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  • Title: Repentinamente sexy
  • Author: Linda Francis Lee
  • ISBN: 9788490323243
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Kate es una atractiva presentadora de televisi n cuyo nico pecado es seguir soltera a los veintisiete Tal vez haya llegado la hora de abandonar a la o a y aburrida Katie y transformarse en una Kate sexy y divertida Es en ese momento, en el que ha decidido dar un giro radical a su ordenada vida, cuando aparece su ex vecino y objeto de deseo Jesse Chapman Golfista, mujKate es una atractiva presentadora de televisi n cuyo nico pecado es seguir soltera a los veintisiete Tal vez haya llegado la hora de abandonar a la o a y aburrida Katie y transformarse en una Kate sexy y divertida Es en ese momento, en el que ha decidido dar un giro radical a su ordenada vida, cuando aparece su ex vecino y objeto de deseo Jesse Chapman Golfista, mujeriego y juerguista, es demasiado guapo y demasiado encantador para Kate O tal vez no Olvidando los humillantes rechazos de los que fue v ctima en el pasado, la vecina de la puerta de al lado va a ir a por todas para demostrar a Jesse lo rematadamente sexy que puede llegar a ser.
    Linda Francis Lee
    Linda Francis Lee is a native Texan now calling New York City home Linda s writing career began when her article There Is No Finish Line was published in her university s quarterly magazine But she got sidetracked from writing when she started teaching probability and statistics Later she found her way back to writing, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution called her breakout novel, Blue Waltz, absolutely stunning Now Linda is the author of nineteen books that are published in sixteen countries around the world, in languages as diverse as Japanese and Russian Two of her most recent novels are in development for feature films, and she is in the process of co developing a television series set in her beloved Texas Lee s next novel, her twentieth, is a large work of fiction about the redemption of a man, and will be released in 2011.When Linda isn t writing, she loves to run in Central Park and spend time with her husband, family, and friends.



    Alba M.
    Hace años, cuando leí este libro, estaba empezando a leer así que para mí fue de lo mejorcito. Ahora, llevando a cuestas un montón de lecturas he tenido que bajarle la nota. Es un libro entretenido y divertido pero si que hay que reconocer que los hay mejores. Vale para pasar el rato, y tiene de todo: sorpresas, reencuentros, amigos que se vuelven algo más, programas de televisión, presentadoras con tendencias al ridiculo, amigas como jefas algo cabronas Jesse y Kate lo tienen todo para u [...]

    Michelle [Helen Geek]
    01/26/2015 --One of my favorite authors is Rachel Gibson. I recently re-read most of her books. She had a new release that was seriously just a teaser. I feel so teased. Why am I telling you this? Well, I was looking for something like that. A "new to me" author and this looked good [the copy I have has a seriously sexy man in a cowboy hat]. So, call me a cover slut because this wasn't all that. It was just meh ** okay. As I was reading it, I'd get bored and then something would happen and I'd [...]

    güzeldin beğenmiştim (:

    Suddenly Sexy by Linda Francis Lee is a contemporary romance set in Texas. From the opening email between Kate and her friend and boss Julia, you become immersed in the witty, intelligent and sometimes humiliating world of Kate Bloom, News Anchor at KTEX TV West Texas. For many years, Kate has been playing it safe, both in the workplace and in her social life. Timid and reserved from growing up under the frivolous parenting of her mother, she has created a world, which is risk free, responsible [...]

    OMG! I'm in love with Jesse Chapman! Seriously golf isn't my thing, but give me a golfer like him and I'll play, watch, whatever it takes to be with him.Notorious bad boy (of golf of all things) Jesse Chapman was good looking with a swing that could take Tiger Woods for a spin. Golfing was his life, but so was women and liquorbut now Jesse was a hero, or at least that what others thought of him, not so much what he thought of himself.Katherine Bloom at 27 was still trying to figure out who she w [...]

    Jamie DeBree
    I really loved all three of the books in this series. I bought "Suddenly Sexy" first, and then I *needed* to read "Simply Sexy", and by then, I couldn't not read "Sinfully Sexy", because this trilogy is the story of three very close but very different friends who stay togetherI'm not really sure how, with as different as their personalities are. But somehow they all complement, challenge and ground each other without serious damage when things go awry.The menwell. I mean, we are talking romance [...]

