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  • Title: Hollywood & Mine
  • Author: K.C. Ford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Reality TV Meet actual reality Life as a cable reality show host could be a sweet gig, if you came by it honestly Renovations contractor Jack Hoffman did not When a gay unfriendly network offered him and his brother the job of a lifetime it seemed like a real Hollywood ending was finally in sight for the hard luck pair Jack wasn t rocking either end of the Kinsey scaleReality TV Meet actual reality Life as a cable reality show host could be a sweet gig, if you came by it honestly Renovations contractor Jack Hoffman did not When a gay unfriendly network offered him and his brother the job of a lifetime it seemed like a real Hollywood ending was finally in sight for the hard luck pair Jack wasn t rocking either end of the Kinsey scale exclusively, so why not It changed what he could do in broad daylight, but everyone knows the stars only come out at night His fool proof plan was working until a crush on his new client s brother made him an even bigger fool Cassius is devout, quiet, thoughtful everything Jack is not But from the moment he locks eyes with the strange and beautiful man Jack knows he never wants to let him out of his sight From the hot spots of WeHo to high in the hills, Jack finds himself caught in a romance that could only happen in the City of Angels Now all Jack can do is brace for impact as his career and love life speed to a collision on the corner of Hollywood Mine.
    K.C. Ford
    K.C. Ford Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hollywood & Mine book, this is one of the most wanted K.C. Ford author readers around the world.


    Three and a half stars. Although there were niggly things about this, the general narrative about two damaged boys holds up okay.We do get both Jack and Cas' viewpoints, but it's not chapter by chapter and indeed, there seems to be no rhyme or reason about when we change. But the disappointing thing is that there really isn't much distinctive difference in their 'voices'. Both characters sound the same, which results in it being easy to miss when we move from Jack to Cas.And it's pretty clean, w [...]

    Kaje Harper
    This book is quirky and the style of writing is different. I liked it a lot, though. I enjoyed the characters (including the brother) and the flavor of the narrative. Jack is the star of a reality home-building show, a job that's a dream come true to a man who lived a childhood moving from motel to motel in his father's wake. The network has set some restrictions on his behavior, including a heavy hint of homophobia, but Jack's liking his job too much to push back. Until he meets the brother of [...]

    I want to start out saying that I liked the characters, however the story was written with quite a bit of odd wording. This is also the first book I've ever read that included sex scenes yet they were written in such a way that I wasn't even sure what was happening some of the time. . And "a muscle spasm"?! "Final reaction"? LOL! I must say those two suprised me as I've never considered an orgasm to be either a muscle spasm or a final reaction and "hugged his goodbye with Chloe"?. He didn't hug [...]

    Roger - president of NBR United -
    A quirky read dealing with reality TV and how Hollywood can be two faced, especially when it deal with the star of a show being “Gay” even though Jack is actually bi. I loved that Jack didn’t know that Cassius was a famous former world champion figure skater. I could have done without the constant he is going to leave me Jack went through and almost sabotaging their blossoming relationship.

    3.75This book surprised me, it had some very sweet moments and overall was a good read. It needs an editor however. There were times where misspellings, sentence structure and word usage threw me out of the story. My biggest issue was really the abuse of brackets. They were used to express random thoughts but those thoughts were so random at times I forgot where the story was going. It may be that I was so used to seeing them that I didn't notice them as much near the end, but I found them to be [...]

    Jack, a construction worker on a reality show sees Cas, the brother if the house iwner when he goes to start working on a new episode. Jack, hiwever gas a clause in his finteact that means he cant date men, so their relationship is kept in the closet and progresses at a slow rate of speed.However, dispite some angst they get their HEA after all.

    Ok - I gave it another try and made it up to 15%. It's not terrible, it's flowing along rather nicely, only it doesn't interest me. The setting and Jack's voice are getting on my nerves and mostly I'm sitting here with huge ??? in my head. Sorry, but that's about it for me.

    Vfields Don't touch my happy!
    Hollywood & Mine was bought years ago. It sat on my to-be-read list since. I'll be nice, Jack was a complex character and I could have loved him but the story was so messy and unappealing to me. Quirky has to be well done for me to get the vibe. I kept wanting it to end and well, that's not a good thing. I've discovered, I detest stories set on the set of a reality show platform.

    The book was a little confusing at first. The prologue didn't seem to fit the eventual narrative as it had Jack arguing and at one point accusing his dad of not liking his girlfriend because she's black. When we get to the first chapter which takes place several years later it's all about Jack being told by his producer to stay away from gay people & gay establishment. Apparently in Jack's words he's "rocking either end of the Kinsey scale.' Eventually we learn several chapters later that Ja [...]

    I was looking for more by this author & realized I never posted my review here. I'm surprised by the low-ish rating so I wanted to show it a little love and post it now:I loved both Jack & Cas. It's very unusual that both MCs are equally well developed and sympathetic, as they are here. I loved that his sheltered, religious background makes Cas a little odd, a little at a loss when dealing with people and that it's this very other-worldliness that makes him especially appealing to Jack. [...]

