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  • Title: The Twelve Deaths Of Christmas
  • Author: Marian Babson
  • ISBN: 9780312960391
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback

  • Maude Daneson s rooming house is festive, the perfect setting for an old fashioned Christmas But someone has been very bad Each killing in London is senseless than the one before and the killer is far closer than they know.
    Marian Babson
    Marian Babson, a pseudonym for Ruth Stenstreem, was born in Salem, Massachusetts, but has lived in London for the greater part of her life She has worked as a librarian managed a campaign headquarters been a receptionist, secretary, and den mother to a firm of commercial artists and was co editor of a machine knitting magazine, despite the fact that she can t knit, even with two needles A long sojourn as a temp sent her into the heart of business life all over London, working for architects, law firms, the British Museum, a Soho club, and even a visiting superstar She also served as secretary to the Crime Writers Association Now she is a full time writer whose many interests include theatre, cinema, art, cooking, travel, and, of course, cats, which feature in many of her mystery books Her first published work was Cover Up Story in 1971 and Only the Cat 2007 was her 44th novel.The publisher s tagline for her style is Murder Most British, a style reflected in each of her novels Any violence is not graphically described and the sleuths are usually amateurs She does re use certain characters, such as the publicity firm Perkins Tate and a couple of ageing actresses, her books all stand alone and can be read in any order Gerry Wolstenholme September 2010


    Brenda H
    This was an interesting story. Early on, I thought I had it all figured out the middle, I (again!) had it all figured out but with a different suspect (lol)d at the end, I found out who the real killer was (neither of my suspects btw).The writing style was interesting and definitely added to the mystery. Most of the story was told 3rd person except for the 1st person thoughts/actions of the killer allowing you to see what was driving the murder spree.I highly recommend if you need a quick, engag [...]

    Excellent, suspenseful whodunnit! It's always nice to discover a new author (for me at least). I wish I had read this in December, but I wasn't too late. A deranged killer is on the loose in London, striking down anyone who gets them angry - noisy children, a solicitor, a newsagent, a salesgirl - and it does not take much to get them angry. The novel switches back and forth between the killer's first-person narrative, and a third-person narrative of the investigating detectives and the residents [...]

    I didn't really expect much, but at least a bit more than what I got. I realise a murder mystery might not be the best way to bring me some festive cheer, but it wasn't very engaging either. The story was a bit festive, and there was a lot of talk of a traditional British Christmas with all the trimmings, but also grinches can find something in the cynic plot.What I liked was the sudden opening from the killer's POV and the intermitting chapters every so often from that person's view without eve [...]

    This is good little mystery. It's a little troubling too. This book is written in from three points of view: 1) Third-person, omniscient of two members of a boarding house; 2) Third-person, omniscient following two of the detectives, and; 3) First-person narrative of the killer. It is this latter view that can be unsettling. It can unsettle the reader because at times you sympathize with the killers motives.There are many things in the story that lock it in it's time, but still a good read.

    Lisa Kucharski
    Chapters alternate between the killer than a lodging house, and finally the police who are “investigating” but are so far from finding the killer that they have to be invited to dinner to catch ‘em.Story-wise relied heavily on cliche characters and simplistic melodrama. So if you’re looking for a “mystery” look elsewhere. If you’re a fan of this author you can probably ignore my review but if you’re a mystery fan that wants a mystery and someone investigating really - go elsewher [...]

    It's a documented fact that the number of suicides peak at Christmastime, and, as veteran mystery writer Marian Babson points out in this nifty whodunit, it's not a bad time for murder either. "The Twelve Deaths of Christmas" is part psychological thriller, part police procedural, and part cozy mystery. Accordingly, there are three points of view presented. The cozy comes to us in the form of a rooming house, home to a wide spectrum of late-1970s London characterizations -- maiden ladies, retire [...]

    Residents of a local boarding house are preparing for the Christmas celebrations, not realising that one of their number is the killer terrorising London.A nice surprise this. Babson keeps it moving along and this is nowhere as cosy as it might seem. The killings are violent and nasty. They also highlight social anxiety regarding race and youth. Hard to know if this was intentional, but it does make this book published in the early 1980's feel more relevant than might be expected. Some pathos is [...]

    It was a gratuitous insult on his part to introduce the subject of Broadmoor into what had hitherto been a perfectly amicable conversation.See that cover - isn't that a pictorial rendition of Bates Motel?:I wasn't fond of that ending though - it was a dumping of sad realism on top of a short piece of escapist fluff.

    Selah Pike
    The setting reminded me a lot of Hickory Dickory Death. This one kept me guessing, but the final reveal wasn't explained very well.

    Babson’s narrative is sometimes dry, but in the end I found that to be part of this story’s charm. While the characters aren’t terribly stacked with extensive backstories or even that much depth, possibly because the book is short (less than 200 pages), they all do their part to pull the story along. Characters go about their occasionally mundane Christmas preparations, completely clueless to the danger heading their way. The mystery isn’t the most complex, but it did keep me guessing. J [...]