    Jennifer Margeson
    i think when you pick this book, you get what you expect. it is a light and easy read, a romance and the first in what i expect is an easy trilogy to enjoy. it deserves more than 3.6 stars from - ladies, we didn't choose this book to be educated but entertained! and i was entertained, especially after a heavier Still Alice. looking forward to reading the others and yes I'd recommend as a Spring Break read!!

    Really loved the plot of this one. Bad boy hero forever in love with his heroine but never feeling good enough for her. One of my favorite kind of plots. The author did a good job with flash backs of showing the heros emotional states and why he had the feelings he had for the heroine. And it was easy for me to see why the herione's heart would forever belong to the bad boy. Got to love a modern day reformed rake.

    Evolet Belova
    Nota: 9/10

    This is a cute series. Sappy, but fun. Who doesn't need a little light reading sometimes?

    Ana T.
    I can't remember why I put this one in the TBR pile anymore but my guess is that it was because it is a mix of second chance at love / friends to lovers kind of story. After finishing it I am left with mixed feelings about it because I felt there were too many things happening at once.Kate Bloom is a news anchor in a small Texas town; she has been in love with Jesse Chapman, now a famous golfer, since they were children. Jesse, however, did not feel he was good enough for Kate and has stayed awa [...]

    Belle Augusta
    STARS RATING: 4.5 actually.---------------------Kate Bloom memiliki seorang lelaki yang selalu ada di pikirannya, selalu berpikir bahwa ia mencintainya. Namun begitu ia mengatakan apa yang ia rasakan, lelaki itu pergi. Lima tahun ia berhasil melupakan lelaki itu dan melanjutkan hidupnya. Saat karirnya sebagai pembawa berita mengalami kemunduran, lelaki itu, Jesse Chapman, kembali dan menyelamatkannya--selalu begitu dari dulu. Ya Jesse Chapman, seorang pegolf profesional kembali ke kampung halama [...]

    Someone posted that this book was inexpensive and that they really liked it. I can't remember who. I wish I did because I want to thank them. This was good, very good. It's fluff with the next door love and all that, but it's also good. And does have a slight darker tinge to it, (view spoiler)[ with the child abuse angle. Because that's what it was. And some might say that that part got glossed over, but I liked that it wasn't the defining point of the story. The fact that the dad wasn't as impo [...]

    C Joy
    A good story, dragging at times when it comes to the investigation side, but although the characters rekindled their flames in 2 weeks, it seemed like a long time. This is different from the other novels; in here the hero and heroine (Charles and Penelope) have a history together. This story is about true love and how time tested it, both are hesitant at first but if not for Charles's persistence, nothing would come out of their relationship. This novel focused more on Charles's life as a spy an [...]

    Karen Grage
    I almost stopped reading this one. I found the way Jesse's son was dropped into the story with no questions asked to be totally unrealistic to the point of 'you've got to be kidding me'. I also found Jesse's brother Derek to be a bit of an 'overreacter'. Treating Jesse like a child at every turn. But I kept reading. It got better.After I got past those two things, the story line became much more realistic. Jesse dealing with his deamons, Kate dealing with her's. There was even that point where I [...]

    I picked up this book from amazon because Eloisa James hyped Lee's books (and the trilogy is on sale for $3 a pop).It was a decent, fairly light romance novel. It followed the expected formula with only one or two surprises, but it was well written and I'll probably pick up the next two books. (C'mon, they're only $6 total).I honestly don't think I've read a story where the hero is a pro golfer, so that was unique, and amusing. Lee either has played golf or did a lot of research, because her kno [...]

    This was my first "contemporary romance" novel and I must say that I'm impressed. There was much more substance to this book than I anticipated. The story follows Kate Bloom, a woman who is kind of set in her ways and very happy with where she is until her world is kind of turned upside down. Her friends and co-workers, Julia and Chloe, ask her to spice up her show "Getting Real with Kate" AND to add to her ever-increasing stress, an old friend/crush and athlete/bad boy, of course, Jesse comes b [...]

    Mia Adorable
    This was a great read. Very sweet and poigant. This is a story about growing up, finding yourself and falling in love. It is a wholesome kind of love. Kate and Jessie; 4 years apart. Love from the very beginning of childhood growing into what we all dream about. Katie has loved Jessie all her life and unknown to Katie, Jesse has loved her since he's laid eyes on her when she was little. Growing up Katie had always run to Jesse for assurance and safety and he provided that for her but he too real [...]

