☆ Amity of the Angelmen Ü T.C. Slonaker

  • Title: Amity of the Angelmen
  • Author: T.C. Slonaker
  • ISBN: 9781937273859
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback

  • ☆ Amity of the Angelmen Ü T.C. Slonaker - Amity of the Angelmen, Amity of the Angelmen Amity David is not human as the seventeen year old pastor s daughter had thought she was Her life has now been upturned and possibly set aright with the help of Mackenzie Abel a young priest as conf
    T.C. Slonaker
    A former elementary school teacher and subsequent lover of the English language in the written word, Tracy Slonaker found several new hobbies after embarking on the new career of motherhood One hobby was running distances, which gave her plenty of time to create characters, build plots, and listen for God s input The result of all this thinking was the birth of a new hobby writing the Angelmen Series, an analogy of God s love for His people Amity of the Angelmen is the first installment of this series.Tracy enjoys her life as a wife and mother of three in just outside Reading, PA She still has a soft spot for kids and an eagerness to use her degrees in Elementary Education by using them as Director of Christian Education at her non denominational Christian church She has also learned to love running, and has not given up her childhood fondness of sports playing softball and watching football She gives thanks to the Lord for all His good gifts.


    T.C. Slonaker
    Ha ha, well I liked it.

    Susan Furlong
    I purchased this book for my 16 year old daughter who absolutely loved it Actually, she didn t put it down for two days I ve finally read it for myself and can see the appeal it holds for both teen and adult readers Slonaker s AMITY OF THE ANGELMEN could best be described as a Christian thriller Its well plotted, action packed storyline combines both supernatural elements and Christian morals into a page turning novel As a parent, it s nice to find a new author that can weave a clean, yet captiv [...]

    Rachel N
    This story hooked me from the very first line and I finished it in record time Intriguing premise and the story never stops moving I m looking forward to further books in this series.

    Nathan Bush
    This was a very delightful and surprising read If you enjoy spiritual warfare stories, this one might be just what you re looking for TC did a great job of laying out her story line and characters While it felt a little slow at first, I soon found myself reading faster because I wanted to know what was going to happen to Amity and how she would handle herself I easily got drawn in to Mackenzie s role as well His personal struggles became my own and I could easily identify with his dilemma and be [...]

    T.C. Slonaker
    This is the first of four paraquels though they can be read in any order in the the Angelmen series Amity, Asher, Caedmon, and Malachi each chronicling the story of how that angelman was presented the truth about their demon heritage by their guiding angel The last chapter of each book shows the fateful meeting of these four leaders from the perspective of that character.The tone of this book is the most faith oriented or religious of the four, mostly because it sets the stage to show this was G [...]

    I hated to see the story end It took me a while to get into it, just getting to know Amity and her personality took some time, but once things started rollingwhoaen suddenlyend of the book ARGH So that s a good thing, especially since the second in the series should be out soon.This is definitely Christian literature, and at some points felt a little omnipresent but maybe that s what the author was trying to say about God However, it doesn t mean that only Christians can read it It certainly hel [...]

    Carri Peterson
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book The storyline is original I recommended it to my teenage daughter, and she enjoyed it too We are excited about the release of the second in the series, and any other books this author puts out It is nice to read something that is not only not offensive, but original and creative.

    I received thsi book from the author in exchange for an honest review This in no way influenced my review Wow This book is amazing I cannot wait to read the rest of the series.Full review coming soon here and on my blog.

    M.L. Woods
    Amity David thought herself to be a typical teenager with typical teenage awkwardness, and other regular problems Was she ever wrong.Singled out by an angel and told she was destined for something specific, but not told exactly what that was, Amity tries to make sense of it all One of her biggest obstacles was being told by that angle that she was descended from a demon Amity, who was raised by a ministerial family and in church, with church values, is part demon Ms Slonaker has taken Genesis 6 [...]

    Busy Bees
    Star Rating Amity is just a normal 17 year old girl Or so she thought until one day she seems to see a stranger that nobody else can see The stranger tells her he is an angel and she has been given a mission by the Lord God himself she needs to complete this mission at all costs, even if the cost is her life.During the mission she is joined by the young priest Mackenzie, who follows to protect her and keep her on her path Will Amity be able to deliver the message that she has been trusted with T [...]

    Dana Kamstra
    I ve always had a small part of my reading heart dedicated to fantasy This was a wonderful read to fill that The story was fast paced and eventful, leading up to a spectacular ending There were questions that remained in the end, but well, this is the first book of the series so things shouldn t be ending too neatly The novel is a demonstrations of spiritual warfare It answers the what if question of what would it be like if the Nephilim Genesis 6 were still in the world It uses this thought to [...]

    Let me start by saying this book is so different then my normal reads The first chapter or two I was very apprehensive however, the author did a fabulous job of pulling me into the story of Amity David It certainly has a strong religious plot line but again, I felt like even if I didn t know some of the context, the author explained enough that I could follow along and make sense of it all Following Amity as she learns that she is a messenger and has to confront a very high power will send you o [...]

    A thrilling telling and and view of the outcome of the mating between human and fallen angels, the Nephilim At 17 Amity finds out not only that she is half demon half human, a messenger and she has a mission This shakes her very foundation and during the reading of the book scripture is used to strengthen, guide, encourage her in completing her mission This is a strong christian novel with loads of scripture that strengthen the story being delivered I love the way the story flows and found mysel [...]

    This was a different type of read for me but I found myself enjoying it so very much I really liked watching Amity learn who she is and what she is meant to do and who she is meant to be The storyline flowed well the characters were very enjoyable and I loved how it all came together The only thing I wasn t fond on was the ending I can t say because of spoilers but dang lol But it was still a very fun story to read

    United Indie Book Blog
    Amity of the Angelman is a young adult Christian thriller suspense novel I had a hard time getting into it, the character and world building was slow for me But once everything was built, I had a hard time putting it down Amity is half human half angel and is sent on a mission to prevent war I love that Amity turns to the Bible when she needs comfort, advice, and really anything I look forward to .Review by Raychel

    I didn t know what to expect when I started reading the book I really enjoyed everything staying in line and not getting confusing in this book like some trying to figure out who they are types do I was really amazed to figure out what Amity has too do Deliver a message to Satan himself to prevent an all out war Takes a lot of courage Can t wait for of Amity

    Linda Landes
    It took me a while to get focused and read this book, but I m so glad that I finally did It took a little while to get to know the main character and really get involved in the book, but once I did, I didn t want to put it down I m anxiously awaiting the reading of the second book I was a bit sad when I reached the end I can t wait to read

    I thought the author did a great job of developing the characters The chemistry between Amity and Mackenzie Abel was awesome The plot was thoughtfully developed I loved the dialogue, Slonaker made it seem so real.I was given this book by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    • ☆ Amity of the Angelmen Ü T.C. Slonaker
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