    Scott Drake
    An entertaining light holiday tale. While the author leads the reader around by the nose and points the finger at one or another suspect, there is one that draws the reader into complacency so when the final of the 12 days comes, there is a delightful build-up to the revealing. An unexpected killer, but not unsubstantiated as the reader can skim back and catch glimpses of clues and red herrings. Also a psychological thrilller, this is a fast reading book and should be enjoyed around the holidays [...]

    A really good mystery. I did guess the motive of the murderer but not the identity. The author did an excellent job of throwing suspicions all around the boarding house. I'm finding I really enjoy these Christmas mysteries that were written pre-2000 when the crimes couldn't be solved by checking some video and running a computer check. I very much enjoyed the audiobook narration as well.

    George Reed
    Poor attempt at a Christie type mystery. The characters were living in the 70's, but acted like it was still the 40's or earlier. Also, did not think the identity of the killer was justified by the text.

    Christine Crawford
    A light, fluffy holiday read, although the murders were actually fairly gruesome. Characters were a bit one-dimensional, but entertaining enough.

    Mitch Cardella Trudel Du Mond
    very good

    Very good. A little morbid at times, but well written.

    Mediocre crime mystery that takes place in England at the holidays. Didn’t realize it was an older book (1970s) and didn’t really grab me or give me the Christmas feels.

    Good but a bit confusing at times.

    3.5 Stars a fun Christmas mystery.

    I found this (audio) hilarious, unfortunately, I don't think it was meant to be funny at all. It appealed to my baser human emotions during the holidays

    I interpreted Marian Babson as a cat enthusiast, who composed suspense. So she might be! I won’t hesitate to try the rest of what I own from her suite. I’m not one of those cold reviewers who sticks authors with one or two stars based on lower enthusiasm. I’m giving three to acknowledge the creativity of her style. Really, to tell a story in a manner that hasn’t been seen time and time again is praiseworthy and this mystery too, is exceedingly original. There is none of the stale “foun [...]

    'THE TWELVE DEATHS OF CHRISTMAS' is a short whodunit that takes you into the mind of a maniacal killer. Marian Babson has written a novel that gives the reader the feeling of sitting down with an old Agatha Christie novel or watching a Hitchcock classic.Starting twelve days before Christmas we find the killer slowly loosing their grip on reality and committing one heinous crime after another. As the novel gives us a peak into the killers descent into madness we also get a look at the very eclect [...]

    This is a very quick, fun whodunnit. Christmas is approaching, and all of London is anticipating the holidays. Someone, however, is killing people in seemingly random ways. The murderer lives in a boardinghouse where everyone is preparing to celebrate together. Can you guess who is knocking off people almost daily?This book was great! The Christmassy atmosphere was wonderful. I actually wrote down the suspects and the clues and tried to figure it all out. My main suspects changed throughout my r [...]

    There's nothing like a good old fashioned mystery to take the edge off Christmas! I actually read this one a long time ago, but had forgotten. I couldn't remember the murderer so I thought I would re-read it. It's a fast read and a good mystery. There's a murderer out and about in London. The murderer is sure everyone is against him, has horrible headaches, hates people. They all need to be "eliminated." They are all staring, plotting.You get the picture! Meanwhile in a boarding house in London, [...]

    I first read this book when I was a teenager, and was delighted to find a copy at a used book store. A Christmas tradition to reread this one.A delightful tale of a Christmas murder mystery in London. The story centers around the diverse characters staying at a boarding house, and there are a series of unusual murders around the city. Little do they know, the killer is among them. The book keeps you guessing until the end, on who the real killer is, and why The book is sort of Agatha Christie-es [...]

    Ah, now that's how a good mystery is written! A few grisly deaths (I particularly enjoyed the canned snow being squirted into the mouth and nostrils!), quite a number of red herrings and enough interesting characters to make you question every one of them. Although the characters were numerous it was quite easy to distinguish one from the other. And I throughly enjoyed how it was written from a number of different views. Two thumbs up to this one!

    Alexa Desocio
    This was pretty much exactly what I expected. Short. Easy to read. Not so much suspenseful as it was, "I really wanna know who the murderer is!" Nothing special. I do have to say that I was genuinely surprised by the identity of the murderer, although I probably shouldn't have been. Also, the end was very anti-climactic.

    The deaths come one by one in the weeks previous to Christmas. Each victim meets their doom by a different method. The police are stumped, but are sure that there is only one perpetrator. The astounding climax comes at a Christmas Day dinner party.A quick read for an afternoon. I was totally surprised by who the perpetrator was. A well written and decent mystery.

    I found this Christmas mystery fascintaing because you are reading from the murderer's perspective which gave me chills. Of course, there are several twists so you really don't know who the murderer really is until the end. Plus, there's a lot of warm wonderful scenes with people who are basically strangers sharing the holidays.

    All is not well just before Christmas at Maud's rooming house. No one is in a good mood and there seems to be far too many deaths for the time of year. Someone in Maud's house is the perpetrator of aforementioned death but since everyone is grouchy it's hard to tell who. The story line will keep you guessing until the very end and you will never guess before then

    • Best Download [Marian Babson] ß The Twelve Deaths Of Christmas || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ↠
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