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  • Title: Hilda and the Black Hound
  • Author: Luke Pearson
  • ISBN: 9781909263185
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Hilda and the Black Hound is the fourth installment in the award winning Hildafolk series.Hilda is sat in her tent, dwarfed by volumes of the Greater Fjords Wildlife Chronicles with a flashlight and her restless companion Twig, but Hilda s not in the fjords and it isn t raining Hilda s pitched a tent in her room and it s been days since she s been out.In Hilda s new advenHilda and the Black Hound is the fourth installment in the award winning Hildafolk series.Hilda is sat in her tent, dwarfed by volumes of the Greater Fjords Wildlife Chronicles with a flashlight and her restless companion Twig, but Hilda s not in the fjords and it isn t raining Hilda s pitched a tent in her room and it s been days since she s been out.In Hilda s new adventure, she meets the Nisse a mischievous but charismatic bunch of misfits who occupy a world beside but also somehow within our own, and where the rules of physics don t quite match up Meanwhile, on the streets of Trolberg, a dark specter looms Luke Pearson is one of the leading talents of the international comics scene He was the winner of the Young People s Comic category at the British Comic Award 2012 and was shortlisted in the Eisner Award s Best Publication for Kids and Best Writer Artist categories 2013.
    Luke Pearson
    Luke Pearson is a comic book artist and illustrator, author of Hildafolk and Everything We Miss published by Nobrow Press Hildafolk, his first book for Nobrow Press, quickly gained him recognition as a leading proponent of the new wave of English cartoonists Pearson s whimsical artwork a cross between Lucky Luke and Miyazaki creates a magical spell of a mysterious world of hidden creatures, and the production of the book make it a treasure in itself The story comparable to the Adventures of Polo series by Regis Faller and Copper by Kazu Kibuishi never flags in imagination or wonder Publishers Weekly If you haven t heard of Luke Pearson, buddy, you have been hiding under a particularly uninteresting rock this past year Dan Berry, The Comics Bureau Pearson s latest comic, the spell binding contemporary fairytale Hildafolk, feels just as at home in publisher Nobrow Press visually intelligent catalogue as it does between good old fashioned yarns like Bone and The Adventures of Tintin in my bookcase Martin Steenton, Avoid the Future


    This is such a lovely book! I love the way other lives and subcultures are shown, this author must have been inspired by the moomins. Hilda lives with her mum in a flat and has just joined the sparrows (scouts) she is going to her first camp but a giant dog has been sighted. Meanwhile back at home the Nisses (house spirits) that live in all those unused spaces in peoples homes are being thrown out due to bad behaviour that the Nisses claim was not their fault. Hilda feels under pressure to live [...]

    Such a little thing, but I think my favorite part in this whole book is a scene where Hilda and her mother are walking home from the grocery store and Hilda's mother has a baguette sticking out of the bag, and at one point Hilda just reaches up and bites the end off of it while walking and her mother doesn't seem to notice or care. Ha!

    The magic of this series is Hilda interacting with unique nonhuman creatures. So I get impatient when there is much of anything else in these stories. The whole scouting thing, I could care less about. Even the stuff with her mom, I've read it in a million Realistic Juvenile Fiction stories. MOAR CREATURES PLZ.Once you get to the core of this story (the nisse), I liked it better. I kinda love the concept of the hidden room in your house, even if it does feel marginally stolen fromUn Lun Dun orNe [...]

    On the purely conventional level, Hilda has joined scouts and she's feeling competitive to win badges, because her mother earned a lot of badges when she was a scout. Meanwhile, the town is terrorized by a menacing black hound. And, meanwhile again, Hilda is trying to help out a nisse who is homeless and looks like a soot sprite on legs.It all comes together. Hilda is up there among my favorite blue-haired heroines, Coraline and Kazou. Also, I really like her dog and I love her mother, who manag [...]

    David Schaafsma
    Graphic novel for kids, tweens. I think I've read three of the four he's done so far and this would seem to be the best. Fantasy world with a strong girl character, blue-haired Hilda whose mother wants her to get out and socialize more so she gets her to join the Sparrow Scouts, she encounters problems with the Nisse and a Black Hound, finds them connected. . . This is a world like Moomin, Miyazaki, but with a touch of Coraline. If you liked. . . Faith Hicks, Ben Hatke's Zita, Mark Crilley's Aki [...]

    Okay this one is my new favourite one

    These books are the greatest! They are G's favorites. We read them first when he was about three & he liked them, but I just got them all again & now he is IN LOVE. All day long he says, "Did you know . . . " something something about trolls or the wood man or Twig or those floating head guys who are always migrating whose name I've forgotten (Edit: The woffs!) or any of the other delightful mythology of this series. This is the clear favorite for both of us and I'm reviewing it just bec [...]

    Very cute and whimsical with a drawing style and sense of humor that matched. A refreshing change from some of the books that I've been reading lately. I especially liked how aspects of the paranormal and/or fantastical were incorporated into Hilda's world. Well done and think this one would be a good read for all ages.

    I am loving the Hilda series. The way she interacts with all species reminds me of myself as a child. (I wasokay, still ame one talking to frogs, turtles, and all other sorts of critters.)

    Hilda has moved to the city, and joins a scout group, and finds the city is just as full of mystery and magic as the country, just a different sort. This series is so heartfelt? This book is all about finding a home and family, through the medium of magical house spirits and a giant black hound that is menacing the town, and I kinda think about it and feel my heart grow three sizes.