    The women of KTEX Julia Boudreaux station owner and her two best friends Kate Bloom, Anchorwoman and Chloe Sinclair, station manager. El Paso Texas will never be the same.Suddenly Sexy (Sexy #1) – Kate Bloom has had a crush on Jesse Chapman bad-boy golfer since she was 3. Now he is back in town and living in her guest cottage. Jesse has issues and just came back to town to get his golf game straight. He doesn't need the distraction of sweet Katie Bloom. But could she be the answer to his issue [...]

    Kate, Chloe, and Julia are best friends, co-workers, and life-long neighbors. Each has a story and the author carries their friendship through each book. often with e-mails at the beginning of the chapters. This is the first book in the Sexy trilogy. They are entertaining and quick reads. Each book has sexy men and women who really don't know who they are, but it is enjoyable finding out who they can be.Kate Bloom is a news anchor at a Texas television station which is in dire need of revenue. K [...]

    Donna Porter
    Kate Bloom has loved Jesse Chapman all her life. They lived next door to each other. When Kate was born he didn't like her at first and as she got a little older she looked up to him to help care for her. When he was fourteen and she was ten he had a bad fight with his father and Kate had snuck into his room and got in bed with him to comfort him. That's how their lives had been . Jesse is now a professional golfer and he is well know. Kate is a New reporter with her own show. All of a sudden Je [...]

    Lynn Aoude
    It wasn't that fancy. Pretty predictable, even the last hole in the golf tournament. Kate was a mess, she had no willpower. She couldn't even stand up to her best friend, let alone take a stand against Jesse. Now Jesse was his own kind of mess. Granted his father messed him up pretty bad, but to leave all this baggage without dealing with it all this time, that's just sad. And what's with his protecting Kate all the time? You want to protect her from yourself, deal with your crap 'cause even if [...]

    I grabbed this book off my library share rack and am not impressed. I will not be reading the other two books.The trilogy is about three lifelong friends who work at an El Paso, TX TV station. Ratings are down and Kate needs a new image. The old one was a bit to conservative. She starts a new show to showcase the new Kate, except the new Kate has no clue who she is or what to do. Jesse, the bad boy El Paso golf hero, returns to town in order to get his game back. Both he and Kate have a long his [...]

    Good story. There is absolutely chemistry between Kate and Jesse with a great build of tension. I enjoyed all of their history and the little stories/memories that would come up from their childhood. Travis was a nice addition to the story that I hadn't expected. At times, however, the story seemed to go a little slow but then did pick back up. I liked it but don't know if I'll read the follow up. Nothing about the emails between the three friends (Chloe and Julia) make me want to hear their sto [...]

    Kate is a host of a new segment called "Getting Real with Kate" which airs on local television. She is awkward, and still trying to truly figure out who she is, when Jesse comes back. He is a guy she was friends with when they were younger, whom she really liked. He is also a golf pro who returned home to West Texas for a break from the public. They reunite and Jesse (who is a ladies man, because after all, u can't be gorgeous, rich, and famous and not be) and he realizes he sees innocent Kate a [...]

    Kate has her own TV show and a superstar is her next guest: Jesse Chapman, a very successful golfer. Incidentally the two are childhood friends, and since Jesse needs a time-out from his hectic life as a sportsman he seeks refugee in his old home town - more specifically in Kate's guest cottage where he hopes to overcome his 'golfer's block'.Of course their old flame sparks up again, but can their romance really overcome their (mostly Jesse's) problems.Mmmh, not really a quick read - since you k [...]

    Luisa Rivas
    The book had two things I liked: that they had known each other since babies and that the guy was a professional golf player. I liked all the info about the golf game. I thought it dragged a little sometimes and the issue with Jesse came out late in the story; also there was a lot of back and forth between Kate and Jesse and you get impatient with both. Apart from that it was an entertaining read and some scenes were worthy of a SEP writing, especially the scene with the pet psychic and the cat: [...]

    Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    Meet Kate, Julia and Chloe. 3 lifelong friends living in West Texas and working at a television station. Actually I think Julia owns it, Chloe is the station manager and Kate has a show on Fridays.Enter Jesse, he and Kate were close growing up and he left and became a famous golfer but now he is back, at least for awhile. Will they rekindle their relationship? most likely.It was a good book and I have the other 2 to read in this trilogy.

    This was a fun book! I'm not usually a big fan of present day because they all involve ridiculously rich and successful people, but, while this book does have a pro golfer as the love interest, it was very real, down-to-earth, and took some unexpected and interesting turns. This would make a great summer read. I'd also rank it above any 'popcorn' novels because it showcases a realistic couple with (mostly) relate-able issues.

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