets artists and lovers for over a century This
    Arthur Rimbaud Robert Mapplethorpe Cosimo Ortesta Michel Butor
    French poet and adventurer, who stopped writing verse at the age of 19, and who became, after his early death an inextricable myth in French gay life Rimbaud s poetry, partially written in free verse, is characterized by dramatic and imaginative vision I say that one must be a visionary that one must make oneself a VISIONARY His works are among the most original in the Symbolist movement Rimbaud s best known work, LE B TEAU IVRE The Drunken Boat , appeared in 1871 In the poem, he sent a toy boat on a journey, an allegory for a spiritual quest.It is found again What Eternity It is the sea Gone with the sun from L ternite , 1872 Arthur Rimbaud was born in Charleville, France, as the son of Fr deric Rimbaud, a career soldier, and Marie Catherine Vitale Cuif, an unsentimental matriarch Rimbaud s father left the family, and from the age of six, young Arthur was raised by his strictly religious mother Rimbaud was educated in a provincial school until the age of fifteen He was an outstanding student but his behavior was considered provocative After publishing his first poem, in 1870, at the age of 16, Rimbaud wandered through northern France and Belgium, and was returned to his home in Paris by police.


    Araz Goran

    I m an organized person Psychotically organized Except when it comes to books I try to plan my readings, I try to finish one book in order to begin a new one, but it s all in vain I read what I want to read, whenever I have the need of reading it So, with four books on my currently reading shelf, today I felt like reading something different First, some weird stuff by Tim Burton, then, A Season in Hell caught my attention and here we are.Anyway, this is one of those books I should read while bei [...]

    Huda Yahya

    Chiara Pagliochini
    Finii col trovare sacro il disordine del mio spirito Stamattina devo aver appoggiato il piede sbagliato sullo scendiletto Altrimenti non si spiegherebbe perch la mia testa abbia associato una tazza di latte coi cereali la crusca, detesto la crusca ad Arthur Rimbaud Non si spiegherebbe perch sono entrata in punta di piedi nella stanza studiolo, ho aperto l anta dell armadio libreria con un ti quasi reverenziale e ho tirato gi dallo scaffale il volume grosso e blu che giace l da tempo imme In cope [...]


    I don t know how to rate this In fact, I think it s beyond any rating, so my four stars don t really say anything Moreover, I have a feeling that I wasn t ready for it yet, so I ll be giving it chances in the future Like an index to my emotional growth The fact, however, that he wrote it at the age of 19 is beyond any comment All that is finished Today, I have learned to wave my hand at beauty.

    I am proofing this book for Free Literature and it will be published by Project Gutenberg.Images generously available at Gallica BnF.L Eternit Elle est retrouv e.Quoi L Eternit.C est la mer all eAvec le soleil.Ame sentinelle,Murmurons l aveuDe la nuit si nulleEt du jour en feu.Des humains suffrages,Des communs lansL tu te d gagesEt voles selon.Puisque de vous seules,Braises de satin,Le Devoir s exhaleSans qu on dise enfin.L pas d esp rance,Nul orietur.Science avec patience,Le supplice est s r.El [...]

    Some literature does to a tormented soul what antibiotics does to the body It can prescribed as a cure when someone needs it.Rimbaud here is a broken man after a lover has left him The reason of his descent is not clearly made but the whole poem demonstrates his tormented, confused presense and need for love Reading this I was amazed how he used such strange surrealist images to create a desperate, morbid atmosphere in which he is looking for satisfaction to come eventually Rimbaud, like another [...]

    The Literary Chick
    It would be impossible to get a better edition than Bulfinch Press s The pairing of Rimbaud s fiery poetry with Mapplethorpe s photographs is the perfect marriage en enfer for the demon bridegroom.

    Khashayar Mohammadi
    I find Rimbaud s writing rather sophomoric and bland I wish I had read him at a much younger age.

    Ibrahim Saad

    César Lasso
    Uno de los libros de mi temprana juventud bohemia, lleno de rabia y de atisbos de surrealismo Oh, el moscard n embriagado en el urinario de la pensi n, enamorado de la borraja y al que parte en dos un rayo


    One of the most memorable pieces of writing that I have ever read Rimbaud s mind must have been a strange and wonderful place in which to exist.

    I know of no other translator who has captured Rimbaud s youthful voice Donald Revell is the first While there are several beautiful translations of A Season in Hell Paul Schmidt and Wyatt Mason have both produced excellent versions the voice is always that of a middle aged man, not of a boy in his late teens.With Revell s transation, we have that voice, and it is amazing to feel the energy and the freshness of this French monolith when an innocence is maintained Perhaps some of the success come [...]

    Fuad Takrouri

    Muero de lasitud Esto es la tumba, voy hacia los gusanos, horror de horrores Sat n, farsante, quieres disolverme, con tus hechizos Yo reclamo Yo reclamo un horquillado, una gota de fuego Ah ascender otra vez a la vida Otear nuestras deformidades Y ese veneno, ese beso mil veces maldito Mi debilidad, la crueldad del mundo Piedad, Dios m o, oc ltame, me siento demasiado mal Estoy escondido y no lo estoy.Es el fuego que se levanta con su condenado.

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    Burguesadas ni m s ni menos Somos burgu ses e intensos Tuve la mala fortuna de leer esto al mismo tiempo que leo a Cior n y bueno, no hay punto de comparaci n en la expresi n acerca del dolor entre uno y otro Rimbaud parece estar jugando al dolor, cuando Cior n parece m s un antrop logo que fil sofo del mismo.

    Moataz Ibrahim
    37 .

    Luna Miguel
    Este es uno de los libros m s alucinantes que he le do en mi vida Ha sido muy duro traducirlo, pero con Laura Rosal hemos tratado de hacer una bonita versi n, a nuestra manera Las ilustraciones de Laura San Rom n y Laia Arqueros terminan de cerrar un libro que si ya era especial para nosotras ahora lo es a n mas Queremos mucho a Arthur Rimbaud y esperamos que se haya sentido bien tratado.Gracias.

    Kareman Mohammad
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    • ✓ A Season in Hell ☆ Arthur Rimbaud Robert Mapplethorpe Cosimo Ortesta Michel Butor
      254 Arthur Rimbaud Robert Mapplethorpe Cosimo Ortesta Michel Butor
    A Season in Hell