    Maggie Gordon
    Hilda and the Block Hound is my favourite book in the series thus far, and this, of course, has nothing to do with the adorable dog in its pages. Nooo not at all! In this volume, there's a menacing black hound wandering the city, and the residents are getting concerned. Not Hilda though, as she's too busy being a scout and learning new things about camping! One of her tasks is to do a good deed a day, and she tries to help a house spirit who was kicked out of his abode. Her attempts rapidly snow [...]

    Dale Johnson
    All of Pearson's Hilda books are great fun. Comparing them is an exercise in fine gradations. This one I would put at #3 after Hildafolk (Hilda and the Troll) and then Bird Parade. This one has by far the most action, but struck me less from the profundity of Hildafolk and Hilda praising the snugness of her tent in the rain or the irony of the woodman's house, and of less symbolism than the Bird in Bird Parade. I put it above Midnight Giant, just because there is so much more story here.Reading [...]

    This is my first foray into Trolberg and the world of the marvelous Hilda, but it won't be my only visit to this graphic novel series. In this one, Hilda joins the Sparrow Scouts at the behest of her mother who worries that she spends too much time alone and too much time in her own imagination. While the town's citizens worry about an enormous wolfish animal roaming the streets, Hilda is busy trying to earn a badge and figure out what to do with the Nisse she befriends. The story is fresh and a [...]

    This is a graphic novel in a series featuring a little girl named Hilda. The story is dramatic, with dark undertones throughout. Hilda follows her own path in life, but at times she tries to fit in with the crowd. Her mom encourages her to join a scouting group, but she doesn't quite follow through with any of the tasks to get the coveted badges.Instead, she concentrates her efforts on finding a home for a Nisse and discovering more about the dangerous Black Hound, recently seen lurking in the t [...]

    Finally- a Hilda book with some heft! I really love the whimsy of the Hilda stories, but they always feel so darn short. This long story really allowed for some plot development and I feel like the art in this particular book is the best of the series. Well done.

    I absolutely adore the Hilda books. They just keep getting better. What's not to love?! The art, the story lines, the characters, the setting - all are amazing. These books are pure, unadulterated joy.

    I love these Hilda books so much! In this one, Hilda joins the Sparrows (a Scouts-type club), tries to help a Nisse who's been kicked out of his house, and tracks a mysterious, incredibly large black hound across the city.

    Jarad Greene
    The best yet. GAH I could go on and on about how much I love this. Amazing how a great story can be told in only 64 pages.

    If I could be a fictional character, I'd choose Hilda every time.

    Kate McCartney
    I adore Hilda! Hilda's world is full of trolls, giants, house "elves", little elfen creatures and giant hounds. Hilda has a good heart and wants to help all the creatures she finds.

    Colin Holden
    Read this with my daughter who is beginning Brownie Scouts. Mentally prepared now for scouts, hiking, camping, transdimensional tunnels and giant magical hounds.

    Note: I accessed a digital review copy of this book through Edelweiss.

    Edward Sullivan
    Hilda joins the sparrow scouts and wants to adopt a Nisse. Imaginative and fun.

    A true heir to Tove Jansson's Moomintrolls!

    No había escuchado hablar de esta serie hasta que se la han regalado a mi hija mayor. La he ojeado por curiosidad y me he encontrado una historia con bastante sentido del humor, donde lo mágico se entremezcla con naturalidad lo cotidiano. Aquí Hilda conoce a los Nisse, pequeñas criaturas del folclore nórdico que viven en los espacios ocultos de las casas (bajo del sillón o detrás de la estantería, por ejemplo), al tiempo que da sus primeros pasos en los jóvenes gorriones (una especie de [...]

    Pearson's Hildafolk series finds its stride again after the slight misstep of the Bird Parade. Here, Hilda's relationship with her mother becomes more concrete, as does their life in the city. At the same time, the city opens up to be its own whimsical, comical, and sometimes dangerous world: homelessness flashes as an object of concern, so too ambition, individualism, and communal relationships. There's a lot to chew over and its told with dramatic flair and beautiful simplicity.Narratively, th [...]

    Oh, Hilda! I love this series it just so adorable and fabulous! She is my 10-year-old self's hero! I have to say out of the ones I have read thus far, this one is my favorite. The story of the nisses and Jellybean was quite heartwarming. The artwork was wonderful as always but this time my eye was attracted by a particular part. There is a moment where characters are being chased by another. They are moving through space in a way that mimics going through a maze, which the layout of the panels d [...]

    This series is adorable. The spunky heroine has a cute furry antlered fox as a sidekick (a la Miyazaki). All sorts of fantastical creatures make appearances in her adventures. These adventures are grounded in the realities of a young girl's life - Girl Scouts, friendships, sleepovers, and her relationship with her protective mother. If Pearson had written them when I was a kid, they would've had a place of honor next to the I Spy, Tintin, and Waldo books. Absolutely delightful.

    Another amazing adventure of Hilda! Once again Luke Pearson manages to tell an exciting, quirky, funny and heart warming story about Hilda and the magical creatures of the city of Trolberg. An enjoyable read for young and old.

    These books are graphics but so different from anything that I have read that I have been excited to read these. This story was fun. Creatures that live in the inbetween spacesd then there was a HUGE hound. It seemed vicious but was actually a sweet heart.

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