    M/M romance about an in the closet Renovations TV show guy who falls in love at first sight with a lost virginal retired ice skater.Contractor and regular flirty sexy guy; Jack Hoffman has finally got a good life with a popular TV show with his realtor younger brother who is finally sober and in a good relationship with a sweet girl. Jack has hidden his bi-sexual tendencies from his public persona but the door can't stay closed once he meets the clueless Cassius.So in a way both men are coming o [...]

    I loved the characters, and gave it an extra star for that. Pretty good sense of place too, except for all the cabs. Cabs in L.A. Are expensive and hard to find. I really like the MCs. Cassius, a fragile-seeming former figure skater who is a bit lost, and Jack, a reality-shoe star trapped by celebrity. The cover is so absolutely, completely awful that someone should be arrested and sent to a Mexican prison. You know, the ones where you have to buy and cook your own food. The MCs could not possib [...]

    What a strange and lovely book. Cas is strange and lovely too, strange in his own eyes, strange and lovely in Jack's. This is a longish story, one with a simple story arc that uses a lot of words to tell it. It's a good thing that K.C. Ford has a way with words, because if you read a lot of m/m you'll pretty quickly see that this is not constructed in one of those ways we've become used to. So much of the story is in Jack's head, and he is one of those guys who thinks too much, at least once he' [...]

    A Girl Has No Name
    I don't really know what to think about this books, as I really liked the plot itself and the idea standing behind it. Even the characters seemed interessting and I wanted to know more about them and their past. However the writing was quite odd and I never really got into the book. I liked the slow bilding of the relationship and the characters and theire reaction felt very real. I can't exactely say what made it so difficult for me to really fall in love with the book, as there were quite a fe [...]

    Emma L Smith
    This was possibly the most confusing thing I've ever read, and not in a good way. The first few chapters made no sense, like I couldn't tell what was going on, who's perpective it was or anything. I think there was a bit of jumping around across timelines too but can't be certain. The characters were equally as confusing, I have no idea what any of them were doing half the time and there seemed to be all these little in jokes that I clearly wasn't part of. It was bizarre. But on the plus side, i [...]

    I really liked this book! At first I was confused but the first couple of chapters were just Jack explaining and setting up his story. Basically background information. When finally the story became about Cassius and Jack, it's when it because awesome for me! ♡ There were so many great lines that I wanted to highlight! :) And the author totally had me at the edge of my seat until the very end. The supporting characters were indeed awesome! I enjoyed this very much!

    This was a nice quick enjoyable read. I loved Cas, and really liked Jack. Supporting characters were all great, except the odious Benedict. TWO LIKABLE FEMALE SUPPORTING CHARACTERS ALERT (one of whom kind of ends up saving the day! yay!) I just wish this had been a little bit deeper. Both Cas and Jack have a lot of issues, and while it's talked about, they aren't really resolved in any real tangible way. But still, this was a great read.

    Jane Harper
    I liked this book, thought it was a good story with interesting characters. However, the writing was jumpy and confusing at times, with an over-reliance on metaphor and quite a few run-on sentences. There were also a few proofreading issues, nothing too major. It appears that this is the writer's only novel, but hopefully not her last. Clearer, tighter writing would make the next novel really stand out.

    Kethric Wilcox
    totally awesomeI couldn't put down Hollywood and Mine except to change devices when I drained the battery on one and had to grab my iPod to finish reading via the kindle app. I loved the total awkwardness of Jack and Cas's growing relationship it was so what you really expect to find in life. I'm looking forward to more from K.C. Ford.

    2.5 starsI just didn't like this one. The writing was confusing and the POV changed to quickly. The main character, Jack, spent almost the entire book saying why he didn't deserve being loved. It got old.

    Ashley E
    This was a cute story. I did like Jack and Cassius and their romance was sweet. But I really didn't get how they ended up breaking up halfway through. Jack's hot and cold and Cas leaving just confused me. I liked it, but nothing too special.

    Beautifully written and a fantastic story of 2 lost men who hesitantly dance around a relationship. This is a quiet story. You can put it down for a while but you'll happily start reading it again. I loved it.

    Lila Hunter
    I really liked the characters in this story, my issue was with the plot line. The beginning was confusing and the relationship seems forced. The middle was good, but the ending was just there. Not much excitement.

    Janet Fair
    Really Good Story . . . But . . .I loved the story except for one thing . . . The ongoing need for Jack to tank his relationship with Cas. I'm glad all worked out in the end. That's what made smile

    While I liked the characters and their background stories, I just couldn't get into this story. I'm not sure if it was the weird writing style or what.

    I give it 3.5 stars. The prologue is confusing and doesn't move the story along. Once you get into the actual story it's good.


    Not finished it.

    Completely unexpected but awesomeThis was a great book. The characters had depth the story had a plot and the background characters were great. I really loved this book.

    Engaging story a lot of conflict. My favorite character was NOT the MC's but Cici, the brother. He knew what he was doing.

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