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  • Title: Girl at the Bottom of the Sea
  • Author: Michelle Tea
  • ISBN: 9781940450001
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Hardcover

  • ↠ Girl at the Bottom of the Sea ↠ Michelle Tea - Girl at the Bottom of the Sea, Girl at the Bottom of the Sea Sophie Swankowski is the hero from the stories she s been hearing all her life she s the girl who will save the world Or so she s been told Now she and her unlikely guardian the gruff filthy mermaid
    Michelle Tea
    Michelle Tea born Michelle Tomasik is an American author, poet, and literary arts organizer whose autobiographical works explore queer culture, feminism, race, class, prostitution, and other topics She is originally from Chelsea, Massachusetts and currently lives in San Francisco Her books, mostly memoirs, are known for their views into the queercore community In 2012 Tea partnered with City Lights Publishers to form the Sister Spit imprint.


    Cynthia Corral
    I did not enjoy this one as much as I did the first, and I almost gave this 3 stars The first book was really complex, and Sophie was a complex person It did not read as a YA novel, I really enjoyed it as just a great book In this book however, Sophie is almost one dimensional, and the story devolved into one solely about mermaids, sea monsters and other magical creatures I barely recognized Sophie as the same girl There is also very little progress in the story, but I see the next book is due [...]

    This follows really closely on Mermaid in Chelsea Creek, which I LOVED but which I read over a year ago I probably would have been well served to re read it before jumping into the sequel That said, info started trickling back to me as I read it and I followed it well enough I love Sophie, and I loved the way her relationship with Syrena grew as she learned about herself and her magic This reminded me a little of Inside Out, in that it s a beautiful story about understanding that it s good and [...]

    Chula Brown Buffalo
    This book was just as exciting as Mermaid in Chelsea Creek My imagination was overjoyed I absolutely loved that Sophie Swankowski continues to be headstrong and confused about her fate The scenes are fantastic and the magical beings are incredible I especially love the larger than life twin sister ogres This is a must read no matter what, but especially if you love the ocean, and magic.

    Mid trilogy slump Still good, still worth reading Poorly paced, full of wonderful imagery, grappling with big questions, and basically only women characters Plus a baby octopus Takes place entirely in the sea, which I adored.

    I was worried about not remembering the details of the first book, but this dive into a fantastical ocean full of creatures and dangers and beauty worked on its own.

    This is a fast read I have waited a few days to write a review Sometimes I feel like I finish a book too quickly and haven t taken enough time to savor it Sort of like what happens when I get around a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts It s mayhem Mmmmm doughnuts.Back to this book So, as I was reading the story I was often annoyed with the main character She was whiny, obsessed over her appearance, and did not make the most practical of decisions at times But then Sophie or Sophia is a 13 year old gi [...]

    I absolutely loved book one of the Chelsea series, Mermaid in Chelsea Creek, so I couldn t wait to read book two, Girl at the Bottom of the Sea The story picks up right where we left our hero, Sophie, and her scrappy mermaid guide, Syrena, and as one might guess from the title, takes place entirely under the sea I found the first third of this book a bit slow going, with Sophie and Syrena on a seemingly never ending journey and often at odds, doubting each other and the quest itself However, onc [...]

    Allison Floyd
    Two stars seems like a low rating for a book this beautifully written and poignant, but I will once again state that I m a literalist when it comes to the rating system, and for me these reviews are of a reading diary for my own reference than they are critical renderings Ultimately and sadly I finished this book with a sense of the blahs, of, Eh, it was okay Maybe it s because this round was almost exclusively straight fantasy and I m pretty firmly entrenched in the urban fantasy camp Maybe be [...]

    Ok this is a second book For about the first hundred pages I didn t know that, and I was kind of confused, but then kind of impressed that an author would so confidently start a story in media res and just let her readers catch on and catch up which, I have to say, totally happened Bold move Kind of meta But not a thing that she did, as it turns out.So it s interesting now I ve read the reviews of the first book in this series, and they praise the author s language and imagination but ding her f [...]

    what makes this book work is the author s imaginative evocation of life under the sea she never makes the under sea life overly pretty the sea is a raw, painful place full of strange animals, but also one of wonder the way Tea sustains her description of an undersea journey throughout the book is impressive, and makes the novel enjoyable however, as a continuation from Mermaid in Chelsea Creek , it s adisappointing because it doesn t contain the same wealth of different characters and neither do [...]

    I love this series so much, it opens my heart and speaks to it and helps it feel purposeful, less alone I have loved going under the sea I did struggle with the octopus bits, omg But I was able to get through them, it wasn t a question of not, because this book gives me so much I can t wait for April 3

    Picks up right where Mermaid in Chelsea Creek left off to chronicle Sophie Swankowski s journey into the Atlantic Ocean under the guidance of the fierce, benevolent mermaid Syrena The story of Sophie s present journey weaves into the story of Syrena s long and difficult past, and both are peppered with gorgeous descriptions of otherworldly undersea creatures This was a surprisingly emotional read, as Sophie continues to explore her powers and their empathetic nature Like the first book, it chall [...]

    I m getting into the vibe of the series Most of the characters are female, which is really fucking refreshing, and the story often features sincere as opposed to sappy love and joy a breath of fresh air in a literary landscape of violence, despair and or cloying sentimentality The salt I can dig it.I think my criticism of the previous novel as a bit heavy handed is still valid for this book, but I can t wait to read 3.

    I thought this book wasn t as good as the first, but sequels aren t usually as good as the originals I didn t really like how it had little to no action compared to the first book either I think of it as of a coming of age story since it mainly was about Sophie discovering how her powers worked, and learning how to live with the hardships of having her family in grave danger while she is away and having someone so close to her actually being the main villain, who also actually hates you.

    Valerie Anne
    This is VERY different from the first book, and not a ton actually happened, but after we got through the first bit, the rest was pretty interesting Some of the metaphors and descriptions are breathtaking.

    like always, I was interested in it during the last pages rather than the first, but I enjoyed the ending, though it was a bit abrupt I look forward to read the third one.I actually didn t read the first book, but this one still filled a lot of it so i am grateful.

    Great Michelle Tea I did feel like it went on a wee bit too long, but I still found it engaging YA Continuing from where the Mermaid of Chelsea left off, a journey through the sea really fantastic, surreal, fantasy, great descriptions.

    A solid middle of the trilogy book I miss the pigeons Still beautiful and dark and making me cry though Reminds me of my momma.

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    Ginny Tata-Phillips
    Big lead up to 3 in the Trilogy

    Second book and I can t wait for the third This story reads easily, but is full of delight and mystery

    This series is wonderful.

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